1.0 / December 1, 2016
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Every Criminal/men have faced hard time in life.Survive in prisonis very difficult for criminals.Each ad every day you will find andtreated with punish.And there is also a love story of everycriminals life.Passing time in jail is real had time so break thejail is your mission for survive.First breaking jail improve youmental state planed well whats you needed to go out.Make allactivities and and dont lose your mind.Use your powers ofobservation,wisdom to escape from prison.Inside heavily and secureguarded prison no escape tools.jail escape or prison breakoutlockdown is free sentenced to death game.Best addictive action alsopuzzle game.Best challenging game ever.You have only left chance toimprove his Innocence.

App Information Jail Breakout : Prison War

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    Jail Breakout : Prison War
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    December 1, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    appos dev
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Police horse chase Training game is now releasing with highperformance features.After Police dog chase success This becomeanother block baster game on play store.Horse animations jumpingrunning is very exciting.A Police driver after driving police carhe is now assign a police horse to train and given a assignmenttest of robbery chase.He is on street in crime city to chasethief/robberPolice chase Street Crime with horse now.just withsmooth control you become a hero in police department.
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Sword is your strength ninja warrior a big action game ever.A 10big assassination war missions.there are many armed soldiersagainst you.crush all you enemies Realistic stealth combatfights.there are lot of animations in this game like running,jump,swim,and many weapons.ninja revenge in killing villageenvironment.Do you have dare to bear fear and fight.A best ninjaexperience game.Excellent AI System implemented.Fast movementcontrol.stick men controls.
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Lone Sniper Army Shooter 3D 2018 1.2 APK
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Lone Sniper Army Shooter 3D 2018 mid of summer new sniper in citylong range guns bombs are in hand of target sniperWelcome to theLone Sniper Army Shooter 3D with fps sniper and deadly criminals.Have you ever played any terrorist counter and sniper enemy games?So get ready to have the experience of army warzone, freeshooter,army rescue mission,and best sniper game same as other freeshooting games.Lone Sniper Army Shooter 3D Game play:The game playof this Lone Sniper Army Shooter 3Dis just like the other freeshooter games. This is pretty simple to play because our playerwill be human army sniper and we would have to shoot against thehostile assassins and shooting helicopters.Lone Sniper Army Shooter3D Features:Realistic sound effects of terrorist counter and gunwar.Futuristic HD, 3D graphics inbattle zone of army snipershooting.Multiple weapons like Ak47, shot guns, m4, rifles, pistolsand sniper guns.Action pack 3 modes with 8 levels each of criticalcounter mission.Detailed environment with different views of thrillof battle.FPS futuristic environmentinthrone battle of armyservice.You might have played many shooting assassin 2017, modernshooters&fps snipers,army sniper shooting,thrill of battle,terrorist counter,free gun games,army rescue mission,gun war,sniperenemy, kids army games,3d sniper games,army service,countergame,strike sniperbattle zone, and free shooting games. But thisLone Sniper Army Shooter 3D game also includes sniper with a lot ofweapons of mini militaryagainst the deadly criminals in the thrillof battle.Few years ago, people were living in futuristic citywithout any violence of terrorists, war criminals, deadlycriminals, and other free shooters. But now our whole futuristiccity has been transformed into crime city same as other thronebattles and modern combat arena.Innocent citizens are worried aboutthose real shooters, war criminals, and also as well as modernshooters.You are the only one army sniper as the defender of thecrime city. Actually those all sniper enemies, war criminals,shooting helicopters, and other military shooters have rounded yourfuturistic city.All innocent citizens of the whole crime city andthrone battle are looking for help in this modern combat arena.They are just looking at you as a defender of the hero city becauseyou are a well-trained army combat and as well as army sniper sameas other free gun games and free shooting games.So if you want tohave experience of sniper shooting 3d, army sniper, lone sniper,strike sniper, army service,modern sniper game,mini military,sniper enemy, army warzone,army rescue mission,modern shooter,freegun games and kids army games then this Lone Sniper Army Shooter 3Dgame is specially designed for you.It’s actually a real armyshooter vs war criminals fps sniperwith multiple action packweapons like Ak47, shot guns, m4, rifles, pistols and sniper guns.Whenever you’ll start this gun war and modern shootergame you’llobserve that the enemies have loaded with multiple of deadlyweapons, shooting helicopters and bombs but you don’t need to beworry because you’re also a well-trained army real sniper andshooter like other shooting games for free&modern snipergames.In this Lone Sniper Army Shooter 3D, best snipergame&shooting assassin 2017, you just behave like agent of thismodern sniper, modern combat arena,mini military,3d sniper games,and FPS game. There are total 3 modes of this army sniper shootinggame which is also critical counter mission.Whenever you launchthis modern sniper game like other shooting games forfree&shooting assassin 2017, you’ll have choice of weaponsselections from Ak47, shot guns, m4, rifles, pistols and sniperguns to attack on mafia criminals in battle zone and other 3dsniper games.So get ready to play this critical counter missionlike other shooting games for free, enemy snipers, kids army gamesand counter game.
Bank Robbery : Crime Case 1.0 APK
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Bank robbery is the crime of stealing from a bank while bankemployees, and usually bystanders, are subjected to force, violenceor the threat of violence.Police shooter need to take real actionagainst these sneaky gangsters in a crime city.robbery like GTAgames.Bank robbery occurs most frequently in cities and largetowns. This concentration is often attributed to there being morebranches in urban areas, but the number of bank robberies isdisproportionately higher than the number of branches.This isbecause most bank robberies are reported very quickly, frequentlywhile the crime is in progress; most bank robberies occur duringdaylight hours, have multiple witnesses and with modern technologyoften produce photographic images that can be distributed and usedimmediately to canvass the local area.This is ultimate bank robberycrime scene case you have to complete all task/missions.A Thief canRun from bank if you have completed all Missions.Cops and TheRobbers are Both Genius.You are the Getaway Robber deadly highprofile mission in Russian bank. A Robbery in San Andreas city ofcops.-Each Bank has very secure locker inside you find the keys ofthose lockers.Download the game for free-Fist Drive you car andsearch all-around bank building.-All their guards and bank securityare vary tight.-And also Sniper assassin are patrolling.-Findsecret documents.-Brilliant action killing and hostage rescuemissions.-Crime is a Funny game.- Pay attention to thearrow.-Realistic movement of shooting and firing weapons.