1.2 / October 19, 2018
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This version is specialty to learn the animals, fruitsandvegetables in gestural language. One day, a boy who lived inavillage was deaf and dumb and could not communicate with theotherinhabitants. So all the villagers decided to learn signlanguage sothey can speak with the boy. Help the villagers in thisadventure.This is a Game/Application to learn the ASL language withsomecharacters and cool method. This Application has many galleriesandgames for helping to learn the The ASL language. Theinitialdownload includes the gallery of the ASL alphabet withsound. Theother parts of this apps are: - Game with alphabet -Gallery ofcharacters with the name in ASL language - Game with thecharacters- True/False game with characters and alphabet - Lastgame ofadventure with characters and alphabet

App Information iGestural Lang. ASL Lite III

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    iGestural Lang. ASL Lite III
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    October 19, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Largo Valverde Bairro Valverde Lote B 1 DT 6060-159 Idanha-a-Nova
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