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Brushing Teeth becomes an entertainment This game makes childrenenjoy brushing teeth. Once you hold a toothbrush and face thecamera, you will be transformed into a hero with iron war helmeton. You can attack the monsters by brushing your teeth. Aiming tolet children get into the habit of brushing their teeth neatly, wemade this app to level up the attack power as you brush your teethfrom various angles. Makes you want to try over and over Afterplaying the game, you will get "hero cards" depending on how manycoins you acquired, and can level up your attack power. You will beable to beat more monsters. This app supports your mind to brushyour teeth proactively by a simple rule that the more you play, thestronger you will be, and go to the next stage. If you beat dragonsthat appear every 30 stages, you'll get a new gorgeous hero helmet!

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    June 6, 2019
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    LITALICO lnc.
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    東京本社 〒153-0051 東京都目黒区上目黒2-1-1 中目黒GTタワー15F
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Card Talk supports communication with cards for children who havedifficulties in verbal communication. You can indicate youremotion/intention, and learn vocabularies and grammar at the sametime. This app was developed from the actual cards used in LITALICOclassrooms. Now everybody can use these special cards to learncommunication anywhere, at anytime. The app has been improved overand over based on the feedbacks from classrooms. *LITALICOclassrooms are run by teachers and professors who specialize inkids development and education. Characteristics of this app:• All 200 cards for everyday use include voice sound.• The app supports multiple languages so you can switch towhichever language you want to learn. • You can make youroriginal card with original picture and recording. • Choicesof cards may be limited so it also fits in initial learning.• NO Advertisements are displayed so there is no visualdestruction and kids can use it safely. Please feel free to notifyus! app-support@litalico.co.jp Hope you enjoy our app. Thank you!
個性が伸びる子育てニュースアプリ Conobie[コノビー] 1.0.1 APK
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Mouse Timer is a cute VISUALIZED TIMER for everyone who wants tomeasure and/or visualize the time, especially for kids who havehard time understanding the length of time.The app expresses thelength of time with a cute little, greedy mouse gnawing onapples!Mouse Timer was developed from the request from teachers andparents of kids who attend LITALICO classrooms. *LITALICOclassrooms are run by teachers and professors who specialize inkids development and education. Characteristics of thisapp:• This timer can be used not only as an educational toolbut also as a normal timer for daily life.• You can use it forFREE.• NO Advertisements are displayed so there is no visualdestruction and kids can use it safely. Main function:• Alarmcan be set only by choosing the displayed time.• Choices oftime can be reduced.• You can pause and resume thetimer.• This app notifies you when the time comes even whenyou're not using the app.• White mouse will appear by in-apppurchases.Please feel free to notifyus!app-support@litalico.co.jpHope you enjoy our app.Thank you!
Animal Card Matching 1.0.4 APK
Learning vocabulary requires an understanding of relationshipbetween the 3 aspects of meaning, sound (pronunciation), andappearance (character) that form the basis of vocabulary. You willhave fun learning the relationship between these 3 aspects by“matching” which you bump the same object.This game was developedfrom the request from teachers and parents of kids who attendLITALICO classrooms.Children in our classrooms actually have beenplaying the game, which helped us make numerous improvements. Noweverybody can use this matching game to enjoy learning vocabulariesanywhere, at anytime!• NO Advertisements are displayed, sothere is no visual destruction and kids can use it safely.• 30ingeniously designed levels even grownups can enjoy!The appsupports multiple languages.• As a prize for getting the crownon every level, a special background image will appear!Please feelfree to notify us!app-support@litalico.co.jpHope you enjoy ourapp.Thank you!
jp.co.litalico.voicevolumecatcher 1.0.5 APK
You can enjoy learning how to control the volume of your voice,which is necessary for the communication with others. When youspeak at the mike on your phone, animals holding baskets movearound to catch the sweets falling from the trees. Referring to theadvices from teachers and parents of kids who attend LITALICOclassrooms, this game app was created for children who havedifficulties controlling the volume of their voice. The rule issimple that everyone, from kids to adults, can enjoy playing thegame. As kids play the game, we hope them to be able to control thevolume of their voice by telling them to speak like "with the voiceof a mouse" or "with the voice of a lion." Characteristics of thisapp: - If you collect the falling stars and let a bird water thetrees, the types of sweets increase. - There are 30 types ofsweets. - If you pay for the game, stars begin to fall more often.- You can set the sensitivity of the mike; please adjust itdepending on your environment and your voice volume.
jp.co.litalico.kidstodolist 1.0.8 APK
You can easily create your To-Do List. It is important to visualizeyour tasks as to work on them in order. With this app, you caneasily create your task list by simply arranging the picture cards.All picture cards support voice sounds. In addition, you can createyour original picture cards with your own picture and voicerecording. This app is developed from the needs of teachers andparents of children who attend LITALICO classrooms. It’s been hardto either create or carry a scheduler, but now with this app, youcan use it anywhere at anytime. It motivates children by thefunction unique to digital, such as tapping stars and/or collectingcute fish when you finish a task…etc. * LITALICO classrooms are runby teachers and professors who specialize in kids' development andeducation. Characteristics of this app: - 100 types of cards foreveryday use. - The app supports multiple languages. - You can alsocreate original cards with your own pictures and voice recordings.- All picture cards support voice sounds. - You can specify a timeon each task. - Tap the stars when you finish your tasks! - Let'scollect cute fish by finishing your tasks!
Crazy Kitty Tap 1.0.4 APK
“matching” which lets you understand the concept of “the samething”, is effective to nurture the ability for understanding alanguage. This game app enables you to enjoy learning matching bysimply finding the same kitties.This game app was developed fromthe advices from teachers and parents of children who attendLITALICO classrooms.The rule is very simple that all you should dois to tap the same object, so everyone from kids to adults canenjoy playing the game.*LITALICO classrooms are run by teachers andprofessors who specialize in kids' development andeducation.Characteristics of this app:- When the rocket meterbecomes full, you’ll be teleported to the space and will break intobonus mode!- Every time you collect the stars and open the presentbox, you will get a new kitty!- There are 30 types of kitties.- Ifyou charge for the game, stars will begin to appear more often.
Money Aliens 1.0.3 APK
Learn how to use money by playing a shopping gameCute aliens willhelp children learn how to calculate change by shopping andexchanging money. This app is developed for children to master theways of using money with a simple and fun game.Can't Calculate? Noproblem!Many tools for learning about money require you to be ableto calculate. However this game, will help you learn how toexchange money by simply choosing the right amount of change, soyou can experience the rules of money even if you don't haveknowledge about calculation.You can learn 5 different currencies:dollar, yen, yuan, euro and pound.