3.35 / April 3, 2016
(2.3/5) (13)


Intelligent Mobs for Minecraft Pocket (MCPE),The idea of the mod is to add more mobs as we see in PC to PocketEdition. So far the creator MyNameIsAnti has added two more mobs.Endermen and villagers. The mod is far from done but he plans toadd more mobs systematically.

App Information Intelligent Mobs Installer

  • App Name
    Intelligent Mobs Installer
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    April 3, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 3.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    CL Mods
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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Lord Herobrine Mod Installer 3.10 APK
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Lord Herobrine Mod for Minecraft Pocket (MCPE)adds a new scary character to the game, surprisingly namedHerobrine. He’s said to be Notch brother and that it is a characterin the original game sometimes appearing. Notch has many times saidthis is not the case but the fans have continued to be obsessedabout the character and now even creating mods where he’s anadded
Mario Craft Mod Installer 3.08 APK
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Mario Craft Mod for Minecraft Pocket (MCPE) isa mod which got similaries to what Super Mario Bros 1 looked likefor NES and Game Boy Advance. The map is built in a 2D way, but asit’s Minecraft it’s obviously 3D. Have a look at the image below toget the idea of the concept.
Friend Mod Installer 2.01 APK
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Friend Mod for Minecraft Pocket (MCPE), Tiredof running around alone? Got no friends in Minecraft PE? Don’t besorry anymore and do something about it. Get this friend mod andlet Lucy be your new best friend. It’s a bot though, so look moreat it as practice for your next action to actually find realfriends in the game.
Portal Gun Mod Installer 3.19 APK
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Portal Gun Mod for Minecraft Pocket (MCPE),Portal is one of the most popular video games today. The concept ofPortal is teleportation. Through the use of a portal gun you cancreate portals and teleport from one point to another.
Herobrine Dimension Installer 3.37 APK
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Herobrine Dimension for Minecraft Pocket(MCPE) is said to be Notch’s brother, son and lots of other things.All of which are none probably true but it’s still a fun mysteriouscharacter which people claim they have seen in-game. Herobrine’sDimension lets gives you the possibility to craft a portal doorwhich you can enter to reach Herobrine’s dimension. Here you canmeet Herobrine. Supposedly he has stolen things from you which youcan steal back if you fight him.
Girlfriend Mod Installer 3.40 APK
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Girlfriend Mod for Minecraft Pocket (MCPE) youwill be able to spawn a girlfriend using a flower. The girlfriendcan walk around and say some words from time to time but other thanthat she’s quite limited to what she can do. If you are looking fora companion then it’s definitely a nice addition to the game.
The Wither Boss Mod Installer 3.36 APK
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The Wither Boss Mod for Minecraft Pocket(MCPE), A hovering three-headed monster boss in Minecraft, that’swhat the Wither Boss is. Until now it’s only been possible tochallenge on the PC version but now Lu_Lu54 has made it possiblefor us Minecraft Pocket Edition fans to enjoy the scary bosstoo!
Plant-Zombee Warfare Installer 3.29 APK
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Plant-Zombee Warfare for Minecraft Pocket(MCPE) inspired by the popular game Plants vs Zombies which is agame where plants fight against zombies and vice versa and in theoriginal game it’s third-person. It’s lots of fun and can be playedfor lots of time, we promise you.