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The Expert Commando Gun Shooter 2018 is free to play first personshooting game, & take it to world war battlegrounds frontlinesin a new theatre of war. Get ready for the most amazing action gungames 2017 of this New Year. Once you have started this fast pacedaction and challenging fire game you will never stop yourself bydestroying enemies and terrorists in their own commando countershooter 3d. You must use all of your specialized skills as guerillaforce to survive against enemy forces and avenge your fallensoldiers in this Navy Commando 2018 game. Here comes the bestgunner fire game!! Show no mercy to win it all. You are the freeship shooter, commando soldier and have been given a specialmission to destroy the intruder troops in your base as Secretagent. This will be the ultimate survival test for you as you fightthe intruder troops who have vicious plans to take all over yourbase in this advanced Army guns, Free FPS Shooting game 2018. Youare equipped with modern weapons and guerrilla force to combat theinvading enemy forces. This is the most dangerous mission of yourwhole army gun shoot career. Survive in warm deserts of Africa andlive the life of superb elite Sniper 3D killer. Your enemy is noless than you; they are also equipped with modern weaponry, fighterjets and gunships to attack your base. You are the lone 3D survivorand have to win the 3d battlefield. Perform your duty like afrontline expert commando 2018 and save your territory from theenemies/terrorist or Gangster of lag Vegas. You have a modern eraweapon system like guided rocket launchers system, short gun systemuse it with the strategy.You are the best assassin in this IGICommando gun shooter 2018, who can fight all the invading forcesand they weaponry system containing tanks, jet fighters alone. Youare highly trained commando shooter to complete all the militarywar survival missions and to become sniper 3D assassin to deadlywar enemies. There is an intense and merciless war waiting for you.You will be awarded for your success by, with bravery to fight theenemy in gunner battlefields, to perform your duty to save thefrontline with all the weaponry you got. You need to defend yourbase from the enemies’ vicious plans and attacks like a true Armygunner 2018. Take the help and use different weapons if you neededby using air fighter jets and chopper to kill the enemy. It is abest chance to hit and fight a guerrilla commando 2018. Enemy’sarsenal is bigger but your arsenal is better being confident andwins this war field with modern war techniques. It’s an armywarzone one does not fight individually since it’s a nation wars. Asuper rescue mission id under way and its code name is Battle ofheroes for glory. Aim and shot no enemy behind and become historicwar hero. Your single efforts give victory to your whole nation. Inthis Modern Commando Gun Shooter 2018 Game, there are threedifferent modes (City Mode, Desert Mode, Sea Mode) includingdifferent enemies like tanks, soldiers, Army vehicles, helicopters,ships and jets.Eliminate all repetitive threats to army bases withyour gunner in this easy to play Warfield shooter game. Completeshooting mission in fire game. Kill different targets and showunique skills in massive shooting free fps offline game withmultiple weapons in limited time. Earn free gold coins and pointsby hitting enemies by precise shooting. It’s not like any othermilitary encounter game because it’s best free action games.Experience the best fps games offline.Features: - Multiple Guns& Machine Guns- Store for purchasing of Cash, Energy bar, Coins- Ultra realistic 3d environment & HD Graphics - DifferentChallenging Modes - More than 25 Missions- HD Music & Gameplay-No Internet Required- Awesome thrilling war background music

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    IGI Commando Gun Shooter 2018: Free War Games
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    January 20, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Gillu Games Studio
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Deer Hunting 2017: Sniper 3D Hunter Game 1.0 APK
Deer Hunting 2017 Sniper Hunter Game is one of the best huntinggames for free. In this deer hunting game-hunting world spot thedeer and shoot them with your sniper rifle. Deer Hunting 2017Sniper Hunter is one of the best animal hunting games as big gamehunter 2017.In other Deer Hunting games you are on the safari jeepas Safari hunter but this deer hunter game is different from otheranimal hunting games. From the Creators of duck hunting games,enjoy one of the most thrilling adventure and action-packed jungleDeer hunting adventure game.Get ready to enjoy sniper huntingjungle animal game in which you have to aim, shoot and killdifferent wild animals like deer, wolves, Crocodiles etc. You haveto be a sharp sniper hunter and put the trigger professionally tohunt the jungle lives. Deer hunter simulation is not an easy job.Just go to a jungle arena with sniper shooting guns and kill theviolent animals as a sharp shooter. So, Become the professionalhunter of the world by getting modern techniques and gorillacommando skills of making aim of your target in this deer shootinggame. Aim and shoot the wild jungle animals and become the bestdeer hunter of this hunting season. In this wild animal huntinggame you will have to use all your skills for survive in thisjungle! Shoot at dangerous crazy animals. Unleash skills forshooting as sniper shooter. Don't let the deer escape. Utilize loneSurvival skills for shooting to survive and fight against animalsand find escape from the hunted Island. Shoot the realistic 3dmoving animal with modern sniper guns, sniper rifles which you loveto shoot. The game has exciting forest environment with amazingfields, trees, riverside hunt, running aim and other excitedanimations to give you a real feeling of beer hunting in Cabala’shunting game.There are different challenging levels in this deerhunter game. All coming levels are more complex and more dangerousthan previous one. This Animal Safari hunter game is very realisticunique hunting idea. So start hunting in the wild forest now andenjoy the most realistic 3D wild hunting experience of 2018 game ofsurvival.Features:• High quality graphics• Different exciting andthrilling hunting experience• Multiple Weapons to Choose forHunting• 4 Different Environments• Deer hunting game in snow anddesert • Smooth Game play Controls.
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After the Great Response of Duck Hunting Real Season, Here we arewith an Addition to Deer Hunting Sniper Shooting Game.From theCreators of duck hunting games, enjoy one of the most thrillingadventure and action-packed jungle Deer hunting shooting adventuregame.Enjoy the wonderful shooting and incredible hunting simulationFPS gun shooting experience in this wildlife and animals huntinggame. Deer hunter simulation is not an easy job. Just go to ajungle arena with sniper shooting guns and kill the violent animalsas a sharp shooter. There are so many FPS gun shooting simulationand hunting games but no one is like real adventure hunting snipershooting game. So, Become the top hunter of the world by gettingmodern techniques and gorilla commando skills of making aim of yourtarget. So get ready to go wild in faraway exotic forest where youneed to achieve your hunting objectives as a brave deer huntsman.This deer hunting season game of a deer hunt-er 2017 is going toevaluate the sniper game skills of the deer hunter 3D and challengehim to maximum in sniper hunting. This deer hunting 2017 game isall about the deer hunt of the dear hunter for shoot to kill asother free hunting games. Get ready yourself to enjoy the real funof playing top free fps hunting target and shooting games in thisfantastic jungle hunting and shooting adventure games So, Play thisbeer hunting simulation game with thrilling and amazing shootingexperience of kill and shoot beer and other targets in this taskfull game. The game has exciting forest environment with amazingfields, trees, riverside hunt, running aim and other excitedanimations to give you a real feeling of beer hunting in safarihunting game.Hunt for real animals in Hunting Safari. In this wildanimal hunting game you will have to use all your skills forsurvive in this jungle! Shoot at dangerous crazy animals. Unleashskills for shooting as sniper shooter. Don't let the deer escape.Utilize lone Survival skills for shooting to survive and fightagainst animals and find escape from the hunted Island. Shoot therealistic 3d moving animal with modern sniper guns, sniper rifleswhich you love to shoot. Pick your favorite gun to go for shootingtrip in crazy jungle hunting games. Complete all the levelchallenges by killing targets with dangerous 3D shoot and crazygunfire. Prove yourself that you are a real animal hunter by takingdangerous tasks and completing in given times. Go for huntingadventure and hunt angry wild lion before it attacks and kills you.In Deer Hunting Sniper Shooting game 2018 you will get the mostaddictive and adventurous game play experience to become an elitehunter of carnivores like tiger, lion, cheetah, crocodile etc. Youwill be challenged for breathtaking hunting challenges as youadvance in the campaign. This is the best sniper 2017 game of deerhunter. Take the challenge of sniper shooting and prove yourshooting skills in this animal hunting game 2017. Test your sniperskills by choosing targets carefully; or go into compaign mode asyou clear the forest of the wild beasts! Become the best Commandoon this Survival Island. Every level has different number oftargets so select your own and start doing sniper shooting. Earnrewards to kill deer’s, rhinos and other beasts injungle.Features:• Ultimate sniper shooting experience in realisticenvironments• Different exciting and thrilling hunting experience•Multiple Weapons to Choose for Hunting• Superb Huntsman ShootingExperience• Deer hunting game in snow and desert • Vicious roaringangry lion jumping attacks • High Quality 3d Graphics and SoundEffects
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ABOUT GAMEGet ready for infinite warfare! It's a free commandooperation war game, grand battle between Enemy soldiers and USNaval Commando. In this game you are a commando with secretmission, in order to complete your mission you will have to gothrough different secret missions. There are two different modes(Story and Endless). In Endless Mode There will be waves afterwaves of enemy soldiers, navy battleships & gunship helicoptersattacking at you that won't let you settle down, shoot them all.The main purpose of this mode is that after finishing waves youwill earn coins which help you in unlocking more turrets. In Storymode there are 10 different game levels, every game level isdifficult than previous game levels.In this shooting gunship gunnergame there is lot of shooting everywhere, there are different gamelevels in this commando warship boat games 2017. In this freeshooting warship game, you are in best navy games team like one manArmy and you have to focus on your strategy games so that you candefeat your enemies in the battle and enemies army through bestfree action. Navy gunner War strategy game consist of realbattlefield with dead island, army gunner and this free shootingadventure game war will provide you with the best grand battle of2018. Army Commando 3d shooting games are full of army war actionand this battleship shooter is the unique flavor of naval warfare.In this army games for free, you are also facing enemies waraircraft and as the real blazing gunner soldier, you must stealthand survive during the airstrike of the enemies as commando inaction. So, it's more of a strategy action game as compare tosimple marine combat action games. Navy Commando War Operation-Battleship Shooter is the ultimate machinegun shooting navy armycommando game. In this warship commando game naval enemies haveattacked your marine base with evil intention to dominate anddevelop their stronghold. You are the best us navy commando warriorof your country and is assigned this duty to eliminate and kill allenemies coming towards your marine base on big warship. Suddenlynews of an enemy aircraft carrier ship moving towards us has beenreceived. The ship is full of enemy force & fighter jets, theyplan on attacking us. Navy military is well aware of your combat,battle, fighting, war, gun shooting & stealth skills & thatis why they have chosen you for a special ops mission in this navywar gunner boat game. You should be well prepared for this deadlysea battle where you will face the real thrill of air combat aswell.In this dockyard shooting game a real grand battle is waitingfor you in the shadow of modern navy fight. Your navy warship isequipped with the latest and most powerful long distant machine gunso that you can with the marine combat. It’s time to start and winthe most challenging navy gunner war 2018 with forceful attacks.It’s time to stop the invading naval enemies with super attacksfrom the machine gun and other weapons. You are the final hope inthis gun shooter game.Download now to enjoy the best free actionpacked gun shooting game available! Be a perfect commando andsilent killer to win this challenge.Features:• High Quality 3DGraphics• Amazing Sea and dockyard Environment• Thrilling Navycommando Gunner War action game• Air strikes• Enemies with Gunshiphelicopters, motor boats• Challenging missions• Machine guns andturrets • Optimized controls
Army Sniper War Game: Invisible Desert Killer 1.1 APK
Army Sniper War Game 2017-Invisible Desert KillerGet this free FPSmodern sniper shooter game on your phone and feel the thrill ofmodern strike sniper assassin 2017 and army mountain snipershooting.This commando shooting game has modern combat killingmissions with army sniper commando force to clear the desertshooting missions. The real warfare and full of action stunt gameis ready and this is your duty to take revenge from them and you asa trained armed force officer must take that responsibility andcomplete all the impossible missions of the free frontline armycombat striker. Get behind the enemy lines in this free to playincredible FPS army elite sniper shooter game and take down theterrorists with your SWAT strike sniper skills. Use advantage theenvironment of battlefield give and get faster kills with your topfps shooting as an incredible elite sniper. Being an expert ArmySniper shooter you have to defend yourselves to avoid being killedas your life is more important to survive to conclude the armymission successfully in this target shooting game where value ofyour each bullet is shoot to kill an enemy like a Top sniper. SWATcommando game has highly trained gorilla commandos in the moderndesert shooting arena with highly explosive weapons. This is combatoperation shooting game in the modern army war zone with armycommando shooting adventure. You will rely on your IGI commandoshooting skills to finish the work with access to an inventory ofsniper rifles and different rifle guns in this battle of Glory.ArmySniper War: Invisible Desert Killer Game comes bearing some of themost advanced sniper rifles to play with. Earn cash rewards tounlock more dangerous weapons or play offline sniper kill the dummymissions. Clear all the thrilling and challenging missions of theSniper Assassin invisible killer to become a hero of the army. Usethe bullet proof jacket to protect you from the kill shots comingfrom enemy elite force commando.Download Army Sniper War MissionImpossible for best FPS experience of your life. The game has allthe features that a warfare game player desire. It’s not a missionimpossible you just have to AIM and Shoot at right time and can winagainst those fanatics while defending your territory and make thisArmy Mission a mission possible and successful.Features:- More than20 Challenging Missions - 2 Different Game Modes (Desert &Jungle) - Multiple tactical missions.- Full 3D army base graphics-Upgrade your sniper gun and become a better sniper.- MultipleSniper Rifles included.- Virtual StoreArmy Sniper War-InvisibleDesert killer is free Sniper Game, So start adding your confirmedkills! Hope you will enjoy!