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Made in Japan. Japanese studying app !!This app level isadvanced.Since this app is flipping through flashcardsautomatically without a swipe, you can focus onmemorization.Training mode that specializes in memorization.Trialmode that specializes in review.Efficient Japanese learning in twomodes is possible.Rather than studying one by one slowly andcarefully, even it is better to be repeated many times as fast aspossible.Come on, Let's increase a lot of Japanese vocabulary !!

App Information Japanese vocabulary cards Lv3

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    Japanese vocabulary cards Lv3
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    September 17, 2015
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Tecco's Project
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HTML Dual Viewer 3.2 APK
*Dual-screen HTML Viewer.*Left-view is WebView, Right-view isSourceView.*[New feature] Syntax Highlighter like "Sublimetext".*Syntax Highlighter is very heavy process. If your phonefreeze, you had better changing background color to "Blue". (offSyntax Highlighter)[How to use]Browser screen left, the right todisplay the HTML source at the same time .Make it easy to adjustthe width of each screen.You can check the HTML source to compareleft and right.Because it corresponds also "Google search", you donot need to directly hit the URL.HTML source is also updated inreal time when you open a new page.I also support shared from thebrowser.If you wanna open Local HTML file,1. Open from another fileexplorer app.2. Input file path as "file:///path/path/path.html".(Caution: "/" Slash is not two but three.)[Features]Unlike the HTMLViewer to display the hit URL, you can use "Google Search".Becauseevery time you open a new web page, HTML source will be updatedautomatically, it is also useful to check the entire site.Simple,easy to use and safe operation as well, it is a handy HTML Viewer!!This app is best HTML Viewer !!Tecco'sProjecthttps://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Tecco%27s+Project
幸せになるために。【第1章】〜学園サウンドノベル〜 1.1 APK
『命を懸けてでも、知りたいことがあるんだ』【ストーリー】平凡な学園生活を続けていた、冴島恭。しかし、ある日を境に、運命は大きく動き出す。それぞれが抱える光と闇が交差する小さな村の物語。母親を失い、幸せになれるわけがないと感じながらも前を向いて歩き続ける少年と、大好きな家族に囲まれ、ちょっとわがままで優しい心を持った少女が繰り広げる、感動サウンドノベル。ただいま完全無料で提供中!!※レーティング上、ホラーとの表記がありますが、ホラー要素はないです。"Butat the risk of their lives, you may want to know."【story】He hadcontinued mediocre school life, Kyo Saejima.However, on the borderone day, fate begins to move big.Story of a small village where thelight and the darkness, each facing the intersection.While I feelthat there is no reason to lose a mother, be happyAnd boys tocontinue to walk toward the front,Surrounded by love, family, alittle selfishIt unfolds a girl with a kind heart, inspiring soundnovel.Right now it is provided absolutely free! !※ on the rating,there is a representation of the horror, but not the horrorelements.
Pub-Ding-Dong 1.3 APK
・Case that does not come easily clerk in the pub・Case you cannotcall a clerk , because you are shy・Case voice wither, wheezingWhensuch case, if you use this app, "Ding Dong!! Ding-Dong!!", you cancall a clerk! maybe...This app is a very simple app!If you are aShop owner, Put QR code to the your shop!http://tecc0.com/DingDongQR.gifThis app makes your shop button !LOL* Not "Ding Dong Ditch"
ドロイド君探偵 〜The Novel〜 «推理ノベルゲーム» 3.0 APK
推理小説好き!サウンドノベル、謎解き好き集まれ!!Androidのキャラクター「ドロイド君」が探偵となり、物語を進めていく新感覚推理ゲームだよ!!刑事の田中の話を元に答えを導き出せ!!☆2万DL突破!!のドロイド君探偵〜序章〜、ドロイド君探偵〜弐章〜のリメイク版となります。http://drotan.tecc0.com【内容】サウンドノベル型の探偵・推理ゲームです。短編なので、暇なときにすぐ読める程度のボリュームです。※現在はFile5までは無料です。ドロイド君の可愛いキャラに癒されながらもしっかりと推理してください。是非、全問推理してみてください!!謎解きレベルはバランス良く組み合わせています。※ドロイド君探偵の著作権(文章・解答)はTecco'sProjectに帰属します。無断転載・コメントはお断りいたします。【リモコン操作の場合】本作は外部リモコンに対応しています。再生ボタン:読み進めるメニューボタン:メニューを開く早送りボタン:スキップする巻き戻しボタン:バックログを表示するMysterylovers! Sound novel, the mystery solved likes gather! !Androidcharacter "Droid" becomes a detective, it's a new sense reasoninggame to proceed with the story! !The derivable the answer based onthe story of criminal Tanaka! !☆ 2 万 Droid detective ~ Introduction~ of DL breakthrough !!, it becomes Droid detective ~ 弐章 ~ remakeof.http://drotan.tecc0.com[Contents]Sound is Novell type ofdetective-mystery game.So short, it is enough to immediately readin spare time volume.※ is free until now File5.Please firmlyreasoning also while being healed cute character of Droid.By allmeans, please try to all the questions reasoning !!Mystery solvedlevel I am a well-balanced combination.※ copyright of Droiddetective (text-answer) are the property of their Tecco's Project.Unauthorized reproduction comment will be refused.[In the case ofremote control operation]This work is compatible with externalremote control.Promote reading: Play buttonI open the menu: menubuttonSkip: fast-forward buttonRewind button: Show backlog
Local HTML Dual Viewer 1.2 APK
Corresponds to a HTML file on Local!!http://market.android.com/details?id=jp.tecco.htmlviewer[How touse]WebView left, the right to display the HTML source on local atthe same time .Make it easy to adjust the width of each screen.Youcan check the HTML source on local to compare left and right.It canbe used from file explore.[Features]Unlike the HTML Viewer todisplay of only HTML source , you can compare to WebView.Becauseevery time you open a new web page, HTML source will be updatedautomatically, it is also useful to check the entire site.Simple,easy to use and safe operation as well, it is a handy Local HTMLViewer !!
Syobon Clock 1.4 APK
Syobon Clock is japan bbs character's Clock.This is a clock widgetShobon's.It is also possible that you can choose from 7 colors,switch to specify random minutes.※ I think there is little case,settings might not be reflected in the following conditions. Pleasenote.If you place a mixture of solid and + random installation oftwo or more.
短所⇒長所チェンジャー 1.4 APK
Android情報誌『Androider+』の「スマホをビシバシ強化!!極上アプリ111」に選ばれました!!http://teccopeko.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-49.htmlみんなでつくっていく短所を長所に言い換えてくれるアプリです。現在は約130+20語が登録されています。まだまだ足りないので、皆さんのアイディアが必要です。【使い方】短所を入力して、『Change!』をクリックすると、すぐに短所を長所に言い換えてくれます!また、追加して欲しい言葉や、変換できなかった短所はメニューから申請することができます。その短所をこちらで一つひとつ確認し、次回のアップデート時に追加させて頂きます。短所申請の際、『〔追加したい短所〕 〔提案する長所〕』と入力して頂ければ、優先的に追加の対象とさせていただきます。Androidinformation magazine of "Androider +"It was chosen to "Bishibashistrengthening !! best app 111 smartphone"!!http://teccopeko.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-49.htmlGo make everyoneItis an application that will paraphrase the disadvantages toadvantages.Currently about 130 + 20 words have beenregistered.Because not enough still, you must have your ideas.[Howto use]Enter the disadvantages, if you click on the "Change!", Willsoon paraphrase the disadvantages to advantages!In addition, wordsand I want to add, weaknesses that could not be converted you canapply from the menu.Its disadvantages and one by one found here,you will be added during the next update.When shortcomingsapplication, if it is possible to enter the "[you want to add cons][proposed] advantage", you will be forced to give an additionaltarget.
ドロイド君探偵 〜息抜き章〜 1.2 APK
以下の推理ゲームのアナザーストーリーになります。ドロイド君探偵 〜序章〜 DLページへドロイド君探偵 〜弐章〜DLページへAndroidのキャラクター「ドロイド君」が探偵となり、推理を進めていく新感覚ゲームだよ!!刑事の田中の話を元に答えを導き出せ!!【内容】サウンドノベル型の推理・探偵ゲームです。短編なので、暇なときにすぐ読める程度のボリュームです。推理が苦手な人でも解きやすい問題になっています。ドロイド君の可愛いキャラに癒されながらもしっかりと推理してください。是非、全問推理してみてください!!【遊び方】基本的には文章を読みながら、怪しい言葉を探したり、不審な証拠を探す推理・探偵ゲームとなります。本文から、怪しい言葉を見つけ出し、推理が完了したら、正解の言葉をタッチします。人によっては、簡単すぎたり、解けなかったり、あると思いますが、ヒントもありますので気軽にプレイしてみてください。息抜き編は、難易度は優しめになっております。推理をすると、ポイントが貯まっていき、ランキングに参加できます。是非ご参加ください。ちょっとした頭の体操にどうぞ【機能】iPhoneやPCでもプレイ可能なサイトを公開しているのでスコアを共有して、友達と一緒に推理し合おう!!※ドロイド君探偵の著作権(文章・解答)はTecco'sProjectに帰属します。 無断転載・コメントはお断りいたします。It becomes Another Story of thefollowing reasoning game. tohref="http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.tecco.detectivedroid">Droid detective ~ Prologue ~ DL page tohref="http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.tecco.detectivedroid2">Droid detective - 弐章 ~ DL pageAndroid of character "Droid" becomesdetective, it's a new sense of game to proceed reasoning! !To bederived an answer based on the story of criminal Tanaka!![Contents]Sound is a novel type reasoning, detective game.Becausethe short story, it is enough to immediately read in my spare timevolume.Reasoning is has become to easy problem to solve in weakpeople.Please firmly reasoning even while being healed cutecharacter of droid.By all means, please try to all the questionsreasoning !![How to Play]While reading the sentence is basically,you can look for suspicious words, it becomes a mystery-detectivegame to look for suspicious evidence.From the text, and it findsthe suspicious words, if the reasoning is complete, you can touchthe words of the correct answer.Depending on the person, and simpletoo, you can not solve, but I think that there, please feel free toplay because there is also a hint.Breather Hen, difficulty becomingEye kindness.When the reasoning, points continue to accumulate, youcan participate in the ranking. Please join us.Please a littlebrain teaser[Function]Since we are publishing a playable site eveniPhone and PCTo share the score, let Ao and reasoning together withmy friends! !※ copyright of Droid detective (text-answer) are theproperty of their Tecco's Project. Unauthorized reproductioncomments will be refused.