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Island Bird Sniper Shooter is the best target birds shootingexperience in the island and real opportunity for the passionatehunters. Island bird hunting is the free sniper shooting game of2017 on google play store. If you have ever been a sniper shooteror been a modern hunter and It’s really fabulous island hunter freegame to hunt target birds in safari island. In Island Bird SniperShooter grab the gun hold your breath aim the target and hunt theselected bird. Just entered in the game and express your snipershooting skills and crafty island birds to hunt them. Island BirdSniper Shooter gives you the modern way of hunting and shooting thefeathered creatures like Duck, Crow, Owl and Eagle in a morepassionate way. The birds are flying and you have to shoot them ina limited time scale to unlock the next level. You can select thebirds as well as your choice which you like for hunting. Islandbird hunting is the chance to prove yourself as one of the best andgreat modern sniper shooter and as a hunter 2017. Game Features:- -To be a real sniper complete the challenging mission and survive inisland. - Best Island Sniper shooting target experience. - Hunt andshoot in safari island forest. - Choose different birds for huntand shoot. - Real island surroundings. - Fabulous animation ofrealistic 3D flying birds. - Map is available to find the birdlocation much easily. - Modern sniper gun have unlimited bullets. -Stunning HD Island. How to play:- - Select a bird for hunt. -Select the most updated unlocked level. - Grab your sniper rifle. -Aim the bird you want to hunt by zooming in. - You have to kill allthe birds in island environment in a limited time. - Complete theall missions and become a futuristic hunter & hero.

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    Island Bird Sniper Shooter
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    December 12, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Super Tiny Games
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Welcome to the world of the four-footed real futuristic beast &wild animal of safari forest (Jungle). You endanger your life forthe rude adventure, real thrilling assassin shooting in the junglefor target furious and wild animals. With the help of modern sniperhunting rifles and other hunting ammunition, you can hunt everydeadly carnivore. You have to hunt down many furious beasts &bloody barbaric animals like lion, bear, cheetah, rhino, wolf,tiger, hippo, crocodile, hyena and gorilla. Aim animals and shootthem before the escape. If you are real frontier sniper hunter thenit would be the best game for you and it will make you a realistic& expert professional assassin hunter in real life. Forest isfull of the barbarian beasts and kills all the furious and bloodyrude beast within the given time to approach the next huntinglevel. Set your assassin gun and aim wisely, perfectly, eagle eyevision and don't miss your beast; if you miss it accidentally willescape or attack back on you. Free Game Animal Sniper Hunting isprofessional expert target shooting game you play many animalhunting games but its kind of unique in nature as you will face thereal barbaric animals in the forest and you will shoot them on thespot otherwise your life will be in great trouble. Would be thebest safari hunting and target gun sniper 3d shooting game of 2018on play store.Get Ready for real jungle hunting sniper shootingmission, you have entered into the safari forest (Jungle), kill theanimals or get killed. You are on the mission of killing all therude and furious beasts before times up. Shooting while runningwild animals is literally hard so you have to use your commandotarget shooting expert skills to complete your mission and focusand kill the furious animals. You will face the most dangerousanimals of the jungle lion, bear, cheetah, rhino, wolf, tiger,hippo, crocodile, hyena, and gorilla.Animal Sniper Hunting Expert:Jungle Shooting Free Game is the best in free games to increaseyour confidence level for facing giant animals like lion, bear,cheetah, rhino, wolf, tiger, hippo, crocodile, hyena, and gorilla.The Game is a complete challenge to your visional and listeningcapabilities is a forest Survival. As you enter in the wildest andbloody safari forest of the world, so keep it in mind a singlebreathing sound may cause your death, so keep your gun loaded andhold it in your hand and target as fast as you can while you see ananimal with eagle eye and become the real Animal Hunter. Don’t missthe beasts and don’t fire in the sky. Hurry up animal shooters!!It’s time for some thrilling action and target sniper shooting insafari forest (jungle) so don't waste your time and download KEYFEATURES- Realistic graphics and sounds.- Easy and effectivecontrols.- Introducing our new four snipers for expert,professional players.- Get daily rewards and coins.- Three new andupgrade stunning environments ( simple forest, mountain includesnow and greeny last one complete Winterland).- Thrilling andadventurous missions that will never make you bored.
Jungle Cow Hunt 2.0 APK
Jungle Cow hunter is here. Jungle Cow Hunt is a best snipershooting game in which you can hunt cows. Take your sniper rifle,set your scope and hunt the cows. You hunt in deep junglessurrounded by trees and grass. As this game is a cow hunting game,you are allowed to hunt cow only. Hunting the innocent animals andmaking them your best prey. Aim and hit the Cow, sounds easy rightbut it is not. You will have the different experience with cowanimal to shoot. Jungle Cow Hunt is very challenging and excitinggame. You must complete each level in the definite quantity ofmoves, designed with hunters in mind. Play, Aim or Fire from bigand clear buttons. you need best shooting and hunting gamesqualities and skills. You are having limited time to hunt the cowsand complete the game. It is so much fun that I bet you want toplay again and again. A person with passion of hunting arrived inthe jungle but only cows are there. You hunts the cow for zeal andpassion. Hunting with sniper "M24" is modern style of hunting andcows hunting yummy its a new concept for hunters because its simplyavailable every where but no concept of hunt them. A game for thosewho have hunting passion. HOW TO PLAY you have entered in thedangerous jungle with the sniper gun. The cows is moving in thejungle. Find, zoom and fire the target. FEATURES - HD and stunninggraphics - Game Full of Zeal. - Best sniper 3d controls. - GoodGame to Play in free Time. - 3D Cow Hunting in Jungle EnvironmentGAME PLAY - Fire Button for Hunting Cows. - Zoom Button for lookingcows more closer.
Superhero Dinosaur Hunting: Frontier Free Shooting 1.0 APK
Are you a fan of deadly wild dinosaur hunter? If yes then it wouldbe the best, amazing, and thrilling adventure game. Welcome toSuperhero Dinosaur Hunting: frontier free shooting you have totarget the most dangerous carnivore, bloodthirsty species ever onthe earth. So snipers! Hold your sniper rifle in your hands beready for thrilling adventure. Don’t be scared of these wildharmful beasts because the superhero is here to help you with thesemost dangerous, scary and creepy creatures Jurassic Jungle (Forest)of Bloodthirsty Carnivore Superhero Dinosaur Hunting: frontier freeshooting the best sniper hunting game, explore this Jurassic forestsuper wild beast and hunt down the scary dinosaurs, deadlycarnivore has spread out in this adventurous game! Get your guns;start shooting in this Jurassic hunting game with over 15 types ofprehistoric bloody species, hungry for the prey ready to attackyou. Gun down the prehistoric targets with headshots for biggerrewards and massive gun upgrade with the special help ofsuperheroes forces. Survive in the safari wild bloody forest withsavage dinos. dinosaurs and ammunitions We are introducing a widevariety of bloodthirsty beasts of the ancient era. Ankylosaurus,Apatosaurus, Brontosaurus, Carnotaurus, Parasaurolophus,Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, T Rex,Allosaurus, Triceratops, and Giganotosaurus. These are some dinothat you have to kill with a wisely target sniper shooting with thehelp of superheroes. Target hungry dinosaur with your best armycommando sniper ammunition hunt is the survival hunter,professional sniper shooter of safari jungle (forest). You have toupgrade your weapons, equip more dangerous weapons to zoom clearlyand target professional rifles. Your main mission in this dinosaurhunting adventure, a thrilling game for free. Hunt down the dinowith superhero Hulk and Flashman as the best jungle target sniperof 2018 but watch out for attacking predators as they are roamingfreely in the forest! Kill them all if needed. So don’t hold back,grip your weapons tightly, walk clearly with an eagle eye. They mayattack you so you have to be careful for survive take a perfectaim, test your sniper shooter skills as a real dino hunting expertdon't let them escape; you have the best superhero ( Hulk andFlashman ) of 2018 helping you in this adventurous game. Experiencegrand sniper shooting in the real jungle wilderness environment asa real hero and win this hunting challenge. Game Features: • Easyand Smooth First person shooter controller. • Amazing graphics andprehistoric safari deadly beast. • The actual thrill of dino chasesdeadly dino, attack shooting. • Many thrilling levels with adifferent number of dinosaurs shooting. • Awesome gameplay withattacking animations and deadly sounds. • Modern Assault Weaponsall of them are free for full shooting adventure.
Animal Hunting - Sniper Expert Safari Shooter 1.0 APK
If you like safari adventure and hunting games. Then it would bethe best jungle shooting game for you because jungle animal safariadventure is filled with lots of dangerous wild beasts and lots ofthrill hunting missions that you have never before. Be a greatsafari wild hunter and sharpshooter and target the wild beasts.Forest (Jungle) animal hunting and shooting are the new safarihunting and jungle adventure game and to get new target shootingexperience in safari jungle. Which you might be able to get in yourlife. Hunt the animals in a unique way with fps Sniper Gun, rifleand be the perfect animal shooter. The wild safari jungle(forest)is filled with dangerous animals like Hyena, Tiger, Africanbuffalos, Lion and much more. Be careful while wild hunting Africanbuffalos, Hyena, Tiger, and Lion because they can attack you ifyour target is missed and take you in the mouth of death. JungleAnimal safari adventure game is filled with action, shooting andhunting the hilarious animals. This safari hunting and jungleadventure with dangerous animal make you feel like you are in thereal jungle and you’re a real wild hunter. When you heard the soundof the dangerous animals then you have to alert for shooting andmake your aim to kill and shot the most dangerous animal with atarget and make a dead shot. You can play this game for the besttarget of your own ultimate hunting skill because it has increasedhunting and thrilling missions. This game now beat all otherAfrican jungle animal hunting games is the best game of 2018.Target the deadly lions and bloody tiger with modern weapons. Makesure you are safe from the wild beasts and deadly lions. If youtarget goes wrong then bloody and deadly lion can attack you andcan kill you. Frontier animal safari hunting is best for junglehunting games for free. You have the best ammunition, best weaponsto target and kill the deadly and bloodthirsty wild animal in thewild safari forest and are the safari sharpshooter. Kill and targetthe entire wild animal like lions, leopards, tigers, and hyena. Infrontier animals, the safari hunting game has different thrillingmissions and each mission has more deadly and dangerous animals.Wild animal’s safari is the best game for free and you can play inboth day and night mode. So Best of luck and enjoy it. GAME PLAY ◆Select the African animal from Buffalo, Hyena, Tiger, and Loin. ◆Select the Environment in which you want to play the game. ◆ Selectthe latest unlocked level for best adventure of hunting animals. ◆set the aim by holding and moving a finger on the screen. ◆ Pressthe zoom button for more precise and accurate view of an animal. ◆Shoot down the animal by pressing the fire button. ◆ Play the gamefor all animals in day and night for much fun. GAME FEATURES ◆Realistic & Amazing Jungle Environment. ◆ Amazing and Stunninggraphics. ◆ Multiple levels game. Each with a new challenge. ◆ BestSniper Hunting Game in Jungle of 2018. ◆ Select different animalsas targets for shooting. ◆ Amazing FPS Gun Controls for perfectshooting. ◆ Easy Gameplay for enjoying and entertainment. ◆Realistic Artificial Intelligence. ◆ Ability to Aim and Zoom on thetargeted animal. ◆ Hyena, Tiger, and Lion can attack a player. ◆ 6Level of Each Animal in Day & Night.
Space Racer : No Limit 1.1 APK
Do you love to Dodge City high buildingsbyflying Space Plane?Air force is a charm for every person. We all wish for once tobea pilot in our life but cannot be due to life circumstances.Don'tworry you can be a pilot and know the feel of flying a jetinfect aspaceship? Dodge the buildings and don't let your jetdestroy. Youwill face surprises as the level goes on withdifferent difficultylevel depending upon your stamina ofsurviving.GAME PLAY:• Touch Left of the Screen to Move Racer towards LEFT.• Touch Right of the Screen to Move Racer towards RIGHT.• Pick up Rings placed in between the city buildings.• Don’t Let your Jet Destroy.FEATURES:• Superb 3D City Buildings Environment.• Endless Game Play• Amazing JetsSTAY CONNECTED:Feel free to give us feedback and like us on Facebook.
Frontier Animal Hunting: Desert Shooting 17 1.5 APK
Desert hunting is a fun when you are a professional hunter as anamateur and endanger his life and survive from the desert as tryingto kill the crazy furious frontier animals. Desert shooting willgive the way hunting real animals to every hunter likes and becamethe most heroic hunter of 2017. You have to use all your tactics tosurvive in the desert. Shoot the mad and crazy animals. FrontierAnimal Hunting is to develop and improve your shooting skills andto unleash it. To be a deadly sharp shooter enter to the darkdesert to shoot or hunt the huge frontier wild animals with testyour best sniper hunter skills and show your real assassinexperience. All in one action-packed desert hunting in the frontieranimal shooting to became a huntsman. Grab your modern 3D snipergun and aim the crazy wild animals to hunt and became the frontieranimal huntsman. Shoot the different animals like tiger, lion,hyena and African buffaloes. Use the sniper gun to hunt them. Huntor to be hunted, be a part of ultimate battle between you and wildand angry tiger, hyena, lion, African buffaloes. In Frontier AnimalHunting: Desert shooting 17 you can shoot the animals and kill thembut also they can attack on you. Improve your shooting sniperskills to survive in the dusty desert. Your target is moving hereand there and you have to aim precisely with a 3D sniper gun anddon't let them attack on you. Kill all the animals to go the nextlevel. ✦✦✦ Game Features ✦✦✦ ✰ Realistic animal desert targethunting. ✰ 4 crazy deadly animals and multiple missions. ✰ 3D FPS(first person shoot) shooting to hunt animals. ✰ Efficient and easycontrols. ✰ HD graphics and sound.
Mountain Sniper Season 2016 1.0 APK
Download and Play free game Sniper Season.Mountain Sniper Season isa army base action game where you have a duty as a Elite Sniper.You army base is under attack by the another country army and youhave to defend the military base and shoot all the enemies with amodern sniper. Indulge in a thrilling adrenaline boosting realsniper shooting action to save the army base. Play your part tosave the your country army from the other country occupied. Realheroes stand for a cause and always help the suppressor. MountainSniper Season is a game to play as a hero to shoot the enemies.Shoot the enemies in their hideouts in the mountains and take themout whether dead or alive. The addictive gameplay and increasingdifficulty level will keep you stuck to the game for hours makingan exercise for your brain and IQ in a refreshing and strategicway.The prominent features of the game:• Realistic Sniper Shooting•Addictive gameplay• Adrenaline boosting difficulty level• HighDefinition graphics• Detailed Aiming• Absolute zoom in / zoom outduring play• Increasing difficulty• Sniper shooting missions
Rabbit Hunting Challenge - Sniper Shooting Games 1.4 APK
Let's go for Rabbit Hunting & Shooting in the safari forest.Accept the challenge for hunts in Rabbit Hunting Challenge - SniperShooting Games get ready for real action. It is FPS jungle huntinggame where you have to hunt these tiny rabbits with your excellentprofessional shooting skills and enjoy adventurous hunting. Youwill see stunning beautiful environment consists of green safarijungle (forest), where rabbit can hide behid the bushes & canrun away so jungle sniper hunting is going to be difficult. Youhave to hunt with an eagle eye. If they hide it is difficult tofind. You will love to play Rabbit Hunting Challenge - SniperShooting Games in 3D stunning environment & enjoy adventureaction hunting target experience. The latest weapon ammunitions gunis used for hunting the rabbit. You have to be quick while shootingbecause they are very quick in running or they will hide so it isnot easy hunting, every level is hard and difficult from the firstso you have to be active & attack your aim wisely. A relaxingfps wild safari jungle animal hunting game. Users can look at thescreen or move anywhere, where they want. The game has twobeautiful modes INFINITE MODE & LEVEL MODE. You have to attack& be a real professional huntsman and sharpshooter. Main focusis to hunt the rabbits, if you kill any other animal, you will losethe game, so you have aim your target wisely, sharply and usingyour army commando skills be the real sniper shooter. When you aregoing to hunt the rabbit as an animal hunter or a commando sniperin the forest be aware of different animals during hunting. Don'tshoot other innocent animals, Rabbit is a sharp animal so set youraim at target shot to kill sharply be a huntsman, wisely with aneagle eye. If you miss your shot then surly rabbit runs away orclimb from one place to another tree or hide behind the bushesbecause they are pretty tiny animal the speed of rabbit is so fastshoot before rabbit run away. Difficulty of the game is graduallyincreasing, clear your level in short time. Hope you'll enjoy thiscrazy, amazing, adventurous & trilling forest games for youngand adults as well.Wild “Rabbits” are a very good source of enjoybut to get them one have to “hunt” in “jungle”. The crazy tinycreatures can run fast so be calm, silent, active like a Commandoduring hunting because when they have knowledge of hunter’spresence and they simply run towards their hoods. They also makedifferent calls to make other “Rabbits” alert. So get inside thejungle and be carefully be your small mistake make them away fromyou. This is an adventurous game with most thrilling shooting causejungle small creatures hunts is not that easy, so don't miss yourtarget. Key Features of Rabbit Sniper Target Hunting ChallengeShooting - Realistic graphics and sounds. - Easy and effectivecontrols. - Radar is given to find White rabbits - Latest andaccurate sniper rifle - Realistic 3d model of Rabbit - Real best 3denvironment - Multiple mission with awesome featured -User-friendly and smooth game