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Objective : Simple jelly jump By Crossing Obstacles and Water, JumpHigher, Survive longer and never give up! Game control and Gameplay : Tap screen to make jelly to jump Jelly keep on drowning overand over again Only you can keep Jelly safe Score will increasewhen you cross each obstacles Jump as fast as you can to reach highscore Collect jelly blobs and craft new jellies out of them You canalso change the background while playing Game will over when jellydrown into water And also when jelly come between two bars orspikes Benefits : Great brain game helps to improve reflex skillsVery challenging and interesting game Also boosts attention andconcentration Great Time killer game Tricks and Tips : To continuewith game you need to have It requires timely tap Stay alwaysactive while playing Mental strength to pass through the obstaclesGame Features : Awesome graphics Simple tap mechanism Globalleaderboards to challenge your friends with the best highscore Softstore to unlock new Jelly Soft store containing differentbackgrounds Share option to share score with friends In apppurchase

App Information Jelly Hop

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    Jelly Hop
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    December 26, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Fun Time Studios
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    C Janardhan Guptha 201 JANAVI APARTMENTS, JP Nagar 6th phase, Bangalore.
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Bunny JumpAn adventure turns nightmare for the baby rabbits. A set ofbabybunnies escapes into the wild, not heeding to the warnings ofitmother.The mother rabbit is shocked to see her little ones missing. Shesetout on a desperate hunt to track her babies. Though this is notasurprise her, its really challenging to find them and get thembackhome.The Game:All you have to do is to guide the mother rabbit to finds itsdearones and help her return to safety. The game is designed withgreatchallenging levels and neat animation.Guide the mother rabbit towards its baby and collect bonus itemsandscore more. What is more challenging and interesting is thelimitedtime in which you need to finish the game. Reach out to allthe babyrabbits before the buzzer goes off.Feature:•15 Exciting levels•Superb animation and graphics•Neatly designed levelsTry it and you will like it..!**This app is integrated with Alphonso Automated ContentRecognition(“ACR”) software provided by Alphonso, a third-partyservice. Withyour permission provided at the time of downloadingthe app, the ACRsoftware receives short duration audio samplesfrom the microphoneon your device. Access to the microphone isallowed only with yourconsent, and the audio samples do not leaveyour device but areinstead hashed into digital "audio signatures."The audio signaturesare compared to commercial content that isplaying on yourtelevision, including content from set-top-boxes,media players,gaming consoles, broadcast, or another video source(e.g., TV shows,streaming programs, advertisements, etc.). If amatch is found,Alphonso may use that information to deliver morerelevant ads toyour mobile device. The ACR software matches onlyagainst known,commercial audio content and does not recognize orunderstand humanconversations or other sounds.For moreinformation, Please visitklapedu's privacy policy.http://klapedu.com/privacy-policy
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Objective : Drive as far as you can with right speed topassobstacle and keep the egg safe. It’s very challenging andaddictivegame play Game control and Game play : Tap on screen tomove thecar Hold to accelerate the car and pass the obstacles Saveeggwhile moving with high speed Play with different obstacles oneverysession You can play the game in hills station and desert Toreachhigh score you need to    Like blue, green, pink,grey andyellowGame will over when you miss the tap    Save the egg as longas youcan    Drive the car as far as you can Collect coins tounlock newcars and egg colors Game will over when the egg fallsdown Benefits: Highly challenging game play Entertaining and timekiller gameTricks and Tips : It requires timely tap Rightacceleration to thecar Avoid high jumps Game Features : Awesomegraphics Simple tapmechanism Global Leader board to Challenge yourfriends with thebest high score Share option to share score withfriends In apppurchase Soft store to unlock new cars and newcoloured eggs
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Objective :Make ball to roll and escape it from the obstacles toreach high score and play more missions. It’s highly addictive andchallenging game play.Game control and Game play :Swipe left orright to move ball accordinglyWhile playing you will come acrossdifferent obstaclesYou need cross all the obstacles to reach highscoreEnjoy game play in day and night modeYou need to unlock 3category balls like   Regular balls, Flag balls, Rare balls Collectmore diamonds to unlock new ballsCollect more rings to unlock rareballsIn game over you will have missionsMission starts by watchingvideo or by timeMission ends by skip mission or by achieving thegoalGame over occurs when ball hits the obstacleBenefits :It is anbrain game helps to increases reflex skillsHighly challenging andgreat time killer gameAnd also Boosts attention andconcentrationMind Refreshing game playTricks and Tips :To continuewith the longer game playGreat precision and Timely tapStay alwaysfocused while playingHave coordination with hand and eyesGameFeatures :Simple swipe mechanismGlobal Leader board to Challengeyour friends with the best high scoreShare option to share scorewith friendsSoft store to unlock new balls
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Objective : Hold and release pinball correctly into tank to collectmore balls into pocket and to reach high score. It’s highlyaddictive and challenging game play Game control and Game play :Game contains a spring consists of 3 balls in it and a tank Hold tostretch the spring and snap ball into pocket For one correct holdone ball goes into tank Place ball correctly into tank to reachhigh score    And to get an additional balls Collect stars tounlock new balls Collect ball to get an additional ball in springGame over occurs when all 3 balls didn’t go into pocket Benefits :Highly challenging game play Great time killer game Boostsattention and concentration Mind Refreshing game play Tricks andTips : To continue with the longer game play Great precision andTimely tap Stay always focused while playing Have coordination withhand and eyes Game Features : Simple Hold mechanism GlobalLeaderboards to Challenge friends with highscore Share option toshare score with friends Soft store to purchase new balls