2.0 / May 30, 2017
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This game looks like a normal game of tetris. However it uses analgorithm to calculate a piece that will not fit in your board. Canyou beat the algorithm or will you throw away your phone infrustration?

App Information Impossible Tetris

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    Impossible Tetris
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    May 30, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Ogg Technologies
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This app uses the current platinum price and the ducat price of allprime-parts in Warframe to tell you which currency you should sellyour items for. It does this by generating a "ducats per plat"-value for all items. A high "ducats per plat"- value means sell theitem for ducats, a low value means sell it for platinum. The appalso allows you to sort the list of items based on their name,ducat price, platinum price or "ducats per plat"- value. The platdata in the app can come from 2 sites, warframe.market ornexus-stats. You can change which site you want from the settingsof the app. If you use warframe.market you also have to option toselect prices from ps4 or xbox. All graphics in this app belong toWarframes creators Digital Extremes. Thanks to TheHaso for drawingthe icon for this app as well as the banner on the google playpage.
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Impossible Tetris 2.0 APK
This game looks like a normal game of tetris. However it uses analgorithm to calculate a piece that will not fit in your board. Canyou beat the algorithm or will you throw away your phone infrustration?
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The rules are simple. You "*Clap* *Clap*", you "Meme Review"Claptwice for Pewdiepie to say "Meme Review"! Why did I makethisapp...