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Its a collection of more than 257 islamicstories. All the stories have collected from internet. Few of themhave known sources and few of them does not. However, the aim ofthese stories is to strengthen our imaan.

keywords: story, islamic story, imaan.

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    Islamic Short Stories
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    November 10, 2015
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Bangla Droid
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Bangla Alphabet 3.3 APK
Bangla Droid
Bengali Alphabet for Kids is one of the complete androidapplications for Bengali alphabet learning. There are few excellentfeatures in this application which will make the kids interested touse this application more and more, and eventually they will learnmore. The features are given below,1. List of all vowel (bengali)characters with pronunciation.2. List of all consonant(bengali)characters with pronunciation. 3. Numbers (1-10) with exampleimages.4. Kids can practise hand-writing of characters and numbers,and save it.5. Each character has nice traditional rhyme (line)with sound. [please see the sample images]6. Few Exercise: ->Completely random set of vowel and consonant to test the skill.-> Multiple choices after counting pictures.
বিখ্যাতদের মজার গল্প 2.1 APK
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'বিখ্যাতদের মজার গল্প' কিছু খ্যাতিমান ব্যাক্তিদের মজার মজার ঘটনারসংকলন।This app contains the funny stories (in Bengali) from thefamous people in the history.(শুধুমাত্র ছোটদের জন্য bangladroidনিয়ে এসেছে রুপকথার গল্প, টুনটুনিদের গল্প সহ আরো কিছু অ্যাপস। এগুলোপাবেনএইখানে-https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Kids+BanglaDroid)https://www.facebook.com/kids.bangladroid?ref=hl
Math for kids in Bengali 1.3 APK
Bangla Droid
This is our second application in Bangla language. Similar tobengali alphabets, kids will be able to learn the numbers inBangla. This is a great fun way for kids to learn numbers and buildbasic math skills. Your children will enjoy the followingactivities:✔ learning numbers✔ counting numbers✔ choose max/minnumber✔ addition✔ subtraction
Bangla Alphabet for Kids 2 APK
Bangla Droid
Bangla Alphabet for Kids is one of thecomplete android applications for Bengali alphabet learning. Thereare few excellent features in this application which will make thekids interested to use this application more and more, andeventually they will learn more. The features are given below,1. List of all vowel (bengali) characters withpronunciation.2. List of all consonant(bengali) characters withpronunciation.3. Numbers (1-10) with example images.4. Kids can practise hand-writing of characters and numbers, andsave it.5. Each character has nice traditional rhyme (line) with sound.[please see the sample images]6. Few Exercise:-> Completely random set of vowel and consonant to test theskill.-> Multiple choices after counting pictures.
Bangladesh 1.0 APK
Bangla Droid
This application contains a list of division (dhaka, khulna,rajshahi, barishal, chittagong, sylhet, rangpur), then the list ofdistricts according to division. It also has list of upazillas aswell as unions according to districts and upazillas respectively.This app also has map of each division, district andupazilla.বাংলাদেশ
Sahih Bukhari (English) 2.3.0 APK
Bangla Droid
Sahih Al Bukhari:We have made this application from the book ofSahih Al Bukhari. The user can choose the volume, the book of thatvolume and then the individual hadith of that book. The user canalso change the volume by swapping from left to right or right toleft. The user can make a list of favorite hadith as well as theuser will be able to keep a bookmark in each book which willfacilitate the user to resume his/her reading. He/she will also beable to share the hadith via facebook, email, twitter and othersharing social networks. There is also a facility to change thefont color and the font style.Sahih Bukhari is a collection ofsayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), also known as theSunnah. The reports of the Prophet's (saw) sayings and deeds arecalled ahadeeth. Imam Bukhari lived a couple of centuries after theProphet's (saw) death and worked extremely hard to collect hisahadeeth.Bukhari (full name Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ismail binIbrahim bin al-Mughira al-Ja'fai) was born in 194 A.H. and died in256 A.H. His collection of hadeeth is considered second to none.His criteria for acceptance into the collection were amongst themost stringent of all the scholars of ahadeeth.Sahih Bukhari isdivided into nine volumes, each of which has several books. Eachbook contains many ahadeeth. The ahadeeth are numberedconsecutively per volume. The books really only serve to groupahadeeth together, but the volumes impose the numbering.Volume 11.Revelation2. Belief3. Knowledge4. Ablution (Wudu')5. Bathing(Ghusl)6. Menstrual Periods7. Ablution with dust8. Prayer (Salat)9.Prayer Hall (Sutra)10. Times of the Prayer11. Call to Prayer12.Characteristics of PrayerVolume 213. Friday Prayer14. FearPrayer15. The Two Festivals (Eids)16. Witr Prayer17. Dua' for Rain(Istisqaa)18. Eclipses19. Prostration20. Shortening Prayers21.Night Prayer (Tahajjud)22. Actions while Praying23. Funerals(Al-Janaa'iz)24. Tax (Zakat)25. Tax (Zakat ul Fitr)26. Pilgrimmage(Hajj)Volume 327. Minor Pilgrimmage28. Pilgrims Prevented29.Prilgrims Hunting Penalty30. Virtues of Madinah31. Fasting32.Ramadan Prayer33. Stay in Mosque (I'tikaf)34. Sales and Trade35.Paid in Advance36. Hiring37. Debt Transfer38. Business by Proxy39.Agriculture40. Distributing Water41. Loans, Bankruptcy42. Lost& Found43. Oppressions44. Partnership45. Mortgaging46. FreeingSlaves47. Gifts48. Witnesses49. Peacemaking50. ConditionsVolume451. Wills52. Jihaad53. One-fifth of Booty54. Begining ofCreation55. Prophets56. Merits of SunnahVolume 557. TheCompanions58. Merits of Al-Ansaar59. ExpeditionsVolume 660.Prophetic Commentary61. Virtues of the Qur'anVolume 762.Marriage63. Divorce64. Supporting Family65. Food, Meals66.Sacrifice on Birth67. Hunting, Slaughter68. Al-Adha Sacrifice69.Drinks70. Patients71. Medicine72. DressVolume 873. Good Manners74.Asking Permission75. Invocations76. Softening the Heart77. DivineWill (Qadar)78. Oaths and Vows79. Unfulfilled Oaths80. InheritanceLaws81. Punishment Laws82. Disbelievers (war)Volume 983. BloodMoney84. Dealing with Apostates85. Under Duress86. Tricks87.Interpretations of Dreams88. End of the World89. Judgments90.Wishes91. Truthfull Word92. Holding Steadfast93. Oneness ofAllahThe only difference between the free and pro version is that,the free version will show the ad on top of the screen. We requestyou to buy the pro version and inspire us to create more and moreislamic apps.bukhari sharif, sahih-al bukhari.
Arabic Alphabet 2.2.3 APK
Bangla Droid
Arabic Alphabet for Kids is one of the complete androidapplications for arabic alphabet learning. There are few excellentfeatures in this application which will make the kids interested touse this application more and more, and eventually they will learnmore. The features are given below,1. List of all characters ( alif- ya).2. Numbers (1-10) with example images.3. Kids can practisehand-writing of characters and numbers, and save it.4. Eachcharacter has words and pronunciation 5. Each character has nicewords. [please see the sample images]6. Few Exercise: ->Completely random set of letters to test the skill. -> Multiplechoices after counting pictures.
Prophets' stories in islam 3.3.1 APK
Bangla Droid
Allah has sent prophets to humanity, in different times and places,to communicate His message. Since the beginning of time, Allah hassent His guidance through these chosen people. In this application,a list of stories from the life of the prophets are presented. Thestories are,1. Prophet Adam2. Prophet Idris (Enoch)3. Prophet Nuh(Noah)4. Prophet Hud5. Prophet Salih6. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham)7.Prophet Isma'il (Ishmael)8. Prophet Ishaq (Isaac)9. Prophet Yaqub(Jacob)10. Prophet Lot (Lot)11. Prophet Shuaib12. Prophet Yusuf(Joseph)13. Prophet Ayoub (Job)14 . Prophet Dhul-Kifl15. ProphetYunus (Jonah)16. Prophet Musa (Moses) & Harun (Aaron)17.Prophet Hizqeel (Ezekiel)18. Prophet Elyas (Elisha)19. ProphetShammil (Samuel)20. Prophet Dawud (David)21. Prophet Sulaiman(Soloman)22. Prophet Shia (Isaiah)23. Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah)24.Prophet Daniel25. Prophet Uzair (Ezra)26. Prophet Zakariyah(Zechariah)27. Prophet Yahya (John)28. Prophet Isa (Jesus)29.Prophet MuhammadALL FREE