1.0 / June 1, 2017
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The city traffic is under threat from injustice villains of thetown and they are taking control of it. Take the role of modernelite sniper hunter and aim dead target to shoot criminal gods.Injustice Gods Traffic Sniper is a realistic First Person assaultsniper shooting game, in destroyed city traffic. Experience achampion super hero and expert sniper hunter take part in silentassassin missions with elite kill shot skills and eliminate supervillains. You are assigned to eliminate the injustice terroristgods of the state and these criminals are using the localtransporting such as police cars, trucks, taxi and other vehicles.Become a god traffic shooter to blow them away on the way and don’tallow them to escape. Take the perfect traffic kill shot and killthem all. Prove that you have the best injustice sniper and huntingskills to shoot down the traffic vehicles running on the cityroads. You are a super hero terrorist god shooter to help humanityfrom the villains and grab control among us in traffic huntingtechniques, get ready to play your part in hunting down thecriminals on dangerous tracks and perform silent assassin missionsto seize your glory. Injustice traffic game will bring you morethrilling and exciting features.Gear up and grab this especiallydesigned sniper rifle for killing assignment; it has an extremepowerful zoom, unlimited bullets to shoot cars. This is the perfectway to take the revenge from injustice serial killers of our city.This game will test your shooting skills with best 3D graphics.Take traffic shooting to the next level!★★★ How to Play ★★★★ Touchand move the screen to aim the enemy.★ Use your Sniper scope to aimat enemies from a distance.★ Use fire button for shooting cars.★Complete the mission within time limit.★ Timer at top show currenttime.★ The gun reloads automatically.★ Zoom in to kill the enemyand then zoom out if required.★★★ Features ★★★★Zoomed sniper scopeview★Realistic and modern 3D graphics★Realistic FPS (First PersonShooting) game★Easy and smooth realistic controls (Tap toshoot)★Modern accurate Sniper shooting Rifle★ Injustice criminalkiller★ Lethal weapons to shot terrorist gods★ Addictive gameplay★Variety of injustice traffic cars to destroy★ Amazing modern soundeffects

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    Injustice Gods Traffic Sniper
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    June 1, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Catapult Games
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This game is simple but very interesting City Cargo Transport Truckdriving game,in this wood Cargo-Transport Truck Driving game theplayer need to control a грузовой,luggage truck driver, which willbe runn-ing in an open campo-plane as well as on the port-seaport.The Грузовая машина Водитель cargo, the offroad truck will carrylogs from the starting point of the game and carry them to thedestination mark by moving on the difficult track-s, the gameDriver Truck Cargo,lorry truck will look impossible to play at someplaces, the offroads will look impossible road-Mission Impossibleto drive-control a truck on. The transport truck will be used tocontrol-move the log-s or cargo truck from one place to another fora cargo truck delivery.The truck driver cargo offroad is you the(player),the player will play the role of a Truck Driver or cargodriver 3D , by himself, the truck driving will be done on theoffroad track-s only, and the game-s is based on Drive for Speedsim-ulation.The truck driver-s extreme will have a good drivingexperience while playing this game , a complete theory test and acomplete challenge-s will be given to the player-s, to complete themission-s in the specific times. The game is not a truck racingCity Race-ing 3D, but the player will have to drive it quickly andfurious-ly, he/she will have an experience of a truck racing likehe is in a driving-zone like a Truck-s Racer just like an extremecar racing make it a Racing Monster Truck.The player's pk Truckdriver will be standing in the truck parking like Real TruckParking 3D at the start of each mission-s, the initial level-s aredesigned on the seaport and some are designed in the city, theplayer will have a dual experience of driving in a city as well ason the sea-port.This game is a truck game simulat-ion with CityRacing 3D, this is a Heavy Cargo-Heavy Truck Driving game withdifficult real-istic driving handlings, so the player need tocontrol the truck just like ,if he is driving the Truck racer 3D inthe real environment,realistic environment like a Car Racing 3D.Game features:-1) Realistic вождение experience.2) Difficultвнедорожный Track Racer.3) 3D environment of a realistic sea-portand city. 4) Easy logic-al,логика Truck Driving game.5) Realdriving skill-s are embedded in the game.6) Transport-ation ofcar-go from one place to another.7) Rush time game as the playerneed to manage his time by driving the Truck on the trackcarefully. 8) The real campo Environment with hill-s is introducedin the Transport Truck and vehicle-s are moving in the cities.9)Easy roaming and travel-ing Truck Control game.
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Flying Bike Cops Vs Robbers VR 1.0 APK
You are a new Patriot Flying police bike simulator crime officer inthe crime city of Virtual Reality, and your task is to eliminatethe enemy city gang thugs which are unstoppable, the thugs areadvanced and professionals, only a well-trained Police motorbikeprison warden officer like you can stop them on your flying HeavyPolice Bike, just like a super hero your officer keep patrolling inthe city and reacts back to any suspicious activity going on in thereal criminal virtual simcity, it’s the one of the best cop bikesimulator game , your police moto recommended a fast police tunedmotorbike an airplane simulator 3d , we offer the players probablythe best , the best police chase and street racing game ever.TheGameplay is very simple, you need to chase and grab a bank robberrobbery by using your nitro boost or to eliminate the target robbercriminal squad from a distance by shooting them from above theskies .Behave like an extraordinary talented police officer andfight vs thief save the pedestrians and citizens from the thugs andgangsters and Bank looters and become a positive representative anda care taker of the criminal new york crazy city and save thefellow vehicles by destroy-ing the criminal vehicles and speedycars.You need to observe the dynamic movements of the cars andvehicles of the jail criminal kidnappers and the citizen cars toachieve your target with your ultimate airstrip aircraft highflight simulator 3d.Your legendary super hero of the world hero’sPolice duty career is in your hand try to fight as a brave commandosoldier police cop and defeat any resistance which the enemy put inyour way.Get the extreme experience of pirate aircraft chase withflying police motorbike rider.Flying police motorcycle rider isdefinitely unique from police vehicle games. On this game as a copyou're driving a flying police motorcycle as opposed to driving inmetropolis and chasing criminals. Turn on siren, lock on course,release warship missile attack, bombard and takedown criminals bethe legendary superb hero of the sector. Revel in flying policebike and be the pleasant cop.Flying police bike stunt racingmotorcycle rider is made for all lovers of flying vehicle videogames, unfastened moto driving video games, simulation video gamesand airplane flight video gamesFlying police bike rider - sportfeatures:✔ take a look at your police motorcycle using skills✔improve plane flight capability✔ sports activities cop bikeversion✔ beautiful hd pictures✔ lovely mountains and islands✔realistic and dynamic auto physics✔ superior airplane flightphysics✔ clean and free to apply✔ no wifi? No trouble.✔ offlineplaySet up now and sense the first-class police airplane flightenjoy!
Flying Beast Monster Truck 1.0 APK
Are you a fan of flying car games? Are you ready for you nextaviation stunt? Fly above a futuristic city in your ultimatefuturistic modern monster truck. Have you ever imagined, how shallit will feel if you fly like a WWII air-fighter or aircraft shooterpilot in the air with your airborne flying monster truck beastflying up above the skies and racing with the singing and whirlingbirds in the air. You could have only imagined anything like thisin your dreams before, but we have worked on it now to make this areality with a futuristic flying beast that's airborne above amodern city. You can now fly high in the sky and move through thecheckpoints that are placed in the air in the form of fire rings.The best virtual 3D graphics and environment will give you anability for a stunning and thrilling gameplay and walkthrough ofthe super car monster truck shooting game and the player will enjoythe beautiful colors and live realistic surroundings of the map inthe virtual futuristic flying Monster truck Game. So be prepared tofly high above in the sky with flying muscle truck. Driving andshooting war mechanics and manipulate your automobile with aguidance wheel, acceleration and brake pedals.Your flight andshooting abilities will be tested in this flying 3D simulationgame, and the player will get an experience just like he is drivinga fighter jet so become a flight pilot for some time and controlyour auto monster truck with amazing run flight controls. Thefuturistic shooting, urban area is now more popular and higher inrank than ever and 100% free. Become earth’s mightiest hero in thisfast-paced digital shooter. It's a recreation made solely forflying and glider fans. Key Features:• gyro-meter based controls.•360 degree rotation.• crisp, cinema like, hd visuals.•extraordinary interesting car racing and flying tracks• unlimitedcar play and amusing joyride. Easy to learn and pursue.• nicedesirable sound tracks for places and races.In this movement-packedflight simulator sport car, use your wits and your weapons as alone air space pilot taking a joyride in opposition to the helplessenemy cars that you consider as your shadow fleet. Revel inimmersive digital colorful experience blasting enemy vehicles.TheFlying City Monster truck, flight controls are well set and it willgive the players a challenge to control the beast truck and move itthrough the circles in the air. There are climbers and jumpers anda few obstacles also, so look for them on the road, always be readyto look out for the extreme traffic as their motion is veryunpredictable. They can come in your way suddenly to block you, youcan shoot or dodge them, because an accident with the publictransport can result in a quick mission failure. The player willthen play the unfinished racing and car parking mission again.ThisMonster truck will be the great source of entertainment for theplayers but is a big source of destruction and threat for the city.The player need to control the monster truck by using thetouchscreen controls and move through the burning circles randomlyplaced in the air, the circles give the monster truck a boost inspeed when the monster truck passes through it.Use the on-screencontrols to shoot the targets that get locked automatically as youapproach them. But look for the different kind of obstacles in theair as well as on the road, the player need to look constantly forthe hurdles in the path of the monster truck so that it may not gethit by any building or the car on the road as well as by the carswhich are flying in the air.More Features:• stunning 3D hdexcellent graphics• clean and practical vehicle control•breathtaking visuals• one of a kind speed boosters to boom thevelocity• totally 3-D environment • smooth and realistic Monstertruck handling• AI based rich NPC traffic• shooting, flying, racing3 in 1 action game
Commando Adventure Combat Fury 1.0 APK
Commando Adventure Combat Fury is another thrilling action firstperson 3d shooting and killing games has been launched, feel freeto download the best free action elite modern killer soldierrecruit adventure game available at Google market. CommandoAdventure Combat Fury gives the player an opportunity to play as abrave war combat commando from WWII or world war 2 with courage tofight as a real brave courageous metal soldier loaded heavily witharmor, grenades and latest advanced weapons such as sniper gun withhighly skilled mercenary and a patriot.The story of the game issimple and authentic, you are a courageous American commando withheart enough to fight alone like a one man Army, and like a bestArmy Combat Sniper you will enter the battle field or war zone anddestroy any hurdles or enemy soldier troops which the enemy armywill put in your way.Use simple war tactics like crouch, crawl,ambush and run to move to the best location you need for perfectsniping and shooting and give the enemies a hard time but make it afearless war adventure for your own self , sharpen your killassault and sniping strategies by using your fury red-zone sniperassault gear.Game environment is a hot battle field with a lot ofenemies around, 4 different kind of environments are available toplay the commando assault war game.1. Real Deadly Desert field2.Army flight Army Air-Base strike3. Forest-s jungle commandoAssault4. Cave-s devil commando hero battle forceYour role is to gointo the battle and clear up the enemy lines before they stop thedeadly convoy which you lead.Game Features:-1) Deadly weapons2)Good shooting and combat war-zone.3) Explosive Fragger Grenades4)Way-points and check-points on the mini-map