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Kids Jigsaw is a fun jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages. Itimproves cognitive skills, stimulate memory, logical thinking,develop social skills.Features:- 9 beautiful jigsaw puzzles to playand will be added more.- 3 different difficulty levels- You cancreate puzzle by using images on your phone or taken from phonecameraFor issues/questions email us at support@kidsworldapps.com

App Information Jigsaw Puzzles:kids and adults

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Gold Miner:Gold Rush Game 1.0.9 APK
Gold Miner:Gold Rush is a fun casual game which the entire familycan enjoy. If Gold, Diamonds and Dynamite is what you love, youwould enjoy this game which has unlimited levels. How To PlayClassic Gold Miner:Task is to collect diamond and gold To cleareach level you need to collect a minimum set of diamonds, gold andavoid dynamiteKids learn about basics of mining through this game.Suitable for kids and parents For any issues/support write to us atsupport@kidsworldapps.com
Math Bingo Addition Game Free 1.1.6 APK
Math BINGO is a free educational Math Bingo Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication or Division Game For Kids and children to practicemaths on your phone/tablet. Choose from addition, subtraction,multiplication or division BINGO, then select a level ofdifficulty.Designed especially for preschool kids, kindergartenkids, 1st grade, 2nd grade etc For issues/support contact us atsupport@kidsworldapps.com
Bubble Shooter Game 1.1.18 APK
Free Bubble Shooter Game with 2 Game Modes, 6 world and 180 levelsfor your android tablets and smartphones. Original Classic BubbleShooter game that's fun to play with and enjoy. Thanks to all oursupporters! Another classic bubble match game come to GooglePlay.Bubbles Shooter Saga Games is a bubbles shooter game type withbeautiful graphics, innovative design and interesting game-playderived from classic bubbles match-three game.How To Play:Popbatches of funny looking birds by tossing other birds at them andmatching sets of three or more birds of the same color. - 2 gamemodes: Endless and StoryEasy to Learn and a game which entirefamily can enjoy For any issues/questions contactsupport@kidsworldapps.com
Math Runner:Cool Math Game 1.0.4 APK
Maths Training in form of a fun running game similar to Temple Runetc. Gym Ka Math is a truly fun and action packed experience game.Parents can also enjoy this educational and entertaining game bycustomizing the level of difficulty.Kids and Parents get to choosebetween addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or chooserandom for random questions. Play with this game is fun and withnumerous levels you would never be bored. Enjoy this game and letus know if you find any issues/looking for help by writing to us atsupport@kidsworldapps.com
Multiplication - Times Tables 1.0.3 APK
For preschool kids, learning multiplication and time tables are thebasic requirement of elementary mathematics. However, parents oftenfind themselves at fix while teaching kids these two items. Thefree android app Multiplication - Times Tables is an educationalgame for kids that will help these little students in learningspeed multiplication and memorizing time tables from 2 to 12. Howthe game is uniqueLike quality and interactive educational gamesfor kids, this free android app Multiplication - Times Tables willoffer you a colorful ambiance for playing with kids of preschooland kindergarten age range, while teaching them maths. Fun and playis the core note of this educational game, which will keep kidshappily engrossed as well as will complete the math practice ofkids simultaneously. Once the user kid will be able to master thegame, he will acquire the mastery over managing multiplicationtable and racing multiplication with 100% accuracy and amazinglyimproved mathematics learning curve. The feature of the app:Beforedownloading this free android app on your android device check itscool features:The app has brilliant user interface and it isextremely user friendly,It has two modes to play: one is play modeand the other is practice mode,Play mode will help your kid inlearning speed multiplication: you can select the answer from 4probable answers,Practice mode will help your kids to practicemultiplication step after step: users can select which time tablesthey want to practice by their kids.You can help your kids tomemorize 2-12 tables on your android device: indulge your kid toplay and learn happily,You can off/on the background music.Downloadthis cool math learning game: besides developing math skill it willhelp in your kid’s memory boosting too. You can play it on mobileas well as on Android tablet.In case of issues/questions write tous at support@kidsworldapps.com
Mathris - Cool Math Games 1.1.8 APK
Learn Division, Multiplication, Addition andSubtraction using this cool math learning gameThe Mathris app is a cool math game for kids to learn numbersand build their basic math skills while still having a blast. Italso known as Mathris, arithmetic bricks game.The numbers fall like bricks, but you can only remove the bricks bymatching a question and an answer (4+2 with 6), question with aquestion that have the same result (4+2 with 3+3), or two samenumbers (5 with 5). Math Tetris features three game modes(addition, subtraction, and multiplication) and four themes(winter, spring, summer, and autumn).Give Mathris a try and sharpen your basic math skills.Features:- 3 operators to choose from- 4 skin/theme (summer, winter, spring and autumn)- High scoreIt is perfect for teaching quick thinking and strategy usingmathematics. This is better than doing timed flash cards and is farmore fun. Suited for kindergarten kids, 1st grade, 2nd grade andadults as well who enjoy mind games.Helps develop hand eye coordination, Observation Skills,Reasoning skills, memory skills, mathematics skills and focusFor issues write to us at support@kidsworldapps.com
Archery: Android Bow and Arrow 1.0.1 APK
Archery:Free Android shooting game is bow and arrow shooting gamefor androidTop free archery i.e. bow and arrow casual game withamazing features and so easy to use that the entire family canplayKids learn motor skills, hand - eye co-ordination and helpsincrease their concentrationTwo modes offered:Pull Back Mode: Pullback with your hands, aim and let go. Touch Forward: Just aim andshootIn case of issues/questions contact support@kidsworldapps.com
kyodai-spanish 1.0.7 APK
Juego de Kyodai (pikachu) es un juego depuzzle para niños y adultos.Desafía tu perspicacia y agilidad. Parejas 2 tarjetas mismas quepueden ser conectadas por una línea de doblado no más de 2 veces.Borrar tabla todo para llegar al siguiente nivel. Cuanto más rápidoseas, mayor será tu puntuación tienes!Cómo jugar:-Seleccionar el par de azulejo con el mismo patrón y ligeramentepara eliminar.-Comprobar la regla en la página de ayuda en el juegoCaracterísticas:-4 modos de juego: Puzzle, Classic, tiempo, Relax-Buen gráfico-Muchos nivelesPara problemas, escriba a nosotros en support@kidsworldapps.com