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Indian Evidence Act

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Income tax Act, 1961 - India 13.1 APK
The Income-tax Act, 1961 is the charging statute of Income Tax inIndia. It provides for levy, administration, collection andrecovery of Income Tax. This App by offline apps india is amendedas per Finance Act 2019 and contains Income tax Act amended as perFinance Act 2018 also. This Income Tax App by offline apps Indiaprovides section wise list of bare act along with Searchfunctionality. No ads. No internet connection required. Can bemoved to SD card. A light weight fast free app. Doesn't require anyspecial permission. Design is based on Google's Material UI.Students in the near future will be able to get income tax notes,pan details, slab rate details, tds rate details, form 16 and newsupdates on the app. We will soon be incorporating features likeincome tax calculator india 2018-19 and income tax calculator2019-20 and income tax return filing with Hindi support coveringall rules so that the app acts like a one stop income tax book andsource for users with efling support. Official Circulars by theIncome tax department have also be incorporated in the latestversion of the app by offline apps India App Section List :1,10,100,101,102,104,105,106,107,107A,108,109,10A,10AA,10B,10BA,10BB,10C,11,110,111,111A,112,112A,113,114,115,115A,115AB,115AC,115ACA,115AD,115B,115BA,115BB,115BBA,115BBB,115BBC,115BBD,115BBDA,115BBE,115BBF,115C,115D,115E,115F,115G,115H,115-I,115J,115JA,115JAA,115JB,115JC,115JD,115JE,115JEE,115JF,115JG,115JH,115K,115L,115M,115N,115-O,115P,115Q,115QA,115QB,115QC,115R,115S,115T,115TA,115TB,115TC,115TCA,115TD,115TE,115TF,115U,115UA,115UB,115V,115VA,115VB,115VC,115VD,115VE,115VF,115VG,115VH,115V-I,115VJ,115VK,115VL,115VM,115VN,115V-O,115VP,115VQ,115VR,115VS,115VT,115VU,115VV,115VW,115VX,115VY,115VZ,115VZA,115VZB,115VZC,115W,115WA,115WB,115WC,115WD,115WE,115WF,115WG,115WH,115WI,115WJ,115WK,115WKA,115WKB,115WL,115WM,116,117,118,119,12,120,121,121A,122,123,124,125,125A,126,127,128,129,12A,12AA,13,130,130A,131,132,132A,132B,133,133A,133B,133C,134,135,136,137,138,139,139A,139B,139C,139D,13A,13B,14,140,140A,141,141A,142,142A,143,144,144A,144B,144BA,144C,145,145A,146,147,148,149,14A,15,150,151,152,153,153A,153B,153C,153D,154,155,156,157,158,158A,158AA,158B,158BA,158BB,158BC,158BD,158BE,158BF,158BFA,158BG,158BH,158BI,159,16,160,161,162,163,164,164A,165,166,167,167A,167B,167C,168,169,17,170,171,172,173,174,174A,175,176,177,178,179,18,180,180A,181,182,183,184,185,187,188,188A,188A,189,189A,19,190,191,192,192A,193,194,194A,194B,194BB,194C,194D,194DA,194E,194EE,194F,194G,194H,194-I,194IA,194J,194K,194L,194LA,194LB,194LBA,194LBB,194LBC,194LC,194LD,195,195A,196,196A,196B,196C,196D,197,197A,198,199,2,20,200,200A,201,202,203,203A,203AA,204,205,206,206A,206AA,206B,206C,206CA,206CB,207,208,209,209A,21,210,211,212,213,214,215,216,217,218,219,22,220,221,222,223,224,225,226,227,228,228A,229,23,230,230A,231,232,233,234,234A,234B,234C,234D,234E,235,236,236A,237,238,239,24,240,241,242,243,244,244A,245,245A,245B,245BA,245BB,245BC,245BD,245C,245D,245DD,245E,245F,245G,245H,245HA,245HAA,245I,245J,245K,245L,245M,245N,245O,245P,245Q,245R,245RR,245S,245T,245U,245V,246,246A,247,248,249,25,250,251,252,253,254,255,256,257,258,259,25A,25AA,25B,26,260,260A,260B,261,262,263,264,265,266,267,268,268A,269,269A,269AB,269B,269C,269D,269E,269F,2275A,275B,276,276A,276AA,276AB,276B,276BB,276C,276CC,276CCC,276D,276DD,276E,277,277A,278,278A,278AA,278AB,278B,278C,278D,278E,279,279A,279B,28,280,280A,280ATO280X,280B,280C,280D,280Y,280Z,280ZA,280ZB,280ZC,280ZD,280ZE,281,281A,281B,282,282A,282B,283,284,285,285A,285B,285BA,286,287,287A,288,288A,288B,289,29,290,291,292,292A,292B,292BB,292C,292CC,293,293A,293B,293C,294,294A,295,296,297,298and many sections and Schedules.
GST Connect - Rate & HSN Finder + GST Act & Rules 17.1 APK
Content updated with GST Act as passed by both houses of Parliamentand GST rules and GST Rates with HSN & SAC codes as approved bythe GST Council through the GST Rate finder feature, formerly knownas GST Connect app. The GST India Application or GST mobile app byoffilne apps india as a portal contains the following features:Offline GST Act App- Offline access to GST India Acts or GSTBill/GST law (CGST, IGST) GST Articles- Exclusive Articles by topexperts from all over India on GST India provisions. GST Query- Onestop destination to get all your GST queries answered. GST News-Latest news/updates on GST Tax Act and official changes asintroduced by CBEC in India. GST Rules- Account s and Record Rules,Advance Ruling, Anti profiteering rules, Appeals and Revisions,Assessment and Audit Rules, Composition Rules, E way Rules, InvoiceDebit and Credit Notes Rules, Input tax Credit Rules, PaymentRules, Refund Rules, Registration Rules, Return Rules, TransitionRules and Valuation Rules GST Notifications and Circulars- LatestGST notifications and circulars on CGST, IGST, SGST and UTGST HSNCode search and SAC code search- Covers exhaustive list of all HSNand SAC codes GST FAQ in different languages. GST Quiz- GST Quizwith various prizes are announced by us from time to time GSTFormat- GST Invoice format, GST payment and other GST formatscovered by us. GST Rate Finder- Find GST rates linked with HSN& SAC codes with the all new GST Rate finder feature We havealso incorporated rates- GST Rates of Goods and GST rate list ofservices for all items. This is an exhaustive list for the rates.Such rates have been decided by the GST Council as incorporated inthe GST Rate finder feature. The app was formerly known as GSTconnect app. GST rates, GST notifications and HSN Code search havebeen made available in the latest version of the GST App. The HSNCode search feature works in offline mode as well and the GSTNotifications and Circulars are updated by us in real time. TheGoods and Services Tax Bill or GST Bill proposes a one-tax-regimefor Indirect tax in India. GSTN has shortlisted various companiesto act as GST Suvidha providers like tally solutions, karvy datamanagement services, taxmann publication. Out of the big 4consisting of Deloitte, Ernst and Young , PWC and Deloitte-Deloitte and E&Y have been shortlisted as GST suvidha providersto ease the transition process to the new tax regime. We will soonbe incorporating features for GST enrolment/enrollment orregistration, GST calculator- the calculator would include thedifferent rates for various items, GST refund help, GST tally oraccounting integration and GST faq in hindi. Other features likelogin access, GST game, helpline number, support for languages likehindi, gujarati, bengali, marathi, punjabi, tamil, telgu will beincorporated to act as a complete GST guide/club and connect forusers all over India. This GST India Act or Taxes App acts a onestop GST helpline or software for all users . It is one of the toptax app in India incorporating gst model law or bill as madeavailable by CBEC. The GST calculator will make it the only app toinclude all resources required by a GST professional and to act asthe one stop helpline for all things GST. The application for ca,cs, cma, mba and other professionals by offline apps india containsthe following Chapters : Accounts And Records, Advance Ruling,Appeals and Revision, Assessment, Audit, Demands and Recovery,Electronic Commerce, Input Tax Credit, Search, Seizure And Arrest,Exemption From Tax, Liability To Pay In Certain Cases,Miscellaneous Provisions, Offences And Penalties, Payment Of Tax,Preliminary, Presumption As To Documents, Prosecution AndCompounding Of Offences, Refunds, Registration, Returns, SCHEDULE,Tax Invoice, Credit And Debit Notes,Time And Value Of Supply,Transfer Of Input Tax Credit, Transitional Provisions Officialwebsite for GST: www.gst.gov.in
CCI Student - CA Student app for CA Final IPC CPT 8.5 APK
CA student connect by offline apps India provides students in CAfoundation, CPT, IPCC inter, CA final old course and new coursewith access to latest ICAI updates and notifications. You can readArticles, Q&A from CA students & Finance professionals inIndia and discuss your exam queries with experts in India. You canalso receive latest CA student related ICAI news and updates on thego. Access the file section to get latest and updated CA IPCCnotes, CA inter notes, CPT notes, Foundation notes and CA Finalnotes for old and new course along with ICAI notifications. Jointhe most downloaded app in the India's finapp space and become apart of India's largest community for CA Students. The app acts asa one stop destination for all CA, CS, CMA and other financestudents providing solution to their queries through a singlefinance app for the first time in India. Download to join thousandsof other CA, CS, CMA students and professionals on the ca studentapp by offline apps India. Our CA online coaching classes appoffers CA Cart feature where you can buy test series by SuperProfessors and study at home clear concept ca and target study withApna Course.
Companies Act & Rules - Free , Offline 6.7 APK
This Companies Act 2013 App by offline apps india - India providessection wise list along with Search functionality and provides thecompanies act 2013 with rules offline. You can now read articles,news and discuss your queries with top CA/CS/CMA and otherprofessionals from bodies like ICAI, ICSI and ICWA on the updatedCompanies Act 2013 India App. The Companies Act India app launchedby us tries to incorporate the latest companies bare act as madeavailable by the government. We will soon make a Hindi version ofthe app available for all our users. The app on companies act byoffline apps india is free of cost with section wise searchfunctionality for the help of users.
Audit Standards - SA, SQC, SRE & SRS 1.1.3 APK
Get offline access to all Auditing Standards as provided by ICAI.Free access to ask all your Audit queries in India
IND AS & AS - Indian Accounting standards 1.1.1 APK
An application by offline apps india for all updated accountingstandards (Indian Accounting Standards and Accounting standards)information and queries. Download now and never miss out on anyimportant updates on Accounting Standards (IND AS & AS) inIndia!
Indian Partnership Act 1932 & LLP Act India 1.1.0 APK
This Indian Partnership & LLP Act App by offline apps india-India provides section wise list along with Searchfunctionalityand provides the Indian Partnership & LLP Act withrulesoffline. You can now read articles, news and discuss yourquerieswith top CA/CS/CMA and other professionals from bodies likeICAI,ICSI and ICWA on the updated Indian Partnership & LLP ActIndiaApp. The Indian Partnership & LLP Act India app launchedby ustries to incorporate the latest companies bare act asmadeavailable by the government. We will soon make a Hindi versionofthe app available for all our users. The app on IndianPartnership& LLP Act by offline apps india is free of cost withsectionwise search functionality for the help of users.