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BACKGROUND STORYThe riots are spreading on the streets of the city,police is failing to control the heat and bring the mafia tojustice. On the other hand, Mafia is planning something big and hasstarted assassinating the police officers. The criminals andcontract killers are juggling on the streets freely, the situationhas got out of the hand of police, therefore, in order to controlthe riots commandos and mountain snipers are called in for help.The commandos and sharp sniper shooters have done their job andhave arrested the mafia and criminals, the police have escortedthem to the prisons, and the city is saved from the riots. But thisis not the end, the extreme criminals, robbers, contract killersand mafia have joined hands together and have killed the policeofficers to break the prison and escape from the jail. You as a warhero and elite sniper squad are the only resistance left betweenthis prison break. The cops are calling for more help, the jail isbreak and the killers have put their hands on the weapons andshooting rifles. Try to eliminate the threat by killing all thecriminals, robbers, contract killers and mafia hitman within thelimited time given at each level of this intense game. If theprison is broken and the criminals are escaped from the jail, theywill again start the riots on the streets of the city and the bloodof the innocence people will shed again. You are equipped withmodern sniper rifle and provided with extreme guns at every level,eliminate all the criminals and secure the prison from escape. STOPTHE GREATEST PRISON ESCAPE Cell 55 is one the most dangerous andunforgiving prison of all time. Located in the heart of a desert,it is considered one of the most secure containment, where anyprison escape attempt has failed before. The mafia criminal rivalshave now joined hands to try the ultimate jail break and it is yourjob as the sniper guard to thwart this prison escape plan.Get yourguns ready for an uphill battle as the jail sniper guard, with thesole purpose to take out the mafia bosses before they can maketheir escape from jail. In 4 intense levels of FPS shootergameplay, your job is to eliminate all the threats, as their gangmembers make an attempt to take you out and make the prison escapesuccessful.GAMEPLAY FEATURES- Level based FPS free roam snipershooter- Run and gun down prison criminals in 4 levels- DetailedFPS free roam shooting controls- Use various weapons throughout theprison environment

App Information Jail Break: Sniper Shooting 3D

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    Jail Break: Sniper Shooting 3D
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    February 29, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    The App Rain
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" In the today's modern era there are most of phones have the besthardware to perform heavy tasks but there is a problem occur withthe user that their phones got overheat. This effects on theperformance of mobile. It slow down the working of your cell phonebut, there is no need to be worried because Smart CPU Heat Cooleris here for your help and facilitation. Smart CPU Heat Cooler is anapp that is specially designed for the users that are facingoverheat problem with their devices. Smart CPU cooler is thecooling master that cool down your cell and reduce the heat. Forandroid and other smartphones are needs heat prevention. Smart CPUHeat Cooler is an app that is cooling your devices with efficientand easy methods. When you are playing games on your mobile or yourmobile performing multitasking the Smart CPU Heat Cooler identifiesand monitor heat producing apps then work to cool down you CPUwithin seconds. There are so many features of this app that giveyou many opportunities to minimize your cell phone processor'sheat. Features (FREE)  Real Time Heat Analysis Real Time HeatAnalysis monitors the phone temperature and logs it according tothe temperature change. One Touch Cooling service One TouchCooling service provides instant temperature drop down with the tapof a single button. Overheat Detection Overheat Detection actsimmediately to stop running apps that are causing the phone to heatup too much Overheating prevention Closes all those apps that arelikely to cause temperature increasing, and prevents the phonetemperature from rising again."
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Reading would be fun now with this super smart magnifier tool inmagnifying everything you want to see in large. Real time magnifierhelps you to see, read and view things through macro zoom exposureup to 2 times.Download this app and live through the digitaladvancement in magnifying glass & best alternate to readingglasses. New Material Design Experience one of the best and mostuseful image viewing tool on the Store, enhanced and improvedaccording to the latest material design by Google. Simple butelegant and attractive, the material design UI will even turn andold smartphone into an Android 5.0 lollipop device.Turn your phonecamera into a handy zoom microscope to magnify small labels, textsand prints. Now fix your impaired objects with an expert eye havingthe most reliable tool app of Google play store. App comes withscreen brightness control and extra bright flash light that neverleaves you aside in night time reading. Capture the enlarged imageand photos through zoom view in full brightness and save them ingallery for instance use.Stimulate HD camera images with Pause /play function. Read small labels and texts in a microscope visionwith the ease to freeze image. Get rid of old glass magnifier andexperience magnifying through your smart Android phone.***Apptested and works best on all Android devices. FEATURES: • FullyFunction magnifying App with Exciting Features• New and improvedAndroid Lollipop 5.0 Material Design UI, with interactive touchanimations • Brighter view of small text and minor details withintense flashlight toggle • Long-press on screen to capturedimages• Supports up to 2x magnifier zoom exposure• Magnifying glasslike vision with phone camera flash light • Capture photos in fullcamera zoom• Seamless Pause / Play button to freeze on screenimage• Distortion free, spin Screen rotation • Save and accesstaken images directly from gallery• Small Package with macrocapacity • Fun full experience magnifying micro objects
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Now capture and save interesting screenshot images that come acrossto your phone screen in an easy and convenient way. Screenshot New:Speed Capture opens up smart ways to modify and revamp screencaptured images by just in a click of button. Take snapshots ofvideos, Game & apps, whatever appears on phone screen.Save,edit and share screen shots directly from gallery via email.Capture screenshot images of your Android tablet/phone easily withthis free screen capture app. Adjust size of saved images with cropability included in app.App functions support and performed well onboth rooted and non rooted devices. Visual quality may differs fromdevice to device. You must give a try to this free screenshot appto get a better visual art treatment. What More in this Free App◘Full Screen capture in high quality ◘ Gallery access of capturedscreens◘ Crop saved snapshots in desired size◘ Screen rotation inlandscape & portrayal format◘ In app button to capture phonescreen◘ Application integrated with shortcut widget◘ instantlydelete unwanted images easily
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>What is Stagefright?Stagefright is an integral part of the Android code; it is a medialibrary that processes several popular media formats.Use the The Stagefright Protections app to check whether yourdevice needs to be patched against the newly discovered StageFrightbug that leaves Android users open to malicious attacks.The Stagefright Protection app is designed to check your Androiddevice’s protection status and help you take appropriate action toensure that your device and data remain safe.The StageFright Bug- A dangerous texting vulnerability inAndroid>StageFright Vulnerability and Associated Threats:A critical vulnerability recently reported by a leading mobilesecurity firm, Zimperium .The kinds of vulnerabilities detected aretermed, remote code execution vulnerabilities. The easiest way ofexploiting this vulnerability would be to execute malicious codedelivered via MMS. The danger lies in the fact that no action isrequired on the user-end to execute the code.>Extent of the Problem:The issue affects an estimated 950 million devices and attackersonly need your mobile number to launch an attack.>Vulnerable Android Versions:Mainly users of the pre-Jellybean versions of the AndroidsystemFroyo 2.2 to Lollipop 5.1.1>Securing Your DeviceThe first thing to do is to detect if your device is vulnerable,the Stagefright Protection app helps you in this step. The nextstep would be to download and install the appropriate softwarepatch meant specifically for your device and provide tutorial howto protect by MMS settings.Disclaimer:-The Stagefright Protection will not fix the code vulnerability inStageFright; it informs you that if your device is open to attackand how to protect from it.-Please download and install the update patches released by yourdevice manufacturer or cell phone carrier or Google.>More Information and Details:Read the details by looking up the following CVEs (CommonVulnerabilities and Exposures)CVE-2015-1538, CVE-2015-1539, CVE-2015-3824, CVE-2015-3826,CVE-2015-3827, CVE-2015-3828, CVE-2015-3829
Easy AppSaver: Apk Share + 1.0 APK
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Easiest yet fastest appsaver for your Android’s Apk files that doesnot take up much on your phone internal storage. Simply keep backupof your worthy App Apks stored at one place. Share Installed AppsApk (.apk file) via Bluetooth, Email etc.Watch installed appsaverApks in batch list backup. Never worry again for you uninstalledapk file to get lost anywhere. No need to use Google drive or PCinternal storage to backup files for Android APKs. In times of needgive a backup call to this appsaver + and store your Android’s APKsin no time.This backup master also offers you sharing at variousplatforms easy one is through mail for google users around. APKfile sharing is free with easy system settings.Back up data doesnot fetch app data or cache files in backup to bother your devicestorage. Share even through various sharing option i.e. Bluetooth& and Mail.FEATURES• Controls are easy, long press to getoptions• Batch list watch installed apps• Standalone withoutrootMore from The App RainOur developers at The App Rain arecontinuously working hard on producing quality applications forAndroid users. Stay tuned at our developer page on Google PlayStore for more smart and advanced tools.
X-ray Body Scanner Prank 1.0 APK
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Pose like a pro X-ray scanner in front of yourfriends and family with fake body viewer app. This app is fun fullprank to begin with children and dumb fellows. Play smart takingnegative body images and leave the rest on this prank app toconvert that into X-ray viewer scanned body parts photos.Simple Amusing and entertaining app with minimal settings. Hitthe start button, take pose of body part and let the app do fakescan and proceed. Friends and family will fool out but love thishilarious App.- Impress your friends having awesome X-ray scanner prank app inyour device.- Give it to play children to feel like a doctor.Scan your body parts and bones in night viewer vision☻ LEFT and Right Hand☻ Left and Right Foot☻ Chest & Skull☻ Body Back and FrontDisclaimer: This prank App meant nothing but fun through X-rayscanner. No medical relevance with this App associated.
Sound Pro: Volume Maximizer ++ 1.0.6 APK
The App Rain
Gain up to 40% extra volume on your android device with Sound Pro:Volume Maximizer +. Get an extra high sound quality depending onyour Android device by boosting sound, ringer volume, media playerequalizer and all other advanced sound amplifier controls indifferent devices.Is your smartphone speakers volume low? Does youramplifier settings fail to give that extra output when in noisyareas? Sound Pro: Volume Amplifier + provides a one touch solutionfor your volume level problems. Gain extra volume of your voicecall with one click and get a clearer and sharper listeningexperience. Features One click booster for extra sound gainUseindividual volume levels for system volumes e.g. call, notificationvolume, alarm sound etc.Background running volume settingsnotification for easy access to the appEasy access from the volumenotification for adjusting volume for device.DisclaimerSound Pro:Volume Amplifier + is tested to work with all devices without anyharm or damage to the device speakers.