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Donation only - for author of ICSDialer Plus

App Information ICSDialer Plus DONATION

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    ICSDialer Plus DONATION
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    May 4, 2013
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Svatopluka Cecha 862 Nymburk 28802
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Color Dialer 2.3.0 APK
v2.3.0 ---------- fixed crash when starting for the first time(without needed permissions) v2.2.8 ---------- new contacts loadingalgorithm v2.2.5 ---------- fixed - file associations v2.2.4---------- new feature - contact phone font size fix - permissionrequest error v2.2.2 ---- fixed refresh contacts after call historychanged v2.2.1 ---- app renamed to Color Dialer v2.1.7 ---- - fixedFavorites on the first screen v2.1.6 ---- - fixed Add another callv2.1.5 ---- - added Gradient Color Background v2.1.4 ---- - fixed -Clear CallLog v2.1.3 ---- - fixed crash when opening Contactsv2.1.2 ---- - huge startup performance improvement - some partscompletely rewritten - some other fixes v2.1.1 ---- - quick fix forno contact image v2.1.0 ---- - rewritten image loading - rewrittenshow/hide dialpad - some bugfixes v2.0.9 ---- - some bugfixesv2.0.8 ---- - some bugfixes v2.0.7 ---- - added Contact history(contact context menu) - some bugfixes v2.0.6 ---- - added optionto show Favorites screen as first (on start) - some bugfixes v2.0.5---- - added option to show/hide Call Log - some bugfixes v2.0.4---- - added new actions for Favorite screen - some bugfixes v2.0.3---- - visual fixes on Favorite screen - some bugfixes v2.0.2 ----- fixed T9 for some languages - fixed open Contacts v2.0.0 ---- -added Favorites screen - some bugfixes v1.7.0 ---- - added optionto always show digits container - added option to randomize themecolors (Theme customization) - some bugfixes v1.6.9 ---- - addedpossibility to change color of numbers and letters on dialpad(Theme customization) - added possibility to reset theme to defaultsettings v1.6.8 ---- - added possibility to change contact name andphone text color (Theme customization) v1.6.7 ---- - addedbackup/restore of settings to Internal Storage v1.6.6 ---- - addedbutton animation (experimental) - can be disabled in settings -Theme Customization v1.6.5 ---- - new dial button image forLollipop theme (higher res) v1.6.4 ---- - more theme customizations(enable/disable circle images and lollipop letter tiles) v1.6.3---- - added call duration v1.6.2 ---- - circle contact photorewritten (saved ~300KB) v1.6.1 ---- - added contact photos toLollipop theme v1.6.0 ---- - added Lollipop dark theme - changedLollipop LetterTiles to circle - some bugfixes v1.5.9 ---- - addedIce Cream Sandwich Dialer Theme v1.5.8 ---- - added Czechlocalization v1.5.7 ---- - added customization - CallLog Name andContact Name Font Size v1.5.6 ---- - Theme customization viaSettings - for now there is text highlight color and textbackground highlight color - more to come v1.5.5 ---- DialpadSlideIn/SlideOut animation v1.5.4 ---- fixed FC - in Lollipop Themev1.5.3 ---- Lollipop theme improvements v1.5.2 ---- Lollipop DialerIcon added Lollipop theme improvements v1.5.1 -------- fixed FCwhen Contact name is missing v1.5.0 -------- added LolliPop themesome bugfixes v1.4.0 -------- added themes (KitKat, Dark and Light)some bugfixes Do you want to support developer ? Donate via GooglePlayhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cz.kamma.kitkatdialer.donation
Folder Player 3.0.1 APK
For those of you who prefer an audio player that offers a folderstructurev3.0.1----support for Android Osomebugfixesv2.9.8----added landscape layoutdisplay will turn off oninactivityv2.9.7----added possibility to show and add anyfilev2.9.6----changed track name colorv2.9.5----fixed track namefor XXXHD displaysv2.9.4----shows all supported files - now caseinsensitive (MP3/mp3...)v2.9.3----shows WMA files and play them,when it is possiblebug fixesv2.9.2----possibility to deleteplaylistbug fixesDo you want to support developer ?BitCoin Wallet:16Xevan7YoV4eayrFGMPG79sNCVtH31uN8
Color Dialer DONATION 1.0.1 APK
Donation only - for author of Color DialerApp is here -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cz.kamma.kitkatdialer
EasyOff 1.0.3 APK
This app uses the Device Administrator permission.The purpose ofthis application is to save HW power button.After install there isnew App Icon - EasyOff. When you tap it for the first time, apprequests Device Admin right. If you grant it, the second and othertime you tap it, device goes to sleep mode, as if you pushed thepower button.Thats all. NO ROOT NEEDED.how to uninstall:1. Settings- Security - Device Administrators - Deactivate EasyOff2. Settings- Apps - Uninstall EasyOff
ICSDialer Plus 2.2.0 APK
Standard ICS dialer enhanced with T9 search
Donation only - for author of ICSDialer Plus
Folder Player DONATION 4 APK
Donation for author of kAmMa`s Folder Player