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IDEAL Talking Tags is a talking label maker/reader application,designed in support of accommodating the access needs ofindividuals who are blind. IDEAL Talking Tags is based onApps4Android's Near Field Communication (NFC) Tec-Tiles. For moreinformation please see:http://youtu.be/OhOWyLujGxg The minimumhardware and firmware requirements for running the application isan Android, Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled, smartphonerunning Android V4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).Identive Group Type 2(42mm diameter) NFC tags (ISO/IEC 14443 A 1-3 compliant; NTAG chip;Passive RFID 13.56MHz) were used to Beta test IDEAL Talking Tags.They worked perfectly. They cost approximately $0.80 each inquantities of 100. For moreinformation:http://www.identivenfc.com/nfc-tags/nfc-tag-type2-42mm.htmBeforepurchasing a large quantity of NFC tags, purchase a few of them.Test them with the app. If they work, fine. If not, it is a tagissue... not an app issue.Talking labels can provide audibleguidance in identifying a variety of different items includingclothing, food containers and other household products. Talkinglabels can also provide audible guidance in identifying and takingmedications. Talking labels are often used by individuals withvision-impairments.Instructions for use:1. Launch IDEAL TalkingTags. You should hear, "Touch the screen. Speak your message andlet go of the screen when you are done. IDEAL Talking Tags."2.Touch the screen and speaking the words you want to record. 3. Whenyou release your finger you will hear, "Touch and hold the screento preview your recording. Let go when done." 4. After previewingyour recording you should hear, "Scan the NFC tag you wish toassociate with this recording." 5. You can then touch the back ofyour phone to an NFC tag of the type describe above.6. Hence forthwhenever you touch your smartphone to this tag, you smartphone willplay the associated recording.

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    IDEAL Talking Tags
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    December 27, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    IDEAL Group, Inc. Android Development Team
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    2809 Bohlen Drive Hilliard, OH 43026-9012
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In 2009, IDEAL Apps4Android ported six betterTTS voices (US English, UK English, Italian, German, French, andSpanish) to run on the first release of Android (Cupcake).Apps4Android named their suite of voices, "Better Voices forCupcake®."Now, there are even better voices available on Android andApps4Android is pleased to bring this to the attention of Androidusers everywhere.All of IDEAL Apps4Android's accessibility applicationsincorporate the use of text-to-speech voices. Because of this, andbecause most text-to-speech users like high-quality human-soundingvoices, IDEAL Apps4Android is pleased to provide easy access to the"Best Voices for Android" on the market. Voices are available in 25languages which include a total of 37 voices. "Best Voices forAndroid" languages include: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, CanadianFrench, Cantonese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, European Spanish, Finnish,French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Mandarin, Mexican Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish,Turkish, UK English, and U.S. English.Not only does Apps4Android's "Best Voices for Android"application provide the ability to purchase the best voices on themarket, it permits users to sample the voices before purchasingthem! Best Voices for Android are only $2.99 each!Important note: Apps4Android's "Best Voices for Android" willonly run on smart devices running Android V2.2 (Froyo) andabove.
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Please see the instructions below.IDEAL Accessibility Installer isan application designed to make it easy to install IDEAL Groupapplications that are accessible, useful, educational, andentertaining for everyone... including individuals with printdisabilities. IDEAL Accessibility Installer was conceived of,developed, and is supported by IDEAL Group, Inc. and Apps4Android,Inc. Instructions-----------------Please read the followingcompletely before proceeding. Thank you!Welcome! This application,an IDEAL “Accessible Application Installer,” is designed to make iteasy to install IDEAL Group applications that are accessible,useful, educational, and entertaining for everyone... includingindividuals with print disabilities. Once you start thisapplication you will see a list of popular IDEAL Group apps.Beneath the description of each app you will either see “Installed”or “Not Installed.” If a listed app is already installed on yourdevice, the word “Installed” will appear. If the app is notcurrently installed on your device, “Not Installed” will appear. Toinstall any of the “Not Installed” applications, please tap theicon for that app. You will then:1. See a message indicating thatthe app you have selected is not installed on your device. You willthen be prompted to select “OK” to install the app, or “Cancel” toabort the process.2. Click “OK.” You will be taken to the GooglePlay store.3. Install the app. 4. After the installation hascompleted, an “Open” and “Cancel” button will appear. 5. PRESS THEBACK BUTTON. This will return you to the list of applications.Please note that the application you just installed will displaythe words “Installed.” 6. Go back to step 1 and repeat for each,additional, application you'd like to install.Important Notes:1. Ifyou press the “Open” button (referenced in step 3) after installingan app, it will open. To get back to the list of apps, please pressthe back button several times.2. Depending upon the version ofAndroid your device is running, some of the apps may not becompatible with your device. As a result, you may see an errormessage from Google Play Store. These errors can be safely ignored.If you receive an error message, press the back button to get backto the list of apps.
IDEAL Group Reader 0.82 APK
Installation Statistics---------------------------As of July 9,2013, IDEAL Group Reader has been installed 34,497 times, on 1,320different Android devices. For a listing of these devices pleasesee: http://www.apps4android.org/?p=4527Credits----------IDEALGroup Reader® Beta II is able to voice MathML content thanks toGoogle's wonderful support and guidance! We would like to extendour heartfelt thanks to T.V. Raman, Charles Chen, and Volker Sorgefor reaching their "Google" hands out to meet ours to help us makereading MathML content a reality. Special thanks to The WirelessRehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) for supportingthis project with funding from The National Institute on Disabilityand Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) a department of the U.S.Department of Education. We would also like to extend our debt ofgratitude to the White House for honoring IDEAL Group Reader with a"Champions of Change" award for advancing the state of science,technology, engineering and math educational technology in supportof people with disabilities. Please see:http://tinyurl.com/d2haad5Features of IDEAL Group Reader® BetaII---------------------------------------------------------* canread text aloud (just like an audio book).* can highlight sectionsof text as they are being read.* enable students to take notesusing speech recognition, highlight sections of text to beremembered, and then gather all the important notes together in oneplace…all automatically.* can display and read aloud (assuming thatthe appropriate voices are installed) books in the followinglanguages: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish,French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese,Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish,Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Welsh.* Displays and reads MathMLcontent.* Significantly improved accessibility: This includesenhanced navigation including jumping to specific chapters, pages,and passages.* Video: Videos can be embedded in ePub3 texts.*Audio: Audio passages can be embedded in ePub3 texts. *Interactivity: includes features like pop-ups and asides activatedby clicking on words in the text.* and much, much, more.
IDEAL U.S. Currency Identifier 2.0 APK
A. INSTRUCTIONS FORUSE-------------------------------------------1. Launch IDEALCurrency Identifier2. Read the start-up banner3. Select, “Do NotShow This Banner Again” or “Show Banner At Start-up.”4. GIVE THEAPPLICATION DATABASE 30-45 SECONDS TO LOAD.5. Place your Androiddevice on top of, in the middle of; and in parallel with the noteyou wish to identify. 6. Slowly raise your device directly upwardsuntil it speaks the denomination and face of the note. 7. If theabove process does not work the first time, please try again. Ittakes a little practice...B. IMPORTANTNOTES----------------------------------1. Most Important: IDEALCurrency Identifier was not designed to, nor can it, identifycounterfeit notes;2. Notes being identified should be placed on ahard, flat, surface in good lighting.3. A text-to-speech voiceneeds to be installed on your device in order for this applicationto work.4. Notes that are wrinkled, worn, scanned in poor lighting,torn, or disfigured may not be identified or misidentified. 5. Usethis app at your risk;..C. NEW FEATURES IN THISVERSION----------------------------------------------------------1.Identifies note more quickly; and,2. Recognizes the redesigned $100note. ..D. IDEAL CURRENCY IDENTIFIER CONTINUESTO---------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Identify the following notes: a. 1 notes (1963 - present); b. $2notes (1976 - present); c. $5 notes (1993 - present); and, d. $10,$20, $50, and $100 notes (1990 - present). 2. Work without anInternet connection; ..E. IMAGES OF ALL IDENTIFIABLENOTES---------------------------------------------------------------http://apps4android.org/ideal-currency-id/
GuideDroid 2.0 APK
Important Notes Please==================1. If you discover a bug in our Beta version of GuideDroid® wewould appreciate your not giving it a bad rating. Instead, pleasereach your hand out to meet ours by sending us an e-mail describingthe bug. We will do everything in our power to duplicate and fixit. Many thanks!2. Since we initially developed GuideDroid® in support ofindividuals with cognitive disabilities/low vision navigating theirway around college campuses, GuideDroid® initially starts in"Walking Directions" mode. This is why you will see what appears tobe very long time estimates to get to your destination as comparedto driving there. To switch GuideDroid® into "Driving Directions,""Public Transportation," or "Biking" mode, please use the followinginstructions:http://guidedroid.org/mode-switching.htm3: Please see the "Credits" at the bottom of this description.Thank you.Description=========GuideDroid®, is a highly-featured, fully-accessible, mainstream GPSapplication for use by everyone… including individuals withcognitive (and other) print disabilities.Once a destination address is entered, GuideDroid® can providewalking, biking, driving, and transit directions. When used forwalking directions, GuideDroid® shows users where they are as theywalk, and continually announces street addresses near their currentwalking location. GuideDroid® can automatically navigate users tothe location of an address book contact, assuming that the contactprofile includes address information.GuideDroid® Also Provides=====================* 3-D imagery;* Compass mode;* Business listings;* Distances to destinations (in minutes and miles);* GeoCoding;* Indoor Maps (for some locations);* Maps history;* Rerouting guidance;* Route connection paths;* Route previews;* Step-by-step walking instructions;* The ability to receive phone calls while navigating;* Traffic incident announcements;* Traffic views;* Transit station info sheets;* Voice guidance for eyes-free operation;* Zoom in/out satellite and street views;* And much more!GuideDroid® Information Resources============================* Home Page: http://guidedroid.org* Documentation: http://www.guidedroid.org/guidedroid_v1-documentation.htmGuideDroid® Map Functionality by Country=================================* Biking Directions: http://www.guidedroid.org/biking-directions.htm* Business Listings: http://www.guidedroid.org/business-listings.htm* Driving Directions: http://www.guidedroid.org/driving-instructions.htm* GeoCoding: http://www.guidedroid.org/Geo-Coding.htm* Map Tiles: http://www.guidedroid.org/Map-Tiles.htm* Street View: http://www.guidedroid.org/Street-View.htm* Traffic: http://www.guidedroid.org/Traffic.htmMaps Functionality===============This newly designed Maps app for Android phones and tablets makesnavigating your world faster and easier. Find the best spots intown and the information you need to get there.- Comprehensive, accurate maps in 200 countries- Voice-guided GPS navigation for driving, biking, andwalking- Transit directions and maps for over 2,800 cities- Live traffic, incident reports, and dynamic re-routing- Detailed information on more than 100 million places- Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, museums, andmore* Some features not available in all countries* You can make a map area available offline by tapping thesearch box and selecting “Make this map area available offline”Visit http://goo.gl/wawgE to learn more.We would also like to thank the App Factory, a project hosted bythe Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) for WirelessTechnologies for their ongoing encouragement, guidance, andsupport. The RERC for Wireless Technologies is sponsored by theNational Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research(NIDRR) of the U.S. Department of Education under grant numberH133E110002.
IDEAL Access 4 T-Mobile® 2.0 APK
Please see the instructions below.Disclaimer: "IDEAL Access 4 T-Mobile®" is an applicationdesigned to make it easy to install IDEAL Group applications thatare accessible, useful, educational, and entertaining foreveryone... including individuals with print disabilities."IDEAL Access 4 T-Mobile®" was conceived of, developed, and issupported by IDEAL Group, Inc. and Apps4Android, Inc."IDEAL Access 4 T-Mobile®" is not, in any manner, affiliatedwith T-Mobile®.IDEAL Group, Inc. and Apps4Android, Inc., alone, are solelyresponsible for "IDEAL Access 4 T-Mobile®."IDEAL Group "Access 4" applications are provided at"no-cost-to-users.""IDEAL Access 4 T-Mobile®" is customized for T-Mobile®subscribers in the United States, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany,United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Poland.T-Mobile® is a registered trademark of Deutsche Telekom AG.Instructions-----------------Please read the following completely before proceeding. Thankyou!Welcome! This application, an IDEAL “Accessible ApplicationInstaller,” is designed to make it easy to install IDEAL Groupapplications that are accessible, useful, educational, andentertaining for everyone... including individuals with printdisabilities.Once you start this application you will see a list of popularIDEAL Group apps. Beneath the description of each app you willeither see “Installed” or “Not Installed.” If a listed app isalready installed on your device, the word “Installed” will appear.If the app is not currently installed on your device, “NotInstalled” will appear. To install any of the “Not Installed”applications, please tap the icon for that app. You will then:1. See a message indicating that the app you have selected isnot installed on your device. You will then be prompted to select“OK” to install the app, or “Cancel” to abort the process.2. Click “OK.” You will be taken to the Google Play store.3. Install the app.4. After the installation has completed, an “Open” and “Cancel”button will appear.5. PRESS THE BACK BUTTON. This will return you to the list ofapplications. Please note that the application you just installedwill display the words "Installed.”6. Go back to step 1 and repeat for each, additional,application you'd like to install.Important Notes:1. If you press the “Open” button (referenced in step 3) afterinstalling an app, it will open. To get back to the list of apps,please press the back button several times.2. Depending upon the version of Android your device is running,some of the apps may not be compatible with your device. As aresult, you may see an error message from Google Play Store. Theseerrors can be safely ignored. If you receive an error message,press the back button to get back to the list of apps.
IDEAL Math Writer 1.5.1 APK
IDEAL Math Writer automatically Converts handwritten math equationsinto MathML, LaTeX, Images, MathJax, and Alt-Text. Importantlinks=============App Homepage :http://apps4android.org/mathwriter/Documentation :http://apps4android.org/mathwriter/documentation.htmInstructionsfor use : http://apps4android.org/mathwriter/Instructions.htm
IDEAL MP3 & Audio eBook Player 1.3 APK
Introduction----------------IDEAL MP3 & Audio eBook Player is an advanced,fully-accessible MP3 music and recorded eBook player for Androiddevices. It can also serve to organize and replay classroomrecordings through the use of ASR - Free MP3 Sound Recorder.Instructions---------------1.Create following directory tree on your SD card:/sdcard/ideal/music/2.Create the following, additional, subdirectories based upon theartists (title of eBooks), albums (chapters) and sound tracks (MP3files) you wish to save to and play from your SD card./sdcard/ideal/music/name-of-artist/name-of-album/name-of-track.mp3/sdcard/ideal/music/title of eBook/chapter/chapter.mp3Music Examples----------------------•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/a hard day’s night/and I loveher.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/a hard day’s night/can’t buy melove.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/a hard day’s night/I should have knownbetter.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/abbey road/because.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/abbey road/carry that weight.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/abbey road/come together.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/beatles for sale/baby’s inblack.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/beatles for sale/eight days aweek.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/beatles for sale/every littlething.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/beatles for sale/everybody’s trying tobe my baby.mp3Recorded eBook Examples------------------------------------•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/1. A Scandal inBohemia/Recording.MP3•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/2. TheRed-Headed League/Recording.MP3•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/3. A Case ofIdentity/Recording.MP3•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/4. The BoscombeValley Mystery/Recording.MP3•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/5. The FiveOrange Pips/Recording.MP3•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/6. The Man withthe Twisted Lip/Recording.MP3Gestures to Control and Play Your Music & Audio eBooks-----------------------------------------------------------------------------• Tap = Play/Pause• Swipe horizontally from the Right to the Left = Previoustrack• Swipe horizontally from the Left to the Right = Next track• Swipe Up and Hold = Rewind• Swipe Down and Hold = Fast forward• Swipe from the bottom Right to the top Left = Previous artist(eBook)• Swipe from the bottom Left to the top Right = Next artist(eBook)• Swipe from the top Right to the bottom Left = Previous album(chapter)• Swipe from the top Left to the bottom Right = Next album(chapter)About the ASR Free MP3 Sound Recorder---------------------------------------------------------Thank you to NLL for enhancing their wonderful Android MP3 recordercalled “ASR- Free MP3 Sound Recorder” in a manner that isfully-compatible with IDEAL MP3 Player!NLL’s modification to ASR enables students to easily createsub-directories on their SD card. Students can now record classroomsessions and save their recordings to custom sub-directoriesdesigned to be compatible IDEAL MP3 Player.This will enable them to quickly navigate to any previouslyrecorded classroom notes for a specific subject, topic, andrecording date.Here are some examples----------------------------------•/sdcard/ideal/music/polynomials/multiplication/2012-08-16_1.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/inequalities/solving/2012-08-16_2.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/complex numbers/powers ofi/2012-08-16_3.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/complexnumbers/addition/2012-08-16_4.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/complexnumbers/subtraction/2012-08-16_5.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/complexnumbers/multiplication/2012-08-16_6.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/solving equations/oneequation/2012-08-16_7.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/solving equations/twoequations/2012-08-16_8.mp3•/sdcard/ideal/music/solvingequations/numerically/2012-08-16_9.mp3