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KUTHUBULLAHI MEERAN UPPAPA MAKHAM SHAREEFKarakkuthangadi Po.Muthuthala.PBNo. 679314Via. Pattambi. Palakkaddt.KeralaKUTHUBULLAHI MEERAN UPPAPA MAKHAM SHAREEFKarakkuthangadiPo.Muthuthala.PBNo. 679 314Via. Pattambi. Palakkad dt.Kerala

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Malayalam Islamic Quiz 2.1 APK
iQra Apps
Islamic Quiz in Malayalam language. first Islamic quiz Mobile Appin Malayalam language. *The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)said: "The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim." -(Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 74) Features of Islamic Malayalam Quiz >100% Islamic questions only > Show Right and Roughen answers> Timer and Life options > Countdown Timer > Global score> 3 lifelines > 50-50 Hint and more.. Download and Enjoymalayalam islamic apps..! Credits: Muhammed Mubarak Basith OKFaizal KP Ramshad [islamic quiz with answers in malayalam Androidapp, We offer Free Quiz game in malayalam language, this Appcontains Malayalam Quiz, (islamic Quiz App in Malayalam) manyMalayalam Quiz apps are available in App Stores, But, "malayalamIslamic Quiz App" Not like others, We offer full Screened MalyalamQuiz, it will help you to know more about Islam and develop yourKnowledge in islamic histry and others, Malayalam islamic quiz appis not only a Game, it cotain morthan 1000 Islamic Questions andits Answers, we hope Malayalam Islamic Quiz App will Help you toget more knowledge in Islam ] general islamic quiz in malayalam,islamic quiz questions in malayalam. islamic quiz in malayalamabout quran meelad quiz, meelad islamic quiz
Surah Al-Kahf 1.0 APK
iQra Apps
Sura Al-Kahf (Arabic: سورة الكهف‎, Sūratu al-Kahf, "The Cave") isthe 18th surah of the Qur'an with 110 ayat. It is a Meccansura.Insha Allah, you will get in the habit of reading Suratul Kahfevery Friday. You can begin on Thursday evening as it istechnically "the night of Friday" once Maghrib has arrived.AbuDarda' ~ may Allah be pleased with him ~ related that the HolyProphet ~ ~ said, " One who memorized the first ten verses ofSuratul Kahf will be secure against the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) .Another version says: "One who commits to his memory the last 10verses of this surah will remain immune from the Dajjal.[Muslim]App by http://www.iqramedia.info
Surah Al-Waqiah 1.0 APK
iQra Apps
Looking For Financial Stability ? Start Reciting Surah Waqiah EveryNight Al-Waqʿiah (Arabic: سورة الواقعة‎; "The Inevitable"or "TheEvent" is the 56th surah (chapter) of the Quran. It was revealed inMecca (see Meccan surah). The total number of verses in this surahare 96. also Know as vaqia, waqiya and Waqia The benefits of Surahal Waqiah 1.The Prophet said, ‘Whoever recites surah al Waqiah atnight would never encounter poverty’ [Ibn Sunni 620] 2. The Prophetsaid, ‘Surah al Waqiah is the Surah of Wealth, so recite it andteach it to your children'[Ibn Asakir] The Prophet(PBUH) said,‘Whoever recites surah al Waqiah at night would never encounterpoverty’ We can easily make this Surah part of our life. It is avery simple thing to do. How much time it takes for a person toread this surah. Hardly few minutes. Compared to the hours ofwasted time we daily have, investing few minutes in a great sunnahand a great source of wealth, is something no wise person wouldever want to miss. You too can make that decision today. A simplelife changing decision. “From today, before I sleep, I will takefew minutes to recite Surah Waqiah” App byhttp://www.iqramedia.info
Surah Yasin | Arabic 1.0 APK
iQra Apps
Surah Ya-seen, an easy to use application is being provided to youto get the blessings of Allah Almighty by reciting the heart ofQuran on your devices. This is a beautifully designed application.What are some of the benefits of reading Surah Yaseen? 1. ReadingSurah Yaseen at the beginning of the day causes Allah to fulfil allyour needs for that day. 2. it is equivalent to reading the wholeQuran 10 times 3. Reading Surah Yaseen and memorizing Surah Yaseeninvokes the blessings of Allah. 5. Reading Surah Yaseen benefitsthe reader in this life as well as in the Hereafter. And More AboutSurah Yasin: Yā Sīn (Arabic: سورة يس‎) is the 36th chapter of theQur'an with 83 ayat, and is one of the Meccan suras, although somescholars maintain that verse 12 is from the Madinan period. Thename of the chapter comes from the two letters of the first verseof the chapter. It has been proposed that Sura Yā Sīn is the "heartof the Qur'an." This comes from the idea that everything has aheart, and that sura Yā Sīn is the “heart of the Qur’an. App byhttp://www.iqramedia.info
Free F B 1.2 APK
iQra Apps
An application to browse the F B with no internet Data charge.**Some of the mobile operator doesn't support this application. If so,please do not rate us single star. **--- Please turn off your WiFinetwork and active your mobile internet. No data charge or MB willdeduce from your account. Its completely free.This Free Browsingwill be available in 45 countries through 50+ mobile and wirelessnetwork operators. It is a trimmed-down version of f b, includingstatus updates, a news feed, Likes, wall posts and comments. Usingit is free, regardless of data plan. The world's largest socialnetwork got its 50+ launch partners to make F b as a cost lessexperience
Surah Al-Dukhan 1.0 APK
iQra Apps
Do You want 70,000 angels will ask for your forgiveness? ReadAd-DukanAd-Dukhan (Arabic: سورة الدخان‎ suratu d-Duḫḫān, "Smoke")is the 44th chapter (sura) of the Quran with 59 verses. The firstverse is one of Quran's Muqatta'at, the letter combinations thatappear in the beginning of some chapters. Verse 37 mentions thepeople of Tubba, interpreters explain that this refers to thepeople of Sheba. The word dukhan, meaning 'smoke', is mentioned inverse 10.Whoever recites ad-Dukhan(44) on the night of al-Jum’ah,70,000 angels will ask for forgiveness for that person untilmorning”. If anyone recites surah Dukhan in the night he will seethe morning while 70,000 angels seek forgiveness for him.” HazratAbu Hurairah radiyallahu anhu reported Allah’s Messenger sallallahualaihe wasallam as saying, "If anyone recites Ha-mim Al-Dukhan anynight, seventy thousand angels will ask forgiveness for him in theevening."(Tirmizi)App by: www.iqramedia.info
Malayalam Epaper 1.2 APK
iQra Apps
An Free App For Read All Malayalam e PapersFeatures>Best View inTablets (Smart phones Also supported)> Read More than 16Malayalam Newspapers> Auto Update News Paper every Day> ShareNews over SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Facebook or any other app you haveinstalled> Easy to read all Malayalam news papers and Malayalamnews >And MoreList of Malayalam ePapers in 'Malayalam E-Papers’application:Malayalam News PapersSuprabhatham E-PaperMathrubhumi EPaperMalayala Manorama EPaperMadhyamam EPaperMangalam E.PaperMetroVaartha EPaperSiraj Daily E PaperChandrika E-PaperDehshabhimaniE-PaperJanayugam E-PaperJnamabhoomi E-PaperKey Words: Malayalamepaper, Kerala Epaper, malayalam news, malayalam newspaper
Surah Ar-Rahman 1.0 APK
iQra Apps
Sūrat ar-Raḥmān (Arabic: سورة الرحمن‎, "The Most Merciful") is the55th sura of the Qur'an with 78 ayats.Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.)has said that reciting this surah on Friday after the dawn prayerscarries great reward. Surah as-Rahman removes hypocrisy from one’sheart. On the Day of Judgement, this surah will come in the shapeof a human being who will be handsome and will have a very nicescent. Allah (s.w.t.) will then tell him to point out those peoplewho used to recite this surah and he will name them. Then he willbe allowed to beg pardon for those whom he names and Allah (s.w.t.)will pardon them. The Imam (a.s.) also said that if a person diesafter reciting this surah, then is considered a martyr. Writingthis surah and keeping it makes all difficulties and problemsvanish and also cures eye ailments. Writing it on the walls of ahouse keeps away all types of household pests. If recited at night,then Allah (s.w.t.) sends an angel to guard the reciter until hewakes up and if recited in the daytime then an angel guards himuntil sunset.App by: www.iqramedia.info