1.2 / April 20, 2018
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Be an Incredible Monster hero in Incredible Monster Hero vs AngryKong Gorilla fight with dangerous apes, wild gorillas with the helpof different lethal weapons. Wild Kong Ape vs Monster hero is thecombination of simulator games, monster hero, city hero games.Angry Monster hero fights with the angry chimpanzees and survive inthe jungle with the help of their surviving skills. Incrediblemonster hero fights with dangerous apes with the help of sword andfighting skills in this action simulator.This action game is fullof adventures, thrilling levels and exciting gameplay withincredible graphics. Mad apes fight with you and try to control thewhole dark jungle with the help of different weapons. Monster herouses his shooting skills to kill the angry gorillas and save thelovely animals from these bad enemies. Monster hero vs Wild KongApes is specially design for action games lovers and dangerousmonsters hero fans.GAMEPLAYIncredible Monster Hero vs Angry KongGorilla is action game with thrilling gameplay where you play asSuper monster hero and fight against dangerous apes in the darkjungle. Angry Apes vs Monster hero jungle survival has started withexciting story where dangerous apes attack on the jungle andcontrol the dark jungle with the help of their evil powers as wellas classic weapons. Monster hero enters in the jungle and tries tostop the angry apes which are ready to destroy the dark jungle withtheir evil weapons. Angry primate fights with monster hero andfinish you with the help of their fighting skills. Beware fromdangerous chimpanzees, gorillas and chimps in this actionsimulator. Thrilling missions are ready to blast the game in gamingworld with the help of different guns and swords fightingtechniques. Thrilling missions made this game exciting and 2.5 Dview you can feel new view while playing this fightingsimulator.Incredible Monster Hero vs Angry Kong Gorilla Features:•Play as Incredible Monster hero and fight with wild apes • chooseyour favorite monster hero to survive• Incredible gameplay andoutstanding 3D graphics• Use your shooting skills and swordsfighting techniques• Dark Jungle environment and smoothcontrolsIncredible Monster Hero vs Angry Kong Gorilla is actiongame for all dangerous Apes lovers and jungle survival fans. AngryKong Gorillas are ready to destroy the jungle and control thejungle atmosphere with the help of their classic weapons. Beat theapes and get more score to move in next levels. You can choose yourfavorite monster hero to fight with dangerous chimps. Thrilling anddangerous missions are waiting for you.

App Information Incredible Monster Hero vs Angry Kong Gorilla

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    Incredible Monster Hero vs Angry Kong Gorilla
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    April 20, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Cipher Coders
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Welcome to the ultimate super hero bike highway stunts experience!Superheroes stunt bike racing is a must have game for all motorbike riders! Ride and race in free style kill the traffic speedwith your super-fast speed like a true bike rider. Superhero bikestunts are the most wide-ranging stunt based and Hard Stimulatingbike racing game. Never-ending superhero bike rider gives you mostinspiring game-play of super bike riding on high traffic withultimate heroes’ bike stunts. Super Hero Highway Bike Riders drivesports bikes and make different dangerous stunts in the attractivecity. Crazy heroes Bike Stunts is amazing, thrilling and excitinggame for all bike riders. You can enjoy your bike ride, zigzag yourbike in traffic sides in the vice city. Crazy Stunt Bike is a fastrambled bike racing game. In which, you being brave, passing carsclosely, and making tricky stunts with your motorbike by increasingspeed for getting scores. GAMEPLAY:Super hero bike highway stuntsis entertaining game with thrilling gameplay where you play assuperheroes like ninja hero, super hero, monster hero and spiderhero to ride motor bike in high traffic area. Perform differentdangerous stunts on city road and win the race. Enjoy the realadoring SBK motorbike racing game for amazing superheroes stuntsdrivers to explore the 3D racing world while enjoying the wonderfulenvironment of highway dirt bike race. Now you can use a turbonitro boost to become a speed bike racer or use a ramp to performhigh jumps over the fast trains. Super heroes perform incredibletricks and ride bike fast. Thrilling missions are waiting.SUPERHERO BIKE HIGHWAY STUNTS FEATURES:• Play as superheroes bike riderlike ninja hero, monster hero and many more• Choose your favoritesuperhero and super motorbike• Tap the ramp button to generate aramp and make different incredible stunts.• Delightful and excitingmissions with pleasant environment • Realistic sound effects andsmooth controlsThis super hero bike highway stunts simulator isgoing to keep you Moto Rider racing for hours. Ride your bike inthe endless highway traffic roads overtaking the traffic and trynot to crash. Go faster and get more scores to buy new sports bikesand superheroes to beat the missions in level mode. Be careful withyour direction though, crashing into luxury cars will hurt anddecrease your health!
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Ever dreamed about living a life of an exotic colorful Americanbird – swallow? Do you love bird simulators? Begin your journey inthis ultimate game of survival, as a Wild Swallow and beware ofwild eagles! Now you have a chance to do this with our new SwallowBird Simulator 3D! Protect yourself from every cruel predator likefox,crocodile,snake ,wild cat, hyena and many other herbivorousbeasts! Find your swallow bird mate, lead it to your nest andcreate little birds to continue your swallow flock!Become reallynice creature of wild forests and prairies!Gather special tastyfruits and berries to feed your family and yourself easily andfight with other wild animals!Be the strongest and toughest Bird ona massive island filled with dangerous animalsFly in the sky tryingto be a real city bird!Make nest to raise up little birds.Fightwith angry animals and birds including angry wild eagle and getfood for your little baby birds.Find fruits like apple to gainenergy and survive in jungle as a Wild Bird !Be ultimate junglebird, start your exotic bird adventure mating with females andraising your own nest and have fun! Enjoy the nature of prairiesand tropical forest, Survive at all costs! Maintain health, hungerand energy rate to set up a flock of sparrows with this birdsurvival simulator in 3D!Its your chance to rise in the blue skiesand soar in the winds.Earn points for successfully done birdymissions.Features:-Colorful swallow bird simulator-Life of a Birdin jungle-Survive and fight against mighty beasts-Beautiful jungleenvironment-Wide range of different animals Easy to use gamecontrols, highly addictive game play, with awesome 3D graphics andopen world style layout.Enlarge your flight to become the realflying king of these prairies!Enjoy the life of this exotic flyingcreature, strike deadly blows to your animal rivals and have funplaying Swallow Bird Simulator 3D!Spread your wings and fly in thesky - create the perfect jungle bird from ex-pet with City BirdSwallow Simulator 3D game!
Amazing Spider Hero Pizza Delivery 1.1 APK
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Amazing Spider Moto Pizza Delivery is new game where incrediblehero is doing role as pizza delivery boy with ultramodern bikepizza driving simulator. Spider Pizza delivery games were neverbeen such amazing. This is a new way of modern innovative deliveryof pizza with bike driving in which our delivery boy has to drivebike and deliver the pizza in limited time. Get ready to become apizza boy, run your own pizza shop and deliver pizza form one placeto another in grand city.This amazing spider pizza simulator gameis made for those who want to become a transporter. Deliver hot andspicy pizza in different beautiful areas of the vice city in giventime. If moto pizza delivery boy fails to reach its destinationwithin the limited time then level will be failed in Super SpiderPizza Delivery. Deliver pizza as fast as you can against the highcity traffic and don’t hit the cars or traffic vehicles.For fans ofsuperhero games and pizza delivery games, show some pro racingbiker skills watch out for buses, sports cars heavy duty trafficvehicles in the city.GAMEPLAY:Incredible Spider pizza delivery isan adventurous and thrilling game. Pizza delivery from incrediblehero is hard job because spider hero never took the role as pizzadelivery boy. This spider pizza delivery bike is designed for thelovers who want to play the role of spider hero pizza delivery boy.We are providing you a chance to be a fantastic spider pizza boy inpizza delivery game. This delivery duty is tough and also achallenging job with advanced sports bike pizza delivery. In thissimulator drive super spider bike to complete pizza deliveries intime that you have never seen before in any other pizza deliverygames. You deliver pizza in different areas like home, school,building and offices. Pizza delivery game is full of fun andthrilling environments. Challenging missions are waiting foryou.Amazing Spider hero pizza delivery features:• Choose any spiderhero skin and play as pizza delivery boy• Specially designed 3 highspeed pizza rider motorcycles• Deliver Pizza in limited timethrough crazy traffic• Multiple challenging missions to test yourpizza bike driving skills• 3D graphics with incredible gameplay•Fabulous sounds to enhance the gaming experienceAmazing spider heropizza delivery shakes the gaming world. Ride your super motorcyclethrough the grand city like an experience sport biker. Drivethrough some sharp curved turns in rush city traffic and reach thedestination in certain time. Experience our amazing pizza superbike simulator which is based on brave character.
Superheroes BMX Cycle Stunts 1.1 APK
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It’s time to take bicycle riding to the next level in gaming world!Get on your cool super BMX Cycle and start performing acts insuperheroes BMX Cycle stunts simulator. Jump, Circle, Doe 360s andbecome the best BMX bicycle rider of the world! In superhero BMXbicycle track you start with some easy actions on a simple stunttrack but after that you have to perform some crazy and cool wilesin order to finish your amazing missions! Super hero bicycle stuntis thrilling game for all bicycle lovers and stuntsfans.Superheroes BMX Cycle stunts is here to give you thestimulating adventure of fast bicycling on racing tracks. You willmaster the cycling, racing and drifting skills. Become a bravestuntman to perform dangerous stunts on risky track which is heldin racing tracks in this bicycling game. Superheroes like spiderhero, ant hero and monster hero is ready to blast in bicycle worldby performing thrilling tricks on these exciting tracks.GAMEPLAY:Superheroes BMX cycle Stunts is exciting game withthrilling gameplay where you play as superheroes like monster hero,ant hero and spider hero which are performing amazing stunts inthis bicycle tracks. This game is for those persons who loveperforming high level BMX Bicycle Stunts or Extreme cycle Stunts,dangerous hurdles on stunt ramp. Extreme stunt challenge startswith extra dose of amazing superhero BMX Cycle and GT RacingBicycle. Go against STUNT RAMP, high jump, speed racing and driftracing. There are many twisted tracks in this tricky arena andsharp turns so be careful with your superhero cycles on thisimpossible tracks. Thrilling and exciting challenges are ready tobash in the gaming world.SUPERHEROES BMX CYCLE STUNTS FEATURES:•Play as a superhero and perform wonderful stunts in BMX bicycle•Choose your favorite hero like monster hero, ant hero & spiderhero• Conquer the big stunt arena with dangerous hurdles• 3Dgraphics and easy to play • Try to complete all the missions in theexciting arena • Perform the most crazy and cool tricks in amazingenvironmentProve you are best bicycle rider in the world. This gameis specially designed for all superhero fans or bicycle stuntslovers with professional cycle racing stunt tracks. This super herobicycle game is to introducing best bicycle race with multiplethrilling tracks. In this simulator you can test your bicycleriding skill on dangerous stunts. You keep paddling fast forextreme stunts. You have to reach on the destination in specifictime with doing incredible and dangerous stunts.
City Bank Security Van Robbery Plan 1.1 APK
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Get ready to be a part of a biggest action city bank cash robberyplan in the Grand city where you make a plan to rob the securityvan which is in high security in this thrilling game. Just say wakeup to your criminal mind and get ready for the biggest robbery ofthe bank of vice city. Go inside the banks show your threat by yourweapons steal all the money from banks. Play the role of biggestthief of the Grand City, show that you are the best robber of theworld. Choose your best robber to play with, show your ruthlessfighting and robbery skills to steal money from the bank vans.Enjoy the best City Bank Security Van Robbery Plan actionsimulation that is especially designed for the bank robbery gamelovers. Addictive game play and thrilling missions made this gamein the top best robbery games. Best weapons are provided to ourfans to play with, you can choose your favorite guns in thisfighting simulator. You have to kill other robbers to steal moneyfrom them. GAMEPLAY:City Bank Security Van Robbery Plan actionsimulation containing thrilling and impossible tasks to play with.Only a criminal and a robbers mind can think about such animpossible bank robbery. 3D graphics and impossible missions madethis game more realistic. Police chasing the banks van that containmillions of money stealth the bank van and show your amazing thiefskills. Go inside the bank kill the security guards, steal themoney run as soon as possible before the Special Force Police tocome. Complete your task as soon as possible to get more score inthe City Bank Security Van Robbery Plan simulator. Drive the bankvan and reach towards the destination as soon as possible. Fightwith other dangerous criminals, city gangster mafia and steal moneyfrom them. You can easily unlock the other robbers and amazingweapons by making more score. Smooth controls and best cameraangles to play with. Become the best Robber of the Grand City andkill your enemies ruthlessly.City Bank Security Van Robbery PlanFeatures:• Choose your best Killer Robber to play with.• Best heavyweapons to play with.• Thrilling Bank Robbery and fightingmissions.• 3D graphics and realistic Grand City environment.•Different controls and amazing camera angles.• Impossible stealingmoney tasks.Be a best thief in City Bank Security Van Robberysimulation, show your grand theft skills in the world best bankrobbery game. Just grab your robber and show your threat in theGrand city. Kill the gangster, agent mafia and security guards forthe sake of money. Show that you are the No. 1 Robber of the vicecity. You can snatch the traffic vehicles from civilians and runaway from the city cops.
Super Hero World Swimming Tournament 1.1 APK
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Welcome to Super hero World Swimming Tournament where you play assuper hero and win the swimming championship! Practice water gamein a realistic 3D cool water environment! Select your favorite teamand hero to play this swimming tournament and beat all superheroes.This super hero swimming championship game is not easy at all.Heroes Water Swimming Championship is full of fun racing just swimfast to win this tournament! Join the biggest world tournament everand have fun playing super hero as a diver in Swimming Pool Race!Get ready to the really superb rush!Be ready for a spontaneousblast and try different relays from 100 meters to 400 meters usingdifferent water swimming styles including breaststroke, frontcrawl, backstroke, butterfly stroke and a freestyle! Feel like areal super hero sportsperson! Control your bathing by selecting thescreen and tap quickly to accelerate, change the direction or toslow! Super hero world swimming tournament is full of fun andthrilling challenges.GAMEPLAY:Super Hero World Swimming Tournamentis exciting game with interesting gameplay where you play as superhero and win the swimming tournament. There are three teams liketeam Justice, team Insanity and team Guardian in this water racingsimulator. Each team contains four super heroes like team justicehave Captain Hero, bat hero, iron hero and monster hero. In teaminsanity superheroes are dead hero, hammer hero, turtle hero andghost hero are ready to rock in this world swimming tournament.Last team is team guardian superheroes are spider hero, apes,fantastic hero and super hero are try to win the super hero worldswimming championship. The gameplay is quite simple and little bittricky. Choose your favorite team and favorite hero to play amazingswimming championship. Entertaining challenges and race arewaiting.SUPER HERO WORLD SWIMMING TOURNAMENT FEATURES:• Choose yourfavorite super hero team and favorite hero to play• Three superhero teams are team Justice, Team Guardian and Team Insanity•Superheroes like monster hero, turtle hero, ghost hero and manymore• Beautiful Swimming Pool environment with smooth controls•Addictive and interesting gameplaySuper Hero World SwimmingTournament is specially designed for all superheroes lovers andswimming fans. Level your super hero swimming skills increase andyou’ll find yourself at the top of the world tournament list!Defeat other superheroes athletes and climb the ranks to become theultimate super hero Swimming World Champion!
Cipher Super Hero Vs Super Villains 1.2 APK
Cipher Coders
First time we are introducing our Cipher in the best Cipher SuperHero Vs Super Villains action simulator that is specially designedfor the superheroes games lovers. Our Cipher Hero joined the teamof the superheroes like, Dirt Hero, Hammer Hero, Captain Hero tofight against the super villains and gangsters. The grand city isin the charge of criminals and super villains, people of the vicecity really need your help and no one comes after you.You have totake the responsibility to free the vice city from these agentmafia as well as from the dangerous super villains like, Ghostvillain, killer Bat villain, Monster villain, and turtle villainthese are planning something really dangerous. Cipher Super Hero VsSuper Villains action simulation containing devastating andthrilling mission to play. You are the city defenders with full ofamazing attacking capabilities like, playing as a Cipher hero orother super heroes you can attack on enemies with swords, heavyhammer, web and with the steel claws.GAMEPLAY:Cipher Super Hero VsSuper Villains action simulator contains amazing gameplay andthrilling missions, where our cipher defender hero as well as othersuperheroes are ready to save the civilians of the vice city.Choose your superheroes, Devastating Cipher Hero, killer Bat Hero,amazing Captain Hero and outstanding Dirt Hero. Moreover chooseyour heavy attacking weapons like, killer Swords, powerful hammer,amazing web, and speedy claws. Step by step challenging missionsmade this game more thrilling and impossible fighting. You have tochase the gangsters in amazing sports cars to fight with. Show youramazing fighting skills against the most dangerous agent mafialike, killer super villains like, Monster villain, outstandingTurtle villain, daring Bat villain and many more. 3D Vice cityenvironment and amazing attacking powers made this game to the bestsuperheroes game. Fight like the legends and become less bleed inthe battle with the super villain to get more score. You can easilyunlock the other attacks as well as superheroes by making morescore in this Cipher Super Hero Vs Super Villains actionsimulator.Cipher Super Hero Vs Super Villains Features:• ChooseCipher Hero, Bat Hero, Dirt Hero, and Captain Hero to play.• Selectweapons like, swords, hammer, web, and steel claws.• Most dangerousSuper villain to fight with.• Challenging missions and thrillinggameplay.• 3D City environment and smooth controls.• Drive amazingsports cars.Enjoy the ever best Cipher Super Hero Vs Super Villainsaction simulation, with strange and challenging gameplay. Show yourbest fighting skills against the top world agent mafia as well aswith the daring Super villains to fight with. Just grab your cipherhero and world best weapons to save the people of the vice city.
Impossible Motorcycle Stuntman Hero 1.0 APK
Cipher Coders
Trial Moto Stuntman is amazing 3D design bike racing game. Thisbike simulator game is full of adventure and entertaining, if youare truly racing lover and stunt sloping here we have a wonderfulopportunity for you to play this game. In this bike rider gamethere are number of latest sports bikes are available you canpresent your skills on these motor rides. Numerous tricky tracksare also part of this game each track has its own atmosphere inwhich you can drive. There are chancy hurdles for you to stop butyou have to drive sensibly if your motorcycle hits these hurdles ormove down your mission will be finished and you have to restart themission.Be careful during the ride because there are many trickyobstacles and fire bombs, when your bike hits them it will bedemolished automatically. Race your sports bike and cross thesehurdles and complete the thrilling missions. Trial Moto Stuntman isvery pleasant road and provides platform in which you have to tryand get as far as possible in your vehicle while pulling off theoutstanding moves demanding skill and care on the way. Face thetasks of unique stunts racing situations with different sportsbikes.GAMEPLAYThere are many adventurous missions are waiting. Theobjective of the game is to get the maximum score possible. This isusually done by driving as long as possible without blasting way,but you can also try to perform risky stunts and special moveswhile in the air. In Moto stuntman Simulator, ride through hurdlesin the most enormous location just for complete the amazingactions. Cross all hurdles placed in risky mountainous, rocky land,shore like landscapes depth, heights and zigzag path. Trial MotoStuntman is a free, action packed, entertaining game. Live life onthe edge! Perform some thoughtful stunts and race to the finishline!TRIAL MOTO STUNTMAN FEATURES:• 3D graphics and pleasantenvironment• Different thrilling atmosphere like snow, rocky, seaview• Tricky and dangerous tracks• Latest racing and sports bikes•Incredible gameplay and realistic sound effects• Differentchallenges and exciting missionsIn this motorbike game, you canfulfill your one wheeling dream with the real feel of the bikedrive. The most stimulating thing in this game is you can move upyour speedy bike and present the dangerous stunts. Download thisamazing and entertaining game and enjoy the ride of the sportsbikes and feel the different incredible environment.