1.8 / March 21, 2017
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Watch online TV listen to radio watchmoviesand series all through our App, upload all content throughIPTV M3Ulists, watch movies and free programs, watch content fromall overthe world,
Easy interaction app

- Load lists with extension .m3u, found on the web
- Video player integrated in the App,
- Live pause for schedules and movies,
- Carrgue lists through the Url or the .m3u file
- Simple and friendly interface,
- Powerful player capable of running .m3u8, mp4, and manyotherformats,
- Free application to watch tv online,
- You can watch tv online watch movies and series through m3ulistsfound on the web.

App Information IPTV Tv Online Movies, Shows

  • App Name
    IPTV Tv Online Movies, Shows
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 21, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Evolution Apps e Games
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email [email protected]
    R Jipoúba 85, São Paulo -Capital
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IPTV Tv Online, Series, Movies, Watch TV 5.1 APK
The Best Google Play IPTV App Watch online TV listen to radio watchmovies and series all through our App, upload all content throughIPTV M3U lists, watch movies and free programs, watch content fromall over the world, Added QR Code Reader to load your lists.  Easy interaction app ✔ Download lists with .m3u extension found onthe web ✔ Watch on TV with Chromecast < i> ✔ Video playerbuilt into the App, < i> ✔ Live break for schedules andmovies, ✔ Upload lists through the Url or the .m3u ✔ Simple andfriendly interface, ✔ Powerful player capable of reproduce .m3u8files from lists, mp4, and many other formats, ✔ Added DLNA,Through External APP (In Test) ✔ Free application to watch tvonline, ✔ You can watch tv online watch movies and series throughm3u lists found on the web. Please note, our App does not containany channels or movies or series, our App is simply a m3u listreader and all content imported into it through the lists is theresponsibility of the creators of the lists
Voice of the Woman Translator 1.4N APK
The Best Android Application, the voice of translator woman withtranslator, write or speak the text, very practical, the app wasmissing to your happiness, translate sentences transform into audioand send it to your friends from social networks, send it toWhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, ICQ and many more, it is afree app supports multiple languages, an app like you've never seenthe same, the translation is just to try and if you like to buy thepaid version with unlimited translations,- Easy to use,- Voicecommand,- Speed and Tone Control (bass, treble and speed)-Demonstration Version translation, but Unlimited conversion,-Multiple languages supported,- App Great fun for u rejoice and sendfunny audios in their groups and social networks- Send unlimitedaudio files to your friends, but translations which has a limit of10 translations.
Telemensagem, 10 mil Mensagens Fonadas em áudio 💘 3.5.0 APK
NOVIDADE ------(Agora você pode enviar telemensagens para Facebookmessenger, Skype, icq e vários outros, agora tem telemensagem parafacebook messenger. )Chegou a hora de você Entrar em contato comseus amigos de suas redes sociais e contar a novidade para eleschegou o melhor app de telemensagem ou Telecar da Loja, loucuras deamor, mensagem de amor com áudio fundo musical e voz, o único comsistema de busca de música com voz, são mais de 3000 telemensagenslindas, agora são mais de 10 mil para você compartilhar com suasredes, você pode usar este app para conquistar mulheres ou homens,também pode conquistar a pessoa amada, funciona perfeitamente com oTelegram, Whatsapp, icq, Skype, Facebook messenger e vários outros, são muitas telemensagens, é muito fácil de usar e é gratis paracelular, selecione a voz desejada entre Masculina e Femininaselecione o título, a mensagem, clique na mensagem, aguarde o botãoaparecer ou segure por 2 segundos encima do nome da mensagem grátisque você quer enviar, envie telemensagem, enviar telemensagemfonada faz bem, são mensagens fonadas de1- Telemensagem de Bom dia,Telemensagem de Boa tarde e Boa noite,2- Telemensagens de Datasimportantes,3- Telemensagem de Declaração de amor, 4- Telemensagemde Otimismo,5- Telemensagem de Meus Parabéns,6- Telemensagens deFelicitações,7- Telemensagem de Aniversário,8- Telemensagem deAmizade, 9- Telemensagem de Perdão, 10- Telemensagem Gospel,evangélicas, Católicas, 11- Telemensagens Em espanhol, 12-Telemensagem de Aniversário atrasado, 13- Telemensagens deAniversário distantes, 14- Telemensagem de Aniversário paraCriança, 15- Telemensagem de Aniversário Familiar, Avó, Avô, Pai,Tio, Mãe,16- Telemensagem de Aniversário Gospel, 17- Mensagem deDia da Mulher,18- Mensagem de Dia dos Pais, 19- Mensagem de Dia dasMães,20- Mensagem de Natal,21- Telemensagens de Natal e anonovo,22- Mensagem de Dia dos namorados,23- Telemensagem dePáscoa,24- Mensagem de Amor,25- Telemensagens de DatasImportantes,26- Telemensagem GLS,27- Telemensagens de Conquistascantadas e paqueras,28- Telemensagem de despedidas e boas vindas,Telemensagem picante,Mensagem de paquera e conquista,Telemensagemde despedida e boas vindas,Telemensagens de carinho,Telemensagem deinício e fim de namoro,Mensagem para Pastor, apóstolo ebispo,Telemensagem de otimismo,Telemensagem de namorovirtual,Telemensagem de maternidade,e Coração ferido.NEW ------(Now you can send telemessages to Facebook messenger, Skype, ICQand many others, now has telemessage for facebook messenger.)It istime for you Contact your friends from your social networks andbreak the news to themcame the best telemessage app or Telecarshop, love crazy, message of love with background music and voiceaudio, the one with music search system with voice, over 3000beautiful telemessages, are now more than 10 thousand to you sharewith your networks, you can use this app to conquer women or men,can also conquer the beloved, works perfectly with the Telegram,Whatsapp, iCQ, Skype, Facebook messenger and several others, aremany telemessages, it is very easy to use and is free for mobile,select the desired voice between Male and Female select the title,message, click the message, wait for the button up or hold for 2seconds on top of the name of free message you want to send, sendtelemessage send telemessage fonada do well, are fonadas message1-Telemensagem Good Morning, Good of Telemensagem afternoon and Goodevening,2 Telemensagens of important dates,3- Telemensagem of loveDeclaration,4- Telemensagem of optimism,5- Telemensagem ofcongratulations,6- Telemensagens Congratulations,7- TelemensagemBirthday,8- Telemensagem Friendship,9- Telemensagem ofForgiveness,10- Telemensagem Gospel, Evangelical,Catholic,Telemensagens 11. In Spanish,12. Late BirthdayTelemensagem,13- distant Birthday Telemensagens,14- AnniversaryTelemensagem for Child,15- Telemensagem Family Birthday,Grandmother, Grandfather, Father, Uncle, Mother,16- Telemensagem ofGospel Birthday,17- Message of Women's Day,18- Father's DayMessage19- Day Message Mother,20- Christmas Message21-Telemensagens Christmas and New Year,22- Day Message Valentine,23-Telemensagem Easter,24- Message of Love,25- Telemensagens ImportantDates,26- Telemensagem GLS,27- Telemensagens sung and flirtAchievements,28- Telemensagem goodbyes and welcome,spicyTelemensagem,flirtatious message and conquest,Telemensagem farewelland welcome,Telemensagens affection,early Telemensagem andbreakup,Message to Pastor, apostle and bishop,Telemensagem ofoptimism,virtual dating Telemensagem,Maternity Telemensagem,andWounded Heart.
ZueiraMania Meme Generator Fun 1.7M APK
Now is the application that was missing for your enjoyment, acreator and generator of images and Funny Memes, add text on photopicture, with all the tools you need to create a fun meme,an mememaker free full integration with communications applications,Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram etc. you can select the-Gallery- Of the models Templates,- Take your own photo- Change thesize of the Source,- Change the color of the letter,- Cut theselected image,- Save Your Own creations and share each- Deletesaved photos holding for 2 seconds on the saved photo.100% freeapplication editing and creating memes all for you to enjoy withyour friends.
Funny images, Comedy to Share 2.0N APK
Free app to share with your friends from Facebook Messenger,Whatsapp, Tweeter, Telegram, Viber, ICQ and other networks are over1,500 funny and fun images, a full collection of memes and stripsfor every moment and occasion, you can send to his love for hisgirlfriend, show your strong the friendship you can send in thecold in the heat, Children funny pictures, Animals, several Humorpictures good morning, good afternoon and good night, your groupswill pumping with these pictures:Pics, Lol- Animals,- Love,-Friendship and Friendships,- Groups,- Mothers Day,- Humor,-Days ofWeek-Good Morning, Afternoon, Night, Evening,-Children,-Comics.
3000 Telemensagens Amor Pro 2.2 APK
Versão Paga do melhor app de Telemensagens detodos os tempos, versão limpa e sem anúncios para você desfrutar detodo conteúdo de telemensagem.Paid VersionTelemensagens the best app of all time, clean version without adsfor you to enjoy all content telemessage.
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Now is the best creation of love cards app, Luv Love, easily createcards with this tool, write in your photos pictures pics, yourloved one at any time with cute messages at any place or time, veryeasy to use application, select the photos of models with variousthemes, download the photo with just one click, crop the photo,write your message and send it to your loved one, compatible withthe most diverse communicators, works with Facebook, Messenger,WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, ICQ, Viber, and many more communicationapps, are many subjects and images themes:Select the gallery, orselect Take photos of models:friendship,Love,Anniversaries,birthdays, birthday, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece,father, mother, godson, goddaughter, daughter, son in law, fatherin law and mother in law,Christmas and New Year, birth celebrationof JesusMothers Day,Father's Day,Evangelical Gospel, Jesus andGod,Pardon.
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Now is the best creation of love cards app, easily create cardswith this tool, wow your loved one at any time with cute messagesat any place or time, very easy to use application, select thephotos of models with various themes, download the photo with justone click, crop the photo, write your message and send it to yourloved one, compatible with the most diverse communicators, workswith Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, ICQ, Viber,and many more communication apps, are many subjects and imagesthemes:Select the gallery, or select Take photos ofmodels:friendship,Love,Anniversaries, birthdays, son, daughter,uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, father, mother, godson, goddaughter,daughter, son in law, father in law and mother in law,Christmas andNew Year, birth celebration of JesusMothers Day,Father'sDay,Evangelical Gospel, Jesus and God,Pardon.