1.1.1 / January 16, 2019
(3.4/5) (110)


Escape the jail only to find out that the whole world has beentaken over by a zombie apocalypse! You can see other playersplaying the game and choose to survive by joining them, attack themor just run for shelter. Best players are ranked by collectedbullets and kills.

App Information Jailbreak Infinite

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    Jailbreak Infinite
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    January 16, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Harha Studios
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com.JuhaniPaaso.TheMagicalTypewriter 1.36.9 APK
Harha Studios
A unique open-world wizard simulator with magic, spells, andadventure! The world of The Magical Typewriter is a rich, vibrant,and beautiful place full of adventure and things to do. Manydifferent objects in the world can interact in interesting ways.You can cast different spells with a magic wand, fly with yourbroomstick, brew magic potions and write with the magicaltypewriter to earn coins. In the game story, you are a young wizardor a witch who lives inside a huge magical castle with others. Asyou meet different characters and discover new places you soonlearn that something very dark is happening. A lot of young wizardsand witches have recently gone missing and nobody knows where! Youradventure takes exciting turns as you find out what has happenedand as you try to stop the evil forces that are rising from thedepths of Grim Mountains. Start your adventure in the magical worldnow! • Move around freely wherever you want • Hours of gameplay •Get your own pet owl • Customize your character • Use a magic wandto cast spells • Brew magic potions and use them • Explore themagical world inside and outside • Play with players worldwide •Read and write in the guestbook • Meet characters and creatureslike goblins, trolls, and dragons • Fly on broomstick • Morphyourself into a cat • Type with the magical typewriter for coinsand glory • Solve puzzles • Play piano, chess and much more!
com.JuhaniPaaso.WizardDuel APK
Harha Studios
You have been chosen to attend the great Wizard Duels! Duels areheld in real time with real witches and wizards around the world.After you have joined the duels you can also explore the mysteriouscastle where all the duels are held. You can meet other players andfreely move & look around. You will find new fun spells to doin the castle that can lift up entire bookshelfs or break themapart. Magic Spells & More When you are experienced enough youwill also learn the Werewolf, Runes and Dragon spell. For exampleyou can surprise other players by turning into a werewolf in thecastle or during your duels. Game Features: Wizard Duel is aspecial version of the classic rock-paper-scissors game played byWitches and Wizards. Game has worldwide PvP. Rules are simple: Castone spell that is stronger than the opponents spell and you willwin the round. Play against other witches and wizards around theworld and conquer the leaderboard! • After 50 duels you will learnthe runes spell • After 100 duels you can become a werewolf • After150 duels you can become a dragon • Learn Tornado spell in thecastle that can lift heavy things in the air • Learn Impact spellin the castle that can break things to parts
The Master of Time 1.0.5 APK
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The first metronome based game ever made! How long and accuratelycan you keep time? Find out and compete with other players aroundthe world! How good is your inner metronome?• Find out how goodyour time is• Test and evolve your inner metronome• Compete againstother people around the world
com.JuhaniPaaso.LetterSpotting 1.0.8 APK
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New and unique word game where the words you know matter the most.Put your vocabulary to the test and play against other peoplearound the world. Time is ticking! Rules of the game: The game willgive you one, two or three letter combinations. You form as manywords as possible with the given letters. The letters must appearin the words in the given order. You have one minute to answer.Good luck!
Jailbreak Infinite 1.1.1 APK
Harha Studios
Escape the jail only to find out that the whole world has beentaken over by a zombie apocalypse! You can see other playersplaying the game and choose to survive by joining them, attack themor just run for shelter. Best players are ranked by collectedbullets and kills.
Witches & Wizards 0.3.4 APK
Harha Studios
There is a magical Sanctuary only for witches and wizards built inthe sky. You will move into your own house, practice magic and meetother witches and wizards. So grab your broomstick and fly in...You have been invited. • Magic spells • Fly with your own dragon •Simple controls • Free movement • Unique storyline • Ability tocontrol time with magic • Turn-based battle system against monsters• Beautiful dynamic day and night environment in the sky
com.JuhaniPaaso.BroomRace 0.2.1 APK
Harha Studios
Broom Race is a flying competition between witches and wizards. Youwill get your own flying broomstick and join the Broom Racetournaments. Each race can have from one to three PVP players andthe race is always held in real time! Every time you win a race youwill get a point for the Leaderboard. Will you become the greatestBroom Racer the world has ever seen? Find out now!
com.JuhaniPaaso.AliceWonderland 0.2.2 APK
Harha Studios
The novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is thepublic domain (published in 1865) and this game follows closely tothe original book and the original story. You will meet iconiccharacters that Lewis Carroll wrote and as John Tenniel illustratedthem like the White Rabbit. The game will tell the tale of thenovel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in the first-personperspective, so you get to experience the original story throughthe eyes of Alice herself. • Simple controls • Move around freelywherever you want • Beautiful graphics and music • Dialogue withdifferent characters • Based closely on the original book and storyby Lewis Carroll published in 1865 • More chapters of the storywill be released in coming game updates!