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Un juego con gráficos en 3D que nos sumerge en la nostalgia de losjuegos de plataformas en 2D.A game with 3D graphics that immersesus in the nostalgia of 2D platform games.

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    August 15, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Avenida Eduardo Pondal 66A 1D, 36004, Pontevedra
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Un juego con gráficos en 3D que nos sumerge en la nostalgia de losjuegos de plataformas en 2D.A game with 3D graphics that immersesus in the nostalgia of 2D platform games.
Space Trip 1.3 APK
- Defeat Final Bosses- Personalize your vehicle- Beat your friends-Shoot against enemy spacxeships and asteroids- Survive in thespace- More than 50 levels to discoverWhich other reasons do youneed for downloading this amazing space shooter?
Space Trip 2 2.3 APK
This action game is inspired by those retro space shooters fromSNES or Atari. It is a true sci-fi game with arcade features thatyou cannot loose.What you can do in the game?- Complete specialmission levels by defeating different enemy spaceships.- Galacticfights against final bosses.- Overcome your friends on Facebook.-Customize the shape, speed and color of 6 different spaceships.-Dodge and destroy asteroids.- Use your super powers in the worstmoments.- Complete over 50 levels with space shooter mechanics.Bestfeatures:- Very complete: 6 spacecrafts, 50 levels, 6 final bossesand 3 game modes.- Very good personalization of the spaceship.- Itcombines shooter and sci-fi game.- It keeps the essence of indieand retro games.In short, this free space shooter game combinesshooter and science fiction game. The final result? Lots of actionin a game where you won’t miss battles against bosses and enemyships. A true space shooter with arcade features that you will notregret to download.
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Flity is a Seal that lives in the NorthPole.He loves eating fish and playing with his sister, but hissisterhas suddenly disappeared. Will you help him find his sisterthrough21 wonderful levels?Flity's trip also includes:- multiplayer mode- infinite mode- different unlockable characters with six different skinseachone
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Typical drinking game where players say something that they havenever doneThe phrases have to start with "I have never ..." And allthose who have done that have to drink!BEST FEATURES-over 300 Ihave never phrases plus the posibility of adding your own phrasesso you will never get bored with it!-perfect drinking game forhaving fun with friends-available in Spanish and English-threedifferent cathegories that everybody can enjoy-we choose thephrases in a random way but we never repite them till we run out ofthem!-you will have fun for sure with drinking game!
anzy.time.traveler.android 1.3 APK
Help Roby, the robot, travel back to the future, to save humansfrom the brink of extinction! Witness the rise and fall of ancientEgypt, China, Rome, Greece and more! Travel on your trusty horse,chariot, camel and other vehicles and get help from these ancientcivilisations, in order to change the fate of humans from 2100! Youcan slow the time, fly, collect the coins with a magnet and use anumber of other special abilities in order to avoid the obstaclesand collect more coins on your path! For everyone that likesinfinite runner games, we have a special mode, where you cancompete with your facebook friends and become a true Time Traveler!THE STORY In 2100 the humanity finds itself on the brink ofextinction, after a production mistake in a single robot, bringsserious consequences. An ancient artifact was recently found thatthe "Creators" have hidden from the public and themselves and Roby,the robot, is sent back in time, in order to save the humanity fromdestruction. As Roby embarks on the journey to correct recent pastevents, something goes wrong and he becomes stranded in 4500 BC.That is where Roby gets his first horse in order to travel back tothe future right through the beginning of ancient Egypt! The gamefeatures over 150 missions, with more in the making, which willtake you on a journey through time and space, on your way to savethe human kind. You will pass a variety of historical cultures andcharismatic leaders on your path. GAME FEATURES ★ hand-drawngraphics ★ original soundtrack ★ multiple customizable vehicles ★special abilities ★ engaging story mode ★ over 150 missions ★achievements ★ daily missions ★ daily alien challenge ★ separatemode if you enjoy infinite runner games ★ compete with yourFacebook friends ★ ancient Egypt, China, Rome, Greece and morehistorical civilisations ★ regular updates and more! Get on boardand travel the world through time and space! Developer: AnzyGamesPublisher: AdanzApps
adanzapps.easy.recipes.premium 1.1 APK
WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES WITH THE FREE VERSION? - We include twonew categories with 22 new recipes. - Completely without ads andwithout payments within the app. - We have optimized theperformance, minimizing the loading time as much as we can. If yourunned out of ideas about which recipes to cook, here you have morethan 100 different ideas! This app offers you a large number ofeasy and healthy food recipes classified into the followingcategories - Appetizers - healthy food - recipes with thermomix -Recipes for smoothies, moothies, natural juices ... - dessertsrecipes - meats - pasta - fish For each of the recipes you can findthe list of adjustable ingredients depending on the people you wantto eat, a step-by-step preparation list as well as usefulinformation such as the time it takes to cook or if it is agluten-free and lactose-free recipe . We also allow you to shareyour recipes with your family and friends for any type of messagingapplication. In case you know a little, you will also find asection of advice where we give you advice on how to cook better,how to lose weight or how to have a healthy lifestyle. In Recipesof healthy and premium cuisine we want to be open to all types ofpublic without exception. For that reason we indicate those recipesthat are gluten-free and lactose free for all those who wantrecipes for coeliacs or lactose intolerant. The usability of thisrecipe app can not be easier! The application emulates a book ofvirtual recipes. The home screen is the cover and when you open ityou can see the index of categories in which all the recipes areincluded. At the click of a button you can select the recipe youwant to access all your information. It should be noted that mostof them are recipes for healthy and easy food. This app has beendeveloped by AdanzApps. A company of development apps and indiesgames for mobile since 2014. Located in Pontevedra, Spain.
Easy Recipes 1.6 APK
Easy recipes it's a cooking app which will help you to cook:desserts, appetizers, diet, thermomix, drinks like smoothies ormilkshakes and instant pot recipes. If you are not good at cooking.Don't worry! All our recipes are explained step by step! Theingredients will be adjusted according to the portions or peoplewho will eat. You can also share the information of our recipes towhoever you want! All of this is completely free and without manyads! Which other reasons do you need for downloading this cookingapp?