1.12 / February 6, 2016
(4.2/5) (94)


You have 90 seconds. You are a car stunt. Hurry up go to exit andrace against to the time in this racing adventure. Robots invadedthe base and they want to destroy to the earth. You have to stopthem. İf you bored traffic race and parking games you will enjoyfrom this gameYou are trapped in a dangerous maze full ofdestructive obstacles and deadly paths! Race through the hurdles!Escape the portcullis, jump through fiery paths! Fight your waythrough to survive in this xtreme car race! You will definitely getenough shares of thrill and danger! Speedily dash your extreme carthrough spiked gates and vicious obstacles for survival.Find yourway through the maze without getting killed Overcome the obstaclesby racing secret agent spy cars against time and reach the exit assoon as possible.The world is in danger again. Dangerous robotsseized a base in a hidden space base. You have to destroy thereright on time. You have to reach the exit within 90 seconds inlevels with tough impossible obstacles. With its ease of playingand stage designs with plenty of action spy cars will save theworld thanks to you. Both drag stunt racing and action are waitingfor you. Five asphalt race cars are available for you to select.Drive whichever you like and collect gold. With its lifelike carchecks you can choose out of two different checking options.Afternew updates, new cars and stages will be added to the game. Drivevarious speed rider cars each with a unique behavior. Discover lotsof varied missions in a completely physical simulated high-way raceworld. Peer through the sharp ledges, fit through dangerousobstacles, climb up insane ramps, jump through the skies... Thereis no limit to what you can do in this staggeringly hard arcadestyle car game.Join the rush of an adrenaline rising in thisamazing Extreme Car Racing Adventure!

App Information Impossible Car Stunt Racing game

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    Impossible Car Stunt Racing game
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    February 6, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Serkan Bakar
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Grabs your camera and get into the paranormal seekers You mustcollect diaries and keys, to escape the manor. You are ajournalist. Search all manor and escape from there. Lots of horrorand paranormal activity. There is a evil in the manor. If shecatches you, she will kill you. Run away from that haunted housewithout losing time. There were many paranormal and frightfulincidents at home. It can not be said to be a very uncanny place.Manor has been haunted by a devil. And he does not think goodthings. Diary from Jessica "My father is reading books about demonsall day. He brought an another psychic to our house, the name isDavid. He put charms everywhere. I'm scared as hell. It's too hardto sleep at night times. Sometimes I catch my mother watching mewhile I am sleeping. Her face got even uglier. She doesn't eatmuch, drink water much. I don't want to lose her." beware of theevil spirit of a woman who was killed in the manor Your quest is toescape and finally find a way to banish the ghost. Solve themysteries! Collect pages
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Mahluk has a dark sword and sickle.He is a dungeon hunter. He slashmonsters,goblins and all evils alone.Run, jump and slash your waythrough a vast world of platforming challenges and embark on anepic adventure! The mobile hack and slash adventure game and a 2dpixel platformer, now also available for Android phones andtablets.Help him on his adventure to stand against darkness andbring back the peace and serenity that once was. A puzzle platformadventure, with inspiration going all the way back to SNES and8-bit classics. A dark civilisation that lived long before mankind.And a king powerful enough to rule the devil. Kindar. He ruled hisworld with cruelty for 3000 years. He sent the men who did notsurrender to the underground kingdom filled with pain and torture.No one could come back. But only a mysterious person managed toescape. According to legend, he was an assassin. Or, an exiled kingto some. He was overcoming every obstacle in his path and movingtowards to Kindar’s castle with anger and vengeance in his redeyes. Evil forces could no longer stop him. If you enjoyed thoseclassic hack and slash metroidvania platformer 8 bit adventuregames, then you’re going to love this. Forget to connect or searchfor your old consoles, you will be able to revive the nostalgicchildhood memories on your Android device! ** ! Play With The MostFearless Adventurer, Be The Hero, and Join The Quest To Save Thedark Planet Now! Our old retro style addicting game will be now oneof your top favorite free adventure games. As we want to keep thevintage style platformer, you don´t need an internet connection toplay. Lovingly designed, we conjure up the spirit of old schoolmetroidvania adventure games giving an epic twist to the story soyou can feel you´re still enjoying the most famous brothers saga onnew adventures, with new enemies and new characters in thisplatform A GREAT ADVENTURE • Explore a magical realm of dungeons,mountains, treasures and devious monsters. • Gain experience andlevel up your character. + Lots of dark environments and monsters.MAGIC AND SWORDS • Find powerful dark weapons,sword and items andspells to defeat your enemies. • Venture into gloomy caves anddungeons to discover powerful hidden swords. SIDE-SCROLLERPLATFORMER GAME metroidvania • Fluid and challenging platforminggameplay designed specifically for mobile devices. • Precise touchcontrols optimized for smartphones and tablets. • Customize thecontrols to your preference. Features: - 15 handcrafted adventurelevels - 3 "End Of Act" bosses - Over 30 different enemies like:zombies, monsters and flying creatures,orcs,goblins.. - 4 differentweapons.(dark sword,dark sickle,heavy sword,Dash attack)
Bingo Adventure 1.02 APK
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Bingo Adventure is a classic adventure game!In order to take back Barzo’s eyebrow, you will explore in thismysterious land to smash various obstacles!Both scenes and roles in game are 3D style. The graphics arelovely and novel. You will love it once you play it.It adopts the traditional operation mode. Same way to usebuttons of Jump, Forward and Attack! You will be skillful tocontrol the game easily and experience the fun in game!In order to help Barzo get back his brows, you have to step onthe journey full of traps, cliffs and dreadful monsters.You will fail if you fall into the ravine or touch obstacles ormonsters.How long will you go in this fantastic journey? Come on and havea try! ★Features★★★★★★ Exquisite 3D graphics★★★★★ Traditional operation mode★★★★★ Novel story and plot★★★★★ Elaborate level
Ghoulboy - Dark sword of Goblin-Action platform 1.03 APK
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Ghoulboy is a retro-inspired halloween style action platforminspired nes,snes consoles.Exciting new platformer that combinesthe action-rpg genre with adventure gameplay. 2D action, heroiccharacters, gloomy environments, demonic bosses, these all seem toexcite players a lot.Pixels will be combined with other cool retroelements and the result will certainly be something that will meetthe needs of mobile gamers. Once in-game, users will get to controla heroic character who will often be seen throwing a spear tocreate additional platforms. To boot, puzzle and combat elementswill further enhance the experience. You wouldn’t want to miss outon it!With the gold that you collect, you can increase your healthlevel, your arsenal of weapons to be thrown away.Slay as manymonsters as you can, collect loot, avoid dangerous traps and defeatmenacing bosses.Ghoulboy brings back the look and feel of the verybest classic retro adventure free platform fun game from the 90'snes,snes, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplay mechanics. Ifyou miss platformers from the 16-bit era, and think games nowadaysaren't that good anymore, think twice! Ghoulboy is for you.GhoulboyFeatures:-4 bosses-Chiptune retro musics-Puzzles-3 weapons (smallsword,big sword, mace)-3 throwable weapons-Controllersupport-LeaderboardsLanguages:EspanolGermanEnglishTurkce,TürkçeAGREAT ADVENTURE• Explore a magical realm of dungeons, towns,treasures and devious monsters.MAGIC AND SWORDS• Find powerfulweapons, items and spells to defeat your enemies.
Super Mustache- platform action adventure fun game 1.63 APK
Serkan Bakar
Welcome to another episode of Super Mustache adventures! We´re onYear 2040; the technology has reached unimaginable levels, and thespace agency has been constructing a smart robot named Gladius,which has the most advanced artificial intelligence on it. Gladiusis sent to explore Uranus Moons, but he decides that the PlanetUranus could be a great place to begin a new regime named Urantiaand declares it his Kingdom. The habitant creatures of the planetare not happy and raise an army to assure that nothing from Earthcan enter Uranus again. The army of creatures cannot defeat Gladiusby their own; it seems that our hero Captain is the only person whocan solve this! He sets out to end Gladius reign and try toconvince the Uranus habitants to allow him to enter the planet.Enjoy this magnificently unique action platformer game thatincludes the juice of pixel art 8-bit style platformer. Now broughtto you as a downloadable App, Super Mustache is an absolutemust-play for any fans of old-school 8 bit pixel art - 2D platformgame. If you enjoyed those classic platformer 8 bit adventuregames, then you’re going to love this. Forget to connect or searchfor your old consoles, you will be able to revive the nostalgicchildhood memories on your Android device!A puzzle platformadventure, with inspiration going all the way back to SNES and8-bit classics.** Jump Into The Deep Space Action! Play With TheMost Fearless Adventurer, Be The Hero, and Join The Quest To SaveThe dark Planet Now! Our old retro style addicting game will be nowone of your top favorite free adventure games. As we want to keepthe vintage style platformer, you don´t need an internet connectionto play. Lovingly designed, we conjure up the spirit of old schooladventure games giving an epic twist to the story so you can feelyou´re still enjoying the most famous brothers saga on newadventures, with new enemies and new characters in this platformarcade game. The controls are also as simple as those retrovideogames. Go through the 15 handcrafted platform adventurelevels, pass the fantastic 3 worlds: Uranus cave,jungle anddiscover a whole new world of over 15 different enemies likerobots, leprechaun, bugs,bats,heroes and flying creatures.Everything you need to spend unlimited hours of fun is in 8 bitretro platformer one app. Clearing all levels of keen commanderSuper Mustache world will not be easy! Try the wild challenge &keep a sharp eye now! Be the hero and teach red robot Gladius alesson! Thanks to its fresh Graphics and remarkable platformersoftware that uses less memory of your device allows a fastinterface; forget about crime solving games, criminal police gamesand all that adventure games that make you waste your phone´sbattery, no more overwhelming your mobile and freezing screens. TheKeen Captain will have to conquer. Unleash the power of Mr.Mustache, run, jump, escape and fight by jumping on your enemieshead to smash them. Use all of your skills to avoid the traps thatyou will find on your path, as this requires a great precision andtiming skill! You will count with 2 kinds of weapons to conquer allthe boss battles! Prepare yourself to have some wall jump action,take the challenge and fight to defeat the robots army! How manyattempts will take you to finish the game? Play with your friendscommander Super Mustache Space Adventure and find out who is thereal champion legend now! Super Mustache – 2d platform gameFeatures:- Retro Style Graphics and Music- Customizable TouchControls - Save Your Game Option- 15 Levels, 3 Worlds Filled WithAction- Nostalgically Funny and Challenging-2d platformerlevelsUser’s reviews Download Super Mustache Space Adventure NOWFor FREE, limited time only, on Google Play Store!
Mushroom Heroes - Puzzle Nes retro platformer 1.06 APK
Serkan Bakar
Trine Mushroom Heroes is a puzzle-platform video game developed.Retro platformer where the player can switch between threedifferent characters.A puzzle platform adventure, with inspirationgoing all the way back to SNES,nes and 8-bit classics(lost vikings)You have a 3 mushroom hero and each mushroom has special abilities,some of which the player needs in order to pass certainobstacles.Jumpi can higher jump and float in air.Yuppi can killenemies with his bow with fire. The bow can also be used todetonate some walls and bombs. Dombi can block enemiesprojectiles,fire,ice with his shield, and he can push or pull someobjects. Stop fire and ice projectiles.Mushroom Heroes brings backthe look and feel of the very best classic platformers from the90's, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplay mechanics. If youmiss adventure platformers from the 16-bit era, and think gamesnowadays aren't that good anymore, think twice! Mushroom Heroes isfor you.A long time ago, there was a mushroom country, living intranquility: it was Boduria. Boduria was ruled by King Bodur for1000 years. King Bodur had an allied warlock, called Gaddar. Gaddarwas also the one and only poisonous mushroom in the land. One fineday, Gaddar wanted to turn some of the mushrooms in the villageinto poisonous ones, just like him. Believing non-poisonous onesare weak, Gaddar's aim was to poison the the folk and become theKing. King Bodur didn't let him get away with it, and exiledGaddar.Nevertheless, Gaddar had the antidote to dispel the poison.Before it's too late, King assigned 3 of his best warriors to catchGaddar and bring the potion back. Thus: Yuppi, Jumpi and Dombiembarked on a tough adventure.Mushroom Heroes is a platform puzzleaction adventure game where the player can create and usephysics-based objects to beat hazardous puzzles and threateningenemies. Set in a world of great castles and strange ice foreststhree heroes are bound to a quest to save the kingdom from evil.The gameplay is based on fully interactive physics - eachcharacter's different abilities help the player battle an army ofundead and defeat hazardous contraptions. The player can at anytime freely choose whoever is best suited for the upcomingchallenge or puzzle.Features:• Over 37 Challenging adventure Levels• Dozens of Unique Puzzles to Solve • EXTREMELY addicting • TheUltimate Casual Brain Teaser • Almost impossible to beat!*Leaderboard* Lots of enemies* İnspired nes,snes nostalgia
Deadly Racing-spy cars 2.00 APK
Serkan Bakar
Deadly Racing-spy cars is a thrilling racinggame based on real physical model.Accelerate, reverse and brake, all of that you can do on the track.With the help of track, you can also flip and leap. Survive to theend is your goal!Tap right or left to control turning. Sprint to leap obstacles whennecessary!Does it sound easy to operation? Yeah, but it is not easy to raceon the tracks. Most attractively are the elaborate levels andtracks.Each level is the combination of skill and difficulty. You mustthink ways to complete. Don’t go out of the tracks, or game over! Reach the end withingiven time, or game over!Focus your mind and control the car to start your thrillingrace!★Features★★★★★★ Realistic physical model ★★★★★ Real 3D space ★★★★★ Interesting gameplay ★★★★★ Various levels
Indiana egypt runner 1.05 APK
Serkan Bakar
You have just found the #1 cartoony endlessrunner.Run away from a black tiger to save your life. Break, jump over,slide under and dodge obstacles for a non-stop run.İndiana Barzo, candidate to be the best 3D running game! Anaddictive game that you will not unhand.Perfectly designed venues, maps, excellent game physics, barrierand character.A rapid, fast an a hard adventure is calling you!!!DASH as fast as you can!DODGE the oncoming platforms!Indiana Barzo is the best free endless 3D running and jumpinggameSwipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins andbuy power ups, Shoot the vase, and see how far you can run! Allyour friends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?There are many dangerous obstacles here, and the kid must do herbest to run, jump and fly to pass it.More power-ups, diamonds and coins are waiting for you. UtiliseBarzo's powers to dodge hazards, jump over barriers and speedaround loop de loopsFeatures :- Simple and precise touch controls.- Colorful and vivid HD graphics!- Amazing graphic, sound effect funny!- New level mode- Shooting the objectHere we go!