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Let's ride!Greetings, young racer! How much are you strong andbrave for such a serious race? You're sure of himself than ever,you want fame and adrenaline? Then Make your car and show what youcan do! Endless riding around the city, through the dense flow ofcars, the bright lights of the night city and oncoming cars, thesound of a roaring engine whiz wheel tires - this is what he lovesevery city driver! None of his car, but always wanted to ride onthe night metropolis? Do not worry, we'll give you everythingyou've dreamed of! Choose any car, which you like and followto meet your dream! We simply have a huge garage of cars, all finda car to taste. Steep sports cars, police cars, taxi, ambulance,fire truck, jeep, truck, motorcycle and many other cars in thegarage waiting just for you! Come in and take any, tired, change!There are no prohibitions and restrictions, it is your race, andyou are the master here! Great game in the genre of racing.Amazing graphics, realistic physics and simple controls - a qualityother than a racing game! Mchis through a dense stream of carsovertake each and collect coins for which you can buy another car.Free play and smart race, feel the speed clicks on nitro, smile tohis opponent in the rear view mirror! This race is forprofessionals! We'll have to go to the oncoming lane and passbetween trucks. Only the bravest dare to such tricks, but I thinkyou're just the one who can do it! The game is designed for endlessmode and counting on a better result. Bring a first ranking leadersin line and prove to everyone that you are the best!Features:✪endless ride through the city✪ dense stream of cars✪ sounds of aroaring engine✪ choose any wheelbarrow: cool sports cars, policecars, taxi, ambulance, fire truck, jeep, truck, motorcycle, andmore!✪ a great game in the genre of racing✪ amazing graphics✪realistic physics✪ simple operation✪ free game✪ smart raceHow toplay:Mchis through a dense stream of cars overtake each and collectcoins for which you can buy another car.For any questions andsuggestions please contact us in the comments, or groups. Wewelcome every one of you an enjoyable game!)

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    Infinite Racing
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    November 7, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Falling Stars Free Game
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    Новочерёмушкинская, 59 к1 кв32
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This is not just a race on the machines, it's super fast race!Choose your car, click on the nitro and overtake their opponents athigh speed.Demolition stream of cars his riding at high speed andfiltering through the traffic. Drive your car on the road, earncash and choose the new machine. You will find a lot of traffic onthe road and check your skills racer movement overtake trafficefficiently and become a winner.Crazy traffic there is on the road,and your opponent has challenged its supremacy.INFINITE MODETRAFFICEnjoy car driving in city traffic with afirst-person.Endless race on the city streets, country roads andseashores, amazing vehicles, addictive gameplay in a toughcompetition of traffic.Focus only on driving and breaks intraffic.Most real race against rivals and fast drift racerschallenges you.Destroy rivals on the road and spray their ashes inthe air. Opponents also make mistakes and get into an accident, andthe city traffic can sometimes take all the bands, and will have toslow down to avoid crashing. Choose a wheelbarrow according to yourtaste, style and manner of driving. It is not just a race, it'syour expression, prove to everyone that you are the best. Toovertake his rival and that he may admire your style ofriding.Avoid collisions with other cars, buses and trucks. Installnitro boosters spin the breakneck speed to leave rivals far behind.You have to overtake as many cars in heavy traffic with highvehicle speed, so that you can earn more points on the highway.Click the acceleration to increase your speed. Try to play superfast race once and you can not stop.Download the game is completelyfree, the maximum download speed!Features:• Fantastic music.•Bright open world of 3D-graphics.• Simple operation.• Newestendless racer for Android.• Become the king of the driving
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Move the tablet to the edge of your phone!It would seem that may beeasier to take and move the unit from one end to the other phone.But do not be so cocky! If only it were that simple, then the playwould not be interesting. That's why on your way to meet otherblocks that need to be too dragged in different directions, beforeyou want to move the main unit. There are two types of boards: thevertical and horizontal - one are moved up and down, and the otherleft and right. Sometimes there is only one correct solution, youhave to think about every move a single block to get apuzzle. Great puzzle for your brain, with each new level thegame becomes more difficult decision. Check your opportunities, howmuch do you think is good. If you can not any of the levels, youcan skip it and start the next one, but we do not recommend to doso often, it is far more interesting to go through the puzzlewithout much help. The game itself keeps track of your strokes, forwhich at the end of the level you get a star. The fewer moves youmake, the more stars you get. The game is made in bright colors andunusual style, in order to make you comfortable and enjoyable toplay. You can enable or disable the game music. Initial levels arevery simple, even a child can play several levels. Testyourself how many times you can move the block right, to solve thepuzzle.Features:⇒ two types of boards: vertical and horizontal⇒excellent puzzle⇒ you can skip one of the levels and start thenext⇒ counting your strokes⇒ The game is made in bright colors andunusual style⇒ You can enable or disable the game music⇒ manylevels of different complexity⇒ colorful design⇒ free game⇒ greatmusic⇒ addictive puzzle gameHow to play:You need to move the unitfrom one end to the other phone. Move blocks to the sides thatprevent you pass the puzzle.I enjoyed our puzzle? Do not forget toleave ratings and comments, it is very important to us!)
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Practise your brain!Welcome to the most popular puzzle games of alltime! Puzzles with matches! The most complex and tricky task, youwill find only in our game. You need to carefully read theassignments and execute them correctly. There are problems with thefigures, with the shifting of matches and construction, with thesolution of equations, and much more! The levels are divided bydifficulty, you start with the easiest and most difficult finish.All levels have a solution, some not even one. Download and enjoyan exciting new puzzle in a modern bright design!Features:- Thegame is accessible to all;- An addictive puzzle game;- The mostcomplex and tricky task;- Problems with the figures, with theshifting of matches and construction, with the solution ofequations, and much more;- Levels are divided into difficulty;-Contemporary colorful design;- Easy operation;- A free game.How toplay:You need to carefully read the assignments and execute themcorrectly.Write us in the comments, as well as in our groups, weare always glad to see you !;)VK -https://vk.com/public118533229Twitter -https://twitter.com/FallingStarArtsFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/2007091249515100