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ipconfig is an application that displays current TCP/IP networkconfiguration values with option to share/send to any one. . *Network Type * IP Address * Public IP Address * Subnet Mask *Default Gateway * DHCP Server * DNS Servers * Lease Duration * MACAddress Single tap to copy data in clipboard & long press toshare any single value. Tags: find IP, IP Config, TCP IP, NetworkInfo, MAC Address, My IP

App Information IPConfig - What is My IP?

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    IPConfig - What is My IP?
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    August 24, 2018
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    Android 2.0 and up
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IPConfig - What is My IP? 1.5 APK
ipconfig is an application that displays current TCP/IP networkconfiguration values with option to share/send to any one. . *Network Type * IP Address * Public IP Address * Subnet Mask *Default Gateway * DHCP Server * DNS Servers * Lease Duration * MACAddress Single tap to copy data in clipboard & long press toshare any single value. Tags: find IP, IP Config, TCP IP, NetworkInfo, MAC Address, My IP
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Tasbih Counter 1.5 APK
A best combination of Technology and Tasbih Experience. (Pleaseshare this app with your friends as its is aSadka-e-Jaria)Features:- Elegant Style.- New Tasbihs/Azkars can beadded in one simple step.- In-app reminders for each specificTasbih with alaram tone and vibration.- Continue Tasbih or restartnew one.- Options to turn ON/OFF sound / vibration on counterscreenWe respect your feedback, if you have any problem, bugs,issues or ideas; Please email us directly [email protected]
Advanced Task Killer - Free 1.2 APK
Do you know that your phone runs slowly when there are too manybackground apps? Do you want to speed up your phone with just oneclick? Advanced Task Killer can help you to kill (close or stop)the running apps of your phone, free up the memory and increase thespeed of your phone. It has all features which task manger has. -Detailed list of running apps including memory consumed.- IgnoreList- One tap widget- Auto kill[IMPORTANT] - This App does not notuse any background service in contrast to all task killersavailable on play store. This is important as background service itself consume a lot of memory and processor speed.1. How to use it(for new users to quick start)?ATK is pretty simple. Open this tooland take a look at the running applications list? Uncheck some appsyou don't want to kill (such as Advanced Task Killer and somesystem apps) Tap the button 'Kill selected apps', it will kill allapplications checked.2. Why there are app running that I haven'tused or even opened?Some app will start up once you turn on yourphone or be invoked by some events.3. What is ignorelist/ignore?[IMPORTANT]Ignore list is for you to ignore some appyou don't want to kill. If you long press on the app listed on themain screen of ATK, the menu will pop up, then you can select'Ignore', the application would be moved to ignore list. When youtap 'Kill selected apps', it won't be killed any more.4. What isAuto Kill?If you want to kill apps automatically you need to chooseone of auto-kill level- High: Delete all apps which consume memoryexcept system apps.- Low: Delete all apps which consume memoryincluding system apps.
Scare Your Friends - SHOCK! 1.4 APK
DO YOU WANT TO SCARE YOUR FRIENDS? Install the best SCARYapplication[free], which will frighten even the toughest guy.Whenyour friend is using your phone, a terrifying picture will suddenlyappear with a horrifying sound in the background.You only need 3simple steps to play a trick on you friend: 1. Choose a horrifyingpicture. 2. Choose a terrifying sound.3. Set the time after whichyou want to scare your friend.Give your telephone to your friend toplay with. After the set time, the horrifying picture with theterrifying sound will startle your friend :).Scare, surprise, shockyou your friends.Have a good fun!