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this key removes the startup waittime inSetXperia,SetVsel,Rebooter,SystemCleanup and .....thx for donation;o)this is only a key pls install the free version from the PlayStore, too

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    Inteks Donation Key
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    October 1, 2013
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    Android 2.1 and up
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SystemCleanup 5.25 APK
LAST WORKING Version for "OLD" Devices (pre Lollipop) pls use thisversion->https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=64542544&postcount=552FORNEWER Devices (android 5 and up) -> this app will not support"Update System App" in Future ReleasesIt doesnt make sense anymoreon current hardware. we will more focus on managing batterydraining apps and backgroundservices....http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=19625898### ifsomething doesnt work Please use the "SendDump" function ofSystemCleanup and write me a short description ###*best system /cache cleaner in market ;o) hold your system clean and free ofbloatware. disable autostart / autorun of apps and services and...Features:-Freeze/Remove Bloatware (it include a shortdescription of common Apks)-Move Userapps to /System/App to saveSpace-Completely Odexfile aware (it shows the odex/dalvik file indetailview)-Odex Apps directly On Phone to save Space on/data-you'll get a notification if such an app is updated viaMarket-cleanup App cache-cleanup *dead* "/data/data//*.*" folder ifapk is removed-cleanup"/system/etc/product/applications/*.*"-cleanup"/system/etc/customization/applications"-cleanup".android_secure/smdl2tmp1.asec"-cleanup empty or duplicatedPlaylists-cleanup dalvik-cache remove unused classes.dexfiles-**automaticly checks for updated systemfiles wenn a packageis updated (i.e. market) and shows a notify if a package exists in/system AND /data. (systemcleanup doesnt need to run in background!it register itself for 'package_replaced' intent ;o) **-showsmemoryusage of running apps-search for unknown packagenanme withGoogle on a Single Click -you can send me an updated/missingdescription for a System.apk per eMail ;o)-in settings you can setthe default installation location for packagemanager(auto,internal,sdcard)-enable disable Activities and Services (i.E.disable the "Latitude" component of Maps if you dont needit)-enable disable Autoruns-Freeze items by PackageManager "disablecomponent" or simply by rename with undescore-added/system/vendor/app as systempath-added /vendor/overlay/framework tocleanup paths-backup/restore function for apk+data-show appsinstalled on sdcard to manage autoruns-added "Move app toSdcard"-restore only the apk or only the app data now-negate thesearch with an "!" as first char-send your backups to you googledrive, dropbox, bluetooth, wifi direct or just via email. -restoreyour backups i.e. directly from your google drive ;)-added theMEDIA_BUTTON to autostarts menu (to prevent the wrong (media)app tostart on headsetbutton)-added App Descriptions for Samsung GalaxyS3-added support for Alcatel Phones
Inteks Donation Key 3.07 APK
this key removes the startup waittime inSetXperia,SetVsel,Rebooter,SystemCleanup and .....thx for donation;o)this is only a key pls install the free version from the PlayStore, too
SetXperia 2.25 APK
now modified(and optimized) work with NEO Arc Play X10 X8 LGOptimus Speed Samsung Galaxy Motorola Milestone and maybe others...Need ***ROOT*** AND maybe ***Custom Kernel***newest Versionswitches reliable in the A2DP profile when music is played viaBluetooth. to prevent drop outs and stutter in the music playback!set voltages on /proc/overclock/mpu_opps/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels!!!HowItWorks !!! 1. Create one or more Profiles2. Selectone of these Profiles as Powersaving profile, witch is automaticlyset if battery drops below the selected limit.3. Pull down thenotification bar click the SetXperia Icon and select a ProfileON-THE-FLY i.e. powersaving while browsing or Overclocking whilegaming i.e. FPSE ;)Overclocking Undervolting Tool for Sony EricssonNeo.Save Akku Power and set CPU Scaling to minimum while Screen isOff. Set Profile on Low BatterySet Profile on Screen OffWithsetvsel you can set Vsel OnDemand or Performanceit include astability test to ensure you settings are stableIncludes SystemTweaks like:-Set sdCard readahead KB("/sys/devices/virtual/bdi/179:0/read_ahead_kb")-Set VM Min FreeMemory ("vm.min_free_kbytes")-Remount Storage with NoAtime onBoot-Overclock-Undervolting-Systeminfo like cpuspy-profiles likesetCpu, NoFrills CPU Control-voltages like IncrediControlupdatedversion 1.02:-implemented "remount with noatime"updated version1.03:-added systeminfo into menueupdate version 1.08:-option tosave & restore settings to sdCardupdate version 1.10:-now showsall governors and all schedulers-notification on "values not save"condition (when setxperia applies values at boot, it marks thisvales "save" after 30sec. to prevent boot loops)update version1.18:-new tool "moduleloader" can load kernelmodules like cifs.koor usb-storage.ko on startup ;o)update version 1.22:-new MagneticField CarDock activator (use standart CarMode)update version1.23:-added a Volumecontrol to longpress Searchbutton (i changed mykeylayout to get a free hardwarebutton for FPSE ;o) )update version1.24:-still shows batt% info (the notify is only updated on battchange)-new design of CPU Icon (white bars on transparentbackground)-profileeditor has now a rangebar for min/max cpu (thisprevent from setting low max as min) -a few perfomance tweaks andfixesupdate version 1.26:-this version remounts sdcard with'noatime' (if selected in settings) when phone is disconnected fromPCupdate version 1.32:-bugfix for phones with OMAP3 processors likeMotorola Milestone, Milestone 2, Droid, Droid 2 Global, Droid X,A853/A854, XT701/XT702, XT711, XT720, XT800/XT800W, Defy, Flipout,Samsung Galaxy Beam, Galaxy A, Archos Tablet A70 A101update version1.36:-added a "load current" button in voltage editor-added hiresicon for ICS-put volumecontrol into a scrollview for smalldisplaysupdate version 1.40:-added the option to create swapfile(/sdcard or /cache) @ bootupdate version 1.48:-added the option toset swappiness for swapfileupdate version 1.50:-execute/sdcard/userinit.sh at bootupdate version 1.52:-added option toedit /sdcard/userinit.sh on board.-added zram support-added supportfor/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/UV_mV_tablefor tegravoltage controlupdate version 1.57:-you can use now zRam and Swapthe same time (if your kernel support this) zRam get the higherpriority!update version 1.58:the new version supports the followingactions:profilename is in -> intent.getStringExtra("profile");this is to switch OC profiles from SmartQRTags but should also workfrom other apps i.e. Taskerupdate version 1.61:-added chargecontrolif "/sys/kernel/fast_charge" existupdate version 2.00:-updatedGUI-bugfixes
SetVsel 1.51 APK
Overclocking Undervolting Tool for MotorolaDefy.Save Akku Power and set CPU Scaling to minimum while Screen isOff.Set Scaling to maximum on incomming phonecall.Set Scaling to Medium on Low BatteryWith setvsel you can set Vsel OnDemand or Performanceit include a stability test to ensure you settings are stableNeed ***ROOT***version 1.11maybe 2.2 support (i cant test this, it use overclock,ko frommilestone2.2)VSels are now added dynamicly so 4Vsel are possible now !!!new stabilitytestsome bugfixesversion 1.12now you have the option to use the BuildIn Test or StabilityTestfrom the MarketVersion 1.14it loads the OverclockModule from MilestoneOverclock (if Installed)now and use that. (because of unsupported rom) maybe droid andmilestone works too this wayit also looks at /system/modules/overclock.ko .... so to allRomCockers pls place a working overclock.ko for your Rom into thatfolder ;o)Version 1.30works now on CN2.2widget that shows akt cpuspeed is included (beta)ad's removedwaiting dialog on startup (can be removed with a donation searchmarket for SetVsel(donate))Version 1.31-bugfix for startup probs on some phones-ultra fast reboot is back (this time it seems withoutfreezes)-menueitem for reloading overclock.ko-more logs for better bugfixingVersion 1.32-bugfixes-optionally CpuSpeedIcon in statusbarversion 1.33better error handling and logginghopefully fix force closes (if not pls send logcat)version 1.34reboot on UK 2.2 fixedversion 1.35new cpuspeedicon in gingerbread green ;)version 1.36bugfixesup_threshold is configurableyou can quick switch scaling_governor over notificationpulldonversion 1.37added the option to set up_threshold to 99% on low batteryversion 1.38bugfixversion 1.39fixed the bug that the wating dialog comes on screen rotation.version 1.41performance enhancmentsversion 1.42bugfix when changing iconsetversion 1.43the abnormal batteryusage is fixed !!!!version 1.45-now you can set 2 batterylimits ! 1 for limit Vsel and 1 forsetThresholdi.e set up_threshold to 99 on batt = 40% and on batt = 20% limit tovsel2-more onthefly options via notify menueversion 1.47-shows a RED icon when both battery conditions are reachedversion 1.48-SD Card Speedfix addedversion 1.50-added BatteryInfo in 1% Steps to NotifyBarversion 1.51-optional apply "sysctl -w vm.min_free_kbytes=4096" @boot-small bugfixes
AutoSpark 4.21 APK
“This app uses the Device Administrator permission.”AudiostreamingMaps Guide Headup Displayuse an old smartphone to display music andmaps information i.e. stationary in your carsomething like a poorman android auto.it let you select "offline" stored playlists andalbums from googleplay music. control play, next and prev audiotrackshows album und musc informations.shows navigationinformations.have fun;o) howto:-select in options if current phoneis display or smartphone-pair the two devices over bluetooth-pairthe smartphone with your car a2dp adapter and select the adapter inoptions on the smartphone device-on the "display" device select thesmartphone.usage:-swipe down on "display" to select playlist.-swipeleft for next track-swipe right for prev trackthe app "can" useroot to switch cpu governor to interactive to avoid a2dpdropoutsthe app needs the right to read notifications to get allthis informations (maps/music)
Rebooter 1.04 APK
restart only the Java maschine so it's ultra fast.it really helpswhen replacing system apps apk !!it has also a button for fullreboot ;)ROOT IS NEEDED !!!version 1.03optionaly start on longpress search
SmartQRTags 1.23 APK
switching profiles via QR code :D printout a QR code (**or just cutone out of your newsletter** ;) ) and put it anywarefor example -inthe car on the dashboard to start cardock mode-in the bedroom onthe bedside table to activate the flight mode-at home at theentrance door to activate wireless-scan the barcode of a CD Coverand associate it to the belonging playlist-...>>>>Switch on Display - Shake your phone - Scan QR Code - Done<<<<its like SmartTags on Xperia2012 series ;o)itincludes settings to configure shake sensitivity and now you canuse every QR Code you find !!! just cut one out of your newsletterif you need a TAG (just like nfc tags)folloing action arepossible:-Enable/Disable Wifi-Enable/Disable WifiHotspot-Enable/Disable Bluetooth-Enable/Disable Mobile Data-OpenNetwork Settings to change 2G/3G-Open Gps/LocationSettings-Enable/Disable Autosync-Enable/DisableFlightmode-Mute/UnMute the Phone-Set Alarmvolume toMAX-Enable/Disable Cardock mode-Play Title or Playlist-Startselected Application-Send a Textmessage-set Phone Volumes-set BassBoostupdate:-reworked shake detection-added a few actionsmore-added a second icon to directly scan and apply a Profileupdatev1.03:-switched storing from shardpreferences to sqlite databasefor better performance-send sms works now-start app works nowupdatev1.04:-new iconupdate v1.05:-few ui changes-added flightmodeupdatev1.06:-fixed the bug where scanner not opened while screen islocked-action "data" now opens the mobiledata settings page (userhave to check/uncheck the checkbox)-added action "gps" -option todisable the use of acceleration sensorupdate v1.07:-fixed action"data" now works without user interactionupdate v1.08:-guiupdates-added "send log dump" function-added "hotspot"-added "playmusic/playlist"update v1.09:-fixed the bug where you cant dismissbarcodescanner insallation-fixed (hopefully) the bug where thephone stays unlocked-if you have a modded phone.apk you can limitto 2G without user interaction.update v1.10:-added a fullmixercontrol to set volumes and bassboost -a few bugfixesupdatev1.15:-bug fixes-fixed playlist select/playback-added googlemusicplaylists-added apply profiles by time-added create shortcuts todesktopupdate v1.16:-fixed ForceClose on start-fixed timed profilesare not applied when device is in deepsleep-added a notify whenprofiles are applied-fixed create desktopshortcuts when icon are tobigupdate v1.17:-added the option to use Magneticfield as Trigger(usefull if dardock has magnet buildin)update v1.20:-if you have mySetXperia (at least version 1.58) on your Phone. you can now switchOC profiles with smartQRTags ;o)update v1.22:-if you haveSystemcleanup (at least version 3.57) on your Phone, you can nowtrigger autocleanups with smartQRTags ;o)update v1.23:-made theprofiles screen scrollable (for small screens)
Toggle Defy Flash 1.0 APK
This tool Toggles the Flash Torch off your Defy On Offit needs rootto toggle the flash while the camcoder is runninghave fun