2.0.0 / November 30, 2016
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Start this amazing game and watch out, therealot of enemies in this city!
Use well your super strength. Investigate what happened to youandhow did you get superpower.
You not the only one in trouble, butinthis vice place you are the only superhero. Help people indanger.Stop the main villain. But don’t reveal your identity. Ifyou arelost - see the map!

►Extreme quests and exciting missions.
►Drive as a crazy racer
►Fight against mafia clan
►Conquer the vice city
►Survive in street fights
►Play in casino but try not to lose all your money
►Defeat adversary squad
►Install the bomb

App Information Illegal Mafia Action

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Illegal Mafia Action 2.0.0 APK
Start this amazing game and watch out, therealot of enemies in this city!Use well your super strength. Investigate what happened to youandhow did you get superpower.
You not the only one in trouble, butinthis vice place you are the only superhero. Help people indanger.Stop the main villain. But don’t reveal your identity. Ifyou arelost - see the map!►Extreme quests and exciting missions.►Drive as a crazy racer►Fight against mafia clan►Conquer the vice city►Survive in street fights►Play in casino but try not to lose all your money►Defeat adversary squad►Install the bomb