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This is an app to make it easier for you to access the national airquality index in India.FeaturesProvides access to SO2, NO2, CO, O3,PM2.5, PM10 for stations dotted across the major cities inIndia.Please note that this app retrieves it's data from theInternet and may be unable to retrieve the information if the siteis down from time to time for maintenance. We seek yourunderstanding and patience. Should this happen, please retry againat a later time.To help cover the cost of development, this appcontains some advertisements. Please refrain from giving bad reviewjust for this.

App Information India Air Quality Index

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    India Air Quality Index
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    March 10, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Wee Jim
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Features The app provides a quick way to access TV showtimes forthe following channels: • Channel 5 • Channel 8 • Okto • Channel U• ChannelNewsAsia • Suria • Vasantham ----------------------------Short summary This is a simple free/ads-supported app to quicklyview the TV guide for the channels in Singapore by providing amobile friendly view of the online TV listing pages. It is designedto be very simplistic and to just do 1 thing well, so please do notexpect too much from the app. Disclaimer The contents are retrievedfrom the web and I am not responsible for the update or maintenanceof the content.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------The longer summary I was quite surprised by not being able to finda quick way to browser the TV listings for the free to airSingapore channels, even though a perfectly working version existson the web. Initially, I wrote this app just for myself, but itseemed pretty nifty for checking TV listings, so here it is(released as a utility for a wider audience).
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SG Bus Arrival Time 1.10.81 APK
Wee Jim
This apps gets data from Land Transport Authority (LTA). Pleasetreat the timings as guideline only and as it may differ slightlydepending on traffic conditions and ad-hoc delays not captured byLTA. Features • Listing of all bus stops serviced by SBS, SMRT, GoAhead, Tower buses • Marking bus stops as favourites for quickaccess • Filtering of buses at bus stops to see only buses that youare interested in • Colour coding for seats availability   • Green:Seats Available   • Amber: Standing Available   • Red: LimitedStanding • Bus route information • Nearby bus stops display • Namea bus stop in favourites • Find out which MRT/LRT station can bereached directly from selected bus stop • Bus arrival notificationsBus routes • View bus routes • Set destination stop and check howmany more stops to go to destination Tips: Click on bus stop circlein bus route page to set destination. Time savers • find buses toMRT/LRT from bus stops quickly • find available buses givendestination bus stop Auto cloud backup Auto cloud backup willhappen when all of the following conditions are met: • User hasenabled backup on the device in Settings > Backup & Reset. •At least 24 hours have elapsed since the last backup. • Device isidle and charging. • Device is connected to a Wi-Fi Themes • Changebetween light mode and night mode Disclaimer This app is notaffiliated to LTA (provider of the bus timings).
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Description A free application providing live London transport datasourced from the official source. Features • Live London tubedeparture boards, line status Please drop me an email me if youencountered any problems with the app or if you have suggestions onhow to make the app better . Disclaimer This app is not affliatedwith TfL (Transport for London) although it does use the data asprovided by TfL.