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"IDRescue" is really useful APP when you want to check how to use"YAMAHA Smart KEY System". And even if you lose the key, this APPwill instruct how to use “Emergency Mode”.This APP has thefollowing functions.1. How to use smart key system2. Identificationnumber (KeyID) registration3. How to use "Emergency Mode"4. Searchfor shop (Link to Yamaha motor WEB Site)To use this application,you need to get your login ID.Please get ID using YIDG WEB sitewhich will be open after clicking the link on the login screen.YIDG is YAMAHA ID generator that provide your own ID by Yamaha foryour convenience.Let’s enjoy your YAMAHA Smart Key motorcyclelife.* This App is only for Yamaha smart key system that being usedin e.g. JANUS, NVX, Aerox.* Internet connection is required whenyou use this APP.* You have to register your KeyID when you want towatch "How to use emergency mode".* Read owner’s manual carefullybefore operating motorcycle.* Stop the vehicle in a safe place andturn the main switch to “OFF” when you use this APP.

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    Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
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Ride YAMAHA 1.0.6 APK
“Ride YAMAHA” is a virtual throttle simulator simulator by YamahaMotor. With the application, you can get a feel for riding. Whengripping the phone as a throttle and turning it, you can enjoyexhaust note.You can choose from models, YZR-M1,YZ450F andSR400.Let’s enjoy air riding only with your righthand.Notification-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Recommendeddisplay resolution: minimum 1280*720 pixelsIf the resolution is notsufficient, you may not be able to run the application properly onyour device.
YAMAHA PartsCatalogue IDN 1.0.1 APK
Parts catalogues for products sold in Indonesian by Yamaha MotorCorporation can be viewed. ・ Adding favorite models to "MY MODEL" ・Stock/price display ・ Enlarged image display ・ Table of Contentsusing thumbnails ・ Saving selected parts data ・ Displaying a listof recently viewed catalogue pages ■Supported OS versions■ Android4.0.4 to 4.4.4 ■Notes■ This app requires an Internet connection inorder to search and display catalogues. Before using, check thatyou are connected to a 3G network or WiFi. * Information collectedby this app In order to improve this service and this app, YamahaMotor Corporation collects information such as access logs to theserver from this app, usage history of this app (screens selected,button operations, etc.), the type of user's terminal, and OSversion.We do not collect information that identifies individuals.The information collected is appropriately handled within the rangeof the purpose of use.
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Launch the application and push the [Translate] button to translateengine sound!Then, you can understand the thoughts of your engines which cannothave been expressed in words.Look forward to talking with the engine every day because youmay collect points whenever you may translate engine sound, and mayobtain the rare characters of the product!=======================Sample of Translated Engine Sound======================="How are you doing?vroom♪ That's just me humming.Let's get started.""Oops! I don't have enough time to eat lunch today.Would you please go to the gas station we stopped at the other day?The fuel there was delicious.Let's get going."" Hey!The fun has just begun.May the Rev with you."◆ The number of prepared lines exceeds 100 million ◆◆ Feeling changes according to the engine sound ◆◆ Lines change according to the time or the weather ◆===========================Hope of Yamaha Motor, who made this application==========================="Application to translate engine sound into words"Employees of Yamaha Motor have faced to engine sound since theestablishment of a business in 1955.""""""""Revs your Heart""""""""This is the brand slogan of Yamaha Motor."Rev" means "to run up an engine".As “the Impression Creation Company”, We want to make a moment whenyour heart is excited as if we rev an engine.If you may become more familiar with and come to like engines byusing this application, nothing makes us happier than it.Do not use it during a riding such as motorcycles.Even if you may have an accident during the operation ofcell-phone, we shall not take responsibility at all.During a riding such as motorcycles, it is prohibited to watchthe screen of cell-phone closely or operate it (except hands-freecalls) by laws. When you operate the cell-phone, please stopmotorcycles in a safe place primarily.
YAMAHA Parts Catalogue 1.0.1 APK
AndroidOS搭載のスマートフォン・タブレットでパーツカタログをご覧いただけます。ヤマハ発動機株式会社が日本国内向けに販売してきた製品のパーツカタログをご覧いただけます。 ・「MYMODEL」にお気に入り車両の登録 ・在庫/価格の表示 ・イラストの拡大表示  ・サムネイルによる目次一覧 ・選択部品のデータ保存 ・最近見たカタログページの一覧を表示 ・製品取扱販売店の検索■対応OSバージョン■Android4.0.4~4.4.4■ご注意点■このアプリでは、カタログの検索・表示にインターネット接続が必要です。3GネットワークもしくはWiFi環境に接続していることを確認してご利用ください。※アプリケーションが取得する情報についてヤマハ発動機株式会社は、本サービスの向上や本アプリの改善を目的とし、本アプリからのサーバに対するアクセスログおよび、本アプリの利用履歴(選択画面、ボタン操作等)および、利用者端末の機種やOSのバージョン等に関する情報を取得します。その際、個人を特定する情報を取得することはありません。収集した情報は利用目的の範囲内で適切に取り扱います。Youcan see the parts catalog with Android OS equipped smartphonetablet.Is Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. You can see the parts catalog ofproducts that have been sold in Japan for.• The registration offavorite vehicle in the "MY MODEL"And inventory / price displayofIllustrated enlarged display• The table of contents bythumbnailData storage of selected parts• The display a list of thecatalog page as seen recently· Search for Resellers■ Supported OSversion ■Android 4.0.4 ~ 4.4.4■ Please note ■In this app, you needan Internet connection to search and display the catalog.Please useit make sure that you are connected to the 3G network or WiFienvironment.※ For information that the application retrievesYamahaMotor Co., Ltd., the improvement and improvement of thisapplication of this service for the purpose of, and access log tothe server from this application, usage history (selection screen,button operation, etc.) of this application and the model of theuser terminal I get the information about the version, etc. and OS.At that time, does not attempt to obtain information identifyingthe individual. The collected information is handled appropriatelywithin the range of purposes.
YDIS Smart 1.2.1 APK
YDIS Smart is an application software specifically designed to helpusers perform inspections of Yamaha outboard motors. YDIS Smart isdesigned to enable users to use some of the functions of theself-diagnostic system for Yamaha Marine products, YamahaDiagnostic System (YDIS PC version), on smartphones. YDIS Smart App(“App”) is permitted for use by Yamaha authorized dealers only, andmay only be used by the Yamaha authorized dealer for the purpose ofproviding services to a customer’s Yamaha outboard motor. If theparty accessing or downloading this App is not a Yamaha authorizeddealer, then such party is not authorized to use this App andshould immediately discontinue usage and delete the App. *How toUse YDIS Smart For details on the operation of YDIS Smart, see theinstruction manuals issued by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. *Compatible OSAndroid 4.4 or later *Terms and Conditions for Use Please read andunderstand these precautions before using this application. ・YDISSmart is intended for use exclusively by service staff who performservices and maintenance of Yamaha outboard motors. ・To use YDISSmart, a dedicated adapter and the registration information for themain software (YDIS PC version) will be required. ・To enable thespeedometer display, you need to turn on the GPS function on yoursmartphone. ・Internet connection via mobile data communication orwireless LAN is required during the user registration process andwhile using the application. ・To use YDIS Smart, you need to turnon the Bluetooth® function on your smartphone. ・Bluetooth® is aregistered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. ・Do not manipulate thisapplication while the boat is in motion. Otherwise, a collisioncould result. Yamaha shall not be liable for any direct or indirectdamages, harm, or losses resulting from any accidents occurredduring use of this application. When you use this application,Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. will automatically collect the followinginformation: ・Following information entered for user registration-YDIS Smart adapter serial number, Country ID, Shop ID,Installation Key ・Some of the following engine informationcollected by the application -Saved data, Country ID, Shop ID・Logging data will not be collected automatically. We will usecollected information to statistically analyze the usage of thisapplication and to improve our services. Communication chargesincurred to use this application shall be borne by the user. Forother precautions and disclaimers, see the related instructionmanuals. Copyright (C) 2014 Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Licensed underthe Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not usethis file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain acopy of the License at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, softwaredistributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express orimplied. See the License for the specific language governingpermissions and limitations under the License.
Y-TRAC 1.1.0 APK
Let's ride the circuit together! Improve your time by carefullyanalyzing ride characteristics and vehicle condition!Y-TRAC is alog viewer application for viewing vehicle information collected inthe CCU (* 1). Many kinds of vehicle information are displayedvisually in an easy-to-understand graph, such as vehicle speed andengine speed, accelerator opening, banking angle and brakepressure, as well as various types of control effects. In additionto vehicle information, position information is recordedsimultaneously in the log data stored in the CCU. Due to thissynchronization of position information and vehicle condition, youcan quickly pick up information such as braking point at cornerentry, brake pressure, vehicle speed, line, banking angle at turn,and throttle condition at exit. Since the graph displays each lap,you can easily understand the characteristics of a good line. Finda way to improve your lap time through careful study of the app'sfeatures. Circuit racing becomes more and more fun because now youcan compare bookmarked data with your competitors.* To record logsof laps to the CCU, it is necessary to dictate the record line tothe CCU in advance. The record line can be specified separatelyusing the "CCU Config" app. Download it here.* 1) Communicationcontrol unit (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 model year YAMAHA YZF-R1Mequipped with data logger unit)■ How to use Y-Trac and the CCU1)Set the record line prior to circuit racing.a) Download the "CCUConfig" app.b) Determine the record line in this CCU Config app.c)Send the record line to the CCU.*) In recording mode, either"Track" or "Street" can be selected. Select "Track" for circuitracing. That’s it for the preparation.2) Come on, ride!a) Have ablast while riding safely.*) Ride conditions are being recorded inthe CCU as a log.3) After riding...a) Using Y-TRAC, download thelog recorded in the CCU.b) Acquired data will be displayed in alist view. Tapping the data icon displays the graph.■With Y-TRACyou can...1) Acquire CCU logging dataDownload the logging data inthe CCU.2) Display lap timesA list of lap times recorded by theCCU's auto lap function is displayed.3) Display graphsA graph isdisplayed for each lap.4) 15 types of vehicle data and 6 types ofcontrol data are displayed in a line graph. You can choose whichdata to display.5) BookmarksRegularly viewed data and special datacan be accessed immediately by bookmarking the data.6) ComparegraphsTwo data can be compared per lap unit. For example, 2 lapswithin the same data set, or other lap data, can be compared.7)Split lapsWhen comparing different data, you can re-set the lap tofit in one record line.8) Data SharingLog data can be uploaded toe-mail and cloud services.9) Auto PlayGraph display data is playedautomatically.10) Setting Data ExportDuring ride YRC setting datacan be captured by the YRC Setting app.■Supported environmentOS:Android 5 or laterRAM: 2GB or moreDevice that confirmed works:Nexus 7, Nexus 9・ This application works on tablet device.・ It doesnot guarantee the works on all devices.■Cautions・ Please use theapplication safely, and observe traffic rules and precautions.・Please use only when the motorcycle is stopped in a safe location.・It is not guaranteed that the app will operate in all vehicles.Installation position and the installation method of the CCU mayaffect its accuracy, sensitivity and operation.・ To use somefunctions of this application, you will need an Internet connectionvia mobile data communication or wireless LAN.・ It is notguaranteed that the numbers displayed in this application areaccurate.■Inquiry・ This application is for use with select Yamahavehicles. For inquiries, please contact your Yamaha dealer.
CCU Config 1.0.6 APK
CCU Config is an application for editing operational parameters ofthe CCU (*). When a circuit is run, set the record line in advanceusing CCU Config. At the same time, change the sampling rate to"Track". This concludes pre-ride preparations. From here, pleaseenjoy analyzing the data recorded when you were riding flat out.Please download the "Y-TRAC" application for data analysis and the"YRC Setting" application separately to set the YRC.* 1)Communication control unit (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 model yearYAMAHA YZF-R1M equipped with data logger unit)■ With CCU Config youcan...1) Set the Circuit Record Line When an edited record line issent to the CCU, the run time logging data for each lap can berecorded through the CCU auto lap function.2) Change the samplingrate The information density of the logged data can be increasedfor the circuit run.■Supported environmentOS: Android 5 orlaterRAM: 2GB or moreDevice that confirmed works: Nexus 7, Nexus 9・This application works on tablet device.・ It does not guarantee theworks on all devices.■Cautions・ Please use the application safely,and observe traffic rules and precautions.・ Please use only whenthe motorcycle is stopped in a safe location.・ It is not guaranteedthat the app will operate in all vehicles. Installation positionand the installation method of the CCU may affect its accuracy,sensitivity and operation.・ To use some functions of thisapplication, you will need an Internet connection via mobile datacommunication or wireless LAN.・ It is not guaranteed that thenumbers displayed in this application are accurate.■Inquiry・ Thisapplication is for use with select Yamaha vehicles. For inquiries,please contact your Yamaha dealer.
YRC Setting 2.0.1 APK
YRC Setting is an application that can operate the 2015, 2016,2017, 2018 model YAMAHA YZF-R1/R1M equipped with YRC (*1) through atablet or smartphone. It has the same operational feel as thevehicle's YRC, and allows you to determine settings withoutworrying about time or location. Download vehicle-settingconditions, and then upload the settings you have made on yourtablet or smartphone back to the vehicle. Settings can be recordedand managed in a variety of ways. Exchanging data with friendsmeans non-stop fun. Now, put this in your pocket and get out on thecircuit!■With YRC Setting you can do...・YRC ViewReproduce the lookof your vehicle’s dashboard, and specify individual controlparameters that mimic its feel.Vehicle data can be downloaded andsetting changes can be uploaded to the vehicle.・List ViewIn a listview display format, settings can be determined while comparingeach control value.*1) YAMAHA Ride Control (system for storing andmanaging various electronic control levels)■SupportedenvironmentOS: Android 5 or laterRAM: 2GB or moreDevice thatconfirmed works: Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 9・ This application workson smartphone or tablet device.・ It does not guarantee the works onall devices.■Cautions・ Please use the application safely, andobserve traffic rules and precautions.・ Please use only when themotorcycle is stopped in a safe location.・ It is not guaranteedthat the app will operate in all vehicles. Installation positionand the installation method of the CCU may affect its accuracy,sensitivity and operation.・ To use some functions of thisapplication, you will need an Internet connection via mobile datacommunication or wireless LAN.・ It is not guaranteed that thenumbers displayed in this application are accurate.■Inquiry・ Thisapplication is for use with select Yamaha vehicles. For inquiries,please contact your Yamaha dealer.