1.2 / May 14, 2018
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Attention! We need a pilot. Can you be our pilot? Great! Youarehired!Everybody knows that playing games is fun but did youknowthat it can be educating and rehabilitating too? Now you canfly aplane to maintain your mobility and learn geography. As apilot youfly around the world and learn about capitals, countriesandflags.JeTerr has been designed originally to be played withtheExerium GameXR chair but it can be played on any Androiddeviceeven without the chair as your device’s accelerometer is usedformotion controls.Enjoy flying – it’s your trainingMusic:PlaneettamaaComposition and arrangement: Heikki MäenpääCopyright:HarjulaProduction / ABC-IT 2018

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    May 14, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    TAMK Tietojenkäsittelyn koulutus
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Granny Cool 1.3 APK
Vapriikin "nukkekekkerit" nimisen nukkemuseon perustaja Ekroos onlöytänyt uuden nuken, joka sattuu olemaan tärkeä siniseksi leidiksikutsutulle haamulle. Pakene Ekroosilla haamua ja ylitä loputtomastaeteentulevia erilaisia esteitä piirtämällä sormella näyttöön jokintietty kuvio. Kyseessä on siis endless side scroller. Voit koskatahansa heittää poimimasi haamulle tärkeän nuken pois jolloin pelipäättyy ja saat pitää pisteesi, tai koittaa tiristää vielä muutamanpisteen, kunnes teet virheliikkeen ja törmäät esteeseen jolloin etsaa pitää pisteitäsi.Vapriikki "junket doll" doll museum called thefounder of Ekroos has found a new doll, which happens to be animportant blue leidiksi called a ghost. Escape Ekroos has a ghostand cross the various obstacles in front of an endless future bydrawing a finger to display a specific pattern. It is thereforeendless binder scroller. You can always throw the picked ghost ofan important test dummy out when the game is over and you get tokeep your score, or try tiristää a few more points, until you makea false move, and you encounter an obstacle when you do not get tokeep your score.
Antigamer 1.0 APK
Partake in an epic quest to save the gaming culture from the cruelAntigamer, who tries to shake the world by messing up the ageratings of games. Step into the hero’s boots and make a differencein a fight against the vicious villain Antigamer and help yourfellow gamers to get their rights back in this awe-inspiringstory-driven adventure.Features - Intensive storyline - Epic worldto explore - Thrilling action - Original soundtrack
Granny in the Dark 1.2 APK
Welcome to the haunted Haihara mansion! You're a nameless grandma,who's hobby is to collect various dolls. You've recently heard ofan incredibly rare specimen, hidden deep within the confines ofHaihara mansion.So, you decide to (of course) break into themansion (of course) in the middle of the night and "borrow" theaforementioned immesurably valuable doll. Things obviously don't goas you had hoped they would and you get shrunken down to ankleheight.However, you find what you came for: an ancient sun goddoll. Along with your companion you try to escape the mansion alongwith the horrors that crawl within it, with your end goal beinggetting safely outside and getting back to your originalheight.FEATURES:- Several maps- Different game modes- High speedgameplay- Funny characters- Completely free with no annoyingads!Game was made for Vapriikki's Doll Museum Jubilee Exhibition.
Castaway 1.3 APK
Castaway is a fast-paced action game involving water physics. Youare in control of a 19th century post barrel. Back in the day,these message carriers were a very common way of keeping messagesdry and safe from the water of the Baltic Sea. Your mission is toreach the shore with as many points as possible while collectingletters and avoiding obstacles. The game controls are very easy tolearn: dive and jump by holding your finger down on the respectiveside of the screen. There are many power-ups to collect and makeyour gaming experience even more exciting.Go with the flow and feelthe breeze as you float through history!Tags: Vapriikki,Postimuseo, Postal Museum
Postal History 1.0 APK
You are the postal carrier. Deliver your precious mail to therecipient while avoiding dangers such as ice floes, bandits, wolvesand the oncoming traffic of Helsinki! Travel through differentcenturies collecting lost packages on the way. Postal History is apart of first year project studies in Business Information Systemsstudies at Tampere University of Applied Sciences(TAMK), wherestudents developed 25 games in a span of five months for museumcentre Vapriikki.The game was developed for the Postal Museum,which resides inside museum centre Vapriikki.PostimuseoVapriikki
October 7th 1.2 APK
You are a private investigator who has been asked to solve themayor's disappearance. Your task is to explore the town ofRivercastle, talking to its strange, doll-loving citizens andsolving tricky puzzles along the way. The game's beautiful originalscore and graphics reflect the town's peculiar ambiance that turnsforeboding as the mystery starts to unravel.Can you solve themystery before October 7th?Developed for The Doll Museum JubileeExhibition held in Museum Centre Vapriikki in Tampere,Finland.Playable in English or Finnish.
World of Stamps 1.0.6 APK
World of Stamps is an addictive trivia game with stamps from allover the world! Learn about geography, history, biology and morewhile collecting power-ups and stamps along the way. Polishedcontrols and a soothing soundtrack guarantee a fun experience!Madein cooperation with the Postal Museum for the Finlandia 2017European Stamp Exhibition held 24th - 28th of May at Tampere Hall,Tampere, Finland.Please send all bug reports toteamvasama@gmail.com and we’ll fix the game as soon as humanlypossible.Search tags: Vapriikki, Postimuseo
Drone Post 1.0.1 APK
Take a step into the future! Evade obstacles, delivers packets withyour drone and most of all, hurry! In the game, you have to thinkfast to find the best route past the obstacles. But beware, thedrone is a tricky thing to fly, and the timer keeps you busy.Thegame was created in association with Museum Centre Vapriikki andthe Postal Museum.