1.2 / March 11, 2017
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In the inspiration of a game named"Journey"this game was made it to mobiles.

This Journey is by crossing the levels with differentBeautifulmonuments in the sand.
Journey Alone 3D adventure game graphics and music keeps mindrelaxwhile playing and after also.

Travel and explore this ancient, mysterious world alone, or withastranger you meet along the way. Soar above ruins and glideacrosssands as you discover the secrets of aforgottencivilisation.


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App Information Journey Alone 3D : Adventure

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Horror House Simulator 3D 2.1 APK
Horror House Simulator 3D is Horror game with complete realisticgraphics and fearful sounds. Multi Language Option-(English,Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French, Portuguese).Note: We recommend that play the game with headset and fullbrightness. Game is Completely with new hard Puzzles. You also needto find keys to open certain doors. Confuses every level withdifferent puzzles. Game looks in dark haunting house atmosphereplease increase the brightness and volume for good game experience.The game is free but it Contains advertising.You can removeAds buypurchasing with only for 1$. Free first person perspective horrorgame. Search an old, abandoned house and collect any valuables butbe careful - there are ghost haunting in the building. Experiencefear and deep horrifying atmosphere. The Horror ghost. Now she hasbecome more evil than before and hates it when someone intruding onher territory. She will do anything to stop you. Whatever you do.... do not look back! You also need to find keys to open certaindoors. Look everywhere, for they could be anywhere. Have fun!Horror Horror Horror Horror Horror Horror Horror Horror Horror NEWS& EVENTS facebook:http://goo.gl/xzgWeC twitter:https://twitter.com/bluturtlegames follow:http://goo.gl/geayAoSubscribe:https://goo.gl/M0bBnN games:http://gamxin.com/bluturtlegames
Horror Survival 3D VR 1.2 APK
Horror Survival is Horror game with complete realistic graphics andfearful sounds.Game is Completely with a task to collect fuel cansto start a boat and escape from the Island.Game looks in darkhaunting house atmosphere please increase the brightness and volumefor good game experience.The game is free but it Containsadvertising.Experience fear and deep horrifying atmosphere.HorrorSurvival Project is a mix of Adventure Game with real paranormalscanning, so if you meet Mary and succeed to invoke her using thisapp there's a high chance that your place is haunted.The HorrorSurvival Project presents a new way of entertainment, creatingexperience for each user. Imagine being part of a story and, withyour own perceptions and choices, write their end.Can you escapethis place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up for thechallenge?An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope you willlove it!Can You Escape from Island- Holidays - Out Now!Dare toenter the abandoned asylum full of scary locations? If you thinkyou are smart enough to face this challenge and solve all thepuzzles and riddles the game has to offer then download this gamenow!Welcome to the world of nightmares! Scary Escape is a placewhere all your worst dreams become real. You are trapped in yourdreams and you’ll have to escape by overcoming your fears, findingclues and hidden objects, waiting for you. Escape your fears now!↗Super scary atmosphere!↗ Innovative brain teasers!↗ Amazinggraphics!↗ It's free!↗ ...and much more!So, as if possessed, I passthe bridge to Scary Island and survive from evils andGhosts.FEATURES:===========- Stunning 3D/Hand Drawing Graphics-Dynamic Events Based on Real Time- EMF Sensor that collects dataand transform in events- Constantly UpdatesThe people in Island aredead and became evils and ghosts, They will kill you to stopescaping from Island. Whatever you do .... do not look back!Try tofind 8 fuel cans to start the boat for escaping.Look everywhere,for they could be anywhere.If you want to send an email to me,please write in EnglishThank you all for your kind ratings you havegiven me! This is a scary game!Scare your friends! Very easy,you're looking for butterflies in a quiet forest and then will facea cry of horror and the scare exorcist.A horror game!There is anRemove Ads button for ads free.With this free application may scareeveryone!Have Horror fun!NEWS &EVENTSfacebook:http://goo.gl/xzgWeCtwitter:https://twitter.com/bluturtlegamesfollow:http://goo.gl/geayAoSubscribe:https://goo.gl/M0bBnNgames:http://gamxin.com/bluturtlegames
Journey Alone 3D : Adventure 1.2 APK
In the inspiration of a game named"Journey"this game was made it to mobiles.This Journey is by crossing the levels with differentBeautifulmonuments in the sand.Journey Alone 3D adventure game graphics and music keeps mindrelaxwhile playing and after also.Travel and explore this ancient, mysterious world alone, or withastranger you meet along the way. Soar above ruins and glideacrosssands as you discover the secrets of aforgottencivilisation.NEWS & EVENTSfacebook:http://goo.gl/xzgWeCtwitter: https://twitter.com/bluturtlegamesfollow:http://goo.gl/geayAoSubscribe:https://goo.gl/M0bBnNgames: http://gamxin.com/bluturtlegames
Asphalt NFS 1.3 APK
**Top Free App in over 100 countries**• Game is completely free , no in-app purchases.• No internet connection require to play.• Realistic 3D graphics with good performance in device.• Advanced real vehicle physics has added for Player andopponent cars.• Mind cool environments.• Luxury Sports Cars to play.Perform dynamic,high-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience poweredby a brand-new physics engine!TOP FEATURES☆ Phenomenal and real 3D graphics☆ Only requires 40mb of storage☆ Easy to control with one finger☆ All kinds of luxury cars.☆ Two kinds of camera perspective.☆ Exciting sounds of engine and background musicA game for fans of extreme arcade racing, with real dream cars andphenomenal graphics that will also please racing simulationenthusiasts.• A heart-thumping mix of amazing licensed music for your game• DRIVE FAST – AND FEARLESS• Steer onto the streets of Blackridge, driving reckless and juicedas sparks fly.Racing is a extreme 3D car chasing game, which is the perfectintegration of parkour and racing!Drift on the roads, roll in the air, rush out from the surroundedby cops! Enjoy the exciting moments of real speed racing!• RACE TO WIN• Never back down as you race anyone crazy enough to take you on,leave them gapped, and increase your rep. Dig, drift, drag, androll your ride to win.CONTROLS- Touch buttons to move left and right.- Steering to operate left and right.- Tilt your device to drive car slantwiseNEWS & EVENTSfacebook:http://goo.gl/xzgWeCfollow:http://goo.gl/geayAoSubscribe:https://goo.gl/M0bBnN
Bus Simulator 2016 1.0 APK
High-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience poweredby a brand-new physics engine! • Game is completely free , noin-app purchases. • No internet connection require to play. •Realistic 3D graphics with good performance in device. • Advancedreal vehicle physics has added. • Mind cool environments. •Different types of buses to play. • A heart-thumping mix of amazinglicensed music for your game. • DRIVE FAST – AND FEARLESS • Steeronto the streets of Blackridge, driving reckless and juiced assparks fly. • Game Play • Tilt control to steer. • Touch buttons toaccelerate, brake and reverse. The adventure ride begins withultimate off road bus driving edition for 2016 including Multipleenvironments will give you a chance to enjoy your off road and citydriving experience. Bus Hill Climb Ride is one the most amazing bussimulator games you will come across. Mountain covered with snow,rainy weathers, spring season and sunny days all there to witnessand enjoy with bus simulator. Drive over the hilly roads, mountainsand big rocks. Be the brave driver and go hill climbing and offroad Time to make a career as a pro driver, maximize your fares .Give your customers the ride they need. Driving in the beautifulnature will bring thrill to your driver duty as the bus hill climbRide gives the chance to play inside multiple environments. Enjoyreal-time bus simulation, hill climb drive & off road busdriving. Enjoy hassle free driving physics with user friendlygame-play. Have fun with hill climb adventure and bus simulator.Fulfil the role of off road tourist bus driver to expand bussimulator service. GAME-PLAY: Awesome bus handling with real-timecontrols Play as a bus driver with a duty Off road and hillclimbing both in one simulator Official bus driver duty with busdriving simulator Learn to drive in extreme conditions and off-roadMultiple environments and various seasons feel NEWS & EVENTSfacebook:http://goo.gl/xzgWeC follow:http://goo.gl/geayAoSubscribe:https://goo.gl/M0bBnN
The Hunt: Survival & treasure 1.4 APK
The Hunt: Survival & treasure hunting is a very unique gamewhere all the action takes place on a distant, green and juicyland! The thing is that this time you are not alone here! Bringyour friends and go on adventures together! Explore the island,hunt wild animals, gather food and mine resources! Craft weaponsand armor and build safe shelters with your friends! Or you caninvade somebody else island and start a real fast paced war! Fightagainst millions of players all around the world in real time andreal 3D!Something terrible happened, and you are stranded alone ona deserted swarm with wild hungry animals. Island is absolutelydesert - your only friends is ore and trees. May be people livehere years ago, because you can see some mysterious desertedhouses, but now you are here alone.There is no guarantee you cansurvive even one night, but you can try. Meet Survival Island FREE– extremely addictive simulator of wild life.The Hunt: Survival& treasure hunting is a survival adventure game where you craftyour own destiny in a huge open world environment. Discover thismysterious world. Use everything you find to survive.Experience thefull day-night cycle and face the dangers of darkness andcold.Solve the secret of the Island.You will have to use all yourskills for survive in this island! Create items with craftingsystem, collect resources, hunt and repulse from wild animals innew game with sandbox elements The Hunt : Survival and Treasurehunting.Survival on the island reaching a new level! So manyfeatures you will not find in any similar game! You will have tocollecting, mining diverse resources,crafting a lot of items:tools, wear, weapon, resources for more difficult for the morecomplicated craft. Defend yourself from wild animals and otherdangers of the island. The Hunt : Survival and Treasure hunting -this is new adventure simulator of island survival with sandboxelements.Features:✓Complete freedom of action!✓Hunting, building,gathering, craft, research - lets do what you like!✓Building houseson the island!✓Huge number of resource for crafting!✓Huge number ofweapon for fight with wild animals!✓Explore Wildernessisland!✓Create weapon and armor for survival!✓Use axe, Bow, Arrow,spear and knife for all kinds of craft.✓The diverse fauna of theisland: elephant, rhino, mandrill, Crocodile, Panther!✓If youhungry you become rust!✓Regular updates with new content!How toplay:For the interaction with object use screen ( For tree fellingjust press on it with axe in your hand). Watch your health, satietyand energy,so as not get into stranded.Advice:Collect stones,Leaves and logs for your first craft.If you like first-person gamesas survival island, then our game The Hunt : Survival and Treasurehunting sure to please you!• Crafting;• Building;• Survival;•Wilderness survival simulator 3D;• Wild animals hunting - you canmeet a bear, a boar, a goat..;• Real beautiful nature;• Real islandadventure; -• A lot of activities to do - craft weapon;• Coolgraphics and easy navigation.Now in game:- Optimized graphics formobile devices- Survival mechanics on the island- Player statssystem- Saving progressNEWS &EVENTSfacebook:http://goo.gl/xzgWeCfollow:http://goo.gl/geayAoSubscribe:https://goo.gl/M0bBnN
Hill Climb Horse Riding 1.0 APK
This Hill Climb Horse Riding is PACKED with fun interaction. Someof the secrets will take you a while to uncover. Come on! Take awild ride on this horse. for hours of Horse riding and racing fun.All with excellent, high quality 3D graphics. This is a simulationgame you won't want to miss. now its time for something a littledifferent. This Horse Simulator has it all - and much much more.You wont be disappointed. Good luck!!
X-Mas Tile Puzzle 1.0 APK
Santa Puzzles features more than 100 beautiful images of SantaClaus. Keep yourself entertained for hours when try to solve ourChristmas Santa Puzzles. Features ·Kids like cute Santa picture.Easy to use. ·Suitable for right brain exercise, the graphics rightbrain activation. Improve the observation of the brain, cognitiveability, concentration, memory, creativity and imagination.·Improve the response speed of the brain and the body and the brainand body coordination. Find Santa (Kids Puzzle) can exercise visualability to observe the dynamic objects. ·Can exercise the rightbrain responsiveness and rapid hand-eye coordination. ·Simple andconvenient, easy to operate. Suitable for children, the elderly,their families and friends to play together. Very convenient touse. ·You can also increase the cognitive ability, concentration,observation, memory, creativity, imagination, and reaction speed.Dynamic vision training can also help. ·Improve children's memorycapacity, and ability to concentrate. The development of children'scognitive skills, and improve the level of education. ·Observe avariety of interesting and lovely picture, you can exercise theinstantaneous concentration and instant memory. ·You can help yourchild learn and enjoy the fun when the game is successful, a bettereducation to continue learning. Improve cognitive ability,creativity, imagination, and so on. ·With nice Xmas(Christmas)theme and relaxing music, this is an entertaining and challenginggame for all ages. ·The most interactive and interestingentertaining children games ·Find Santa (Kids Puzzle) can let yourbaby enjoy the rich and happy Christmas atmosphere in thisinteractive environment. ·The Santa Claus Carries a big gift bagwhich full of presents for all the babies. ·The gift bag includesballoons, dolls and many other different presents. Come on kids!Useall your gifts to decorate the Christmas Tree. ·Ideal for playingwith family and friends.