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Decorate your favorite photo with hearts that flow in a steady,warm, loving stream from the phone out to you. What a perfect wayto pimp your favorite valentine subject - children,girlfriend/boyfriend, husband, wife, pet etc! In the full versionyou can select any photo from your media library. You can also usethe slideshow option. Just set the slideshow speed, select agallery and let the wallpaper cycle through all the photos on yourphone, with a cool 3d transition effect when changing photo.In thefree version you can only choose from the pictures included in thelive wallpaper, and slideshow is disabled.Also settings for:-slideshow - cycle through all the photos on your phone- selectwhich gallery to use for slideshow- parallax mode (gyroscope oraccelerometer)- chose from built in background pictures- or selectany photo from the phone- particle model (heart, star, sphere,fuzz)- particle size- number of particles- speed- true colorThis isan OpenGL live wallpaper that uses the phone's GPU instead of theCPU. This means much smoother animations and that the wallpaperwill not affect overall phone performance. Also, this wallpaper isonly running when visible, so when the screen is off or when youare using any other app, the wallpaper consumes no batterypower.Photo credits (Flickr Users)Swans: Stephen HeronCandy: SharonPruittTeddy Bear: Anders Adermark

App Information I Love My Photos Free

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    I Love My Photos Free
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    November 25, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Adermark Media
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    Korphoppsgatan 25 120 64 Stockholm Sweden
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Summer Lake Live Wallpaper 1.04 APK
Adermark Media
A clean and nice summer background reflecting in the calm relaxingwaves of the lake. Flowers and grass in the foreground, birds inthe air and a live sky with clouds, sun and moon depending on thetime. Horizontal scrolling support on all devices.While the freeversion is beautiful and fully functional, most settings arelocked. The full version is highly customizable with loads ofsettings and offers "real time" mode with seamless colortransitions between all times of the day.Settings in full version:-Change background landscape- Wave Size- Automatically determinesunrise and sunset times, in order to make the sun move similar tothe real sun in your location.- Surface Activity- Show/HideForeground- Background Distance- Select Flowers (Fall flowers orSummer flowers)- Flower Count+ Settings for image quality, stars,sun, sunset, sunrise, moon, night sky brightness, night lightintensity, time, clouds, wind speed, birds, bird hunt, performance,color depth, scroll speed and more...Contributors (flickrusers):Tamarack River: Randen PedersonGrasmere Lake: GraemeDarbyshireMoon: Luis ArgerichThanks for the creative commonslicenses!
Big Ben Live Wallpaper 1.13 APK
Adermark Media
Throw your clock widget and use this London live wallpaperfeaturing Big Ben instead. In the full version the clock shows thereal time and the sky, sun, moon and clouds move and change coloraccording to the time as well. In the free trial version the timeis fixed, but the clouds still move and the birds fly. Flickrcontributors: Big Ben: Vicente Villamón Moon: Luis Argerich Thanksfor the creative commons licenses!
Magnetic Balls Live Wallpaper APK
Adermark Media
Magnetic balls that react when you touch the screen. Use thesettings to completely change behavior of the balls. Now you canselect your own photo from the gallery and each ball will shiftcolor so they together look like the photo! In the free versionmost settings are locked. In the full version you can customize: -choose from the predifined presets - parallax mode (gyroscope oraccelerometer) - select photo and balls adapt colors to look likethe picture - custom ball color - custom background color - selectcolor scheme for touch/bleed colors - random color changes whentouched (on/off) - color bleed to surrounding balls (on/off) -reverse lift (away instead of towards you) - lift speed - gravity -amount of bounce - float time (freeze balls before dropping) -object shape * Ball * Pyramid * Square * Cross Stitch * Token (flatball) * Fuzz * Star * Dollar Sign ($) * At Sign (@) - grid distance- distance between balls - ball size - lift neighbors (how manysurrounding balls will be affected by a touch) Double tap to resetcolors of all balls back to the original color (or photo).
Summer Trees Live Wallpaper 1.20 APK
Adermark Media
Other live wallpapers in the tree series: Twin Trees, Winter Trees,Spring Trees, Autumn Trees and Binary Tree.The free version isbeautiful, ad free and fully functional but most settings arelocked. The full version is loaded with tons of settings includingthe dynamic real time mode where lights, sun, moon, stars, colors,clouds changes according to the time of day. You can also use theGPS or Wireless location services to read your location and let thewallpaper automatically change the sunrise and sunset timesaccording to the real world.Flickr ContributorsClover: DendroicaceruleaOtota DANAMaddie List / U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service -Northeast RegionSumeet JainDaisies:Jason HollingerSteven ShigeoYamadaSnowBunny_01Timo Newton-SymsEmily MurrayDonnaSullivan-ThomsonDistant Trees: Daniel HallForest: U.S. ForestService, Southwestern Region, Kaibab National ForestMoon: LuisArgerich
Autumn Trees Live Wallpaper 1.22 APK
Adermark Media
Other live wallpapers in the tree series: Twin Trees, Winter Trees,Spring Trees and Summer Trees. And Binary Tree. Time for fall!Thefree version is - as always - ad free, beautiful and fullyfunctional but most settings are locked. The full version has loadsof settings including the dynamic real time mode where lights, sun,moon, stars, colors, clouds changes according to the time ofday.Optonal GPS reading to determine location for accuratecalculations of local sunrise and sunset times (check box insettings).You can also select different trees, leaves, seeds,flowers and backgrounds. And much more!FlickrContributorsOrange-Green Maple: John TalbotDistant Trees: DanielHallForest: Rachel KramerPink Chrysanthemum: Joshua BrownOrangeChrysanthemum: Ian MuttooMoon: Luis ArgerichThanks everyone for thecreative commons licenses!
Rose Garden Live Wallpaper 1.16 APK
Adermark Media
Pink roses in front of a castle ruin. Live sky with sun, moon,clouds, birds and falling rose petals.Contributors (flickr):Roses:Richard Taylor, Sandy Schultz, acookeuk, Candie_N & HoriaVarlanVisingsborg Castle: Allie_CaulfieldMoon: Luis Argerich
Instant Square 1.70 APK
Adermark Media
Stop cropping your photos! Instant Square puts any photo in asquare and then sends it to your favourite social platform whereyou can keep the full photo.All features:- select square imagesize: 512, 1024 or 2048px - select color depth: 16 bit or 32 bit-pinch zoom image inside the square frame- move image inside thesquare frame- zooming, rotating and moving is lightning fast andsmooth- rotate image freely (any degree) with two fingers - rotateby fixed 90 degrees (normal rotation)- select square resolutionbetween 512, 1024 and 2048.- optionally add an overlay frame -watermark (custom text) - enter watermark text - select watermarkposition - change watermark transparency - thin border - gold frame- ellipse - heart - vignette - rounded corners - parchment - softedges- select any color for the frame- select any color for thebackground- share to any app- save image to gallery- use camera orgallery to pick image- listens to action_send intent from any otherimage/photo appwatermarks can be used as signature, positionedabove or below the photo.more features will followmetal textureprovided by: TextureX.com
Reeds Live Wallpaper 1.09 APK
Adermark Media
A soft breeze makes the reeds sway gently and relaxing. Clouds moveover the sky that shifts color dynamically during the day andnight. At dawn the sun rises and moves slowly over the sky untilsunset around 6 pm. As the night falls the moon appears clearer andclearer until fully visible at midnight.Background scroll works onHTC Sense 3.0, where wallpaper scrolling normally doesn'twork.While the free version is beautiful and fully functional, thesettings are locked. The full version is highly customizable:-number of plants - ground level- set any time of day (colors andlight change)- or use dynamic real time mode- wind speed- setnumber of birds- set size and position of the moon- set sunrotation speed- show/hide sun- show/hide high clouds- show/hide lowclouds- use true color (24 bit)This live wallpaper is OpenGL based.This means that animations and graphics will flow much smother thanif it was using the CPU. It also means that the phone's CPU is notworking, giving much less impact on overall phone performance. Thewallpaper is only active when visible, so battery consumption isvery insignificant.Photo credits (flickr users):Reeds: AlexanderGranholm, versageek and Russell SmithMoon: Luis Argerich