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Interior design is a science that studiesthedesign of a work of art that is in a building and used tosolvehuman problems. One of the areas of science study that isbased onthe science of design, this field of science aims to createa builtenvironment (space in) along with its supporting elements,bothphysical and nonphysical. So the quality of human life in itforthe better. Interior design covers the field of architecturethatcovers the inside of a building.

Luxury homes can only be owned by certain people who have a lotofmoney, but the design of this luxury house can also be applied toaminimalist home, depending on the creativity of homeowners.Thisdesign can be seen from the physical room filled withluxuriousdecorations, lighting, and a nice wall ornament. Luxuryhousedesign is easy to apply to large homes.

Well, this application contains creative ideas that can be usedasan inspiration.

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TV Furniture Shelf 1.0 APK
TV rack model is very diverse, the modelofthis tv rack a lot sought by the lovers of furniture andthelayman. This furniture can be placed in the family room as aplacewhere the tv holder. Will beautify your living room and add tothecomfort of your family while watching tv.As for how the concept of interior design from the tv rackitself,you can determine the design of his tv rack in accordancewith yourtaste or in accordance with the theme of the interior inthe roomyou put the shelf. You can discuss it with your interiordesigner,how and what kind of tv cabinet design you want and alsoaccordingto your budget and requirement.Of course, the design will be adjusted to the size of the room,ifthe space in the home room is wide enough, then the tv rack canbeoptimized as possible. But if the space you have space is notsowide, you can make credenza tv with a simple or minimalistdesignbut still looks beautiful and interesting. Minimalist tvdesign canbe your choice especially if you have a small house andnot toobroad.Well .. it's a glimpse of the review of furniture tv rack .. Inthisapplication there are many designs that can menginfirasi youtodesign the interior shelves tv furniture.
Home Design 3D 1.0 APK
The layout of a good house certainly hasthespace or distance for the path that can be passed bytheinhabitants of the house. As a benchmark of size, you canmeasurethe width of the line in accordance with the size of people,sothat residents will feel comfortable walking in the housethroughthe path of the room that has been made. In addition, do notletany goods or furniture that interfere with the path.For some furniture that must be opened and closed like cabinetsanddesk drawers then provide a place with a wider track sizethanother lines. This method is also useful for the interiorappearanceof the house is not too narrow.The most important stage is the placement for the function ofeachroom. Inside a minimalist house there are 4 rooms, namelylivingroom, living room, bedroom room, and bathroom room. Forthebathroom should definitely be placed in a corner of the roomorseparate with other rooms, but should be given maximum lighting.Asfor the living room and living room you can provide distanceusingfurniture such as shelves, long tables, or so the sofa in thehouseview still feels more spacious.
Wedding Invitation Design 1.0 APK
Invitations are a flyer or letterinvitation,usually used to invite people to attend a particularevent.Invitations are a must-have when creating an event, so thatthoseinvited know the event to be held.The invitations should be made as attractive as possible so thattherecipients of the invitation are happy and amazed, nowadays alot ofprofessional invitation-making services. They usuallyreceive andmake invitations with designs that have been determinedby theinvitee ordering. But if you want to create an invitationdesignwith your own design, it can be done using this adobephotoshopprogram. Of course the result will be more interestingand inaccordance with the wishes. So from that we must be able tomasterthis adobe photoshop program.In this application a lot of new wedding invitation design thatisperfect for you.
Wedding Room Decoration 1.0 APK
Compared to other wedding preparations suchascatering, makeup, entertainment, and so on, setting up thebridalsuite is often forgotten. Many potential couples ignorethisbecause they think to live in a new house or apartmentimmediatelyafter the wedding is over. However, did you know thatthe bridalchamber does not merely serve as a new bridal placethrough thefirst night? Do not get when approaching the event, youjust knowif it turns out the bridal room exactly needed.In addition to functioning as a bed of a newlywed couple, thebridalchamber also serves as a prospective bride bed the nightbefore thewedding takes place. This room will be used also forsome customprocession such as paes, midodareni, pingit, bainainight, and soforth. Relatives who come usually ask to see thebridal room. If youuse a series of custom processions, then thebridal chamber becomesimportant to prepare.After marriage, a couple of brides will usually be photographedinthe bride's room. In addition, the preparation of weddingvideopreparations are also often take angel bridal room setting. Noneedto be too festive, you can also decorate your own wedding roombyputting a mosquito net and some bouquets in some corners oftheroom. If you and your family agree not to provide a bridalsuite,you can tell the photographer so they can findanotherbackground.Well, in this application a lot of bride room decoration ideasforyou.
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Kitchen in general is a place or a specialroomthat is usually there in a residence as a complement to thespace toperform activities such as processing, providing food toprepare forserving that often we often call the cookingactivities.In modern times this kitchen design changes in accordance withtheneeds and equipment in use such as the use ofrefrigerator,dispenser, microwave etc. In the kitchen also the formof layout orfloor plan was perfected in accordance with the needsof spacegerengguna, the concept of space triangle that is oftenused thatindicates that in the kitchen has 3 main functions namelystoragespace, preparation space and cooking space that each othermust beadjacent and mutually related.Well, so in this application contains the creative ideas ofthelatest and greatest modern kitchen design.
Handbag Design 1.0 APK
Bag is a place or container that hasausefulness to store various items that are usually made offabric,leather, plastic, paper, jeans, cattoon and others with avarietyof unique and interesting model shapes.You can find a variety of fashion products on the markettodayranging from clothing to fashion accessories. One of themostpopular fashion products among women is the bag. Bag is one ofthefashion accessories that have a variety of functions. Bags youcanuse as a place for your cosmetic supplies. In addition, the bagcanalso make your appearance look more attractive. Bags can alsomakeyour appearance seem more classy, ​​especially if you chooseabranded bag or also known as a branded bag. This type ofbagusually has a brand that is widely known and can be a symbolofsocial status such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci.
Idea Batik Couple 1.0 APK
Many people who do not understand abouttheclothes couple, so they often confused when buying clothescouple.They do not think if you buy the couple's clothes will gettwoitems of clothes (get two clothes). Now we will reviewtheunderstanding.So the couple's outfit is a dress that there is a partner.Thecouple's outfit consists of clothes for boys and clothes toweargirls. So the couple's clothes consist of two items / pcs.Often inthe couple's dress there is a difference in size. One itemfor malesize and one item for woman size. So do not be confusedagain ifbuying couple clothes would dapet two items / pcs.Modern batik couple couples latest model is also a type ofclothingthat we provide for you modern couples. Available invarious motifsand latest motifs and the use of various colors makethiscollection of batik couple is the right choice if you stillwant tolook trendy and slang in batik fashion. The material used bythemajority is quality cotton fabric so comfortable to wear, softandnot hot.In this application a lot of designs batik couples that maketheinspiration for you, what else for young children.
Art Doodle Name 1.1 APK
Picture Doode Art is a picture that carelesslywritten but has a very cool shape, while for this picture, althoughfairly simple in the making but has a very unique view when inmaking high-level art creations. Therefore a lot of experts use theart of painting drawing doodle Art image is to be sold at a veryhigh price. Then with another example of the doodle image is whenwe primary school so often daydream so venting our daydreams thataccompanied by imagination and then our hand mencorat streakingbenches, tables, walls, blackboards, blank paper and also manyothers, it is this We do not imagine that what we often do about itis the art of doodle drawing.Well, for that on this occasion I will share with you some examplesof doodle art images that are easy to imitate for beginners. Byakrena it please directly download only images that we haveprovided.What I often see about this doodle is cartoon, name, letter, comic,and so on. While with this simple doodle image you can make aprofile profile of social media applications like Facebook, Line,BBM, Tumblr, Pinterest and others. So with this it will certainlybe cool your sosmed look. Then how to create a cool doodle artimage? Well, to answer this question is certainly very easy,because you have to prepare pencils, coloring, paper and eraser,for that way you have to do is imagine or imagine what the themeshould you make. It could be berthema about doodle art simple name,doodle art letters or can also others. For that make a very simpledoodle image maybe especially for those of you who are new to thisdrawing or beginner, of course have to choose a picture doodle artvery easy to imitate.