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Internet Optimize Booster Free is a compactandad-free Android phone boosting and power saving tool with over50million satisfied users. This functionality will also helpextendthe battery life of your phone. It works as Memory Booster.You canuse either or both, as you please. Need root and dependingof thephone model. If you have selected to launch apps by defaultfor someactions. It is likewise an assignment administrationapparatus whichcan deal with all the introduced applications onyour telephone.This is one of the best cache cleaning toolavailable in the market,which keeps your phone cleaning.Background monitoring: Choosebetween silent mode or to receive anotification when your deviceneeds to be re-boosted.

Highlights of Internet Optimize Booster Free:
- Low and Full battery alarms with repeat intervals
- Intelligent app list inside, more efficient cleanup
- Supported language (19): English, Korean, Japanese,SimplifiedChinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Arabic, Hindi,Persian,German, Greek, Spanish, Indonesian, Romanian, Russian,Slovak,Albanian, Turkish, and Portuguese
- Kill the task Cache Cleaner
- Boost up your phone anytime with a single drag
- Alarm clock will still work

Features : One Click Boost via Cache Cleaning andRAMCleaning*Speed up your Phone Directly from your Home ScreenusingOptimizer Widget. All ROM supported, some ROM already had thisfileso maybe its not necessary patch the System. Traditionaltaskkillers only kill the running apps, which cause them toleavebehind garbage data in RAM memory which then has to be clearedbythe system, even on later versions of Android MEMORY BOOSTBoostyour games and apps, free up memory (RAM), speed up yourdevice andsave more battery.

New! Now you can delete or save Whats App backups (It ishighlyrecommended not to delete latest backup). With this app, youcanboost your phone speed by cleaning memory of your Android phoneandsave battery! This app includes Memory Cleaner (SpeedBooster),Junk/Cache Cleaner, Game Speed Booster, Browser and GooglePlaySearch History Cleaner, Call & SMS History cleaner, andAppManager to manage installed/pre installed apps.100%Free,Applications Master Cleaner PRO - Speed ??Booster is a mixoftools 7-in-1! - Memory Cleaner, Cache Cleaner, gameoptimization,Search History Cleaner, History Cleaner Call &SMS, WidgetOptimization game, and Eraser Applications.

Clear all Call Log! Root Booster can decide which governoryoushould use and automatically applies the most suitable governorforthe selected mode. Use your device normally without anychanges.Please note this method is untested and any feedback sentto thesupport email address is welcomed thankfully! In order foranytoggling of battery saver to work on Android M Preview 2,you'llhave to perform the steps explained under "Set up hidingsystembars". It is time to boost your Phone Memory Cleaner AndSpeedBooster Taking too much time on reboot or lags when youlaunchapplications or play games? Don't worry, Speed boostercleaningmaster will speed up your mobile phone with one simpleclick. It'sthat easy :)Total RAM Booster is not just another taskkiller. Turnit off and go to sleep without worries. would recommendand otherapps from same developer. Can you imagine your phonewithout aninternet connection? The feeling is even pathetic whenour Networksfail to provide a good internet speed in-spite ofopting for Highspeed 3G internet plans. It's our little greenrobot's only majordownside, and you've probably noticed it quite abit on yourAndroid phone/tablet. Highlights of the free antivirusprograms.When the memory is released- Improves processing speed.This toolscontain extra features like you can customize thehardware settingsby your way. Please email us if you would like tohelp localizeBattery Widget. Kill Selected Running Processes showsall therunning apps, with detailed memory information of eachapp.

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    Internet Optimize Booster Free
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    April 2, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    100 - 500
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Memory Booster Genius Ultimate 1.0 APK
Memory Booster Genius Ultimate speedboosterfocuses on effectively ending up all of the needless runningappsin background to boost RAM, speed up the phone and protectthebattery consumption. If you need Bluetooth you can still turnitwill still retaining the battery boost properties. This app isaleading global software developer and has been solvingcomplexconsumer computer problems for 20+ years with innovativeindustry-leading technology. No root permission required! Features:ClearBrowser History Clear Call Log Clear text messages ClearMarketSearch History (including new android market history ofv3.)Whitelist: You can add frequently-used apps to your whitelist?Powerful Speed Booster: Boosts your Android system? HomeScreenRocket Man: Brings you fun while cleaning memory Easy touseLightweight, power saving and easy to use; quickly releasesmemoryand boosts your phoneHighlights of Memory Booster Genius Ultimate:- Regularly check the battery status and reduceitstemperature- External cache can not be deleted with a one click- A list showing all the junk files in you device- adjust item display order- Play sound notifications in a loop- Original green color option (transparent icon only)- Battery Saver is a free, lightweight and elegant app- Accurately show charging remaining time- The free version should be simple but useful; it shouldn'tfeelcrippled- Task Killer kills tasks with one click!Light: Small in size and no background service, consuminglessmemory and battery. Task Killer (ROOT beta embedded) TaskKillershows all the running apps except those white listed, withdetailedmemory and CPU usage information of each running app. Theappremembers the locations automatically. open applicationshowapplication details page. There are already hundreds ofthousandsof users worldwide who enjoy a clean connection andrenewed 4gWiththis application completely renew your connection,the telephoneexchange of your operator will assign a completely newIP.Switching On/Off Airplane Mode. Memory optimizer reclaimslostmemory for your programs by fragmentation your smartphone'smemoryand recovering memory leaks from poorly behaved applications.Usersreceive an interface to view and check the system outputs andthesystem parameter settings. Also with more option:- Setting upautoclear or boost device at a specified interval! But, youdon'treally need to worry about that anymore. This powerfulcleaning appwill boost the speed of your phone and SD card, makingit easierfor you to browse photos, listen to songs, and playgames.The usual cause for this slowdown is the amount of occupiedRAMand cache memory of installed apps and background andpersistentrunning applications. Clear call logs by category(Missed, Dialedand Received). Auto Memory Cleaner also allows youto restart anyrunning process manually. Tips:- Not all towers andwirelessrouters are in our database - were working on it!- userswill seeonly one connected tower at a time- Moving in the directionof yourcell tower (the signal compass) will not always improvereceptiondue to interference effects/local geography. There aresome appswhich I see in Memory Booster Life Time FREE! BUT Ihaven't openedthem?These kinds of apps are basically opened by someotherinstalled apps or by mobile itself. Simple but effective appforcleaning browser history and call log cleaning on yourphone/tabletwith Material Design inspired interface. This does notinterest us.Supreme Battery Saver application provides the bestadjustment tosave the battery life of your smart phone or yourtablet. Intensivesaving mode: when your mobile goes black screen,smart batterysaver is going to stop WiFi and mobile connectivity,you will beable to receive calls but, during black screen, Internetis goingto switch off during 15 minutes intervals
Junk Cleaner For Mobile Free 1.0 APK
Junk Cleaner For Mobile Free enables yourphoneto be in Delta (battery saving mode) and still be connectedto thenetwork!All premium features are 100% free - NO PAIDUPGRADErequired! Our research has shown that network usage is thebiggestbattery drainer. Reduces mobile start up times. The BatterySaverFlashlight offers 16 different brightness settings and 4differentcolors (red, green, yellow, and white). Now you can evenfree-upsystem RAM by killing apps. Easy one click ram cleaning Fastcachecleaner: one click to clean cache Show detail internal cacheandexternal cache. Q: What is this app for? A: This app optimizeRAMto make your device faster. Just one tap the app icon toinstantlyclear cache. Speed Up Your Smartphone Today with MemoryCleaner(Speed Booster).Junk Cleaner For Mobile Free Features:- Themes - Download new themes, added monthly, for free- Charging:- Supports fast charge, full charge andtricklecharge- Each notification type can be set individually- Switch to Application- Check the battery to be used from most any application- ADVANTAGES OF PRO: All features (widget, etc)- Active WiFi or mobile data on a specified time for toperformupdates emails period, the weather- Low and Full battery alarms with repeat intervals- Sort apps according to name and size- Accurate prediction of standby time2Features : One Click Boost via Cache Cleaning andRAMCleaning*Speed up your Phone Directly from your Home ScreenusingOptimizer Widget. Required permissions: Device & apphistoryUse case category: phone booster, optimize phone, morespeed, speedbooster, boost my phone, game booster? LONGER BATTERYLIFE ?Whydoesn't my battery last as long as it used to? Some appsuse upbattery power even though they aren't being used. EnergySaved isEnergy Produced. Max Memory Booster frees and boosts yourAndroiddevices memory by killing unwanted apps, cleaning cacheandoptimizing memory usage.Interesting and useful fish game3. Mobile Search - Searchtheweb, fun apps/games, and find apps in your phone or tabletrightfrom the home screen. Note, turning on WiFi for a few minuteshaslittle or no impact on your battery life. apk file) viaBluetooth,Email etc. More features may be added in the future, sodownload itand leave your feedback. GPS receiver/ GPS setting2G/3Gtoggle?mobile data? Set WiFi/WiFi,Bluetooth,Auto-syncdata,Airplanemode Task Killer/advanced task manager---The taskkiller allows youto kill processes on your Android quickly.List applications that have caches. Signal booster willconnectyour cell phone to the strongest and fastest signal tower inyourarea. It's natural to make your battery last more thantwicelonger!"This app to save Battery well by disconnectingunnecessarycommunication when screen of your smartphone turns off.Over5,000,000 Downloads! Cache Cleaner? History Cleaner? Call/TextlogCleaner? Defaults Cleaner? SD Cleaner There are fourcleanersincluded in this app. Clear old call logs in phone, browserandplay store history-Clear file and search history fromdifferentbrowsers in the phone-Select multiple entries from phonecallrecords to clear desired data When protection mode is ON(thecleaner image), than on Screen OFF event (push the powerbutton)your Data connection and WiFi connection will be turned OFF.Whenthe phone battery is low or insufficient, users simply clickthebutton to turn on power saving mode (default saving mode isoffWIFI, Bluetooth, GPS positioning, background light, set yourphoneto silent, vibration mode off, the synchronous closed).Thejunk-creating behavior of millions of apps has been analyzedsothat Fast Clean could delete cache and residual files toreclaimstorage, boost speed and improve the performance of yourdevice andSD card. Show Desktop Modern Blue Battery Widgetshortcuts:1. AboutLookout Labs This app Cleaner is a project of theLabs division ofLookout Mobile Security.
Magic Speed Booster Smart Free 2.0 APK
Magic Speed Booster Smart Free can increasethe browsing speed of your mobile up to 300%! Furthermore it willgive a clear overview on what apps are using your personalinformation stored on your phone, so you can easily block access toyour address book, photos, browser history, sms records etc.Monitor the temperature of your device and cool down it as youwant. This one is what I personally use, if I find something betterI will keep this setting updated. Such leftover data not only takeup space but also slow down your devices performance. Clear Cache,calculate cache Key Features: Optimize Instantly frees memory. Youcan be set to suit: easily easily and brightness cut rate. Call LogEraser: Remove call logs and hide your phone call's protecting yourprivacy. This app designed for Android devices which will make yourphone or tablet work faster.Magic Speed Booster Smart Free Features:- Different power-saving modes supported- Widget that improves battery performance with personalized UIdesign- Enhance Speed- Clean unnecessary memory- Battery Saver works like a brain of your battery- A Super Box Help you to manage your phone easily andefficiently- battery indicator load, temperature- Automatic optimization threshold- speed up your internet- Add-on battery helper functionyou will be able to receive calls but, during black screen,Internet is going to switch off during 15 minutes intervals, comingback during 1 minute for receiving all necessary notifications, orwhen you switch on the screen Booster for Android Advantages PhoneBoost One-tap Boost: A single touch to boost your phone and releasememory? Regular Cleaning: Automatically closes background apps,keeping your phone at best speed Google's Android Booster frees upyour critical CPU resources which reduces the drain on yoursystem's speed, improving performance significantly.Download this app to discover high-performance and superiorquality antivirus info for your Android devices. In such a case, itis recommended not to move this application to SD card. We expressour gratitude to Ezequiel D. POWER LEVEL DETAILS :Get your phone'sbattery power level by percentage or by time remaining. What makesSimple Battery Saver the best Most battery saver apps are eithertask killers OR settings managers NOT both. Share your favoritewallpapers through Photo Story with users worldwide.Due to reconnection to the nearest base station mobile signallevel will increase on your mobile phone/tablet. Clear user data ofApps Power Saver (Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, auto-sync, auto-rotatescreen, screen brightness, timeout). This WIDGET Access your gamebooster function from home screen widget. And without you evenknowing, your apps may even be spying on you each time you use yourAndroid. Optimized the virus scan and SD card scan interfaces. likepro master saver apps tools that can make improve your ram memorysystem app and increasing ram app- faster performance phone whenyou use smartphone in your activity Your temper only gets worsebecause you remember it's price tag. Just a few minutes in thelight and you will see your battery level increasing. Speed Updevice by killing background running-task! ALL WITH JUST ONE CLICK!BATTERY SAVER 3X FEATURES: Shows Health Condition of Device ShowsTemperature in Celsius('C)Shows Voltage in Shows Plugged via USB orwall mount charger Show Status if Charging or not charging KillTasks any time to boost memory and a battery Life. If there afeature we are missing that you would love to have, send us anemail and we will work hard to bring it to you!!!! All revenue willbe going back into the application, to make Easy System Tuner thebest system tuner for All Android Devices Thank you.
Easy RAM Cleaner Powerful App 2.0 APK
Easy RAM Cleaner Powerful App clean phonevirus & cleaner cache + speed booster is a comprehensive guide,which will remove any malicious app from your Android phone. So youwill see how YouTube, Facebook or your favorite Game performs inyour network. Additional features: Master your device's filemanagement and get rid of unused apps and files. Apparently whichboost your system os and memory. easy way to boost/speedup yourphone clean up RAM Ultimate Task Killer. Clean memory(killbackground Apps) when the screen is locked or off, the battery willbe in its prime condition whilst idle. It will also store thebattery history and display the stored values in a chart for laterreview.Features of Easy RAM Cleaner Powerful App:- Find files that have been modified in the last X minutes- Check out your battery levels- Speed up your phone running like a new one- Make your phone or tablet faster- It is fast and reliable! Operating system and the system makes ituseful- and It will show how much RAM its got released and how manyprocesses its cleaned- This feature is available on Android 4- One click to clear all widget- USERS: 1 Click ""Clean All Cache"" is not supported for Android4- Customize display unit for memory in Percentage(%) orSize(MB)Support other languagesYou will not worry about low WiFi network signal anymore even ifyou are at a place where there is low WIFI signal network. This appis the application for optimization of Android devices which is ""VERY PRACTICAL "". the App allows access to the battery usage.(Attention) May not work properly depending on the specificationsof the device or OS. Please return the favor with a score of 5stars and clicking the +1 button for supporting the futuredevelopment of this app and other apps Thank you. INSTANT batterysaving mode.Disclaimer:App is free; we put some on it to support thedeveloper hence few permissions are needed. We are reallypassionate about Boost My Mobile, commented a spokesperson from thecompany. Rapid Memory Booster is easy to use. Boost apps like noother. Manage apps on Android internal storage and SD card to freeup space. Memory Booster & Cash Cleaner. Keep your phone inyour pocket or purse, not on the charger every minute. A five starreview, Battery booster is a life saver Saves battery life and Ilike the way it makes my phone faster.(Savings, rest and custom) - Besides, the application comes witha widget that you can place on the main screen of your mobile phonewith icons commonly used for faster and energy saving (GPS data,Bluetooth, WiFi) access, and tells you the percentage of remainingbattery power. It is totally free app for android phones.merged/synchronized Facebook or Google+ contacts which only containthe profile link. This talking battery meter app has a lot offeature beside it speak the battery status. App performance slow?Optimize now for a quicker experience.With This app technology, helps you to clean the memory andOptimize the RAM at just one GO! That is what precisely this app isdesigned to do, just select Power Clean (Boost cache)The morereliable the world, Power Clean (Boost cache) optimizer, helpsclean more 400 million devices! What we can do for you?Now, it'seasy to free up more storage of your device and the SD card,booster games and the memory of the device, to improve the speed,to stop overheating and protect your device application andvulnerabilities. Is your smartphone working slowly?Smart Cleanerdoesn't absorb much resources and thanks to it you will clear outunnecessary files, which slow down your device. Z Speed+ (speedbooster & junk cleaner) Highlights:? Black Hole Speed BoosterHave you ever boosted again and again with no effect? Z Speed+Black Hole Booster, unlike any other boosters, stops the toughestauto-start apps, 50% more effective than most boosters on market.Automatically, just enable it. Like we said, different people usetheir phone in different ways.
Power Booster Turbo Assistant 1.0 APK
Power Booster Turbo Assistant clean allappscache and junk to improve memory of device. Individualbatterysaving menu options at one place to save battery smartlyFreeVersion:- Just-a-Phone: A single tap turns off powerdrainingfeatures that are not required for phone use. Completelyscan andcleanup every bit of junk and cache files. Mobile Speed Up- Cleanmemory is an Android optimizer & cleaner master.OptionalBattery Saver Saves Battery Consumption, No Need to ChargeYourMobile Phone Frequently. Our new #1 Profile app can auto switch2Battery. Please Note: We do request for Read Log Permission,ReadContact Permission, and Read SMS Permission.Main features of Power Booster Turbo Assistant:- 3 Mode to save battery (Saving Mode, Sleep Mode,CustomizedMode)- Release RAM memory- Boost memory- Reduce the number of the home screen widget update manuallyusingthe Time Stretch- Clear hidden row and caches- 16-bit transparency- Features:- Improve device performanceWarning: Do not move this app to SD card. You'll never missyourbeloved apps. Key features:* Shows Battery level* List of alltheapps running in the background* One-tap task killer* Turnon/offWiFi, Internet Data, GPS, Bluetooth, Sync with a single tapfromapp and from widget* 3 convenient power presets* Instantphonetemperature indicator. The device will run slowly, obviously,isbecause after you start using your phone and I have installedtheapplication new, more, and each application would have to storetheprocessed data in it if not.Specify own network connection interval for Day / Nightmode.It's easy and fast!This application is FREE. Life level inpercent(%) at status bar. Battery Information/Battery Watcher11.You candisable or uninstall app runs at phone boot or background tospeedup your Android devices. Please return the favor with a scoreof 5stars and clicking the +1 button for supporting thefuturedevelopment of this app and other apps Thank you. This appgoesthrough your phone and cleans up your system memoryautomaticallyonce a day.One Cleaner, most easy to use Android phone booster for youtoclean junk files, reclaim storage, boost memory, manager autostartand pre installed apps. You can also clear the history ofGoogleMap Also delete the history of Google play store Clean JunkFilesNow you can clean the junk files and boost your speed ofandroiddevice Cool Down Task Killer kills tasks with oneclick!MonitorSystem Check the usage of your CPU. Feature: Enhanceyour AndroidOS Performance, Powerful speed booster: boost the speedof yourAndroid Optimization & Recover RAM Memory Check youravailablememory, Cleanup unused process RAM memory, Junk processtrashcleaner.With only 5 engineers, 2 of them with congenital having tostayin bed for over 30 years, our team have made 10+ best freewareforall of you Does not interfere with Android's internal working(likeshutting down apps - Android does this best ON IT'S OWN) - sonocrashes!Does not run heavy processes in the background, thatdrainyour battery Light weight, thin interface! There are lots oftoolsand software available to give you a throttled upinternet.Double-tapping the Bluetooth widget will take you to theappConnections can sometimes take up to 256 seconds; this is outofour control and is a limitation in the Android Wear protocol.Toolto free up space in our smartphone lost. The usual and mostdefinedreason for the fast discharge of smartphone battery, is thebuildupof stress by background running applications in your phone.We donot want to confuse users by making a lot of complex layers&modules which are unnecessary like many other apps out therein themarket does. Extract Contact Images from contacts. The 1x1widgetallows various sizes, check the settings of the widget!(clickwidget, click settings, click blue label)- ResizableWidget(Android 4. Google fixed this problem in Android 4.
One Touch Booster Turbo Free 2.0 APK
One Touch Booster Turbo Free Protect yourbattery with healthy charging to extend life of your battery. Thisapp is one of the powerful tool ever manage your mobile or tabletwith Du Battery Speed Booster key features: Fully charging alert.Use settings: twist 3G/4G/mobile data toggle We manage to get yourbattery throughout the day by intelligently dealing with phonesnetwork connectivity, screen time out, screen brightness and otherpower consuming features. Maybe you have accidentally synchronizedyour contact list with Facebook or Google+, getting all contactsstored in your contact list, even those without a phone number, useContacts Cleaner to get rid of these empty contacts you don?t needin your list.Highlights of One Touch Booster Turbo Free:- Clean Google search history- Speed up your device and save more battery- memory Optimizer Improves and optimizes systems memory byfree- Widget- Notification bar- Quiet hours (Mute alarms at certain hours)- Easy & Powerful Battery Saver: Extend your Android batterylife by up to 50% without charging- Conveniently view accurate information of the time remaining andpercent % of your battery- QR and Bar-code Scanner: quick scanning and info collecting- Intelligent brightness controlThis battery saving tool, tells you how much battery power youhave left after shutting down some features on your phone. Clean upyour devices memory When implementing Game Turbo, it providesoptimized environment to play game on your phone by cleaning upyour device at once. If you worry about removing importantapplications or files you are able to add them to the exclusionlist. You can benefit a lot from this!!? Manage Application: Theoriginal and best cache cleaning app for Android. AccuratelyEstimates Remaining Battery Time Tells how long battery will lastunder a variety of situations (playing games, WiFi on or off,etc)Professional Charging Solo Battery Saver regulates the mannerin which your device is charged with a Unique 3 Stage Chargingsystem to ensure you get the most out of your battery and remindsyou not to over charge.Here's a sneak-peak of the content you will be getting insidethis app: When you first got your sparkling new android mobilephone you were most likely cleared out by how quick it was.Designed for heavy users, It is not a simple control panel toenable or disable WiFi, Bluetooth. Settings: includes BatteryService Option: By using this option, user can stop and run thisbattery app and user who wants to set this service has to run itautomatically or manually when your system boots. Our method isvery simple.Labs projects are experimental by nature, and may only beavailable for a limited time. The system virus tool will detect andremove virus and spyware. These "cache" files might help that oneapp start a little faster. When you start the game booster, itreduces the RAM usage of other background apps so your game can usemore RAM than usual. Help information is available within the appand on my web site. Remaining treasured Cleaner App For Android,considering the trust of poisonous of Phone Cleaner App & CleanPhone App followers, this brilliant Battery Saver App will enableyou to handle and increase your phone & tablet device, ram, CPUand battery saving, and therefore as cleaner. Added a networksection, it has a shortcut to update your. It really looks real andit works on most Android versions (even if you don't even have 3G).The goal of Lookout Labs is to explore new ideas and push theboundaries of mobile apps. With just one tap, you can easily deleteaccumulated data that has no purpose. It can adjust WiFi,Bluetooth, vibration, sound, device brightness, synchronization andstand by time. Advanced settings for longer battery life GPS,Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are power-hungry, so turn them off when youdon't need them. Optimize your Speed and save your battery time.Charge your phone using Solar battery Charger with the power ofsun.
Battery Booster Turbo Optimize 2.0 APK
Battery Booster Turbo Optimize provides aneasy and friendly user interface environment to monitor yourbattery level, as well it accurately estimates remaining batterytime until battery drain and the time when battery is fullycharged. SLEEP MODE, use this feature when you're going to sleepand your battery will still be full when you're wake up in themorning. Special for Fast Clean1. This option is used to avoidquick screen toggles - White-list: Apps are always ignored when on,such as online music player Widget included Our widget "TaskKiller" will optimize your energy consumption easily. Please giveus as much information as possible, it will help us remove theseads. To determine whether your phone is infected, download and runCleaner.Key Features of Battery Booster Turbo Optimize:- Various vibration lengths LED notifications (supporteddevices)"- Battery Saver is support both phone and tablet- Clean unused process- 1 tap to erase history data ,delete web Browser history,clipboarddata etc- Make your phone or tablet faster- clear cache for a specified application- History Log can be clearSystem Apps that keep running in the background can take upprecious RAM space and this can slow down your device. Bluetooth,WiFi or data GPRS consumes the more battery power while poweroptimizer commends you power management solution. The easiersolution is this very cheetah app, Battery Optimizer, whichprevents draining and indicates immediately how to accelerate onremaining battery life, by offering to shut down apps that not justnibble onto the available memory but also healthily can save upbattery life to reduce consumption.Solve the phone is in use excessive accumulation of junk files,cache data lead to huge mobile operating slowly, fever crashes andother problems. This alone can save your battery life of the phoneby more than 50% do to battery drain. WIFI Signal Booster isapplication to help you boost your WIFI Signal. Lookout Droid DreamMalware Cleaner is only available in English. Other features:*BOOST button will automatically change your phone settings!* AUTObutton enables SPECIAL mode when your battery life is below15%.Monitor Battery, CPU, RAM, internal storage and SD usage in realtime. app uninstall app is useful to uninstall applications causingload on cpu. Just tap on the widget and all open tasks will bekilled, freeing occupied memory. Choose from every hour, threehours, six hours, twelve hours, daily or every two days. Itexamines your phone, kills unnecessary running tasks in backgroundand cleans up system memory that increases and optimizes the memoryperformance of your android gadgets. It is a nice widget on desktoparea that display useful information such as your battery level(percentage).Battery Saver Simple You can more easily save battery with autopower-saving mode functionality! BEST BATTERY SAVING APP EVER!!!!A+++++ - it has saved my battery up by 80% Great app. PLEASE neverterminate SYSTEM APPS. Very easy one touch "Optimize" button toClean-up. Fast Ram Booster will make your phone or tablet workfaster! Automatically optimize your RAM & Cache to improve theperformance and save battery. I highly recommend this app toanyone!- Yes it works very well, I have to give this one 5 stars!!!! Try it, you can always remove it if your not satisfied.Boosting Phone memory Show Phone's memory and battery usage withcool graphics+ Clearing system's cache's and application cachememory+ Showing battery consuming apps and allowing to clearingthem thereby reducing battery draining and improving overall MemoryInfo (RAM, Internal Memory)- Used Memory- Free Memory- Total MemorySystem Information- SIM Info- Sensor Info- Platform Info- NetworkInfo- Memory Details- JVM Info- Device Info- CPU Info Settings-Customize color theme for used memory as well as free memory.EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE is a simple and intuitive app that turns thecleaning routine into a pleasant experience.
Assistant Booster Speed Clean 1.0 APK
Assistant Booster Speed Clean in theBackgroundWith Auto Boost Interval, Memory Booster Tablet Versionruns in thebackground and automatically reclaims memory for yourAndroid atinterval. This app goes down the skull becomes lessalive. Cleardefaults set by Apps This has less than 1Mb size. AllBackground AppCleaner: Clean all background apps at once. The"Full Test" is ascenario with all protocols (latency, transfer,YouTube, web) givingfull visibility over the quality of theconnection environment. Theusual cause is the accumulation of junkfiles and cache inside thesystem, hindering the performance andslowing down phone speed.SIMPLE, PROFESSIONAL and FAST memorycleaner for your Androiddevice.Features of Assistant Booster Speed Clean:- Set screen timeout time/ screen brightness- Navigate faster, cleaner internet connection- Battery temperature!- Hardware acceleration- Easy to use this application- System Optimizer- 1-Tap clean all cache to let you can get more availablestoragespaceOne Tap to clear G-mail history ? One Tap to clear G-talkhistoryOne Tap to clear history in Google Maps One Tap to clearhistory inGoogle Earth One Tap to clear incoming call log One Tapto clearoutgoing call log? One Tap to clear missed call log Yournetworkradio connection will be reset and signal amplified. Easyaccess toall Settings On the My Settings screen, you will find atone glance,all of these power-consuming features: WiFi, Bluetooth,NFC,brightness. You can Uninstall the application or get detailsaboutthe application.No need to worry about having to turn your device on and offorabout applying complicated settings just to save battery. Thistoolcan free a lot of storage, internal memory and ROM storage NoROOTneeded. This app Ram Optimizer aims at enhancing system speedbyresolving memory issues on Android devices with? Task Killer?CacheCleaner? System info Supported languages: English,Korean,Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian,French,Russian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Polish, Arabic,Greek,Indonesian, Slovak, Albanian, Hungarian and ThaiLoaded with lots of powerful features, this app delivers astablemobile internet connectivity. New mobile devices alwaysworksmoothly and it isn't until a few months later that you begintonotice slight declines in performance and productivity. BuiltinScheduler for Automatic RAM Cleaning after specified numberofhours/days or Weeks. Sound an alarm to protect againsttheft.IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ICS show application details page. Autotaskkiller (or some apps like that) will makes the widgetworkimproperly, exclude this app.This app is the best Battery Improver/BatteryBooster/batterysaver tool. Like their larger computingcounterparts, Android-baseddevices need to be maintained. Materialtheme design perfectlymatches Android 4. To maintain normal for 2days in order to knowis truly your saving power of the software,you can set your sleeptime, in order to better saving electricity.Many batteries appearto be full, the Trickle option means yousqueeze an extra littlejuice into your battery before you unplug.This app is a real joyto use and it's completely safe!in/download/hidden android.Automatic modes:- NONE: Your device willnot be affected fromBattery Saver and it will continue working asit is. No longer willyour phone or device need to be pushed to themax. move clear allapps cache function to the top of the list. Andits easy andeffective Full battery status and remaining estimates.Double Poweris the best battery saver for Android versions 2. Whatmeasuresinstead is the Network Speed of each and every single Appin yourdevice. NOTE: there are no out of app ads in thisapplication (noicon ads, no push notification ads). EnhancementRecommendation Getimportant recommendations on how to maintain yourAndroid deviceproficiently.