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With JoinYourExperience, you are right in thecenter of our campaigns! Participate to our contests, vote for thebest pics and give us your opinion! Play and Win many gifts withJOIN and share with your friends and family! Have fun!

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Join Your Experience 1.11 APK
With JoinYourExperience, you are right in thecenter of our campaigns! Participate to our contests, vote for thebest pics and give us your opinion! Play and Win many gifts withJOIN and share with your friends and family! Have fun!
JOIN Voicemail 2.23.2 APK
See all your voicemail messages at one glance with the JOINVoicemail app! For whom?The JOIN Voicemail app is available for allJOIN customers who have free Voicemail service added to theirmobile subscription.Faster, more convenient and simpler:No need anymore to dial in to your voicemail box to listen to your messages.Voice messages are automatically downloaded to your phone usingWiFi or mobile data connection. You will be able to access yourvoice messages very easily by a simple touch. It works similarly toan email inbox: you can choose the message you want to listen to,re-listen to it as often as you want, delete it, call back theperson who left you a message or forward by email.Also works withWiFi!The JOIN Voicemail app allows you to activate the « Wifi only»mode, in case you don’t want to use a mobile data connection. Themobile app allows you to very easily record your welcome message,create and change your PIN code needed for calling your voicemailfrom another phone, change the language of your voicemail menuheard by the person who is calling you, activate and deactivateadditional services like automatic forwarding to email and MissedCall Alert.The app is using WiFi or mobile data connection todownload the messages to your phone. Usage over mobile dataconnection will be deducted from the data volume included in yourdata package. If you do not have a data package, you will be billedaccording to your data tariff plan.
Phone+ by JOIN 2.0.3 APK
This fantastic innovation is enabled by the Phone+ app so you candecide which line is either active, on or off. An active line(signified as green) means that this number will be used foroutgoing calls, incoming calls and SMS. An 'on' line (signified asblue) means that this number can still receive incoming calls andSMS, but the user cannot make outgoing calls on this number. An'off' line (signified as grey) means that the user will not receiveincoming voice calls, but can still receive SMS. Data is receivedregardless of a change in status. This unique offer is onlyavailable to customers that are subscribed to our BELUX, FMC or FMCFamily/vPBX service, please see our website www.joinexperience.comfor more details.
You want to :Be connected to your agenda, contacts, photos and videos,togetherwith your family, friends or colleagues?Store, share and synchronize all your personal data on the webandbetween all your devices, in real time?Never lose your personal data, contacts or photos just becauseyouare changing to a new phone?Manage all your social media and professional networks just fromonesingle pane of glass?Get your JOIN OX now!JOIN OX allows you to organize and share your personalandprofessional life, whenever you want with the ones youwant,through just one intuitive and innovative app.What makes JOIN OX really different?It´s mobile: The World is one giant open space.Wherever,whenever, with all your friends, your colleagues and yourfamily,you can work and share your ideas and creativity as oneuniqueteam.JOIN gives you the freedom, at the time you need it, to beliberatedand stay connected.It´s easy: As easy as a simple click! JOIN OX is easyandfriendly to use. All of your modern life can be managed fromoneonline space, from one private and secured account.It´s secure : All your stored data is securely saved in oneofour modern Data Centers. No risks of loss, damage or your datakeptin between.Your personal and professional data is more secured with JOINOXthan on a device at home or in the office. Be different,becovered!
My JOIN 1.0.8 APK
With My JOIN app, check your real-time usage and manage yoursubscriptions everywhere, anytime. The My JOIN app allows you to: -check your usage in real time, - consult your plan’s details, -manage your subscriptions - add options for you and your familymembers in one click, - top-up your Banana SIM by JOIN prepaidcard, - view and download your last 6 invoices and consult theinvoice detail, - block the SIM cards of your family members incase of loss or theft, - contact our Customer Care Service or findthe nearest JOIN shop in one click, - change your privacy settingsat any time. How to create your My JOIN customer area? - Downloadthe My JOIN app for free - Enter your JOIN phone number to identifyyourself - Enter the code received by SMS - If you are the accountowner, add the number of your account or last invoice to identifyyourself and then you'll be able to see your invoices or addoptions - Access your customer area everywhere, anytime