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There are many question in this application related to generalknowledge and computer. These question help you to check your IQlevel and general knowledge.

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    June 29, 2017
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Mohit Tech
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    Q. No. E 137 A Railway Station Colony Roza Shahjahanpur 242306
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Word Hunter 1.0 APK
Mohit Tech
This game is help you to learn English. This is education game. Itis also a mind game which help you to practice the word. It helpyou to check your IQ level. In this app there is lot of word. Youcan increase your word power by playing the game. This game helpyou to increase the recognize the patter in the table.Find words onthe boards by swiping your finger across the screen. The lettersform words when connected to each other. The longer the word, themore points you earn!Word Hunter is a word / puzzle game. If youare a fan of word games you will love word Hunter. It drawsinspirations from word games such as Scrabble, Boggle, Motus andmany others. It is very interactive game. It is provide a highvisual game for the user. It is very interesting game for theplayers.
TicTacToe 1.0 APK
Mohit Tech
This is class room game.
BestBrowser 1.0 APK
Mohit Tech
This is the best browser. A web browser (commonly referred to as abrowser) is a software application for retrieving, presenting andtraversing information resources on the World Wide Web. Aninformation resource is identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier(URI/URL) that may be a web page, image, video or other piece ofcontent. Best browser give you the best interface for the user forsurfing the internet. Best browser provide to the user a speed andsafety both.
Tech Thinks 1.0 APK
Mohit Tech
This application updates you about latest technology information.This application also update you about the hacking world. Thisapplication gives update in the computer and mobile field. Thisapplication aware you from new software upload. This application isalso help you to find you best software for your mobile andsoftware. This application is best application which give youlatest news about the hacking. This application also help you finda appropriate application about your choice. Tech thinks is alsoupdate you about the new game launches. Tech thinks application isalso help you to find out the best game according to your systemrequirement.
News 1.0 APK
Mohit Tech
This application give you latest news. In this application thereare many category for news. In recent news there is all news whichis update recently. In the technology category there is latest andverified new about the technology. In the Hacking category there islatest news about the hacking which is update recently. Which giveyou security update also. In the sports category there is latestnews about the sport. In the world news there are all update newsabout what happen in the world recently. In the nation newscategory there is all latest news about your nation. In the USAnews category there is all updated news about the what recentlyhappen in the USA. So download NEWS application to update yourselffrom current affairs. This application help you to update yourselffrom the latest news and general knowledge about the world ,technology, hacking , sports, nation etc..
Best Browser 1.0 APK
Mohit Tech
This is the best browser. A webbrowser(commonly referred to as a browser) is a softwareapplication forretrieving, presenting and traversing informationresources on theWorld Wide Web. An information resource isidentified by a UniformResource Identifier (URI/URL) that may be aweb page, image, videoor other piece of content. Best browser giveyou the best interfacefor the user for surfing the internet. Bestbrowser provide to theuser a speed and safety both.
Mohit Tech
There are many question in this application related to generalknowledge and computer. These question help you to check your IQlevel and general knowledge.
com.wFLAPPY_5412203 1.0 APK
Mohit Tech
This is for fun. In this game there is a fish which is flying inthesky . Player should keep it in the sky. The fish name isFLAPPY.