1.2 / September 9, 2016
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Enemies have attacked on your territories. They are very cruel,harsh and traumatic, can destroy your state in few seconds if youdon’t move to stop them. Protect your islands from you enemies.Survive until all of them are destroyed.Get ready for modernbattles to defend your islands against evil invaders injungles!Protect your freedom and liberty.Can you make it? Lets try!Game Features:--- Islands Defense War --- Real sounds andanimation of fighters, helicopter.- Real 3D graphics and easy tocontrol.- Very fast attack from enemies with sniper and guns.- Epicislands defense battles- Lot of soldiers, tanks and guns.- A lot ofangry and Unique enemies- Enemies from infantry to aviation- Noconnectivity required while playing.

App Information Island Defence War

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    Island Defence War
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    September 9, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    GP Games Studio
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Rescue Emergency firefighters simulator 3D are on their way to savethe life of Innocents People in buildings, homes and on the roadtraffic. Then get in your modern feuerwehr truck! Fight hazardousfires! Be the towns hero! Here is your chance to show your heroicqualities. Display courage and bravery of a real nbb firefightertruck and fight the blazing fire. Fire Fighter Truck Simulator 3Dis an awesome simulation game, drive around the city in your firetruck ifsta putting out fires and saving civilians, drive like fdnyin the public transport to the correct location, park your fireengine in the parking zone and use the hose to put out the fire onthe buildings, can you save the city by extinguishing. There aremany firefighter trucks with dixie horn in firefighter departmenttake one of them and get wannable chance to safe the lives withatti..........................................................................................................................Youwas recruited as a fire fireman to help the city to extinguishburning buildings and vehicles! All the city is in flames your dutyis to rescue lives just like rescue 911. Use your siren to awareeveryone about the disaster. You are the fire-fighter of this city.Rush to the scene and put out the blaze. You have to reach the fireand get control on it as soon as possible.Features:- 1 powerfulFire trucks with lights and siren- Real world 3D environment-Realistic controls- Animated fires and smoke- Animated fire hoseand water- 6 Challenging city levels to test driving skills-steering wheel controls-Buttons water hose control