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*** Data is continuously added ***iShia Answers supports Arabic& Farsi languages to educate the Muslim community by offeringthem short answers to their quastions. (English soon)Answers areprovided from reputable and authentic sources that are referencedin the end of each answer.Usability is one the most importantdesign goals and the interface is made for ease of use. Users caninteract with the app by rating and commenting on the answers orenter their own questions. Features:* Supports Arabic & Farsi.(English Soon)* Quick access to editor's choice* View Answers by:Most Visited, Highest Rate and user favourites* Sorted andCategorized by a subject tree* Sending comments and follow ups*Full text search in questions and answers* Sharing content withothers

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iShia Books 2.5.4 APK
iShia Project
iShia Books is comprehensive E-Book reader containing around 5000 -for now - reference and general Shia books and those frequentlyreferenced by Shia researchers.Arabic and Farsi (Persian) books arecurrently supported and English support is planned.We'll be addingnew books and updating current books to the library which isprovided by http://ShiaOnlineLibrary.com.Many extra features areplanned that will be released in the near future.Features:-Designed for Android 2.2+ supporting Arabic & Farsi.-Multilingual Interface. Arabic and Farsi are available right nowand English will be available in the future releases.- DownloadManagement: books are downloaded as soon as being browsed or usercan batch download them at will.- Book list by category, title,author, publisher or source, with the ability to filter thelanguage of displayed book (Arabic/Farsi/English).- Searchesmultiple fields in book list.- Book navigation through TOC.- Viewbook pages in a simple and useable fashion, and navigate easily.-Shows indexes provided by "Qadatona Content Search Engine" inline,and quick transfer to http://ShiaWebSearch.com to show the searchresult for the selected keyword in other Shia sites.- Navigate tocross references in footnotes.- Online Full Text Search (on theserver) which is very fast and no need to dowload books in order tosearch them.
iShia 1.4.2 APK
iShia Project
A simple app offering basic Islamic information for practicingMuslims currently available in Arabic and Farsi, English supportwill follow soon.iShia app is produced by al-Milani Foundation tosupport practicing Muslims in their daily religious duties andworship acts in Arabic and Farsi.Both Android and iOS platforms aresupported. * Important Islamic & Shia Historical Events.* DailyActs and Worship Instructions According to Mafatih al Jinan.* DailyPrayers Timetable.* A Collection of 5 Islamic Holy and EssentialGeneral Books. Your comments and criticism will be of a great helpto us in order to improve this app.Features:- Supports Android 2.2+and the interface is in Arabic and Farsi (English soon).- ImportantIslamic and Shia historical events according to authentic sources.-Daily acts of worship and instructions according to Mafatih alJinan.- Prayers timetable calculation based on famous 7 formulas ofcalculations.- More than 3000 cities around the world are presetand the ability to add the current location using GPS.- A valuableessential library of 5 books: The Holy Quran, Nahj ul Balagha, alSahifa al Sajjadiyya, Mafatih al Jinan and Kamel al Ziyarat,browsable easily.- Main book scrolling and the second view e.g.translation scroll lock.- An easy method of viewing and browsingbook pages and navigation between them.- Very accurate anddifferent method of calculating Hijri months and dates.- Automaticand manual DST (Daylight Saving Time) handling.- Tafsir in arabic(alBorhan, alAmthal, Noor alThaqalayn)- Share to others-FavoritesPlanned Features for Future Versions- English interfaceand content support.- Visual alert for daily timetable.- Offering awidget on Android home screen.- Farsi translation of supplicationtext.- Full text search for books and all other information.- Fullfeatured date conversion functionality.
iShia Free 1.01 APK
iShia Project
***This version is free. for more information please visitwww.iShia.org.A simple app offering basic Islamic information forpracticing Muslims currently available in Arabic and Farsi, Englishsupport will follow soon:· Important Islamic & Shia HistoricalEvents.· Daily Acts and Worship Instructions According to Mafatihal Jinan.· Daily Prayers Timetable.· A Collection of 5 Islamic Holyand Essential General Books.Your comments and criticism will be ofa great help to us in order to improve this app.
Ahkam alSistani 1.5.2 APK
iShia Project
Offers the Islamic Law - Ahkam - of the GrandAyatollah alSistani as rulings - fatwa -, questions - istifta - andrulings of Hajj, in addition to simplified Islamic Lawguidance.**ENGLISH VERSION SOON**Fatwas and istiftas browsing according to categoriesIslamic Law guidance on specific subjectsOffices Information, Photo Gallery & His EminenceBiographyText Chat with official representatives submitting questions
alMahdi Library 1 APK
iShia Project
alMahdi Library is a specialized collection of books on Imam Mahdi(a.s.), the twelfth Imam of Shia Muslims in Arabic.The library ispublished by The centre of Specialist Studies at Imam alMahdi(atf)App interface supports Arabic and Farsi.Features:- Book listand search- Easy book reading and bookmarks- Control the size offonts and easy navigation- Full text search- Books are downloadedwhen needed- Sync and updating of edited books or new booksaddedThe Centre of Specialist studies at Imam alMahdi (atf):Theidea of Al-Imam Al- Mahdi(atf)is one of the most important topicspresented on the scientific field with its various doctrines,ideologies and philosophical trends. The all believes in thepromised Day ,a day which is justice, prosperity and happiness ofall mankind will be fulfilled , but they differ according theirschool _whether they are depending on bias or subjective criterion_in the character which achieve this Global governmentThe mostprominent theory at that level- I mean diagnosing adequatecharacter to carry all these burdens and performing this function,which all the mankind aspires - is the thesis of the rightfuldoctrine of Shiite .Responsibly speaking we can say that TwelfthImamate Shiite theory in identifying this character is the suitabletheory which is in harmony with human instinct from one side andlots of acceptable texts on another side .This what we seek to makeit a basic truth a studied movement adopted by our centre dependingupon in its addressing rationality and agreed upon and correctinheritance.Also we cannot ignore the impact of emotional side informing the new ,rational and meaningful form of Muslims' mind.Thus we take this in consideration and give it priority in thepurposeful movement of the centre.
alFayadh Books 1.0 APK
iShia Project
al-Fayadh Books offers a collection of 48 titles of Grand Ayatollahal-Fayadh in Arabic and Farsi.The collection includes his Fatwabooks and the rulings on Hajj in addition to specialized title injurisprudence and principles of jurisprudence and othertitles.Features:- Book list and search- Easy book reading andbookmarks- Control the size of fonts and easy navigation- Full textsearch- Books are downloaded when needed- Sync and updating ofedited books or new books added
alWahid Books 1.1.3 APK
iShia Project
A collection of The Grand Ayatollah Wahid alKhorasani books inJurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence and Theology.Features:-Book list and search- Easy book reading and bookmarks- Control thesize of fonts and easy navigation- Full text search- Books aredownloaded when needed- Sync and updating of edited books or newbooks added
Ahkam alWahid 1.3 APK
iShia Project
Offers the Islamic Law - Ahkam - of the Grand Ayatollah alWahidalKhorasani as rulings - fatwa -, questions - istifta - and rulingsof Hajj, in addition to simplified Islamic Law guidance.***ENGLISHVERSION WILL BE RELEASED IN NEAR FUTURE***Fatwas and istiftasbrowsing according to categoriesThe official books of Law of HisEminenceIslamic Low guidance on specific subjectsFullsearchSupports Arabic & Farsi, English will followNews, OfficesInformation, Photo Gallery & His Eminence BiographyText Chatwith official representatives submitting questionsالتطبيقباختصار:عرض الأحكام الفقهية لسماحة آية الله العظمى الوحيد الخراسانيدام ظله العالي كفتاوى، استفتائات، مناسك الحج والفقهيّاتالميسّرة.هذا التطبيق يتم نشره من قبل مكتب سماحته دام ظله.• عرضالفتاواى والإستفتائات على اساس الفهرس الموضوعي• النسخ الرسمية منكتب سماحته للأحكام: منتخب منهاج الصالحين ومناسك الحج• عرض الفقهياتالميسّرة، بيان ميسّر للمواضيع والمداخل الفقهيه• امكانية البحث فيجميع محتوى التطبيق• دعم اللغتين العربية والفارسية حالياًوالإنجليزية لاحقاً• أخبار، عناوين المكاتب، مجموعة التصاوير وترجمةحياة سماحته• امكانية السؤال والجواب في قالب حوار نصّيتعريفالتطبيق:تطبيق سهل الإستخدام يوفّر للمؤمنين الإطلاع على الأحكامالفقهية لسماحة آية الله العظمى الحاج الشيخ حسين الوحيد الخراساني مدظله العالي والتعامل مع مكتب سماحته.عرض الأحكام سواء كانت فتاوى أواستفتاءات حسب كتب منهاج الصالحين ومناسك الحج لسماحته.تسهيل إستيعابالمداخل والمواضيع الفقهي للمؤمنين من خلال قسم "الفقهياتالميسّرة".امكانية التواصل مع ممثلي مكتب سماحته بواسطة حوار نصّيوعرض الأسئلة.يدعم البرنامج حالياً اللغتين العربية والفارسية، ويتوفردعم اللغة الإنجليزية لاحقاً.• يعمل على نظام تشغيل Android 2.2+داعماً اللغتين العربية والفارسية.• عرض الأحكام في العباداتوالمعاملات حسب كتاب منتخب منهاج الصالحين والفهرس الموضوعي.• عرضمجموعة الإستفتائات الرسمية حسب الفهرس الموضوعي.• عرض مناسك الحجبشكل موضوعى حسب كتاب مناسك الحج لسماحته.• عرض "الفقهيات الميسّرة"في مداخل مختلف فقهيّة بأسلوب مبسّط.• امكانية البحث في الفتاواى،الإستفتاءات والفقهيّات الميسّرة.• امكانية طرح الأسئلة بشكل حوار نصيمع ممثلي مكتب سماحته.• الإطلاع على الأخبار الرسمية لمكتب سماحته.•عناوين ومعلومات مكاتب سماحته.• امكانية تحديث كامل للمحتوى عند تغييرالمعلومات من قبل مكتب سماحته.• اشتراك الأحكام مع الآخرين وإرسالهالهم.إمكانيات مخطط لها للإصدارات المقبلة:• الدعم الكامل للغةالإنجليزية.• تأشير الأحكام لتسهيل الرجوع اليها.• عرض الإحكام حسبمفاتيح البحث.• امكانية ارسال استفتاء للحصول على جواب رسمى من مكتبسماحته.