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One of the things that make Italy so specialis the food. And the best Italian food is pizza. In this game youhave to make a very good and very tasty pizza, Italian food, getmore people to our restaurant. First you have to prepare all theingredients for cooking a pizza. You need to add flour, water,salt, olive oil, and a few eggs in a bowl to prepare the pizzadough. You need to mix the ingredients and then put them on thetable and give shape pizza dough. Next we need to add tomato sauce,milk and sugar in a bowl to prepare pizza sauce. Then we have toput the sauce over the dough, then we add mozzarella, salami, eggs,ham and a little cheese. Then you must decorate the pizza, so we'lladd some spices on it, we change the plate, we choose some cutlery,and we change the face of mass. Thank you for choosing this gameand invite you to choose and other pizza games, cooking games,games of this developer to see if you're doing as well as you didbefore.

Instructions: Use your fingers to play

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