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Welcome to the new love story game for girls. Let us play and enjoythe most romantic love story game free. A cute boy is on the otherside of boarder. OMG! He is cute. Is he is your secret crush? He islooking at you think he also likes you. Just look at him he wantsyour phone number. Give him your phone number. Beautiful love storyis starting from here. Boy wants to go for prom night togethergirl. She wants to look gorgeous on her first date. She is look forgood spa. It is a great opportunity to open your own makeover andspa salon. Let us start giving spa to the girl. Wash her face withthe soap. Use different facemasks to make her skin clean andglowing. Use cucumber to remove dark circles. Spa is most importantto get clear and clean skin. After giving spa, it is time to dostunning makeover. Show your professional makeup artist skills tomake her big day more beautiful and special. This makeover salon isfull of cosmetic items like lipstick, foundation, mascara, eyeshadows and much more. You will surely enjoy the makeover game forgirls. Try your best to do stunning makeover to make her first datespecial. In this makeover game, there are different colored eyelenses to make eye more beautiful. Girl is ready to go with hisfirst crush. In this love story, kids will learn many things youmust be multitasking and smart to perform all tasks, which are,assign you in this makeover game. Boy is taking this beautiful girlin the restaurant and here he is going to purpose her. Accept hisproposal and enjoy the long drive with your first crush. This lovestory game for kids is full fun you will surely enjoy spa makeoverand a happy ending of lover story at one place. Download and playour other love story games for girls and kite games for kids.Features• Learn Spa and makeover in this makeup game for girls•Beautiful and romantic environment of love story • Enjoy first date& long drive of beautiful teenage couple• Celebrate Prom night• Beautiful 2D game Graphics

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    January 22, 2018
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Kite festival is very famous in Asian countries. There is a specialevent conducted once in every year called BASANT. Everyone likeBASANT as this is full of enjoyment. People love to buy differentcolors and different designs of kites. Especially kids love to havekite competition among their friends. Here we are with the bestkite making game ever. In this game, you cannot only make your kitebut also can give your desired design to your kites. Numeroustextures and features are available in this kite simulator. We seemany kites flying in the sky on kite festival. Kids have acompetition with their friends to fly the kite higher in the skyand many kids cry on their kite cutting. However, do not need toafraid about losing your kite, as this is the part of the game. Bekite maker master by making the best kite for you and for yourfriends.First, select the color for your thread and prepare thestrongest thread for your kite competition as you can only win yourkite competition on the kite festival if your thread will bestrong. Then select beautiful texture and colors for your kite andcut different pieces. Combine these pieces with wood sticks and donot forget to use glue in your crazy kite shop. Your PATANG is nowready to fly. Be the part of kite competition tournament and showyour friends how exceptional kite master you are. Load yourprepared kites, deliver your favorite PATANG in market and beatyour friends by flying your kite higher, and cut their kites to bethe kite champion.Kids will feel happiness by flying their own kitemade by themselves. Kids will surely like our kite maker factorygame. Download our other factory games for more fun and enjoyyourself.
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Kids love having some hot chocolate. So kids boys and girls! Playthis hot chocolate factory simulator and share delicious and sweethot chocolate recipe with your mom so that she can cook yummy hotchocolate pastry for you in her kitchen. Elders like hot chocolatecoffee in winters and little kids, boys and girls love chocolateparty in all seasons whether it is winter or summer. So be like achocolate pastry chef master and build your own chocolate shopempire. Don’t be afraid of hot chocolate recipe, in this hotchocolate factory simulator you’ll learn how to make chocolate inyour own bakery shop.First of all collect fruits from the fruitgarden. The taste depends upon two factors: first, how fresh thefruits are, and secondly it depends upon the little farmer’sfarming efforts. Grow your own fruit forest in the frenzy farmingsimulator and take care of your fruit trees. The fruit garden oflittle farmer like you, is full of plenty of fresh fruits such asapple, banana and strawberry. Cut the fruits and load on thedelivery truck. After leaving fruit garden, go to the dairy farmwhere you can have fresh milk. Choose the healthiest dairy farm forcollecting fresh milk. First give a great spa to the cow beforegetting milk and learn dairy farming. Load the milk on the samedelivery truck to take it to the hot chocolate factory. After dairyfarm, go straight to the hot chocolate maker factory’s kitchenwhere the chocolate maker crazy chef is waiting for cooking a sweetdessert for everyone. The star chef is ready in the hot chocolatefactory farm for cooking yummy and sweet dessert.Be a crazy chefand dash to the factory’s kitchen in the cooking mania and startcooking hot chocolate pastry and dessert. Wash all fruits you havecollected from the fruit garden and cut them into slices with thesharp knives of chocolate maker factory’ kitchen. Crush fruits inthe milk and add butter, cheese, chocolate cream, salt and sugarcrush and mix them in a big container. Pour the liquid in thechocolate factory slots for making its different shapes. Usedifferent decoration ideas for its decoration after hot chocolatemaking. Sprinkle chocolate crush and dry fruits on the hotchocolate. Send them to the frozen area where it’ll be freeze. Keepthem in frozen areas and when it gets hard, take it back to the hotchocolate maker factory’s kitchen. Pack it in your bakery shop andsend it to the market on delivery truck.Play such factory games tosatisfy your chef fever and work like a hero factory worker andowner at the same time. Have crazy fun adventure with the smallchocolate cake.
Delicious Sweets Factory – Dessert Maker Chef 1.2 APK
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Hi kids and girls! We have surprise for you and that is our brandnew game named “delicious sweets factory” full of Indian dessertsrecipes. Indian food recipes are famous among the entire world dueto their unique tastes and great aroma. So be like an expert chefof your bakery shop and factory’s kitchen and run your Indian foodrestaurant efficiently. Be like a hero factory worker to satisfyyour cooking fever. Sweet factory game is a delicious and sweetcandy maker simulator for kids, boys and girls. Indian food cookingin a bakery and confectionery is a crazy fun adventure for a chefmaster like you. Sweets and desserts are widely used on birthdays,weddings and such other anniversaries. People love to eat somethingsweet when they are happy so they drive to the bakery andconfectionery shop where they can find baking desserts. So welcometo the Indian food making game and sweet salon where your favoritelittle chef cooking desserts in the cooking mania. The dessertfactory and sweet shop is full of sweet recipes and different kindsof sweet food making dessert are made by the cooking chef master inthe kitchen of dessert factory. The desserts maker process startsfrom the adding ingredients in a big container where they are mixedwith one another for dessert making in the best Indian foodgame.GULAB JAMUN Recipe :Learn how to make GULAB JAMUN in thefactory's kitchen. Prepare the dough and make its round shapeballs. Deep fry GULAB JAMUN in the cooking oil and until they turninto brown. After frying, dip in the sugar syrup for some time andyour GULAB JAMUN is ready in the best Indian food game.RASGULLARecipe :This is how to make RASGULLA in the sweet dessert makerfactory. Make cottage cheese from the milk first. Yes kids!RASGULLA are made of your favorite yummy cheese. Once you haveprepared cheese, kneed it well and make its round shape balls andadd them in boiling water. After cooking RASGULLA in the bakery andconfectionery, dip in the sugar syrup for some time. Indian foodmaker game will teach make you a perfect confectioner.BARFI Recipe:It’s time to learn how to make BARFI in the bakery shop and sweetdessert food game. BARFI is widely eaten in the birthday party,wedding ceremonies and other anniversaries when people feelhappiness. Boil the milk until it gets thick. Add thickeningingredients in it and cut it into square pieces after gettingharder and send to the decoration department of the Indian foodmaker factory.Decoration :Kids’ most favorite part of all factorygames is usually decoration whether cooking or baking game. Sokids, boys and girls get ready for decorating the yummy and sweetdessert and pudding in the Indian food app. Dessert maker processis finished and it’s time to decorate the desserts. Indian food andsweets like BARFI, RASGULLA and GULAB JAMUN are usually decoratedwith fruits. Not only fruit but actually dry fruits so cut the dryfruits in Julian cutting and sprinkle it on the sweets anddesserts.The dessert maker story ends here. Send them to thesupermarkets, bakery shops and confectionery shops for sale. Sweetsfactory is the real world factory simulator for kids and girls wholove dessert maker process and want to be and expert chef of allkinds of cuisine. So download it and be a hero factory worker offactory tycoon.
Little Princess Indian Tailor 1.3 APK
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Welcome kids to our little tailor boutique. This tailor boutiquegame is full of adventure and fun. Little princess wants to go forparty and she wants a beautiful dress for her. Help princess todesign a beautiful dress for big day. Show your dress making skillsand prove yourself as a successful dress designer. In this game forgirls, you will not only learn tailoring but also you will learnshopping in shopping mall. Shopaholic girls love to do shopping inbig shopping mall; they spend lot of money for shopping to buywedding dress, party dresses, shoes, bags and jewelry items. Let usstart do shopping in the shopping mall. Princess wants fabric andstitching items for her dress help her to do shopping in theshopping mall. Select and collect all items and put them in thebucket. Take these items to the tailor boutique; here first takemeasurements for party dressmaking. After taking measurements pressfabric, start sketching and cutting to design princess dress. Startstitching dress on the big stitching machine. Apply beautifultexture to make this dress more attractive and be one of the bestdress designers. By working in this little tailor, boutique kidscan learn cutting stitching as well as decorating you will have tomultitasking in this kids game because there are many things to doat same time. You must be smart and sharp in your working. Worklike a hero worker of this little tailor boutique game and be thebest dressmaker in the whole town. Design it with beautifulbuttons, laces frills, dimonties and laces to make it look moreattractive and extra ordinary. Designer dress is ready to wear takeprincess in the royal trial room and dress up princess to completeher look. In this boutique, you can design each type of dress likeparty dress wedding dress casual dress. Be the best dressmaker andrun your own shop empire. Download and play our other free tailorgames and kite games for kid’s girls and boys. Features:• Learnshopping in shopping mall• Work as a crazy tailor in little tailorboutique• Show your designer skills to design beautiful dress forprincess• Royal trial room• Beautiful 2D Graphics
Indian Wedding Fashion Designer Tailor 1.0 APK
FunTab Studio
Star girl is going to get married with her prince charming. Thereis only one tailor boutique, which is close due to some reason.Star model is worried about her wedding dress. It is a greatopportunity to open your own tailor shop in the town. Allow yourinner dress designer to come outside and design a beautiful weddingdress for wedding ceremony. Fashionista girls love to wear designerdress on their special day. Indian wedding fashion designer tailorwill give you the real feel of tailoring in tailor boutique. C’monkids, work as a crazy little tailor and stitch one of the bestwedding outfit for bridal. This tailor boutique game is full withtons of stitching items like different types of fabric, thread,laces, buttons, frills, and dimonties. Stitch it with yourprofessional tailoring skills and become a famous cloth tailor. Inthis tailoring game for girls, you can stitch party dress, weddingdress, and casual dress, top, skirts and can fulfill your customerneeds. This girl’s game is one of the best tailoring apps of 2018.You will find lots of stitching accessories in this girl’s game,all are available free. This fashion story is full of fun andtailoring adventures. Help star girl to complete her love story bymaking her big day even more special for her. Be best dressmakerbecause her wedding outfit should be look like a royal dress. Allgirls and kids love to play dress up games for girls and makeovergames for girls but this wedding dress up game for girls’ standsout. Dressmaking is beloved hobby of girls but little kids alsolove to do tailoring adventures through tailor games. Let’s startstitching royal wedding outfit for beautiful bride. Choose yourdesired fabric from this kids tailor boutique. Press it to removewrinkles and then make a sketch of Indian outfit. Cut it accordingto the sketch and stitch all layers through big sewing machine.Design it with the fancy items as you can apply beautiful textureon the dress, different dimonties, frills and buttons. Your weddingfashion designer dress is ready to wear. Take cute princess in theroyal trial room and start dress up for her wedding day. Make herwear beautiful jewelry, necklace, earrings, and bracelets. A stargirl is ready for her marriage ceremony. Celebrate the glorious dayof this beautiful couple together your friends. Download and playour other dress up games for girls and tailor games for girls andkids.
Princess Little Tailor Designer 1.1 APK
FunTab Studio
Ever dreaming to become a fashion designer? This game is exactlywhat are you looking for. It is time to design a stunning outfitfor princess. Become one of the best dress designer by designing aroyal dress for little princess. All you have to do is making anoutstanding dress in entire town by using your extra efficientdesigning skills in your tailor boutique. It is an amazing fun todesign a breathtaking dress according to latest fashion trend. Inthis fashion salon, you are playing as a clothes designer. You willexperience the cutting of beautiful stuff as you have option toselect various textures for your outfit and sew this dress onbeautiful sewing machine. Make this royal dress more dazzling byadding beautiful laces, buttons, buckles, badges, frill, and lotsof designing accessories. As a primer fashion designer try to showyour unique designs so everyone wants to wear your one of theunique dress. Design an outstanding royal dress for princess,become the royal tailor designer of your fashion salon and helplittle princess to look more stunning and eye catching and give herfeel to look one in the million. Your superstar fashion model isfrom a royal family so use all of your tailoring skills on theroyal dress to design it. Design it in a modern fashion style andprove that little tailor designer is the best couturier of theroyal princess.You have a beautiful trail room in your fashionsalon; let your princess try her stunning dresses hanging on themannequin. Last but not the least give your princess beautifulmakeover. Dress up your princess by choosing one of the besthairstyle for her. Use unique jewelry design for your princess andapply her scarf style in most attractive way. Let us play andchallenge your friends to design it more extra ordinary dress foryour little princess’ fashion salon.
Princess Tailor Fashion Boutique 1.0 APK
FunTab Studio
Welcome to the princess fashion salon where you’ll learn dressmaking with a complete guide of how to design it more and morebeautifully. Making you the craziest ever dressmaker and the bestcouturier of the fashion tailor boutique by one of the best fashiondesigner games for girls, kids and boys. Make your tailor shop agreat fashion empire for shopaholic girls who love trendy clothesshopping made by tailor designer boutique. Girls clothing anddesigner dresses are famous among girls and women whether it iswinter or summer. They demand for latest fashion clothes and redcarpet dress for their celebrations and anniversaries. It’s a crazyfun and adventure to be a dress maker of the fashion salon andmaking breathtaking dresses related to fashion. Start with thecloth cutting of the latest fashionable dress in your princesstailor boutique. Mark with the tailor chalk before cutting clothsbut make sure that you’re cutting according to the required designin your tailor designing shop. Clothes making involves a lots ofcrazy steps such and tracing, cutting, stitching, designing etc. soafter cutting get ready with your advanced sewing machine to makethe best royal dress. After stitching outfits, for star princessthe job of a fashion designer doesn’t complete. Shoe your designingskills in the fashion salon and design it like a princess’ littletailor. After dress making, stitch frills with it in order todesign it and make it a royal wedding dress for star princess.Let’sdesign it with the number of add ons like buttons, laces, stickers,patterns and belts after dress making. Expert fashion designer likeyou can do it in seconds with the quality work. So make it readyand make your tailor boutique a fashion tycoon of the industry.Playour other tailor designer games for girls, kids and boys and becomean expert tailor designer of your town. Make your own fashion salonand rock the world.