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Looking for fantastic travel photographs of Japan to decorate yourtablet or phone's home screen or lock screen as background imagesor wallpaper.Look no further.We have created a virtual tour ofJapan of most of the leading travel destinations in Japan. Like atravel guide, we have included many famous tourist sights and manysmall gems off the beaten tracks, many photos have detaileddescriptions. You can save these remarkable photos as wallpaper onyour mobile device.We have some fantastic and beautiful travelphotographs of the Japan cities, landscapes, parks, gardens,national parks, Buddhist and Shinto temples, coastline, lakes, snowand ice and rivers.You can save these photos or crop them and placethem as background wallpaper onto your mobile device. Wallpaperimages, photos and pictures of Japan include:1) Itsukushima ShintoShrine2) Japanese Islands3) Signs near Akita4) Autumn on HokkaidoIsland5) Buddha Statue near Kumamoto6) Bullet Train Yamagata toTsubasa7) Cherry Blossoms at the Tokyo Imperial Palace8) Cliff onShikoku sea coast9) Electric Train in Tokyo10) Mount Iwate earlymorning11) Fishing Nets near port city of Kochi12) Five StoryPagoda13) Fukuoka bridge 14) Kanazawa Park15) Himeji Castle -"White Egret Castle" or "White Heron Castle"16) Hiroshima PeaceMemorial (Site of World War 2 atomic bombing.)17) Koi Garden inTokyo18) Japanese Umbrellas19) Kinkaku-ji Temple (A Zen Buddhisttemple in Kyoto)20) Kiyomizu-dera Temple21) Kumano Ancient Road22)Maruyama Park (A park in Kyoto)23) Kumamoto Castle24) MatsumotoCaste25) Manza-Mo Cliff on Okinawa26) Lupine flowers in FukushimaPrefecture27) Maple leaves in Aomori28) Naritasan Shinshoji Temple29) Nagasaki night view30) Nagao Shrine (A Shinto shrine)31) Nearthe Meiji Jingu Shrine32) Mount Fuji 33) Mountains nearFukushima34) Oita Cherry Blossoms35) Osaka Castle 36) Rail Stationin Tokyo City37) Railway going to Mt Fuji38) Okayama City atnight39) River near Kurashiki40) Sankeien Gardens in Yokohama(Traditional Japanese-style garden)41) Sensō-Ji Temple42) Shrine inSaitama43) Shinto Shrine roof near Ehime44) Shrine near Tottori 45)Shirahama Coast46) Japanese Macaques also known as Snow Monkeys47)Sunset on coast near Kumamoto48) Takachiho Gorge waterfall49) TokyoTower50) Cherry Blossoms51) Torii Gates In Ueno Park Tokyo 52)Tsukuba cable car (Mount Tsukuba)53) Winter time lake54) Winter onTohoku 55) Yamagata56) Yokohama at Night****Credits & Sourcesof Photos (All photos are either public domain or sourced under theCreative Common license. Sources of the photos are documented inour website underattrition:http://www.everytimeapps.com/attrition-for-our-apps/

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