1.1 / March 25, 2014
(3.7/5) (54)


Help "Jelly" to go through challenginglevelsand catch all candies.
Interact with a physics world, jump on platforms andavoidobstacles.
Use as few jumps as possible to get all candies.

App Information Jelly Jump

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Jelly Jump 1.1 APK
Help "Jelly" to go through challenginglevelsand catch all candies.Interact with a physics world, jump on platforms andavoidobstacles.Use as few jumps as possible to get all candies.
Candy Ball 1.6 APK
Candy Ball brings the "roll a ball" gametypeto the next level! :)Control your player ball in a real 3D, physics driven worldbytilting your device and collect all candies as fast as youcan.Jump to higher platforms, use explosions to destroy ice cubesthatblock your way, avoid fire obstacles and much more interactionwiththe game world awaits you!- Interact with a real 3D pyhsics world- Destroy obstacles with explosions- Jump to get to higher platforms- Avoid static and moving enemies- Activate switches and platforms
Lava Lamp Free 1.1 APK
LavaLamp is an app for all romantic peopleandreplaces the candles, when having a candlelight dinner. It showsasimulation of a lava lamp on your phone by using the "perlinnoise"function to draw lava.Perlin noise is a procedural texture primitive, used byvisualeffects artists to increase the appearance of realism incomputergraphics.LavaLamp addidionally displays the current date and time, so itmaybe used as a screensaver too.You can change the color of the lava lamp by simply clickingatthe lamp on screen.
Astro Light 1.0 APK
Astro Light is a flashlight for allconcernswhich is very easy to handle.It uses the LED flashlight ofyoursmartphone to generate a really bright flashlight beam.It can be operated with just one touch like a realflashlight.While using Astro Light the remaining battery capacityin percentis displayed.For astronomical use Astro Light has a "red light" modewhichkeeps the dark adoption of your eyes, if you want to readskycharts. This "red light" mode also comes in handy, when youenter adark room and have to orientate yourself, but do not want towakeup sleeping people with a bright light.Astro Light is free and i hope you like it! :)Keywords: lamp, pocket lamp, flashlight, led light,astronomy,redlight
Happy Bird 1.5 APK
Happy Bird - flap you wings to fly and see,howfar you can get!