1.0 / April 26, 2015
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Clear the way for the green balls controlling Prot to absorb theblue balls. It won't be as easy as it seems, cause the controls areinverted. Keep your finger on the controller to direct Prot (redball). If you double tap the controller Prot will emit a wave thatwill finish the blue balls for an instant, but be careful, becausethey reappear really fast... so fast that it may not be such a goodidea to use it. You can emit three waves, and by doing it Prot willreduce its size. Some blue balls become red when they completelyappear (they will look like Prot) and that will allow Prot toincrease its size as it absorbs them.Have fun!

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    April 26, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Patán Libre
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Ruler cm 2.1 APK
Patán Libre
Free, no advertising and no need of permissions to install!You canmove the slider to get a better measure. The "laser" that comesfrom the slider will tell you the exact length in centimeters. Justput the small thing on the screen, with one end at the 0cm positionand move the slider to the other end. Be careful with the thingsyou put on top of your screen, it could be damaged with hard andheavy things, I will not be responsible for the damages caused tothe screen by the use of Ruler cm.
medusa.vibmessage APK
Patán Libre
Free, no advertising and just need the permission to vibrate and touse the camera flash to be installed! Turn the light saber on bytouching the center of the screen. The saber will play a soundevery time you move the phone, as if you were moving the saberthrough the air, and, occasionally, the sound will change and thephone will vibrate as if you had hit something with it. You canchange the color of the light with the menu items. That will alsochange the sound. Modify the sensitivity if your phone reacts toomuch (or too little) to the movements. Do it by touching thesensitivity menu item. The sensitivity and the color you chose thelast time you used the saber will remain as default whenever youstart the light saber. If your device has a camera flash on it youcan activate the fashing option, if you do so, the bright of thescreen will be reduced and the light will flash every time thelight saber pretends to hit something. To turn the light saber offtouch the center of the screen again.
Magnifier 1.01 APK
Patán Libre
With Magnifier you can see small things as you would with realaugment lens. Increase your visual acuity with this app. Turn onthe flashlight (if available) if the light conditions are not goodenough to see the details. Select between a variety of coloreffects to enhance contrast and distinguish better the deatils.Photograph whatever you see through Magnifier just by touching onthe screen and, afterwards, check the pictures you just took. Ifyou zoom in on them you'll be able to see even moredetails.Magnifier depends on your device camera features, the zoom,the flashlight and the focus modes. User experience may varydepending on those factors. If the zoom of your device is goodenough, Magnifier will behave almost as a microscope.Enjoy thesmall things of life with Magnifier!
Voice Recorder 1.1 APK
Patán Libre
With Voice Recorder you can easily record the sounds of theenvironment or nearby conversations. It keps on working even if youclose the app, saving battery for other things. Everytime you startrecording, the app shows a notification. You can touch it to openVoice Recorder again and stop the recording.Voice Recorder can alsoplay back the sounds that you recorded earlier just by touchingthem on the list of recorded sounds. If your device supports it,the player have an equalizer. If you do a long click on an item ofthe list you'll be able to share the recorded sound, rename it inorder not to forget where it was or delete it. If your devicesupports it, the player also has an equalizer.Enjoy the app!
Level 1.0 APK
Patán Libre
Free, no advertising and no need of permissions to install!Check ifa surface is horizontal or not with level.If you notice that yourdevice is not calibrated, place it on a horizontal surface andtouch the Calibrate menu item of the level app. Now you are readyto check other surfaces.If level detects more than 45º in anydirection, the tool changes to adapt.
Party Flashlight 1.1 APK
Patán Libre
Party Flashlight makes your device react to music (or sound),graphically and by the use of its flashlight (if available). Youcan select the main frequency you want the app to follow, choosethe sensitivity level and the graphic response. This app will reactto sound, it doesn't matter if its played on your device orexternally. Now you can have tyour own strobe light for yourparties!There are several graphic response types to choose, all ofthem original and almost hipnotic. And you can select differentcolors for it just by touching on it.There is an option to turn offflash if you want to save battery time.BE CAREFUL USING IT, IT MAYBE DANGEROUS FOR EPILECTICS.The intensive use of the flashlight cancause faster battery drain and damages to the flashlight itself.Party Flashlight won't be responsible for those effects.Enjoy theparty everywhere with this amazing app!!(It may happen a delayedresponse on old devices)
Dec Bin Oct Hex 1.1 APK
Patán Libre
Do you need to know the binary value of a decimal number? or maybethe octal value of a hexadecimal number? with Dec Bin Oct Hex youwill have instant transformation between the four most used numberbases in informatics. See the values change while you type thenumber. A fast and easy to use way to change the number base of anydecimal, binary, octal or hexadecimal number.
A Little Bit Of Silence 1.02 APK
Patán Libre
A Little Bit Of Silence allows you to silence your device andprogram the change to normal ringer mode at a time determined byyou. Silencing the device with A Little Bit Of Silence is fasterthan silencing it using the traditional way and, besides, you don'thave to worry about changing it back to normal mode.If you launchthe app and your phone is at that moment in a ringer mode otherthan normal mode, A Little Bit Of Silence is a really fast way tochange it back to normal mode.Once you start using it you won'tsilence your phone in any other way.