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Integrated Timer Watchdog insure Integrated Timer is not killed byAndroid.It works with Integrated Timer v2.19 and above only.Do notinstall it if Integrated Timer works correctly on your device.Onceit's installed, open Integrated Timer Settings to automaticallystart Integrated Timer Watchdog.

App Information Integrated Timer Watchdog

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    Integrated Timer Watchdog
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    February 6, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 5.0 and up
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    Role Playing
  • Developer
    Mathieu Villegas Avenue de Chateaubriand Montreal, QC, H2S 2N7 CANADA
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Remote System Monitor 3.39 APK
Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/trigonesoft Follow me onFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/trigonesoft/ Follow me onGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/115838179299870348751 RemoteSystem Monitor allows to get advanced system and hardwareinformation from your windows computer over the network. RemoteSystem Monitor is composed of an Android application to displaysystem information and a server software for Windows PC. GetWindows server software athttp://www.trigonesoft.com/index.php/download It is particularlyuseful to check your system state while playing games, allowing youto know if the computer is overheating, how your system deal withtemperature and fan speed and how your games are using yourcomputer resources (CPU, GPU, memory, etc..). System and HardwareInformation Provided are: - temperatures (cpu/cores, gpu,motherboard, hard drive) - cpu and gpu load - cpu and gpufrequencies - ram, swap and video memory usage - voltages (system,gpu) - advanced SSD information (total read/write, life time,etc..) - physical disks read/write speed - fan speed (cpu, gpu,motherboard, etc...) and fan control - network cardsdownload/upload speed - logical disks usage - various controls andlevels (fan, ...) - liquid cooling flow etc... New Custom Dashboardwith: - multi-server support - gauge widget - graph and multi graphwidget - local notification widget - etc... For more informationand help: http://www.trigonesoft.com/
Integrated Timer For Ingress 2.47 APK
If you want to use integrated timers with any kind of applicationor games, there is an app for that: https://goo.gl/c8p9Ki In AppPurchase permission is used for donations to support the project.The Permission "read the content of your USB storage" is requiredto play custom ringtones and avoid issues on new versions ofAndroid. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/trigonesoftFollow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trigonesoft/ Followme on Google+: https://plus.google.com/115838179299870348751Integrated Timer allows to see all the timers you need directly onyour screen while you are playing your favourite game. You can addand configure several types of timers and counters very easily witha few touch: - Portal cool down timer with hack counter: justselect the mods in the configuration panel and the app willcalculate the number of hack and the cooldown time for you. Thehack counter will countdown as soon as you restart the timer. -Sojourner timer: it will ring 2h, 1h, 30mn, 10mn, 5mn 2mn and 1mnbefore the 24 hours end. Furthermore, it will reset as soon as youstart or reset any cooldown timer. - XM Anomaly timer: it willcount down until the official start hour then start to count downto the first measurement period. When the measurement period isreached, the timer will ring, turn red and count down the 10minutes measurement period. When completed, it will turn back tothe standard color (blue or green), and count down to the nextmeasurement period and so on until all the measurement periods arecompleted. The numer of remaining measurement periods is indicatedin the shield logo. - Regional scoring checkpoint for 5h cycles -Regional Septicycle scoring checkpoint (175h cycles) - Portalburnout timer count the 4 hours burnout - XM regeneration timer tohelp you know when XM may reappear - Custom timer allowing you toset the time your want - Hack counter which calculate the number ofhack based on multi-hack mods on a portal and count down - Basiccounter which count up from 0 You can configure all thesetimers/counters the way you want, and show/hide them when you want.Need to move timers/counters? Just swipe left or right, and theywill change position. You can configure the 3 default positions theway you want. Need to hide timers/counters? Swipe them up or down.Timers and counters have never been so simple and easy to use. Ifyou have any suggestion or issue, do not hesitate to contact me.However, if you want me to add a functionality which will infringeon the TOS or the spirit of the game, or provide an unfairadvantage compared to people playing the game by the rules, youhave to know that I will not make it. --- Integrated Timer forIngress is NOT affiliated in any way with Google Inc. and Ingress.Integrated Timer do not hack or interfere in any way with Ingressgame normal behaviour and is not intended to do so. Ingress nameand logo, and Resistance and Enlightened logos are the property ofGoogle Inc. Based on our understanding of Ingress Term of Service,Integrated Timer may be considered as a fair use, and do notviolate the Term of Service. However, we can give no warranty thatGoogle or Niantic Labs may think this app infringe the Terms ofService, and in this way we provide this application without anywarranty and we do not assume any responsibility regarding theconsequences resulting from the use of this application.
Watch Face for Ingress 3.05 APK
Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trigonesoft/Followme on Google+: https://plus.google.com/115838179299870348751Androidwear watch face and Android widget for home screen and lock screenwith a nice Ingress theme.Display Integrated Timer timers on yourwatch when you tap on the watch face.To have Integrated TimerTimers on your watch, you need to install the test version ofIntegrated Timer. To do that, just register as tester athttp://goo.gl/3l0nF7 to receive it as a standard update.IMPORTANT:the watch face is for Android Wear watches only, like the SamsungGear Live, LG G watch or Moto 360! Samsung Gear 2 and otherNON-"Android Wear" watches are not supported.You can show off yourlevel if you are level 9 or higher.Checkpoint and cycle countdownare included.Seconds are displayed live thanks to the octagon.Itdisplays faction logos, and you can set your own custom factionlogo. If you find any issue, contact us to help fix it. Giving abad review has never helped fix a bug.This is a first release, thedesign may be improved in future releases.This application is notaffiliated in any way with Ingress or Google .inc. Ingress is aregistered trademark of Google .inc
ScreenTag 1.0 APK
Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trigonesoft/Followme on Google+:https://plus.google.com/115838179299870348751ScreenTag allows towrite on your screen over any application, allowing you, forexample to paint faces on your boss during a video conference orwrite note on a web page.Then you can save your drawing/note bysimply making a screenshot (you can take a screenshot by pressingand holding power and volume down buttons).If your boss is tooboring, "Angry mode" will allow you to frenetically scratch hisface to calm your nerves."Angry mode" is a kind of "Etch a sketch"mode, where you can only write a single continuous line. Every timeyou take of your finger from the screen, the created picture willbe saved. You can then reload each picture to see your creation andmake screenshots if you want.If you have children, the "Rainbowmode" will probably please them.Note that in version 1.0, withAndroid 5 Lollipop, ScreenTag can't be displayed over the lockscreen or applications displayed over the lock screen.
PinAnApp for Android Wear 2.01 APK
This is a full free version. In app purchase is for donationsonly.Note that with the last version of Android Wear, it is no morepossible to pin apps, and no solution seems possible. However, youcan still use the option allowing to keep the screen on.Follow meon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trigonesoft/Follow me onGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/115838179299870348751Easily pin anAndroid Wear App and see it every time you look at your watch.Witha simple swipe over your watch screen you can insure the appcurrently displayed will be visible as soon as you will look atyour watch (when the screen will turn on).You can unregister theapp by simply swiping again.You can configure the position of theactive area from the phone application. By default the active is inthe middle left side of the screen.You can force the watch screento stay on by selecting the "Keep on" option. The screen will thenstay on until you press the exit button or cover the screen withyour hand to turn of the screen.This app is very useful, forexample, when you are at a grocery store and use Google Keep foryour grocery list. No need to start the app every time you want tosee your list. Just look at your watch, and it is visible.Please,do not give a bad review if you find a bug, instead, send us anemail to allow us to fix it.
Integrated Timer 1.11 APK
Integrated Timer allows to add timers, chronometers and counters toyour favourite applications or games. Timers will appear over yourapplication or game as soon as they are displayed, and willdisappear with it. Running timers will be displayed innotifications when the application or game is not visible. Clickingon a timer notification will open the corresponding app or game.Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/trigonesoft Follow me onFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/trigonesoft/ Follow me onGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/115838179299870348751 If you findbugs, please send me an email instead of writing a bad review. Iwill fix it as soon as possible. What is included in this version:- support for multiple applications or games - various timers:countdown timer, chronometer, count down counter, counter, timerwith counter - single touch screenshot for Android Lollipop (5.0)and above (experimental) - virtual screen off for Android Kitkat(4.4) and above - speedometer with two level of speed limitnotification - option to keep screen on when an app or game is inforeground - customize notification sound - customize colors - addtwo characters or one emoji to identify timers - 3 configurablepositions and sizes for each application/game - alarm notificationdisplayed on phone and watch (with Android Wear watch) If timersare not visible, please read the help provided in the application,and contact me by email if if you can't make it work. 99% of thetime, it's just a setting to change in the phone. Any question orsuggestion? Contact me by email.
File Chooser 1.0 APK
Add-on allowing Trigone applications to provide a file chooserinterface.Install this app only if a Trigone application requiresit.
Time Cube Watch Face 1.0 APK
Time Cube watch face displays the time using 5x5 cubicpuzzles.Numbers are displayed using real cube scrambling andunscrambling.With Time Cube, you can: - display hours, minutes andseconds or only hours and minutes - configure faces colours andbackground with predefined colours or custom colours - configureanimation speed - configure behaviours of the colours: random,fixed background colour, fixed number colour or fixed backgroundand number colour - etc...