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JSON tutorialThis tutorial explains how to use JSON syntax for thestorage and exchange of information.This tutorial JSON explained bymultiple examples, how to use JSON to create web services thatreturn data in JSON format as well as collect information JSON webservices from third parties.It works without internet connection.Do not consume data rate.JSON can be used with HTTP Request, AJAX,PHP and JAVAVASCRIPT.1.- JSON Introduction2.- JSON Syntax3.- JSONJAVASCRIPT4.- JSON HTTP REQUEST5.- JSON WEB SERVICES

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HTML5 TutorialLearn HTML5 in 12 simple lessons with manyexamples.It works without internet connection. Do not consume datarate.HTML5 Tutorial1.- HTML5 NEW ELEMENTS New structural elements,new elements of audio and video, new item graphics, new elements ofa web form.2.- HTML5 VIDEO HTML5 defines a new element to display avideo or movie on a website. 3.- VIDEO JAVASCRIPT The label hasattributes and methods that we can access through JAVASCRIPT 4.-HTML5 AUDIO HTML5 defines a new element to play a sound on awebsite. 5.- HTML5 SVG SVG is a language for defining XMLGraphics6.- HTML5 WEB STORAGE HMTL5 website allows a user to storedata locally on your own computer, a fast and safe. 7.- HTML5APPLICATION CACHE HTML5 to create an OFFLINE version, ie you do notneed Internet, a Web application ONLINE, by creating a file whereyou specify the files or web components that the browser shouldcache. 8.- HTML5 DRAG & DROP DRAG & DROP functionality in anew feature in HTML5 and serves to move items within our websitevery easily.9.- HTML5 CANVAS element is used to draw graphics in aweb page. 10.- HTML5 GEOLOCATION HTML5 GeoLocation used to know thegeographical position of the user who is visiting our website. 11.-HTML5 WEB WORKERS A WEB WORKER SCRIPT JAVASCRIPT is running withoutaffecting the performance of the page. 12.- HTML5 SERVER EVENTHTML5 SERVER-SENT EVENTS allows a web page automatically updatedata from a Web server.
JQUERY tutorial 1.1 APK
JQUERY TutorialLearn jquery in 14 simple lessons with examplesItdoes not require internet connectionJQUERY TutorialJQUERY is ajavascript library that simplifies the interaction with HTMLdocuments, providing access to its elements, events, interactionswith style sheets, effects, animation, and integration with AJAX.1.- JQUERY Load2.- JQUERY syntax From JQUERY is easy to access toany HTML element and perform some action on that item.3.- JQUERYPosition4.- JQUERY Selectors5.- JQUERY Events. Types of events:Events held with the mouse : click, dblclick, mouseenter,mouseleave Events held with the keyboard : keypress, keydown, keyupEvents held on a form element types : submit, change, focus, blurPast events on the document or the window : load, resize, scroll,unload6.- JQUERY show The show effect can display anything HMTL 7.-JQUERY hide The hide effect to hide any HTML element 8.- JQUERYtoggle The toggle effect toggles between hide effect and showeffect. 9.- JQUERY fade For the fade effect there are 4possibilities: fadeIn, fadeOut, fadeToggle and fadeTo10.- JQUERYslide For the slide effect there are 3 possibilities: slideDown,slideUp and slideToggle11.- JQUERY animate The animate() effectlets you create your own animations. 12.- JQUERY stop The stopeffect serves to stop the animation that is taking effect and leaveat that point of the animation. 13.- JQUERY callback The parametercallback to define that function executes when an effect hascompletely finished.14.- JQUERY chaining
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