1.5 / October 12, 2018
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Invert Background The app can create very interesting color effectsfor your photo. We like to retouch our photos, we can turn ourboring photos to the epitome of effect using our app. How to use:-1. Open Invert Background Maker 2. Choose from gallery or directlyfrom camera. 3. Choose from rectangle, circle, or selection tool toselect the part of the image. 4. Click Go. You're done. Save andShare enjoy. Features:- 1. Clean user-interface 2. Easy to use andapply effect 3. Circle, Rectangle & Selection tool for complexeffect 4. Ready to share in seconds. If you've any problemsregarding the application:- or you've any suggestions. Please mailus.

App Information Invert Background Maker

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    Invert Background Maker
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    October 12, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Nexo Gen.
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Bass Booster - Equalizer 1.4 APK
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Bass BoosterQuality is the most crucial thing when listening music on yourmobile, presenting a best way to experience your music with ourbass booster, it enables you to set sounds according to yourlistening preferences. Set equalizer and bass settings to get yourdream sound effects. Use with headphones for best results.Features:-*-* Bass Boost with several equalizers.*-* Presets, which suits you better*-* Custom modes to get extra boost.*-* Bass Boost with several equalizers.*-* Inbuilt music player with enabled background playing*-* very light, fast and interactive app.If you're having any problems regarding this app kindly contact us.We would be happy to help.
Beauty Point Camera - Selfie 9.1 APK
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Beauty Point Camera - SelfieWhen you take photos in dark room, the face or object don't lookas beautiful as usual??Are your selfies & images are not cool as you want??! Beauty Point Camera - Selfie will solve all theseproblems....* Beauty Point Camera - Selfie v is designed to make your photoslook more beautiful.It is a simple Beauty Camera that removes acne, scars &freckles from your face.You could adjust brightness, smoothness, detail, & contrastmanually. It will develop the pictures as per your instruction.FEATURES:-* Various Crop options (1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 3:4, 4:3, 9:16,16:9)* Rotate the right to left.* Rotate the pic left to right.* Flip the images.* Adjust Lightness, Contrast, Tone, Smooth.* 40 Color effects.* Image quality-Photo size (large, middle, small).* Save original (on/off).* Camera (Use app camera or device camera).* Saving format (png, jpg/jpeg).* Choose images from device gallery or take from live camera.* Share your creativity via social networking sites.
Text on Pic 3.3 APK
Nexo Gen.
Text on Pic Create the funniest, lovable or cutest texts on yourimages. You'll be amazed by quality of output images. Give it atry. Insanely fast, mobile-friendly meme generator. Caption memesor upload your own images to make custom memes. Notable Features:-1. easy and fun user interface 2. choose a image from pre-definedimages or from gallery. 3. interactive frames and stickers 4.custom fonts and add as many as texts. Incase your device is notsupported or you're pursuing any problems kindly be in touch viaemail.
My Name Live Wallpaper 1.7 APK
Nexo Gen.
My Name Live Wallpaper: Impress your family and friends as you turnyour high tech android into a name tag. Smooth colors and fontsgives your mobile a clear display. How to use:- Long press on homescreen >> Set background >> Live wallpapers >>Select My Name LWP >> Set Wallpaper Features:- * Variouscustomizations like background & text color. * Randomizeeverything text colors or font styles. * 15+ font styles. * Changefrequency of appearing test using different modes like Low, Medium,High or INSANE * Battery friendly This Live Wallpaper has beentested on devices like Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Nexus 4 /5Phone Tablet compatible
Gif Camera 10.1 APK
Nexo Gen.
Create and share short animated gifs inaninstant. "Gif Camera", a powerful tool that can make photosmoreactive."Gif Camera" contains three useful functions:---*** Funny gifs:- Gif Camera is your daily source for funnygifsand funny animated pictures.*** Photos to gifs:- Create animated gifs with your localphotos,you can control whatever speed you want.*** Gif album:- Save Gifs to camera gallery, and you canremakeit.FEATURES:----*** Make gifs from the device's camera.*** Camera selection enables you to choose back camera.*** Gif camera is a gif maker which has its own gifgallerybrowser.*** Saved gifs from gifs camera gallery can be furtheredited.*** Gif Camera, your personal gif maker has no restriction onthegif size(It depends on your device's resources)*** Gif editor is the place where you can easily loop thegif,change the parameters etc.*** Reverse the frame sequence of your gif.*** Easily loop your gif using the bounce feature of yourgifcamera.*** Advanced comparison algorithm added. Your gifs will getmuchsmaller if it has static content.*** High frame rate about 50 fps and more, it depends ontheperformance of your device.
Power Volume Booster 3.3 APK
Nexo Gen.
Volume Booster Boosting your phone volume was never easy before,one tap and viola your phones volume will be at maximum, increasevolume for notification, ring-tone, alarm or any music sound. Thebest output you can get via trying this app. Give it a try. Itworks for both speakers and headphones, you can just feel thesignificant difference in your ringer, alarm sounds or in yourmusic. NOTE:- Our app doesn't damage or harm your speakers.Features:- *-* One tap to increase your phones volume. *-* Quickconfiguration in main page *-* very light, fast and interactiveapp. If you're having any problems regarding this app kindlycontact us. We would be happy to help.
Font Flipper 12.1 APK
Nexo Gen.
Font FlipperThis application takes text that is either pasted or typed intoafield, and then flips it different ways. A user can swipetheapplication to switch between flip modes. The flipped text canbeemailed or sent via SMS from within the app or copied easilyintoanother application or just share directly via socialsites.The flip modes are:1) Upside Down - this flips the text upside down and isthedefault mode.2) Scramble Middle - scrambles the middle of a word and keepsthefirst and last letters the same. This is based off of a theorythatthe order of letters in a word is not important for the textto bereadable if the first and last letter of each word are keptin thesame place.3) Scramble Ends - scrambles only the first and last letter ofaword, keeping the middle letters the same. If the theory aboveiscorrect then this mode will make the text very unreadable.4) Mixed Case - alternates between lowercase anduppercaseletters. This demonstrates how the shape of a word mightplay animportant part in readability.5) Reverse - all the characters in the text are writteninreverse order.6) Mirror - text is readable by holding the Android in front ofamirror.Features**--Its the best app to annoy your lazy friends-- best for the chat dependent geeks-- Just share in single touch to various common social apps-- Copy and paste is just one touch away-- Two themes included for day users and night owls-- Supported by all android phones.-- Easy to use and share via social sites.
Funny Face Changer 1.8 APK
Nexo Gen.
A great time killer for everyone, you'll get as many laughs whenyou'll share the photos created with our very app. Make any selfieinto your favourite mug shot by adding objects like crowns,goggles, hats, lips, beards, hair-style etc. You've vast set ofcombinations and unlimited fun which can be enjoyed be you and yourfriends and family. It is the app which you can use with yourfamily and make some memorable filled with laughter & sheerhappiness moments. Still reading...? Download **FUNNY FACECHANGER** now and see for yourself. Get it now for free. Features:_* Interactive user interface with friendly gestures. _** Severalcustomization with various objects like beards, sunglasses, etc._*** Smooth interactions and editing of pics. _**** Import picsdirectly from your camera or gallery. _***** Easy to use and simpleto learn and share. _****** Replace face parts and add items likehats, mustaches etc. _******* Ridiculously absurd but a great oneand 100% entertaining. If you're pursuing any errors, or have someadd on feature kindly contact us. For hugs and bugs kindly leaveyour comments in Review Section. Don't forget to rate this app.Peace.