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The wedding ceremony and events are a transitional phase in agirl’s life. It depicts the shift from the college life to a lifewhere responsibilities of women are increased. This doesn’t meanthat the woman has to bear all the hardships now but instead, itmeans that she’ll get to enjoy the married life as well. All thebridal dresses and the delicate or heavy jewellery made for thebride are the pretty little gifts she gets while she enters thisnew world of marriage. Being a bride, you get the chance to pickthe type of jewelry you want then why not pick the best and thelatest designs of the jewellery sets - made in India - Pakistan -Dubai - NY - London - China etc? You can also get hold of theimages of the earrings, necklaces or the rings you want and givethem to your jeweler so that he can make it for you. Latest jewelrydesigns for 2017: The New Year has brought a lot of pretty designsand styles in the field of fashion. Girls love diamonds and whitegold whereas gold and silver are considered to be the favorite ofthe adult or old women. You can get your jewelry items in either ofthe material and wear them on your big day or any other event. Thepretty must-have-jewelry-items include: Rings: Since the beginningof the time, every girl is fond of wearing artificial rings and assoon as she grows up, she shifts her gaze towards the gold anddiamond rings. You can either get a simple delicate design of thering with only three to four stones of your choice on it or the biggold rings. The bigger ones come with patterns of flowers, areeither elongated or have any other design carved on them. Earrings:In India, Kundan jewelry is the most famous ones. The designs ofthe earrings and the necklaces made up of Kundan are the prettiestthat anyone can ever have. Other than this, gold tops and hangingearrings are also in fashion. Bangles: For a bride, above 20 K goldbangles are bought. They are either thin and multiple in number orone heavy karra is made. Other than this, real pearls and kundanbangles are also loved by the women. Necklaces and heavy sets for abride: The eastern bride is always loaded with a lot of goldjewelry sets on her big day. Either the set is heavy enough tocover the deep neck of the shirt or it is a simple delicate designin the form of a chain that covers the upper part of the neck.Choking necklaces with stones studded on them are also seen. Forthe fashion jewelry lover we have came up collectively the latestoverview called jewelry design Gallery which suppress masses ofcontrasting designs, numerous exercise and numerous conventionaldesigns of jewellery. Earring jewelry layout showcases variousrings designs/patterns launched internationally. jewelry designscontains all sort of jewelery layout. first-class jewelry designsare brought with latest and particular fashion. most beautifuldesigns of jewellery are brought on daily basis. wedding ceremonyring designs are covered inside the jewelry category. downloadjewellery designs loose for your cellular telephones. pass theultra-modern jewellery designs directly into your SD card. Newjewellery designs are delivered for the ladies to match thejewellery with their clothes. We collect Gold jewellery designsfrom extraordinary components of the sector. latest gold designbangles for the girls of all age groups are added free of cost. inshape the jewelry with your get dressed designs the usage ofandroid software. state-of-the-art jewellery Designs earrings,necklace and jhumka most latest jewellery designs seem to haveinspired the ladies of 21st century men drastically lean in thedirection of carrying wedding ceremony rings ended of gold today'sjewelry designs pix,contemporary jewelry designs necklace.modern-day jewelry Designs pics within the App The wedding ceremonyand occasions are a transitional segment in a girl's life.

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Chaniya cholis are worn on occasions like Navratri, Garba, Dandiya,Marriage and other traditional days.Chaniyas are normally same likeLehengas but traditionally women in Gujarat wear Chaniya choli moreoften.You can zoom in and out , save as favourite in SD card, Setas Wallpaper and Share on social network with others...Wide Rangeof chaniya choli designs for women and girls. Chaniya cholis areworn on occasions like Navratri, Garba, Dandiya, Marriage and othertraditional days. Chaniyas are normally same like Lehengas buttraditionally women in Gujarat wear Chaniya choli more often.WomanChaniya Choli Photo 2017 application provide a latest, fashionableand styles Chaniya Choli suit 2017 photo collection. You can selectChaniya Choli suit 2016 photo from them as well as your devicegallery.Woman Chaniya Choli 2017provides a simple and attractive UI(user interface). With the use of this application you can easilyedit your photo.By Using Lehenga Choli Designs app, you will getunlimited access to its image gallery. Here you will get to seedifferent types of women Chaniya Choli Photo Suit, Lehenga SuitDesigns,bridal lehenga designs, half-saree designs, etc. You canshare these exclusive designer lehengacholi, chaniyacholi designsfor your online friends via sharing them in your social networkingaccounts. Apart from personal users, owners of creative boutiqueand marriage dress planner will get new creative ideas of makingdesigner bridal dress by using the app’s Lehenga Suit Designs, andlenghacholi photos.Features:- Different Chaniya Choli Designs.-Regularly Updates for Lehenga and Chaniya choli Gallery.- ShareDesigns via Email, social networking Apps.- Work Offline afterfirst usage.- Save favourite designs in SD card with singlepress.1000+ Designs✔ Designs By Category✔ HD Quality✔ Easy To Use✔Fast Loading✔ Save itFeatures:100% free, without any cost.BestVariety of Chaniya choli .Modern time Chaniya choli available.'getexclusive Chaniya Choli Design 2017 at your android device…justdownload the new app Chaniya Choli Design 2017. It is free and easyto navigate, off the line. The lengha choli photos are collectedfrom best designer houses, which you can use for making yourexclusive designer lehenga choli dresses without paying the cost ofdesigner dresses..
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Moving into your new doll house can be an exciting thing! Here youcan put your home decorating skills to the test and create abeautiful house that your dolly will just love. With thisdecorating games for girls you can rearrange all the doll furnitureinto its specific rooms, change their colors, position them atdifferent angles, as well as add the final finishing touches thatyour doll will love. This is one of the most fun doll games forgirls yet, so why not come and have a look today! Bedroom DesignFirst it’s time to design your dolls bedroom ready for her to sleepin it for the night! Make sure it is nice and cosy for easysleeping. Kitchen Renovation Your dolly needs somewhere to eat andhave breakfast! Use the largest room and make it ready for finedining with all your dolly’s friend! Bath Time All dolls need abath at some point so make sure her bath is looking fabulous forrelaxing in! Create a stylish bath room atmosphere that your dollwill want to stay in and soak for a long time! Outdoor DecorationsDecorate your outdoor area and let your doll show it off to all herfriends! Let them be amazed at your new car and outdoor set. What’sInside Home Design? yellow fabulous car puppy with dog kennel forits home bed for easy sleeping spiral staircase for getting to yoursecond floor fridge with kitchen accessories for fine dining Andmore decorating furniture! Home Design Features Create acomfortable bedroom atmosphere for your doll to sleep Setup alovely kitchen area to entertain your dolls friends Make a bathroomthat will relax your doll after a hard day of work Park your caroutdoors to show your doll neighbors Play with your puppy and havefun setting up its home Home Design 2017 contains home pictureslibrary such as : 1. home design exterior 2. home design plansindian style 3. home design india 4. 3d home design 5. simple houseplans 6. small house plan 7. house plans kerala style 8. houseplans with basement 9. luxury house plans 10. country house plans,11. exterior house design for small spaces and many more If you arelooking for best free home design software or home remodelingsoftware, try Home Design 2017 then you will get many houseexterior design photo library and exterior home design stylesDisclaimer: All logos/images/names are copyright of theirperspective owners. All the images in this app are available onpublic domains. This image is not endorsed by any of theperspective owners, and the images are used simply for aestheticpurposes. No copyright infringement is intended, and any request toremove one of the images/logos/names will be honored. Thisapplication is an unofficial fan based application. We alwaysrespect your creation. For the majority of people would find itimportant preparations as early as possible to build a dream home.The first preparatory course to prepare funds to build a house.Next is choosing a location to build the house and design a dreamhome that coveted. Surely preparation chose a minimalist homedesign that you and your family want. Set an example Figureminimalist design Modern 3-D, Plan minimalist house in 2015 withthe AutoCAD application software untum make home design 3Dprogramming software design commonly used in making home design3-dimensional and more applications to create a 3-dimensional imagesuch as AutoCad, 3d max, Sketch ups that can make the image lookjust as real similar to the originals to you who are looking for areference image a 3-dimensional design of the house, we areintending to share a little collection of some 3d image minimlismodern home design that is sure cool.
New Patiyala Dresses Latest Designs 2018 15.8.18 APK
A Patiala salwar (also called a pattian walee salwar) (It is alsopronounced as Shalwar in Urdu) is a type of female trousers whichhas its roots in Patiala City in the Northern region of Punjabstate in India. The King of Patiala in earlier times had its Royaldress as Patiala Salwar. The Patiala Salwar has a close resemblanceto the pathani Suit which has similar loose lowers as salwars andlong knee length top known as Kameez. Over the decade the dress nowis not worn by men but has classically transformed itself with newcuts and styling into women's Patiala Salwar. Patiala salwar withlots of pleats is also referred to as Patiala "Shahi" salwar sinceit was worn by the shahi (royal) people of Patiala city in state ofPunjab. The Patiala salwar is worn as an alternative to thetraditional Punjabi Salwar Suit. The reason why the patiala dressis preferred by most of the women of Punjab and other regions ofNorthern India is its comfortability and durability in summers.Since the patiala salwar is very loose and stitched with pleats itsa very comfortable outfit to wear. Its distinguishingcharacteristic is folds of cloth stitched together that meet at thebottom. Patiala salwars require double the length of material toget stitched. The fall of the pleats of the PatialaSalwar is suchthat it gives a beautiful draping effect. the reason why women lovewearing Salwar kameez is because it has separate elements like top,bottom and the dupatta or the scarf. Much like how you wear a topand jeans, you can wear this ethnic outfit; in fact this is easierto carry, since Salwar is never going to be as well fitted as apair of jeans, unless of course you are wearing a churidar.Anyways, coming back to the Patiala suit, the Patiala Salwar andkameez combo is absolutely perfect. Punjabi Salwar Suit – Manyfashion trends come and go. Some remain for a month and some go aslong as a season. Nevertheless, there is a fashion trend that hasbeen in the fashion industry for a long time and is still loved andadored by the women and the girls. Yes, you got it right it is theStylish Salwar Kameez Suit, which has been worn by the Pakistaniand Indian women for many decades and is still loved by them.Patiala suit neck design - This suit is very famous these daysespecially in Indian Punjab. Fashion artists have introduced manynew trends and styles in this patiala salwar suit design ideas.Patiala salwar kameez designs catalogue - is quite changing thenprevious patiala suits. Because, in the past the dress was made byTaylor masters and now in 2017 Patiala Suits designed byprofessional and highly qualified fashion designers. Well, eventoday Patiala Style Suits are known as royal Indianapparels. Todaywe are going to share some latest Patiala shalwar kameez deisgnswhich you have never seen before.
Jewellery Designs Latests 2018 2.0.3 APK
This app contains following features:-Latest Gold EarringsDesigns.Latest Neck Less Designs.Latest Vanki Designs.Latest GoldJhumki Designs.Wedding Jewelry.Pearl Pendant Neck Less.and manymore designs...Back in 1641, patent laws originated to protect saltmanufacturers in the Massachusetts Bay colony in the United States.The Constitution of the United States was ratified in 1789, andthat is when Congress first had the right to enforce federal patentlaws in the United States. The Federal Patent Law was not actuallyintroduced by the United States Congress until the following year,in 1790. Jewelry design patent laws began to be enforced.Actually,fine gold jewelry designers now had the option to choose betweentwo different types of patents. By 1850, competition within thejewelry industry had become steep enough that manufacturers anddesigners of fine gold jewelry started investigating how they couldget patents on their designs. Patents for designs protect the ideabehind the design and how it's done while the utility patents guardhow the product works or being used.In the United States, there aremore utility patents than design patents. There is also adifference in the length of time between the design and the utilitypatent as the former will only last upto 7 years with the averageof 3 1/2 while utility patent could work for 17 years. In somecases, manufacturers opt not to acquire a patent on a certainproduct.One of the reasons why fine gold jewelry makers didn't usepatent system is that there are some designs which are only goodfor a single season or event. The amount for patents started at $60up. This expense is not cost productive for some companies if thepatent is going to run out in just seven years, depending on theitem they are wanting to patent. They can dodge this expensewithout being noticed.Utility patents on mechanisms might last morethan twenty years and is valuable in protecting the manufacturerfor time frame. This, however, will not tell when the jewelry wasmade. There is a smaller time frame within which a piece of jewelrycan be estimated to have been made, since its design patent isshorter than a utility patent. Even though the patent expires, thecompany may still use the design so you may have some inaccuracythere.Earring Jewelry Design showcases various earringsdesigns/patterns released across the world. These are from some ofthe renowned fashion designers worldwide. This app contains goodcollection earrings designs for every women. All HD images aredisplayed in album with zoom facility such that you can put them tobest use.The design images can be zoomed in and out, and can alsobe viewed as grid and Set-as-Wallpaper and Photo Sharing.Features-This app gives you best earrings design.- High-resolution,incredible HD pictures. (can also be used as wallpapers / lockscreens)- Share designs/images via Email, social networking Apps-Set as Wallpaper- All kind of mobiles and tablets are supportedTheearrings are of 1. Fancy2. Latest fashion3. Precious Jewellery4.Imitation earrings.Even when a fine gold jewelry design patent hasbeen eliminated on a piece of fine gold jewelry, the copyrightsymbol now gives us interesting insights as to the age andidentification of a specimen of fine gold jewelry.
Girls Unique Collections 2018 1.0.3 APK
One Piece Cutting and StitchingOne Piece Dress DesignsOne PieceDress for GirlsOne Piece Dress CuttingOne Piece Dress PatternOnePiece Cutting Stitching for BeginnersOne Piece Dress StitchingOnePiece Designs 2016How To Make One Piece Dress at HomeHow To Make aSkater DressOne Piece Dress for KidsOne Piece Dress DIYOne PieceGown DressOne Piece Party Wear GownOne Piece Dress Till KneeLengthOne Piece Dress for LadiesHow To Sew One Piece DressOne PieceCut and StitchOne Piece Dress CollectionOne Piece Dress PantsOnePiece Cutting Stitching Step by StepOrigami One Piece DressOnePiece Dress LongOne Piece Dress StyleHow To Stitch One PieceDressOne Piece Dress Long Party WearOne Piece Designs 2017-18OnePiece Dress TutorialOne Piece Cutting Stitching VideosOne PieceDresses and GownsOne Piece Dress Below KneeOne Piece Dress DesignPatternsOne Piece Indian Traditional DressHow To Make One PieceDressOne Piece Dress Cutting VideoOne Piece Evening DressLadies OnePiece DressOne Piece Dress MakingOne Piece Dress Made from SareeOnePiece Dress for WomenOne Piece Ethnic DressOne Piece Short DressOnePiece Cutting Sewing VideosOne Piece Dress in Frock StyleOne PieceDress for EngagementSheath, Tube, High Low, Bandeau, Tunic, Mini,Empire Waist, A-Line, Asymmetric, Skater, Pencil, Jacquard, Peplum,Kaftan, Sweater, Layered, Trench, Pop Over, Bodycon, Twist Wrap,Bandage, Party, Midi Dresses, Off Shoulder, Shirt, Slit, Tulle, TieDetail, Tweed, Lace Up, Denim, One Shoulder, Backless, Baby Doll,Sleeveless, Tuxedo, Fringe.Dungaree, Spaghetti Strap, Cape, Shift,Flare, Pinafore, Lose, Fit, Tight, Floor Length, Body Fitting,Knee, Ankle, Floor, Sleeveless, 3\4, Cap, Butterfly, Spring,Monsoon, Autumn, Birthday Party, Causal, Formal, Professional,Movie, Wedding, Club, Dance, Holiday, Marriage, Festival, Occasion,Vintage, Retro, Short, Long, Kitty Party, Elegant etc.mobile appsin the market, but people are neglecting baby girl wearing andthere are not much more mobile app in the market related to BabyGirl Fashion because people are thinking that baby girls are notfond of fashion but I would like to highlight one thing thatnowadays children are too smart they want everything which helpthem to enhance their personality. So by keeping this point in themind we introduce new app that is baby girl fashion suit apps.Through this app you may try the clothes on your baby girl withoutmake them wear physically.- LONG Hairstyle- SHORT Hairstyle- MEDIUMHairstyle- WAVY Hairstyle- CURLY Hairstyle- CAUCASIAN HairstyleWehave categories of images of fashion suit for baby girl, which babylike a lot after seeing the image. It is one type of medium ofentertainment also. Baby girl may try various belongings just byoperating the mobile phones. This girl fashion suit app is havingan extraordinary Dungaree, Spaghetti Strap, Cape, Shift, Flare,Pinafore, Lose, Fit, Tight, Floor Length, Body Fitting, Knee,Ankle, Floor, Sleeveless, 3\4, Cap, Butterfly, Spring, Monsoon,Autumn, Birthday Party, Causal, Formal, Professional, Movie,Wedding, Club, Dance, Holiday, Marriage, Festival, Occasion,Vintage, Retro, Short, Long, Kitty Party, Elegant etc.mobile appsin the market, but people are neglecting baby girl wearing andthere are not much more mobile app in the market related to BabyGirl Fashion because people are thinking that baby girls are notfond of fashion but I would like to highlight one thing thatnowadays children are too smart they want everything which helpthem to enhance their personality. So by keeping this point in themind we introduce new app that is baby girl fashion suit apps.Through this app you may try the clothes on your baby girl withoutmake them wear physically.- LONG Hairstyle- SHORT Hairstyle- MEDIUMHairstyle- WAVY Hairstyle- CURLY Hairstyle- CAUCASIAN Hairstyle
Hijab unique Collection 2018 10 APK
Trendy hijab style step by step tutorial for the latestfashionHijabs have been worn by Muslim women for centuries in orderto keep their heads covered for modesty and decency. Although theyare considered to be a religious icon specific to the followers ofIslam, recent times have seen a change in this assumption. Certainnon Muslim women also opt to wear these modern hijab styles inorder to keep their hair covered during times of hairlessness,whether for a short time or for prolonged use. There are also sometutorial about Hijab style sep by step.Modern hijab style availablein lightweight fabrics such as 100% organic cotton and pure silkcan be worn all year round due to the breathable material. Whetherwearing them indoors or outdoors, this weightless material madescarves offer the perfect solution. During the summer time they aredelicate enough to wear without feeling over heated. In thewintertime these gentle hijabs can be supplemented with woolen orpolyester under scarves in order to keep the head warm.The hijabtutorial step by step also can be useful by women sufferingbaldness issue in more unconventional and untraditional ways thanthose used by Muslim women. The rectangular ones can be looselydraped around the head to cover the hair, or the square shaped onescan be folded into a triangle and pinned under the chin afterplacing upon the head. In other to give some instructions forwearing it, we have provided pictures tutorial about hijab stylestep by step.Wearing a hijab should not be seen to hamper a woman’slifestyle. If she is used to a fast life that requires her constantaction, hijab should not be a reason for her to slow down. Inlatest hijab fashion, it is worn by students and working women andhousewives and business women alike. Modern hijabs are nowadayspaired with pants and skirts and maxi dresses. There are alsodifferent ways of wearing head scarves. Find step by step turtorialof latest hijabs for trendy women in this application'Hijab FashionStep by Step' application designed for you to teach best trendmodels in easy way. It's totally free. You will find latest hijabstyle in this app.Our difference from others:abilty ofZOOMING forevery models,SHARING all tutorialsDOWNLOADING every imageBesthijab, scarf and shawl models are selected for you. Easy and stepby step tutorials offers you to chance to be chic in easy way.Hijab style app good choice for you. Girls like to try new typesand styles of hijab, so we have so many trend hijab models forthem. All models quiet easy when you follow a step by stepguide.There are some tips and tricks for you to choose best stylesuitable for your facetype.You will findscarf,pashmina,scarves,hijab tutorial,hijab fashion,Islamic hijaband turban in this app.Do you want to Look beautiful in the HijabiFashion? is it necessary for you to look pretty in your dailyselfies ?! that gives you the power in your daily life? It's cool,looking after your general well being is highly primary. In brief,"You Make up - Hijab Style 2017" is here for you.
Bangle Design for women 10.0.1 APK
Zardosi work bangles and Fancy bangles are included in thiscollection. Both traditional and modern bangle designs areavailable in this collection that are suitable for daily use aswell as for special occasions like Weddings, Parties andFestivals.Thread bangles in Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, English andother languages. Fancy bangles like Zardosi work bangles videoclip. How to make thread bangles at home for all.Making of threadbangles with mirrors, pearls, hangings, stones, beads and manyother materials. How to prepare thread bangles at home tutorialsfor beginners.Thread bangles single of colors such as Blue, Pink,Golden, Silver and others. How to make thread bangles forfestivals, dinner and other occasions. Soft bangles like rubber anddecorate with diamonds.Thread bangles varieties of triangle, roundand square shapes. Thread bangles and earrings with necklaces videoto learn and make creative Choodi (Bangle). DIY thread banglesdesign making with two (2) colors.Offline gallery of beautiful andnice bangle designs.We are providing you with the facility todownload them to your phone, set them as a wallpaper or even acaller id to cheer you up every time you look at your Phone.You canfind images of indian bangle design, gold bangle design, indianbangle design.Features:1) Facility to save the images to SD card.3)Share Image using Mail, Bluetooth, facebook, whatsapp, hike,twitter, etc.3) Set image as wallpaper or contact icon.4) Next,Previous on image swipe.5) Offline gallery images.6) Gallery viewof pictures7) Beautiful animated slideshow feature8) Biographyfeature9) Favorites feature : You can add your favorites feature tothis list and see slideshow10) Zooming option11) Goto to particularpicture by numberBangle Designs LatestYou are all dressed up in thebeautiful attire and perfect heels but, you still feel incomplete.Why is that so? It is quite popular that the girls and women take alot of time in getting ready. It’s true as no girl would like tocompromise her look for the event. Each and every girl and womanwishes to look good in her colorful, embellished dress and prettyaccessory. The accessory items that look well with the addressesare jewelry items, handbags and hair accessories. The jewelryaccessory that is under discussion here includes the intricate anddelicately designed bangles. Although the bracelets, rings,earrings and necklaces have their own benefits, the bangles are thebest ones to complete the look. Types of Bangles Perfect forPakistani and Indian Ladies:The Pakistani bangle designs picturesposted on this web page are the latest designs of the year. Theyare loved by a wide range of people and are available in multiplestyles. From gold to silver, diamond bracelets and pearl loadedbangles, anything that looks good on your wrist are in fashion.Thistraditional ornament is available in the following designs:• GoldBangles for Women and Brides:The gold bangles are the most preciousand expensive ones. The bridal bangles are heavy and made from puregold. They are either in a thick or thin solid cylindrical form orin the shape of glass bangles. Floral design is usually carved onthe gold plate of the bangles. Adult women wear the gold, silverand platinum bangles all the time. At times, you can also find thebeautiful diamonds or stones studded in the gold bangles. Theyoffer a marvelous look. • Glass Bangles for Traditional andCultural Events:Whether it is Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Kalwa Chautevent, Holi or any other Pakistani or Indian cultural event, girlsget dressed and wear bangles to celebrate the occasion joyfully.The most commonly worn bangles are the glass bangles. They areavailable in plain simple design as well as with glitter on them.You can get hold of glass bangles in red, blue, yellow, orange,green, black, golden and in any color you want.
Bracelet Design For Women 2018 10 APK
We are providing you with the facility to download them to yourphone, set them as a wallpaper or even a caller id to cheer you upevery time you look at your Phone.You can find images of indianbracelet design, chain type bracelet design, bangle type braceletdesign.Features:1) Facility to save the images to SD card.3) ShareImage using Mail, Bluetooth, facebook, whatsapp, hike, twitter,etc.3) Set image as wallpaper or contact icon.4) Next, Previous onimage swipe.5) Offline gallery images.6) Gallery view of pictures7)Beautiful animated slideshow feature8) Biography feature9)Favorites feature : You can add your favorites feature to this listand see slideshow10) Zooming option11) Goto to particular pictureby numberNote: Requires Internet access permission to display adsonly.We are providing you with the facility to download them toyour phone, set them as a wallpaper or even a caller id to cheeryou up every time you look at your Phone.You can find images ofindian bracelet design, chain type bracelet design, bangle typebracelet design.Features:1) Facility to save the images to SDcard.3) Share Image using Mail, Bluetooth, facebook, whatsapp,hike, twitter, etc.3) Set image as wallpaper or contact icon.4)Next, Previous on image swipe.5) Offline gallery images.6) Galleryview of pictures7) Beautiful animated slideshow feature8) Biographyfeature9) Favorites feature : You can add your favorites feature tothis list and see slideshow10) Zooming option11) Goto to particularpicture by numberNote: Requires Internet access permission todisplay ads only.Features:1) Facility to save the images to SDcard.3) Share Image using Mail, Bluetooth, facebook, whatsapp,hike, twitter, etc.3) Set image as wallpaper or contact icon.4)Next, Previous on image swipe.5) Offline gallery images.6) Galleryview of pictures7) Beautiful animated slideshow feature8) Biographyfeature9) Favorites feature : You can add your favorites feature tothis list and see slideshow10) Zooming option11) Goto to particularpicture by numberFree How To Make Loom Bracelets Apps!- How to makea rainbow loom starburst bracelet- How to make a fishtail rainbowloom bracelet- How to Make the Railroad Rainbow Loom Bracelet -EASY- Taffy Twist Bracelet - How to make the Rainbow Loom TaffyTwist- How to make the zippy chain rainbow loom bracelet- How tomake a triple single rainbow loom bracelet- How to make a RainbowLoom ladder bracelet (EASY)- EASY VERSION (ADVANCED LEVEL) TripleFishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial- How to make a rainbow loombracelet (UPDATED)- How To: "Rainbow Ladder" Bracelet Using RainbowLoom!- NEW Tire Track Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial-ORIGINALDESIGN- Rainbow Loom : Inverted Fishtail Bracelet - How To- RainbowLoom : Ladder Bracelet - How To- How To: Make the Rainbow LoomSingle Band Bracelet- Rainbow Loom® Triple Single Bracelet- MakeHEXAFISH with 1 ONE KIT - How to Tutorial for Rainbow LoomBracelet- Rainbow Loom : Dragon Scale Cuff Bracelet - HowToFriendship BraceletMaterials Required:Embroidery floss (strings),3 strands of each 6 feet long, colors as per your choiceHold andlevel the floss so that all the ends meet. Fold it in half and knotin the center. Clip one end together, so that the floss does notincrease or decrease in length as you work on it.Start from theside which is not clipped, and use the left-most floss to make adouble knot around each of the other strings. When you are doneknotting all strings, you will get a diagonal first row of knotsacross the bracelet and your last knotted string should be on theside opposite to the side you started from.