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THE MOST ADVANCED JET FIGHTER PLANE COMBAT AND FLIGHT SIMULATOR.Flynew, faster military jets in the exciting airplane sim game,JetFighters 3D game. The Jet Fighters brings you intenseair-to-airplane combat, how long can you battle against enemyplanes? take outas many jet fighter drone to help increase yourhigh score and evenunlock more planes to fly! The gameplay is fullof action and jetfighter dogfight tactics. Ready to be in aintense jet fightersdogfight with oncoming enemy air planes?Unlike other jet fightersgames, the jet fighters 3D is speciallydesigned by using ultra highdefinition graphics to give you therealistic experience of aircraft flight simulation. Fly jetfighters at war through a storm ofmissiles and bullets into thewar zone. Strike your enemies out ofthe sky with jet fightersdogfight chase 3d. Perform fighter jetdogfight maneuvers, get thef16 jet fighter in action in your sightsand hit the trigger toshoot them down. Become the supreme lord ofthe skies in f-16 jetfighters! Dominate the skies and master theworld’s most advancedjet fighters flying gliders as you experiencethe best looking,most packed jet fighters in action. It feels likeyou are fightingin the real hail of bullets jet fighters modern aircombat 3d. Ifyou are an experienced pilot - test your fightingskills, fight onthe rigid rules of jet fighters tactics with thosewho already havesignificant experience in the management of modernjet fighterdogfight. You can have the experience of taking chargeatDogfights. You'll be given top secret objectives that willorderyou to take out enemy army bases and outposts spread outthroughthe huge open world! Once you are in the game you alreadytake thestep to jet fighters at war, after then use your jetfighterdogfight tactics and dogfight chase to take down the f16jetfighters. It is up to you, a rookie fighter pilot to knowjetfighter engine works and complete each strike mission and returntobecome a pro fighter pilot jet fighters 3d. Get ready to enterinthe world or jet fighters in ww2 and chaos with jet fightersinaction and shooting skills as pro airfighters in F16 fighterjet.Use radar for navigation and guided missile, bombs to destroyrivalflying base, tanks in assault missions. Do you ever imaginedthatyou could use great strategy in the jet fighter war thunder togetmuch more fun? Come and feel the power of jet fighters modernaircombat 3d or play jet fighter dogfight chase 3d Fighter JetAttacknewest 3D simulator game. Not only you could show yourgreatfighting way to your enemy but also you got varied weapons tofightin any situation! Control your jet fighter war thunder, useweaponsand destroy enemies craft or jet fighter drone withoutdoubts!Become a pilot of realistic military aircraft - f16 jetfighter inaction, mighty thunderbolt jet fighters! Fly over thebattlefieldlike a modern jet fighter dogfight – shoot and bomb,chase andattack! jet fighter 3d is absolutely FREE to download! Youwill beable to fight on all the best known pursuit fighter jetdogfightmaneuvers and airborne modern jet fighter dogfight.interceptors ofour generation, as well as war prototypes of leadingair forces.

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    Jet Fighters 3D: War Game
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    February 22, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    GameTech Studio
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    Askaan2 Plaza, E11/1, Islamabad, Pakistan
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US Army Commando Marine 3d: 2018 1.0 APK
US Army Commando Marine is the commando marine best sniper fpsshooting army game 2018. In this US Army Sniper game the IGIcommando marine of special forces engages in modern military combatof ARMY SNIPER SHOOTING. This US MILITARY COMMANDO MARINE of thespecial military force in US ARMY SNIPER COMBAT is on real commandomission to wipe out enemy military forces armed with modern snipersand latest weapons from enemy army camp. This is a thrilling 3daction game 2018 with real strategic army sniper missions. This igicommando of US marine is the best sniper shooter who strikedangerous enemies in a Jungle shooting war. If you like army games,military games, sniper shooting games, free offline military snipergames, sniper assassin, army sniper combat, modern sniper shooter,sniper mission games, army war game, sniper attack or sniper wargames then this the Army Sniper Military Shooter is the best armysniper game for you. US Army Commando Marine is a 3d action gamewith too much fun for action games lovers. That is the reason armysniper military shooter game is designed to enhance the gameplayers’ skills of military commando shooting. Become a sniperassassin in this army sniper shooting game and have sniper attackon your enemy’s army camp in this call of duty and army snipershooting. In this army game kommando is in real military mission tosave your nation from enemy attack by having a role of secret agentwho has penetrated into the enemy’s army camp. kommando or commandomarine will real military war fare to complete your real militarymission. This action game has eye-catching GUI and some very goodfps controls to move around your igi commando military shooter gameplayer in this modern combat of sniper mission game. As a secretagent you will be able to do sniper attack by hitting your enemiesand destroying your enemy military camps. In this US Army CommandoMarine 3d game you will be provide with latest military weapons andbest army snipers for your real commando adventure action mission.So garb your best sniper and latest guns to become a secret agentin this military combat mission to eliminate your enemy’s militarycamp SPECIAL TROOPERS FORCES GROUP ARMY SNIPER US Army CommandoMarine is one of best combat of sniper shooter war games, In thisaction game agent Jason Dash, a top US IGI Commando Marine Corpswith trained sniper, got some lead about heavy nuclear missileweapons in enemy army camp. Agent Jason Dash is assigned the wipeout modern military camp with nuclear weapons. Features of US ArmyCommando Marine - The realistic gameplay of the sniper shootinggame in all real commando action mission games. - Best sniper gunsand latest weapons for real commando adventure. - Real armybattlefield to play like real secrete agent commando in thismilitary game. - Easy and user-friendly Interface provided based onreal environment in this commando action game. .
Gunship Helicopter : Traffic Shooter 1.0 APK
Gunship helicopter traffic shooter is a 3D action game. The gameisdesigned to hunt for your enemies vehicles going throughtrafficwithin the city. Gunship helicopter traffic shoot is a gameinwhich you can experience helicopter flight simulation whilethesame time you can engage In a combat mission. While playingtheGunship helicopter game the player has to shoot his/her targetandsave his/her helicopter from a crash with high-rise buildingsofthe city.Shooting enemy's cars while flying in the sky Is reallyafun.The guided missiles have the highest accuracy, player canhitenemy car going through traffic, with a single shot once itislocked in radar. The gunship is loaded with a sophisticatedradarsystem, guided missiles and burst fires.Gunship helicoptertrafficshooter is helpful for players to become one of the bestcombathelicopter pilot. Are you ready to take control of apache andflyit skillfully through the sky of your city and save yourpeoplefrom terrorists? Then this game provides you the thebestEnvironment to simulate your helicopter flying skills andshootterrorists roaming in city traffic.This Apache gunship chopperisable to perform various manures. You can make you chopperflythrough buildings by using it's very easy to use controls.Thisgunship chopper has controls for acceleration, missile strikeandburst fire. This Apache gunship chopper also has anonscreenJoystick control for moving between the high-rise buildingsof thecity.The Gunship helicopter traffic shooter has thefollowingfeatures:Features:1. Real 3D big city environment withheavytraffic.2. Marvelous HD graphics.3. Melodious music andsoundeffects.4. Challenging levels.5. Apache gunshiphelicopter.6.Multiple camera angles7. Completely free and offlineplayHow toplay1. Onscreen joystick control: For moving the gunshiphelicopterleft, right, up and down.2. Accelerator: to speed thegunshiphelicopter up and down.3. Burst Fire Button: to firemultiplerounds form the gunship helicopter.4. Missile Button: tofire highaccuracy guided missile from the gunship helicopter to hitthelocked enemy vehicle in city traffic.5. Radar View: to findenemy’svehicle location in city traffic.6. Fuel Tank: to show howmuchfuel is remaining in the gunship helicopter.The Gunshiphelicopter:Traffic shooter game currently has ten challenginglevels. There iscurrently one Apache gunship helicopter availablefor player tocomplete all the level. However, in future release, ithas beendecided to add more gunship helicopters and levels.
Animal shooting hunter game 1.2 APK
This Animal Shooting Hunter game 2018 is one of the best 3D WildAnimal Hunting Games of Wild Animal Hunting Season 2018. In thisAnimal Shooting Hunter Game you will have to hunt wild animals in a3d Animal Shooting Hunter Game environment of jungle. You will bein a jeep drive to Kill Animals while escaping animal attack. Useyour favorite Sniper Fury, Animal Hunting Gun, Animal HuntingWeapon or Animal Hunting Sport Gun to Shoot Furious Animals in WildAnimal Hunting game. select the weapon and get ready for thrillingaction. Animal Shooter feel more adventure and more likely as ashooter for proving best Wild Animal shooting hunting. This AnimalShooting Hunter Game improves your Big Cat Hunting skills becauseyou will find Big Cats such as Tiger, Lions, Panthers and Cheats.In Big Cat Hunting game you have to Hunt Big Cats in the forest. Soif you like Big Cat Hunting then this Wild Animal Hunting is foryou. This Hunting Safari brings you Real Animal Hunting Experience.In this Animal Shooting Hunter Game you need to use all your AnimalHunting Skills to survive in this Jungle adventure. Shootout thedangerous animals. Become the Best Sniper Shooter and unleash yourshooting skills. Enhance your tracking skills and Animal Huntingskills in this Animal Shooting Hunter Game 2018. Hunt differentkind of Animals like Tiger, Hyena, Cheetah, Lion, Lioness,Elephant, Giraffe, Deer, Wild Wolf, Wild Bear, Zebra, Stage,Gorilla and many more. Use Sniper Gun to shoot them or any otherAnimal Hunting Weapon or Animal Hunting Sport Gun or Animal Huntingrifle. This Animal Shooting Hunter Game is a battle between WildHunter and Deadly Wild Animals. In Deer Hunting Game the AnimalHunter just has to Shoot Deer with his gun, rifle or sniper but inthis Animal Shooting Hunter Game you will have to kill or getkilled by deadly Animal Attack. You are equipped with deadlyweapons like sniper, rifles and guns but in old ages solders weretrained to as Archery Shooter and they also learn Archery Hunting.Warriors and knights were expert in hunting the running animals atthe jungle island. hunt the deadly animals and escape the deadlyCounter Attack of Animals. Go for Hunting Adventure and kill theangry lion at the jungle. Trap carnivore and predator animal inJungle Sniper. Use all the possible tools and weapons to defendyourself from wilderness creature. This Animal Shooting Hunter Gamehas a taste of survival escape mission, extreme wilderness, deadlyattacks for you to become survivor hero. Have you got skillscommando? Skills like Assault Shooting ,Army Commando Training Test, power to become a brave Hunting Warrior in this thrillingAdventure Game. Lion Hunter Sniper Fury: To be the Best Lion Hunterof this wild Lion Hunting Season 2018 of Animal Safari, You need tofree download Animal Hunt Sniper Fury Game. This is a low mb LionHunting Game. In this Lion Hunting apk you will find every thingyou need to become a pro Lion Hunter. If you are fond of Big CatsHunting or you like Lion Hunter Games then you can enjoy Big CatsHunting and Lion Hunting in this Wild Hunter Safari Animal Game.You will have to Hunt Lion roaming around the forest with otherWild Animal in animal safari. As soon as you Shoot Lion the lionwill have Wild Animal Attack on your SUV Animal Hunting jeep drive.Free download this Lion Hunting apk / Animal Aunting apk with lowmbs. Rhino Hunter Sniper Fury: Rhinoceros is a huge Animal andRhino Hunting is real fun in Rhino Games. In this Animal Huntingapk you will have to Shoot Rhino in the Real Safari environmentwith Animal Hunting Sport Gun or with the Best Sniper Shooting. TheRhino Rush towards the SUV Jeep Drive in this Hunting Animal SafariGame. Zebra Hunter Sniper Fury: Do you want to Hunt Zebra? Are youlooking for a Zebra Hunting Game? This Animal Shooting Game has asome very interesting and challenging Zebra Hunting level.
com.gts.ambulance.rescue.simulator.driving.duty 1.1 APK
Rescue 911 operator game is type of emergency services game ofambulance driving. In this rescue 911 operator game of ambulancedriving, the ambulance truck driver drives ambulance truck ofrescue 911 emergency services to rescue patients to hospital.Rescue 911 emergency services games provides opportunity forambulance truck drivers to learn rescue ambulance driving andparticipate in rescue ambulance mission. Ambulance simulator gameis type of first aid games in category of emergency games. Youmight have played first aid games, paramedic games and hospitalambulance games but this is rescue 911 operator game which is bestof emergency services games. Patents are transported to hospital infirst aid games and are picked up from the casualty area in warzonecity by ambulance truck driver who has the best ambulance truckdriving skills. Rescue 911 ambulance simulator game simulatesambulance driving 3d and patient transport to hospital withambulance rush in congested traffic of warzone city to providerescue operations and help people. In ambulance rescue simulator2018 ambulance 3d is on ambulance duty in this ambulance rescueduty game. An ambulance rescue mission is assigned to ambulancedriver to get patients of fire and accidents casualties during hishospital duty in this ambulance simulator game 2018 new. Ambulancesimulator 2018 game is categorized as emergency racing in emergencygames. The rescuer ambulance driver has to rush to the emergencyspot to give first ad medicines and help people immediately deliverto hospital in ambulance service 1122. This ambulance simulatorgame 2018 new help ambulance driver and rescuer to drive ambulancein city traffic. The ambulance driver or rescuer receives emergencyalert on ambulance helpline of ambulance 1122 or ambulance edhi,ambulance driver power on the ambulance and drive ambulance 3d toemergency location in city to get patient safety and driveambulance back to hospital and park ambulance in hospital parkingand completes his hospital duty of ambulance driving to save peopleThis ambulance rescue simulator game has multiple rescue missionsof ambulance driving and ambulance duty. In these emergencyambulance missions the ambulance driver and rescuer has to savelife of patients in emergency and transport them to hospital fordoctor treatment. Rescue ambulance drivers can learn ambulancedriving while doing ambulance duty of driving ambulance in city tohelp people who have called ambulance helpline of the rescueambulance services and learn hospital parking while park ambulancein hospital parking lot and transporting patient in stretcher. Therescuer further dive stretcher to hospital ward from hospitalparking area. Rescue games and ambulance games gives ambulancedriver opportunity to drive ambulance in simulated 3d emergencyenvironment. Ambulance driver get emergency alert on emergencyhelpline of rescue ambulance 911 which is one of the best ambulanceoperator agency. Ambulance driver in ambulance games or rescuegames drive his 3d ambulance to the casualty place where theaccident occurred. In this ambulance games or rescue game theambulance driver get on board the patient and ambulance rush tohospital for treatment and medication. This ambulance game is typeof ambulance game, rescue game and driving game. The ambulancedrive can practice his ambulance driving skills and his rescueskill in this ambulance game. In this rescue mission game theambulance driver has to drive ambulance truck in a specific amountof time to the accident area and drive the injured to the hospitalpatient care. The doctor perform patient assessment in thisambulance game and provide patient care after patient diagnosis inthis patient doctor game or doctor patient game. Patient gamepatient game or doctor game doctor game is the best patienthospital game or doctor hospital game.
Color Switch 1.0 APK
Hold your breath to play Color Switch game one of the best Colortapgames 2019. Tap tap tap to raise the ball through colorhurdles. Thecolor ball switches color as it passes color hurdlesin the way. Youneed to focus on the color ball and hurdles tosuccessfully passthrough rings, squares, triangles and rectanglesof different sizes,animations and speed. This is reallychallenging color swap gamewith color ball passing through colorcircle, color line, colorrectangle and color triangle. This is anamazing color switch gamewith very simple and elegant UI andcolor. Bounce up and fly upthrough the matching colors! In ColorSwitch, you must have quickreactions to score points. Tap to jump,wait until the time isright, and go through next color circle,color line, color rectangleand color triangle. The multi-coloredorbs will change your colorball! Play Color Switch game online:tap the screen carefully tocontrol the color ball through eachobstacle and your ball willswitch color with some power-ups. Youmust follow the color patternon each obstacle to cross it, but becareful not to pass through thewrong color, or you’ll have tostart again. Crazy Color Switch,You'll definitely be able to giveyour reflexes a workout with thiscrazy action game. How long canyou keep this ball up in the air?Color Switch is a hugely popularand addictive game that thousandsof people have spent hoursplaying.... Color Switch Challengesremoves this endless cycle andallows you to play a series ofchallenges and increase indifficulty as you progress. Now you cansimply pick a level, play... Jump, jump, jump! The cool reactionarcade game Color Switch isback with 100 hot challenges. Colorswitch: challenges How To PlayColor Switch Using Mouse Avoid theobstacle Get the highest score
VR US Army Sniper Shooter 1.1 APK
Get ready for some intense VR shooting Games VR Elite Commando 2019This scary adventure game is desgined to give you thrils of yourlife time by total immersive 360 head control with no extra VRcontroller required. Enjoy the VR Elite Commando 2019 VR EliteCommando 2019 The virtual shooting environment with realistic vrgun games controls are developed in game, to give the user athrilling and outclassed gameplay of the fps shooting, the playerneed to control the sniper by just moving the head, Look aroundfrom your position to find criminals. Aim for three seconds andsniper shoot automatically after countdown. Get ready for actionagainst evil. Just play by using your VR goggles Choose your gunrange and test your aiming skill and how quick you are VirtualReality Shooting Range for Cardboard will challenge you to shootdown dynamic shields as quick as possible, counting every bullet.You have to be complete assault assignment while working as anelite Gun Shooter range Assassin in a criminal’s base camp. Nowthere are different levels in which you have to clear the area fromcriminals wearing the dress of army. Your commando duty is to shootany enemy you see right away. The criminals will not attack. The VRElite Commando 2019 game is a brand new addition to the genre of VRshooter games due to its amazing mixed reality gaming effects alongwith high-poly textures and HD graphics. Get in the virtual realityworld to play the multiple gun shooting missions and stand alone inthe war zone for the sake of your country The game consists of 10stages. After completing the first thrilling level you will permuteto the next further crazier mission level the game will progressonwards.They spotted you among the elite soldiers, based on yourprevious encounter against military forces and terrorists. So theVR sniper commando mission is just about to begin, but first aquick briefing about VR combat mission against and details of theoperation. fight for life in a combat as frontline commando nowwith VR and Games option. VR Elite Commando 2019 Make sure you keepyourself well focused and determined as it will be a do or diesituation. Wish you all the good luck in this adventure of VRgame.You can also enjoy this VR video game by connecting a videogame controller (aka Joystick) gamepad controller for the playermovements and use the mobile gamepad keys for the shooting andother actions. Shooting Experience the smooth controller emulationfor the first time and double your fun in no time. How to Play: VRElite Commando 2019 1. In this modern assassin gun shooter VR, youhave to aim the enemies for zoom and then it would auto fire. 2. HDgraphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted. 3.Supported by all Android devices. 4. Aim for the head; shoot onceand accurately, to stay away from their onslaught. 5. The gunreloads automatically. 6. Compatible with almost all the VRheadsets and virtual reality devices. 7. Addictive VR gameplay. 8.The gun fires and reloads automatically. 9. Auto switching betweenwalk and run mode. This VR Elite Commando 2019 game also runs onmobiles without a gyroscope, but is experienced best with agyroscope. Please note that Samsung Gear VR support through Oculusmay work through emulator, but is not officially supported at thisstage. Android tested Google vr Cardboard shooter viewers includes:(VR)Box,New Vr VR Elite Commando 2019 game and show off yourperfect shooting skills to free the area. Survive in the intensewarfare as an urban spy commando shooter and don’t lose a singlebattle. If you like this game, please try our other games VR EliteCommando 2019 our publisher account. And don’t forget to rate andreview.
Kids English Learning 1.1 APK
Kids English Learning app is purposed at helping smaller childrento learn the very initial basics of English language. The app cannot only help children of kindergarten, playgroup and nurserylevel, but it can also help parents to prepare theirnon-school-going children to start with the language skills rightfrom their home.Kids English Learning app has been specificallydesigned keeping in mind the cognitive needs and learning processesassociated with smaller children of Kindergarten, Play group andNursery.This version of Kids English Learning helps children withpronouncing alphabets and different words associated with eachalphabet. This will enable students to identify and select wordsassociation with alphabets. The application also provides anopportunity to kids to identify rhyming words and words withopposite meanings.Moreover, for better learning and retaining thelearned concepts, Kids English Learning provides an interactiveenvironment which not only focuses on making learning aninterestingly engaging task for children but also providesinteresting challenges to test and verify their learning andachievement.
Truck & Trailer Parking Simulator 3D: Offroad 1.0 APK
Truck & trailer parking simulator: off-road is one the best 3Dtruck & TRAILER PARKING simulation game of 2018. TrailerParking Simulator helps truck drivers to park trucks & parktrailers in trailer parking lots with different truck & trailerparking scenarios. If you love trailer driving and trailer parkingof heavy cargo vehicles, then 3d trailer parking simulator game isfor you to practice your cargo truck & trailer parking skills.Trailer parking game story is designed in a way that trailer driverhas to park his/her truck in a given time frame while avoidingobstacles that come in the way. There are different challenginglevels in this truck & trailer parking simulator off-roadsimulation game. Offroad parking game teaches Offroad truck driversto offroad park their cargo trucks in challenging parkingenvironments. Cargo truck & trailer drivers can use thisoff-road truck parking simulator game to practice forward truckparking as well as reverse truck parking. Initially there are twoparking environments i.e. dessert and city as well as fourdifferent modes i.e. normal mode, rain mode, night mode and snow inthis truck parking game. This 3d truck & trailer parkingoff-road simulation mode will bring up more interesting level,environments and modes in future releases. Truck & trailerparking simulator 3d game simulates forward truck parking as wellas reverse truck parking. In reverse parking driver can practicestraight-back and alley-dock truck parking. However, in futurerelease of Truck Parking Simulator: Off-road we have planned to addparallel and offset-back truck parking. TRAILER PARKING 3d 2018 isnew game of trailer parking simulator park truck drive in truckpark 3d and trailer park. Truck parking wali game is real trailerTRAILER PARKING game is truck parking game low mb. How to play thisoff-road truck & trailer parking simulator 3d game? First ofall you are presented with different models of trucks to play yourgame with. After selecting cargo truck of your choice you willenter initial level of the game. Initial levels will be easy andteach you how to drive and park on different destination withintime. Your truck parking skill will enhances as gradually you moveforward through the levels. You are presented with more harderlevel after successfully parking your truck in current level. Afteryou masters forward parking, you are then presented with somereverse truck parking levels. Completing these levels makes you aprofessional truck driver, who can park truck in any parkingscenario. You will be driving your cargo truck in an off-roadenvironment with rough and hard tracks. These tracks are designedwith different difficult level. You should be ready for the sharpturns and road blocks placed in these tracks. You have to usehydraulic brakes at sharp turns and road barrier. You will love todrive these cargo trucks monster wheelers on these difficulttracks. Best to luck with you cargo truck driving simulation andparking challenges. Features of Off-road Truck & TrailerParking Simulator 3d: 🚚. Monster cargo trucks & trailers 🚚.Off-road / city environment 🚚. Day/night simulator modes 🚚.Rain/snow simulator modes 🚚. Challenging levels with differentparking technique 🚚. Real sounds and melodious music 🚚. TrailerPark Truck Drive Parking Truck Simulator Trailer Parking 🚚.Multiple game play views. 🚚. Mini reverse camera when truck movesbackward GameTec Studio: We are thankful for reaching out to mobilegames designed at GameTech Studio. We are committed to bring funand entertainment to our users by developing exciting games withbest game plays, user interface, melodious sound and music. We takeour customer feedback as our guide. If you are facing any issue inour or if you have any suggestion for improvement games please letus know. Please like our page GameTech Studio