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Service to this app will be stored after all dues are cleared.Indian Arthroscopy Society is going paperless. If you see "AwaitingAuthorization" it is because the association does not have yourprimary cell number. Please contact the IAS office to approve yourmembership. The app will show you all the academic events and CMEon your handheld device. You can indicate your interest to attendan event by clicking on the green tick mark in front of the event.This saves you from seeing an SMS of an event you wished to attendbut forgot to check it when in front of the laptop. Please notethat the app serves as a new mode of information source andcommunication but the process of registering and paying for theevents remains the same as before. E-directory is where you canfind your colleagues and maintain your own information. Videochannel is for interesting surgical videos.

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Bombay Ophthalmic Association 2.2 APK
New alternative to email and SMS for BOAcommunications is hereAll chats are available only to only members of BOA after OTPauthentication. If you are a member and association does not haveyour cell number, you may need to call the association to get yourrecord updated.- Create a public chat for all BOA members to see- Create a group for private discussion- Chat 1-1 with any individualCheck out eventsMember directoryBOA Announcements
ASICON 2016 2.01 APK
This App is for delegates and speakers of ASICON 2016 Attendee canview Agenda details, Speaker Profiles, Navigate to the Venue withGoogle Maps, Answer Quiz section and Polls can be answered directlyfrom the App. We would love to hear Feedback/Suggestions on theApp. Write to us on admin@smarthumnaoid.com
LVPEI Alumni 2.0 APK
* OTP authentication to exclude non-members * Chat with each otherin groups or open discussion without Mr Zuckerberg or the worldwatching you * Discuss important cases and form a long termrepository of important cases searchable through keywords * Updateson LVPEI events
Alcon POA 2 1.31 APK
This App is for Alcon Horizon 2016 Conference delegates. Attendeecan view Agenda details, Speaker Profiles, Hall Layouts, VenueDetails with Google Map direction, Quiz section and Polls can beanswered directly from the App.We would love to hearFeedback/Suggestions on the App. Write to us onadmin@smarthumnaoid.comCheers!
WIROC 2015 1.4.1 APK
Official app for all the delegates of WIROC.
Respicon 2.0 APK
Do away with paper brochures!...RESPICON 2015 lets you to makePersonal Agenda and get reminders for the same.You can and answerQuizzes, Vote Polls, and the same can be reviewed with a webDashboard instantly.Exhibitors can display the products right ontothe mobile Screen getting maximum viewership of Delegates.On thewhole RESPICON App provides all the tools to Delegates on theirfinger tips.We would love to hear Feedback/Suggestions on the App.Write us on admin@smarthumnaoid.com.Cheers!
POSICON Conference app 1.2.1 APK
Do away with paper brochures!POSICON 2015 lets you to make PersonalAgenda and get reminders for the same. You can and answer Quizzes,Vote Polls, and comment on the sessions.Exhibitors can display theproducts right onto the mobile Screen getting maximum viewership ofDelegates.We would love to hear Feedback/Suggestions on the App.Write us on admin@smarthumnaoid.com.Cheers!
IAP Mumbai 2.0 APK
'IAP Mumbai App' shows CMEs/Events details are organised by theAssociation. Registered Delegates can View the Events across theyear and give RSVP to the the same, hence SMSes and Emails can bemade redundant. The Association can send Custom Notification to allthe Members or selected group of members in the form of a Reminderor giving Association Updates, Changes in the CME Schedule, etc.The App also shows Member Directory of the Association, whoseaccess is Only to the IAP Mumbai Registered Members. Overall, theApp provides an efficient medium of communication to the Members.We would love to hear Feedback/Suggestions on the App. Write us onadmin@smarthumnaoid.com. Cheers!