1.0 / June 4, 2018
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Jewel Match Quest is a new 3 match game for you. New levels andnewfun for the gems lovers.You will find a lot of gems andpreciousstone for free to you ....is hard to find free preciousstones thisdays :)Jewel Match Quest game play:Easy to play,in jewelquest 2018you have to match 3 or more jewels and brake all thebricks andbring the big star down.You need to pass the level untilthe timesis up. Make more combos and blow up all the preciousstones, if youmatch more then 3 gems , you will have a super gemthat will helpyou blast more faster and do a lot of damage .Thismatch game issuitable for all ages, is easy to understand and easyto play. Theplayer can select 2 modes to play, one is the jewelclassic gameplay, where you have to fill the time by making atleast 3 gemsmatch or the arcade mode where the player will havemore then 3maps and more then 300 levels to try his skills. In thearcade modethe main mission will be to bring the big startdown....sound easy?yes ...but hard to master, you will have a lotof fun and good timeplaying this classic game.Start your jeweljourney and find all thetreasures.Jewel Match Quest features:-jewel quest 2018 is a gamefun and easy to play;- classic jewel gamewith new elements andgreat graphic;- more then 300 levels and 2modes to play;- matchmore then 3 jewels and turn one precious gemin to a magic jewelthat can blast much more around him;- tired tofind real treasures?you can practice here and ho knows..Jewel Quest2018 will servewell your time, smash and blast all the jewels forfun or practice.Leave your feedback to help us improve the game foryou :)

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    Jewel Quest 2018
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    June 4, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Romania, Bucuresti, sector 4, Str. Postalionului nr 53 bl 2 ap 44 etaj 3 zip code 041125
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Emoji Love is a Physics Puzzle story where you have to connect thedots with any line draw or other shape that will help you bump theballs. This brain job dots game use the physics drop engine, usethe gravity and the line drawing to complete the levels.The storyis quite simple, the dots need to meet each other in all levels,you need to make the love draw and help them. They need to getcloser so you have to find smart ways for the two emoji lovers tomeet.Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles . They're notas easy as they look, this is a real brain job. Care to give a tryto it?Emoji Love Physics Puzzle game play: Install this app on yourphone or tablet for free and start the first brain dots level!Multiple ways to solve each puzzle, can you find the bestsolution?* Connect the dots using line drawing or any shapeformat.* Line drawing can be done only in free space and not onalready done object. If you draw a line and if it disappears,it canalso maybe mean that you cannot draw the line there.* Using thephysics drop you can build more shapes to clear the level. Be awarebecause if the ball will drop outside the screen you will have toreplay the level. * In some points, passing a level can prove to bea hard brain job so you can use the hint button if you findyourself stuck, you will receive hint about line drawing that youneed to connect the dots.This emoji love draw game is a braintraining for all ages, the game play is simple but smart. The mainpurpose is to draw and connect the dots using the physicsdrop.Emoji Love - Physics Puzzle features : * High graphic, emojilove story with easy to understand game play;* Drawing puzzle forall public, just a good mind game with logic game play and goodthinking puzzle.* Physics drop make this a real brain job. * Hintsthat will help you to finish the level.* Emoji lovers will makeyour day better, is a pocket game, with low memory used and goodfor any phone.* A lot of levels for you to test your skills, withmore being added all the time░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ => 4FunGames ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ Il███████████████████]. ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..Emoji Love - Physics Puzzle is a deceptively challenging physicspuzzles for your brain! Give us your feedback :)
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Critical Shooter Agent is a game where you will have to be a undercovered secret agent and stop the russian mobs . You have a lots ofmafia missions where you have to put your agent skill to work. Meetthe gangster world , Shoot and Bang in this unique shooter withunique missions.★Critical Shooter Agent GAMEPLAY:Use a variety ofweapons and get done the objective in San Andreas crime city. Youwill have to kill mafia agents, explode the black vans, drive cars,destroy the machine guns , destroy tanks, destroy helicopters or acomplex, or find and kill the boss mafia mob. You will have a lotof challenges, as a secret agent you will have some skills likebullet time, this will slow down the time and will give youadvantage in the front of the mafia mobs.Drive cars, go and putdown the mafia leaders, pilot a helicopter, drive and make your waywith a tank, use best and huge arsenal in your advantage, makeupgrades if needed and try to finish this challenge. prove that youare you a real shooting player, start and go up to the toplevel.San Andreas new undercover gangster world will give you a lotof missions as a single player campaign in a full crime city.★Critical Shooter Agent UNIQUE MISSIONS:1. Save the san andreas city- defeat 100 enemies2. Death from above - destroy 10 black vans3.The only way is up - destroy 6 gun turrets4. Underground - kill 5juggernauts5. Urban Warfare - destroy 5 tanksDiscover the rest ofthem as you advance in the game:6. Parking Garage Mayhem7. Path ofthe Mammoth8. Target Practice9. Streets on Fire10. Rocket Girl11.Swat Filled Streets12. The Race13.Driving School14. Blue Streak15.Rooftop Rage16. Infiltration17. Roof Top Emergency18. Back AlleyKiller19. Red Barrel Myhem20. Armored Assault21. The Hunter22.Travelling in Style23. Metal Swarn24. Predator25. Bombs away26.Coming Through27. Taxi Terror28. Under Siege29. Streets on Fire30.The End of a Crime CityGreat gameplay with secret agents,gangsters, russian spy and a lots of mafia mobs for you to shoot.★Critical Shooter Agent FEATURES:- A huge weapon arsenal;- Varietyspy missions, including distroying, heavy bosses, heavy vehicles,heavy helicopters and heavy arsenal;- 3D graphic shooter;- Russianmob with a horde of power;- Russian mafia in a new gangster world;-Secret agents missions;- Huge arsenal;- Tanks, helicopters, carsfor you to drive and finish the levels;- Driving missions;- Swatforces ;- Super shooter gameplay;- Secret boxes where you can findnew weapons; - Craft design, old and classic with nice shoot andBang action;Download and install Critical Shooter Agent and give ita try , send us a feedback, nice secret agent day!
Sky Hoop Jumper 1.0 APK
Sky Hoop Jumper will hoop you in a great adventure, try now the newtap mania :)Is easy to play but hard to master, build with tap gameplay so you only need to press once to make the hoop ball bounce.Funny characters, you have to gather 100 peanuts to unlock newones.Sky Hoop Jumper hoop game play:First download and install thegame :)In this game is all about taping, put your finger to thescreen and try to pass the ball inside the circle, if you will notgo in the circle you will not be able to remove the obstacle, thehoop ball will get stuck in the thorns. You can pass the hoop ballfrom above or from down in to the circle. The harder is from downto up so the score will be greater this way.Buy new characters andgather huge score.Play it everywhere , the hoop ball is a pocketgame, you can spend one minute or a half of hour. You can play iton a buss station or in your cozy home.Improve your skills in thegame and in you real life, the reflex that is require will improve:)Sky Hoop Jumper features:- great graphic and soft sounds;- easyand fun to play, with bounce ball and tap game play;- morecharacters, just reach 100 peanuts to unblock new ones;- insanechallenge, how far can your friends go?;Do not hesitate to contactus, we will gladly answer to any feedback or any of your needs.Trythis tap game and see if you will handle it better. Have a nicejumper hoop day!- insane challenge;Try this tap game and see if youwill handle it better. Have a nice jumper hoop day!