1.01 / February 1, 2016
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... And I Must ScreamI Have no Mouth, And I Must Scream is aclassic point-and-click adventure game originally released in 1995on PC. Based on a short story of the same title by Harlan Ellison,one of the most-acclaimed American science-fiction writers, I Haveno Mouth, And I Must Scream immerses the player in a frighteningpost-apocalyptic atmosphere 109 years after a supercomputer namedAM has wiped out humanity. Created during the War, AM hates allhumans and has decided to make the last five survivors pay for whatthey’ve done. These survivors are now immortal, so AM can torturethem forever for its own sadistic pleasure.In the game, you’llguide each character through their own “hell”-- reviewing theirpast and confronting their fears and weaknesses, all whilstclinging to the hope of someday being free. I Have no Mouth, And IMust Scream integrates many appealing features, including: • Changebetween "touch" mode and "classic" mode at any time• Changeablegraphics – player can choose between different filters• Differentsoundtracks – “midi”, “adlib”, and more• Several languagesavailable: English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian (subtitlesonly)• Play as multiple characters – you choose the order •Alternate endings • Well-crafted puzzles• Inspired by HarlanEllison’s short story, who also voices the supercomputer!• No ads,no in-app purchases, no hidden costs. Enjoy all content!A greatstory with an interesting, original plot that’s disturbing andthought-provoking in equal measure, I Have No Mouth, And I MustScream is an essential title for any adventure game fan -- and nowyou can enjoy this cult classic on smartphone and tablet with thisspecially-adapted version!

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    I Have No Mouth
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    February 1, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    79 rue du faubourg poissonnière 75009 Paris
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REVIEWS “it works surprisingly well on touchscreens” - PocketGamer“The developers at DotEmu are masters of the classic gameport, and it looks like they're pulling out all the stops for thisrelease.[…] Here's hoping that DotEmu brings more entries in theseries to Android in the future.” - Android Police“As you wouldexpect from DotEmu, this port is basically perfect from a technicalstandpoint. […]The actual gameplay is generally intact, however,and that means Ys Chronicles 1 is a must-have for any mobile RPGfan. It's a sheer joy to play, full of a kind of upbeat excitementthat doesn't come around all that often. ” - Touch Arcade * * * Ysis an action-packed, heroic fantasy JRPG game that immerses you ina beautiful Japanese artistic universe. Originally released on PCand PSP in the 2000s, this remake of the famous franchise’s firstepisode, titled " Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen", returns in a mobileversion especially adapted for touch gameplay.In Ys, you play asAdol Christin, an adventurous young swordsman. Early in the story,you find yourself on a mysterious beach in Esteria, a kingdom whosecities are besieged by hordes of demoniac creatures. Esteria’speople are depending on you to defeat the demons and free thekingdom. To accomplish your goal, you must find six sacred bookscontaining the history of the ancient land of Ys; books which willalso provide you with the knowledge to restore peace. Throughoutthe game, you’ll gain experience and strength by discoveringenchanted weapons and artifacts. Become a mighty knight and destroyyour enemies!Ys possesses a rich and poetic atmosphere withbeautiful artistic direction, an incredible soundtrack and a deepstory. Ys also stands out thanks to its unique fight mode: you mustpounce on enemies to attack them ("BUMP" system). Perfectly adaptedto touch devices, this one-touch combat system makes the game evenmore exciting and enjoyable. Discover or rediscover the godfatherof Japanese action-RPG sagas with this mobile version you can playanywhere! - Virtual pad- Controller support - Achievements-Languages : English, Japanese, French, Korean, Russian, Italian,German, Portuguese- Helpful hints to assist your progress- Severalsoundtracks choices, including "Chronicles", "Original", "PC-88"-Android TV-compatible- 2 game modes: Adventure, Time Attack- 2graphic mode (adventure mode only): Chronicles, Original- HDmenusAs featured in SHIELD Hub. Play it on your TV or on NVIDIASHIELD! * * * Ys Chronicles II is now available!
A CLASSIC OLD-SCHOOL GAME R-Type II is a horizontal scrollingshooter arcade game developed and published by Irem in 1989. Thisclassic old-school game is the sequel to R-Type and the story takesplace two years after. The player controls a ship called the R-9Cwhich is an improved version of its predecessor, the R-9.The BydoEmpire is back! Take it down with power-ups, two new types ofweapons, the Search Laser and Shotgun Laser, and a new anti-groundunit bomb.WITH ORIGINAL FEATURES• Unlock six levels each with itsown unique boss.• Upgrade to new weapons, power-ups, andattachments to fight wave of enemies.• Keep original graphics orchoose improved ones thanks to filter and scanline options… AND NEWFEATURES TOO!• Choose between three difficulty settings: unlimited(unlimited lives), normal (same as original) & insane (morechallenge!).• Two control modes: Touch and virtual D-Pad •Customizable controls• Auto Fire ON/OFF• Available in 10 languages:English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese,Korean, Chinese and Portuguese.• Play in full-screen, or keep thegame’s original screen ratio• Google Play Game Services: 11unlockable achievements + online leaderboards (normal & insanemodes only)• Compatible with the MoGa Wireless Game Controllers,NVIDIA SHIELD, Xperia Play & more.• Available on M.O.J.O.•Tablet supportAre you looking for challenge? R-Type II is theperfect game!
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RAIDEN LEGACY, a four-title compilation of the mega-popular RAIDENarcade series, includes RAIDEN, RAIDEN FIGHTERS, RAIDEN FIGHTERS 2& RAIDEN FIGHTERS JET. Originally developed by Seibu Kaihatsu,each of these classic scrolling shooters has not only beenauthentically recreated for mobile, but also enhanced withbrand-new features! MORE OPTIONS! Each RAIDEN LEGACY title includesthree different modes: “Arcade Mode” (just like the original);“Mission Mode”, which allows you to play any unlocked stage; and“Training Mode”, which, true to its name, allows you to excel atyour favorite stages and practice the most difficult ones! MORESHIPS! 15+ different ships, each with their own characteristics,stats, weapons, and specials! Also, some ships come complete with“charged shots” – useful for when the screen is 90% covered withenemies! MORE CONTROLS! Choose between two different touch modes:“Fast Touch” (Faster than the original game and improved formobiles) or “Arcade Touch” (Just like the original – retrogamerswill love it!). What’s more, you can customize your approach byputting the controls wherever you prefer on screen. MORE FEATURES!-Play in full-screen, or keep the game’s original screen ratiothanks to “Original Mode” (note that your fingers will be outsidethe game area). -AutoFire: ON/OFF -Two difficulty modes: Medium andHard. -Nine languages available: English, French, German, Italian,Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese -Video filtering(for rich, smooth graphics) -ScoreLoop compatible: 15 unlockableachievements + online leaderboards. Put your skills to the testagainst your friends, family and the best players in the world!
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In Sanitarium you play an amnesiac thrust into a morbid, reallycreepy universe. After a car accident you wake up to find thatinstead of lying in a hospital, you’re in an asylum with your headwrapped in bandages. Who the hell am I? What am I doing here? Howdo I escape? There endless questions eating away at you, and so tooare the many puzzles you’ll need to resolve throughout thisimmersive, captivating adventure.Featuring a rich, complex plot setin an intense world where a very thin line separates reason frommadness, Sanitarium is a masterwork suitable for point-and-clickbeginners, experts and everyone who enjoys captivating storylinesand horror games. This version has not only been authenticallyrecreated for mobile, but also enhanced with brand-new features:•Choose between touch mode and pad mode • A new easy-to-useinterface specially adapted for touch devices• Automatic savesystem• Dynamic ON/OFF hint system• New inventory system • 20Achievements to unlock• Choose between full screen mode &original mode• 3 languages available: English, French, German(voices and text)Originally released in 1998 for PC and AdventureGame of the Year Winner, this timeless point-and-click horror gameis a must-have for adventure game fans. Discover or rediscover oneof the scariest games of all time with this mobile version you canplay anywhere!MORE ABOUTDOTEMUfacebook.com/dotemutwitter.com/dotemuyoutube.com/dotemu
The Last Express 1.0.8 APK
Step aboard the 1914 Orient Express in this award-winning mysteryadventure from Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner, now for thefirst time on Android! JULY, 1914. With Europe on the brink of war,the luxurious Orient Express departs Paris for Constantinople,plunging American doctor Robert Cath into a maelstrom of treachery,romance, and international intrigue.The Last Express is a complete,faithful Android version of the internationally-acclaimed 1997 PCclassic.GAME FEATURES:- 20+ hours of game play- Interact with 30+characters who behave like actual people on a train -- moving aboutin real-time and conversing in their native languages- Eavesdrop onconversations, sneak into compartments, and uncover clues- Explorea richly detailed, historically accurate 3D recreation of the 1914Orient Express- Your actions affect other characters’ behavior,making every play-through different- Rewind feature allows you toback up to any point in the story and choose a different course ofaction- Playable in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italianand SpanishADDITIONAL FEATURES ON ANDROID:- Unlock challengingachievements that test your sleuthing skills- Dynamic, 3-tieredhint system created specifically for mobile - 20 unlockablecharacter biographies- Unlock cinematics to replay at anytime****************"The Last Express is just one of those gamesthat adventure fans, or just fans of a good story, need to play."4/4 - Slide To Play"A shining example of how deeply gameplay andstorytelling can be intertwined" 5/5 - AppSpy"It's a piece ofvideogame history and a shining example of what can be done tocreate an experience so much more immersive than the Heavy Rains oftoday." - 8/10, Destructoid****************“Exquisite design and aliterary story. A thrilling ride.” – Newsweek“The top adventuregame… thumbs up by all ages and both genders.” – Family PC“Amasterpiece.” – Computer Games Strategy Plus“Gripping… amazing…totally unique. The best adventure game I have ever played.Beautiful, skillfully crafted, and worth every penny and hour ofyour time.” – Games Domain ReviewFOR MORE ABOUT THE LAST EXPRESS,VISIT:http://www.facebook.com/lastexpressfacebook.com/dotemutwitter.com/dotemuyoutube.com/dotemuhttp://jordanmechner.com//***Please make sure you have 1.5GB of free space on your device beforebuying ***\